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Publishing company profile: Zhonghua Book Company, Beijing, Beijing Shi, China

Zhonghua Book Company was established by Mr. Lufei Kui,a famous educational thinker and publisher, in January 1912 in Shanghai. Inaccordance with the aim of “enlightening the people”, Zhonghua edited and published mainly textbooks in its early years,and contributed to the spread of science and culture and the promotion ofmodern education. Therefore Zhonghua developed rapidly into a modern publishingenterprise across the country. Through its development Zhonghua gathered arounditself a host of experts and celebrities. Many reference books and ancientclassics earned it a great fame. At the same time, Zhonghua held more than 20respected periodicals.

In 1958, the State Council appointed a team to directthe editing and publishing of ancient classics, a project that Zhonghua carriedthrough to fruition. From then on, Zhonghua became a professional publisher ofancient and modern classics on humanities. Since 1958, Zhonghua has published a good many ancient texts and classics on literature, history, philosophy and language. Zhonghua has produced more than 30,000 titles in its 100-odd years ofpublishing, in which almost 200 have been awarded various prizes.

Zhonghua will develop with its own characteristics onthe following aspects: history and philosophy, language and literature,dictionary and references, popular readings, textbooks, students’ books, periodicals, local records. Zhonghua will continue its commitment to China’s past glory, disseminating cultural and scientific knowledge, and increase its effort to introduce Chinese culture to other parts of the world.

The company was founded in Shanghai in 1912-01-01 as the Chung Hwa Book Co., Ltd. (上海中華書局有限公司) by Lufei Kui, a former manager of the Commercial Press, another Shanghai-based publisher that had been established in 1897. From the year of its foundation to the birth of the People's Republic of China in 1949, it published about 5,700 titles, excluding reprints.

Zhonghua's punctuated editions of the Twenty-Four Histories have become standard. The publishing project, which started in 1959 on a suggestion by Mao Zedong, was completed in 1977. A revised edition of the entire set integrating the most recent scholarship on the Histories is being prepared.

On December 19, 2011, The China Publishing and Media Holdings Company (中国出版传媒股份有限公司) was founded to become the parent company of the Zhonghua Book Company.

Zhonghua Book Company publishes Books on these subjects: Philosophy, Literature, and History in these languages: Chinese


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