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The publishing industry is undergoing an enormous transformation, caused by the great changes generated by the new habits in the consumption of content and the new systems for accessing and marketing them. The emergence of new global players that have provided consumers with the tools to access and consume all kinds of products, including editorial content, has also been an important factor for accelerating these processes.

All these changes have led to the birth of new types of publishers that at the same time have generated new types of editorial products and these, in turn, can be consumed in new types of formats. Traditional publishers are also being forced to make profound changes in their processes for the creation of their editorial products, manage the new processes for their promotion and commercialization and make them available so that consumers can purchase them. is a technology-based company that develops services aimed at the publishing industry, through an integrating model for all members of the book value chain, through an online platform for managing editorial content, POD Print on Demand and DOD Distribution on Demand in 6 countries. is connecting, through its online management system, publishers with their content, digital printers specializing in book production and traditional book distributors.

With the participation of these actors, we have designed solutions for the management of the production of physical books on demand, the physical distribution on demand of publications and the development of specific solutions for the development and integration of publishers' e-commerce systems, to generate B2C business related to the physical book.

The management tool that connects publishers and service delivery partners is developed based on a front-end managed by customers and a back-end connected by partners who provide services.

If you want to more about us email is: [email protected] - / Mobilare Logistics is listed under the following publishing services categories: Book Design, Book Distribution & Fulfillment, Book Printing, Digital Distribution, Digital Printing, Pre-press, Print Production, Print on Demand, Printing, Self Publishing, Software & Technology, and Websites for Authors


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2440 NW 116 ST SUITE # 300
United States

Phone number(s):
+ 1 +3055888577, + 1 7863601502

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