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DAR AL-AHLIA, maison d'edition

Sarba, Lebanon

Dar Al-ahlia, is a top Lebanese publishing house (1976). Distributing over 1000 schools in Lebanon and the Arab world, it publishes school books in Arabic, French, and English that encompass mathematics, Arabic and French literature, history, geography, summer duty and story books and much more.

Publisher profile: DAR AL-AHLIA, maison d'edition

Arab Diffusion Company

Beirut, Lebanon

For publishing & distribution, in different Arab cultural sides, and modernism the Arab heritage. It issues Al" Kashkoul as a monthly published magazines, distributes free on the internet. Publishing contemporary cultural issues in the Arab world.

Publisher profile: Arab Diffusion Company

Dar Al Hadaek

Beirut, Lebanon

Dar al Hadaek is specialized in publishing and distributing magazines and books in the Arab Countries. Ahmad magazines is specialized for children starting 8 years old, while Touta Touta is a magazine published for children of 5-8 years old. Published more than 300 books for children of all ages....

Publisher profile: Dar Al Hadaek

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