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Publishing company profile: WildBlue Press, Denver, Colorado, United States

Founded in 2014 WildBlue Press was formed at the juncture of a journalist and authors complaints about how publishing companies were treating authors in terms of how long it takes to publish a book to how little they pay authors, and an Internet marketing specialists stories about how well online marketing is improving and growing his customer's companies. After five years of discussing and researching the topic of founding a publishing company, Michael Cordova and Steve Jackson formed WildBlue Press. We started with five true crime authors and have since expanded, but true crime is our forte and the genre we have published the most. Many agents across the USA recognize our market penetration and come to us to publish their true crime titles.

We have since expanded and are members of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), International Thriller Writers and Romance Writers of America. We have published books by many high profile authors including Edgar Award winners, Pulitzer Prize winners and several NY Times bestsellers. Many of our titles have won literary awards, some have won several.

We have partnered with several distributors that have changed the game for us and our authors. These partnerships are bringing in sales many years after we publish the book - to the delight of our authors. We strive to publish quality products and sell them far into the future. We have started many author's careers, which is what we are most proud of.

WildBlue Press publishes E-Books, Books, and Audio Books on these subjects: Cookbook, Women, True Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Science Fiction, Romance, and Novel in these languages: English


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P.O. Box 102440
United States

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+ 1 303-744-2178

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