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Publishing company profile: Mozaik Publishing House, Szeged, Hungary

Mozaik Publishing House is the largest hungarian owned educational publisher in Hungary providing engaging and creative blended learning resources of the highest quality that support teachers and motivate students from primary to secondary grammar school.
Mozaik Publishing House has more than 20 years of experience in publishing educational materials. Our product line includes, textbooks, workbooks, student and teacher's handbooks, atlases, other educational publications and eLearning systems through the entire range of education for ages 6-18. Our activities include production of digital educational materials, educational games, school forms, agendas, and the organization of internet based academic competitions.
Mozaik is committed to raising standards of education through its research & development of education methods and compelling resources. With a wide range of portfolio and learning solutions, everything Mozaik publish - from textbook to eLearning programmes - is designed to help students learn and achieve success.

Education today faces challenges worldwide. The way knowledge is passed on to our children is just as important as deciding what to teach future generations. We have to prepare pupils today for the tasks of tomorrow. Our experts in education have the complex answers to face all aspects of this challenge.

The mozaLearn is an integrated educational system, providing adequate digital support for pupils and teachers as well as parents.

Our all-round service system:
- supports teaching by programs designed for interactive whiteboards,
- gives active home learning a new dimension with its online supplementary content and test exercises,
- helps schools with their wide-raging facilities in administrative work with its complex digital administrative program.

The digital textbooks in mozaBook make the contents of the printed books more interesting and easily perceivable by using interactive 3D models, videos, exercises, maps and thematic tools.

Please watch our video on to get a deeper impression.

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Debreceni utca 3/b

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+ 36 62554660

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