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Publishing services company profile: Relevant Digital Oy, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland

Relevant Yield is the most comprehensive solution on the market for ad ops and digital sales teams to maximise ad revenue.
You will get all in one package - revenue insights, real time analytics and remote control of prebid setups. Relevant Yield is built with strong hands on experience in running programmatic ad operations.

We are an independent company and a neutral, trustable and flexible partner. Our Prebid based solution is highly customisable and continuous development is based on markets and customers' needs.

Relevant Yield - All in one solution

API Insights
Effective leading of tech stack, sales and optimisation

- Detailed sales insights including all channels to all stakeholders (adops, sales, c-level)
- Customisable advertiser and DSP-seat mapping
- Import sales data from any demand partner through API or custom integration
- Automate reporting and financial statements by website, by publisher
- Customisable alarms on any metric, e.g. advertiser revenue drop, fill rate drops, viewability drops.
- Reports on all types of Revenue, Direct, Deals, OpenRTB

HB Manager
Easy management of Header Bidding setups

- Agile remote management of your HB setups
- Control to adops and business people instead of the tech department
- Add and remove vendors easily and turn them on / off with a simple click
- Enable unique prebid configuration per site, section, or placements
- Cross SSP floor price optimization based on any metric (e.g. browsers or GEO)
- Supports Prebid: clientside, serverside, mobile and video & AMP
- HB Analytics
- Valuable monitoring of Header Bidding setups

- Real time Insights for tech performance and revenue monitoring
- Real-time alarms can be configured on any metric for making sure you don’t lose any revenue.
- Analyze sales performance based on custom parameters, e.g. logged in users vs. others, consent
- All standard Prebid -metrics.
- Measure all Prebid products and modules: clientside, serverside, video, mobile, AMP
- Measure Amazon TAM & UAM performance
- Measure Prebid UserID module

Relevant Yield helps publishers and ad sales networks to increase revenue, improve transparency and control, and save on costs.
It helps you to understand how your inventory performs, where the money comes from and makes new feature testing easy.

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Mailing address

Keilaranta 1

Phone number(s):
+ 358 505503661

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