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Bakur Sulakauri Publishing

Tbilisi, Georgia

Publishing priorities: fiction, children's books, school textbooks, cookbooks.

Publisher profile: Bakur Sulakauri Publishing

Diogene Publishers

Tbilisi, Georgia

Founded in 1995, Diogene Publishers is one of the biggest and oldest publishing houses in Georgia. Diogene Publishers is a founder member of the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association (GPBA). Since then, we are in stable dynamic of growth, passing from 10 titles per year to 100 titles curr

Publisher profile: Diogene Publishers

Karchkhadze Publishing

Tbilisi, Georgia

Leading Georgian publisher of children's educational books, references, encyclopedias, atlases; children's fiction, myths and fairy-tales; Georgian modern classic.

Publisher profile: Karchkhadze Publishing

Logos Press Ltd.

Tbilisi, Georgia

School and academic textbooks, giftbooks, books for children, fiction.

Publisher profile: Logos Press Ltd.

Family Library LLC

Tbilisi, Georgia

Family Library LLC was established in 2009 and emerged the georgian market with biographies series,cookery,classics,geogrian famous poets and other fiction and non-fiction literature

Publisher profile: Family Library LLC

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