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Viction Workshop Ltd

Hong Kong

A champion of creativity, victionary books explore design in all its aspects. From graphic design to pure visual delights to innovative works of fashion, architecture and product design, we present strong, current and original concepts with fresh perspectives to inspire the next.

Publisher profile: Viction Workshop Ltd

Educational Technologies Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Publisher of children home-education products to help parents maximise their children's potential by making use of their most formative years. Best selling series include "A Child's First Library of Learning" with sales of over 26 million copies and "English Time" the interactive multi-media Engl...

Publisher profile: Educational Technologies Limited

P3 Publishing

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

P3 Publishing is Hong Kong's leading independent publisher, renowned for producing highly successful niche educational and child development products in addition to high-end lifestyle and financial publications. Advertising and branding opportunities available.

Publisher profile: P3 Publishing

Nano Publishing Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Publishing for pop-up books & english children books

Publisher profile: Nano Publishing Limited

King Horn Press Ltd

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Chinese & English children books from various publishers

Publisher profile: King Horn Press Ltd

Tomorrow Press

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Books for children & teens

Publisher profile: Tomorrow Press

Seedland International Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Yellowbus monthly, yellowbus children books

Publisher profile: Seedland International Limited

J'S Publications Ltd

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Travel & Leisure, Children Books

Publisher profile: J'S Publications Ltd

Bear Music Ltd

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Children Books, CD, CD-Rom, VCD, Stationery, Electronic and Book(Education) Publishing

Publisher profile: Bear Music Ltd

Ocean Publishers

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Educational CD-Rom, Children Books, VCD & CD, Courses

Publisher profile: Ocean Publishers

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