Viva Education

Publishing company profile: Viva Education, New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, India

Excellence in Content

A brand built on quality, Viva is equipped with a team of eminent academic experts, seasoned authors and professional editors who produce books and digital content that rival the best in the industry. Presentation has an important role in the learning experience. The graphic designers, artists and visual media experts at our production studio work hard to make each book, digital module and video immersive and effective.

Education as a Social Cause

Besides providing knowledge, our books are designed to kindle curiosity in children and make them lifelong learners. Regardless of the subject, our books sensitize students against discrimination on the basis of gender, religion or race. They are rigorously screened with zero tolerance to all kinds of visual and perceptual stereotypes. Rooted in the core civilizational values of our country, the books emphasize ethical conduct, empathy, social intelligence, kindness to all creatures and a devotion to environmental conservation. Other important and relevant topics and skills include handling peer pressure and physical abuse, and basics of self-preservation in the face of various dangers. We are motivated by the ideal of 'effective and model citizens through excellence in education'.

New Frontiers in Learning with Technology

Apps, interactivity, animations, web content and real-time assessment are the norm today, and these are integral to the courses and products we offer. We have pioneered the digital transformation of the classroom with state-of-the-art online support and digital components with almost every book.

Subject Areas

Segments: Pre-primary Primary and Middle Secondary Senior Secondary
Our range includes books on language, mathematics, the physical sciences, biology, general knowledge, computer science, and more. To make learning both enjoyable and effective, most titles include hands-on interactive study sessions and activities. Our language textbooks bring authoritative and high-quality educational material to learners across the country. The books focusing specifically on the environment.

Viva Education publishes E-Books, Digital Contents, Books, and Audiovisuals on these subjects: Text, Social Sciences, Science, School, Mathematics, History, Education, and Economics in these languages: Sanskrit, Hindi, and English


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Mailing address

Ansari Road,
New Delhi
National Capital Territory of Delhi

Phone number(s):
+ 91 1142242200

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