The Institute for Corporate Social Development - ICSD

Publishing company profile: The Institute for Corporate Social Development - ICSD, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

The ICSD Creates Public, Corporate and Political Awareness regarding Corporate
Social Investment, responsibility and
Sustainability through various media,training, associations and partnerships with
local and global organisations that advocates commitment within these and related areas.

We strive for the advancement towards an economically-just and environmentally-
sustainable society as we embrace the way for new standards of corporate citizenship.

South Africa has carved a foothold as one of the global destinations of choice,
showcasing the collective will of South African society to tackle the challenges of
economic growth, job creation, education and environmental issues through various
Corporate Social Investment initiatives.

For these reasons the ICSD proudly introduces the first of its kind, Corporate
Social Review magazine, a comprehensive
source of CSI and sustainability information,
current and relevant business news integrated
to identify common shared values within commercial, economic and social activity.

The ICSD provides various media and communications platforms for Corporations / Organisations / Government and its agencies to publicize and promote their Corporate Social Investment programs and initiatives, sustainability endeavours, environmental commitment and corporate governance and other related news and information.
The ICSD encourages and promotes the commitment of Corporate Business to investment in various programmes related to training and development, the environment, Health and Safety and all facets of business and education.

The ICSD aims to create mutually beneficial associations between non profit organizations and corporations through targeted corporate philanthropy. This belief is entrenched in the understanding that successful economies the world over are characterized by the strong and strategic nature of the engagement between the public and private sector.

The Institute for Corporate Social Development - ICSD publishes Magazines in these languages: English


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Mailing address

Hiskett Avenue
Magliesview Ext 24
South Africa

Phone number(s):
+ 27 (0) 21 801 5100, + 27 (0) 11 022 6611

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