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Sandu Publications Co. Ltd

Guangzhou, China

Leading publisher of various design books including graphic design, architecture, digital art, brand, industrial design etc., and a magazine called ,,Design 360'', which enjoys good reputation in the world designing circle.

Publisher profile: Sandu Publications Co. Ltd

Guangdong People's Publishing House

Guangzhou, China

Guangdong People’s Publishing House), founded in 1951, has the longest history among 20 publishing houses in Guangdong province. It consists of independent editorial departments working mainly at Social Sience, History,Politics,Culture and education books.It also undertakes Hope, a popular magazi...

Publisher profile: Guangdong People's Publishing House

Dolphin Books

Beijing, China

Founded in January 1986. Specializes mainly in the publishing books for children in English, French, German, Japan, Arabian, and Chinese. Focus on children's education and family education.

Publisher profile: Dolphin Books

Peopel's Medical Publishing House (PMPH)

Beijing, China

PMPH, a leader publisher on medicine in China has published 30,000 books and printed over 670 million books in half century. Among which, a total of 1400 TCM books has widely accepted in Asia. It publishes 1000 new titles and distributes 10 million copies annually.

Publisher profile: Peopel's Medical Publishing House (PMPH)

Anhui Time Anime Company Limited

Hefei, China

Anhui Time Anime Co., Ltd. is a subcorp of Anhui Publishing Group. We are making all efforts to be professional in both comics & anime contents branding, and new media publishing esp. mobile & interactive readings.

Publisher profile: Anhui Time Anime Company Limited

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