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V.B.Z. Ltd. Trade Publishing

Zagreb, Croatia

Publisher of fiction, non-fiction, reference books, and children's books. One of the leading Croatian book importers and wholesalers based in Croatia with subsidiaries in Slowenia and Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

Publisher profile: V.B.Z. Ltd. Trade Publishing

Krscanska sadasnjost

Zagreb, Croatia

Bible, liturgy, theology, documents, catechism, art history, church history, lives of saints, fiction, literature for children.

Publisher profile: Krscanska sadasnjost

Mozaik Knjiga Publishing

Zagreb, Croatia

Croatian literature, children's literature, fiction, handbooks, encyclopaedias, art, poetry, religion, psychology.

Publisher profile: Mozaik Knjiga Publishing

Profil International

Zagreb, Croatia

Publishes obligatory school textbooks, reference books, required school reading, children's books, picture books, activity books, fiction and non-fiction titles for adults, magazines.

Publisher profile: Profil International

Kasmir Promet

Zagreb, Croatia

Children's books, youth books, fiction books, education.

Publisher profile: Kasmir Promet

Naklada Ljevak d.o.o.

Zagreb, Croatia

Publisher of books. Subject areas: philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, art history, medicine, fiction, dictionaries, schoolbooks, tourist guides, children's books.

Publisher profile: Naklada Ljevak d.o.o.

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