Pearson Education Ltd

Publishing company profile: Pearson Education Ltd, Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom

Pearson Education is the world's leading educational publisher. Every day our products help teachers to teach millions of people in countries all around the world. From textbooks and teacher guides to computer-based and on-line programmes, Pearson Education is helping people to realise the power of education in thousands of ways.

Worldwide educational publisher, imprints include: Addison-Wesley, Longman, Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, Allyn and Bacon, Financial Times Prentice Hall, Peachpit Press, Benjamin Cummings, Reuters, FT.Com., and Momentum.

Pearson Education Ltd publishes E-Books and Books on these subjects: Education in these languages: English


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Mailing address

Edinburgh Gate
United Kingdom
CM20 2JE

Phone number(s):
+ 44 (0)12 79 62 36 23

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