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Ediciones Colihue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Publisher profile: Ediciones Colihue

de Dios Editores

Buenos Aires, Argentina

de Dios Editores is a boutique publishing house in Argentina that specializes in publishing travel guides, map guides and illustrated books to major travel destinations, in Spanish, English and Portugese versions.

Publisher profile: de Dios Editores

Editorial Kier S.A.C.I.F.I.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since 1907, Editorial Kier is one of the largest publishers in Argentina, covering such diverse areas as esotericism, eastern teachings, yoga, zen, natural/alternative medicine, astrology, tarot, numerology, alchemy and many other akin subjects.

Publisher profile: Editorial Kier S.A.C.I.F.I.

Editorial Primera Linea SA

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Editorial de la revista D&D Diseño y Decoración en Argentina.

Publisher profile: Editorial Primera Linea SA

V&R Editoras S.A.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Publisher profile: V&R Editoras S.A.

Adriana Hidalgo editora

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Publisher profile: Adriana Hidalgo editora

Ediciones Urano - Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Uranito es un sello editorial infantil argentino creado en 2010 en el que conviven historias de todas las especies. Novelas de cuellos interminables, cuentos con colmillos y versos dispersos que zumban recogiendo el polen de las flores. Historias que, posadas sobre la cornisa, abren sus páginas p...

Publisher profile: Ediciones Urano - Argentina

Editorial Marea

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marea is an Argentinean Editorial, born in 2003 under a cultural and journalist project. Its editorial line, centered on non-fiction, distinguishes by its commitment on democracy values, human rights in general and minorities in particular.

Publisher profile: Editorial Marea

Editorial Lumen S.R.L.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Publishers of books on: social work, religion, psychology, fiction and nonfiction (juvenile).

Publisher profile: Editorial Lumen S.R.L.

La Marca Editora

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Publisher profile: La Marca Editora

44 publishing companies in the directory of publishers in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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