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Publishing company profile: Logixs Journals, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Logixs Journals is a leading publisher dedicated to disseminating high-quality open-access research across diverse disciplines. With four esteemed journals covering medical health sciences, health sciences, allied health sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, social sciences, and nutrition sciences, Logixs Journals offers a vibrant platform for global researchers. Our mission is to foster innovation, encourage dialogue, and promote groundbreaking research that shapes the future of various fields.

Journal of Basic & Clinical Medical Sciences (JBCMS)

JBCMS serves as a bridge between basic and clinical research, promoting discussions on medical care standards and challenging healthcare issues. Covering areas such as human anatomy, pharmacology, and surgery, JBCMS facilitates knowledge exchange through original articles and case studies.

Bulletin of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Research (BPMR)

BPMR amplifies pharmaceutical and medicinal research by offering a platform for scientific discoveries in pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, and pharmacology. The journal welcomes diverse contributions, including original research articles and conference proceedings, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.

Journal of Nutrition & Allied Health Sciences (JNAHS)

JNAHS focuses on the biological, clinical, and socio-humanistic aspects of health and rehabilitation sciences. With a commitment to inclusivity, JNAHS accepts varied methodologies and publishes original articles, case studies, and policy briefs. The journal also shares findings from conferences and workshops, enhancing knowledge dissemination.

In essence, Logixs Journals stands as a hub for researchers, academics, and professionals, offering a concise and impactful avenue for sharing research findings and shaping the future of scholarly publishing.

Logixs Journals publishes Journals on these subjects: Medical and Health in these languages: English


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