Publishing services company profile: eBooks2go, Schaumburg, Illinois, United States

eBooks2go’s professional guidance and affordable solutions assist self-publishing authors at every stage of the book publishing process. These consist of comprehensive publishing packages, editing, eBook production, social media marketing, cover designs, copyright registration, and even website designs.

Publishers can also turn to eBooks2go’s expertise to overcome the hurdles impeding their journey to publishing prominence. Our unique publisher offerings include eBook conversion services, global distribution, prepress, indexing, data transformation, interactive media, royalty reporting, as well as e-commerce solutions. We even have developed our own CMS (Content Management System) to sell online print / eBook editions, providing a new revenue stream for your catalog.

It is our mission to become the single source for everyone’s publishing needs. If you would like to learn more or need help with a project, contact us today at 847-598-1150 Ext. 4141.

eBooks2go is listed under the following publishing services categories: Book Design, Content Development, Digital Distribution, Book Distribution & Fulfillment, Ebook Production, Editing, Indexing, Print Production, Print on Demand, Proofing, Self Publishing, and Typesetting


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Mailing address

1827 Walden Office
Suite 260
United States

Phone number(s):
+ 1 224-704-3420, + 1 847-598-1150

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