Publishing company profile: Legitech, Bertrange, Luxembourg

Combining law and technology

Legitech provides high added value document processing in the legal and fiscal field, covering the whole value chain. In each of its activities, Legitech seeks to reach excellence and turn each link of the legal information chain into means of efficiency for its clients.

Online databases

Legitech has devised, developed and published three online databases on Luxembourg law: Legitax, Legiwork and Legicorp, respectively dedicated to taxation, la bour law and corporate law. Accessible by subscription, these three databases offer comprehensive and updated legal information: consolidated legislation, related case law (in extenso), administrative circular letters, parliamentary documents, comments and notes written by renowned professionals. Legitax, Legiwork andLegicorp are continuously updated by Legitech's team.


Legitech's book publishing activity offers three types of books.

The Code collection aims at giving a comprehensive view on a specific legal domain. Extracted from the Legitech online databases, these books are updated yearly in general.

The Reference book collection gives insights on specific legal domains, most often closely linked to Luxembourg, through handbooks, offering a general vision, and manuals, entering into more details. Written by qualified and experienced lawyers, the books of this collection give their readers a theoretical and practical overview of the considered domain.
The Cahiers du droit luxembourgeois are a non-periodic doctrinal publication aimed at all legal professions, political decision makers and all actors in the legislative process.
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Software solution

Legitech offers the Progilex software solution. Thanks to Progilex, actors in the legal sector - e.g. public administrations, legal publishers or law firms - can structure a collection of legal documents in order to publish them on the web or in book format.

Legal and fiscal document processing

Legitech develops custom-made legal document processing projects for public administrations, companies, law firms or tax firms.

Legitech publishes Digital Contents, E-Books, and Books on these subjects: Law in these languages: Portuguese, Italian, French, English, and German


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Mailing address

10A, rue des Merovingiens

Phone number(s):
+ 352 2631641

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