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An international, double-blind peer-reviewed, Bi-annual and free of charge, open-access journal, published by the Faculty of Economic, Commercial and management sciences, Abdelhamid mehri University of Constantine II, which deals with the publication of innovative studies in various disciplines of economic and administrative sciences at the national and global levels, the criterion of publication is the objectivity and the scientific level . Through this scientific product we seek to develop scientific knowledge in the fields of analysis of macroeconomic phenomena such as economic growth, unemployment, and exchange rates..... and other phenomena, the magazine also discusses all scientific research related to the management of business in various disciplines such as finance, accounting, marketing, information systems, human resources and other micro-economic subjects. The magazine is published twice a year in a volume containing the first two issues in the month of June and the second in December each year, the magazine publishes theoretical and applied researches and cares about the original topics and researches with the added scientific value, which allows all readers and researchers in economics to benefit from it. The research is published in the three languages: Arabic, French and English, with the authors adhering to the publication controls of the magazine. All researches and studies are subject to secret arbitration by specialized experts to determine their suitability for publication and the magazine is obliged to notify the owners of the result, and the journal may make the necessary technical adjustments before the publication of the accepted material.The journal is published in both print and online versions. The online version is free access and download. All papers around the world are very welcome in our International Journal. Manuscripts can be sent at any time for the tow issues (June and December).

Dirassat Iqtissadiya Review publishes Journals on these subjects: Business in these languages: French, English, and Arabic


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