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Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Cairo, Egypt

Hindawi Publishing Corporation is a commercial publisher of peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. Founded in 1997, Hindawi currently employs more than 700 employees and publishes 400+ open access, peer-reviewed journals.

Publisher profile: Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Dar El-Farouk for Publishing and Distribution

Giza, Egypt

Arabization, localization and translation. Publishing and distribution of computer books and business books, electronic books, religious books, children's books, health books, cookery books.

Publisher profile: Dar El-Farouk for Publishing and Distribution

Al-Dar Al-Masriah Al-Lubnaniah

Cairo, Egypt

A leading publishing house in Egypt and the Arab world. We publish in all different fields and for different age groups. We have won several local and international awards.

Publisher profile: Al-Dar Al-Masriah Al-Lubnaniah

EduGate Publishing and Distribution

Cairo, Egypt

EduGate is an Educational Publishing company aiming at fostering educational content for K-12 market in the Arab World.

Publisher profile: EduGate Publishing and Distribution

Kalemat Arabia

Cairo, Egypt

With the mission of bridging the gap between the Arab World and the rest of the world in terms of access to knowledge, Kalemat Arabia introduces the Arab readers all over the world to the Western cultural production by providing translations of the Western cultural and intellectual best-sellers i...

Publisher profile: Kalemat Arabia

Egyptian Cultural Assembly


Egyptian Cultural Assembly for publishing and distributing A leading publishing house in Egypt and the Arab world.we are the best supplier of Arabic books and other materials to the world.Some of the important distributors of foreign language books are our customers.

Publisher profile: Egyptian Cultural Assembly

Boustany's Publishing House

Cairo, Egypt

One of the oldest and most reputable family owned publishing houses established since the turn of the century in 1900 in Cairo - Egypt.

Publisher profile: Boustany's Publishing House

Malamih For Publishing& Distributing Books

Garden City, Egypt

Malamih is a secular, independent Egyptian publishing house that aims to diversify the Egyptian/Arab literary field with works new in style and content, We have published 90 books covering a wide range of genres, in Arabic, English, French and are now calling for submissions in Spanish. Malamih i...

Publisher profile: Malamih For Publishing& Distributing Books

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