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Editrice Queriniana

Brescia, Italy

Religion, theology, philosophy, religious pedagogy, bible, four magazines.

Black Velvet Editrice

Bologna, Italy

Black Velvet Editrice's focus is on graphic novels and finding new books outside the constraint of genre. The other field of interest is finding books or essays on comic book artists, because criticism is an important way to develop comics.

Voland Edizioni

Roma, Italy

The publishing house VOLAND was started in 1995 by the slavist Daniela Di Sora. Since its foundation, Voland has been focusing on Eastern Europe literature but gradually we have grown spreading ourselves over other literatures.

Editrice II Castoro S.R.L

Milano, Italy

Editrice II Castoro was founded in 1993 and focuses on cinema and children's books. Our catalogue counts more than 400 titles.

Societa' Apostolato San Paolo Srl

Milano, Italy

Societa' Apostolato San Paolo spans from spirituality, bible, theology, liturgy and philosophy, media and cultural studies, psychology, sociology, family, children and youth through comics, magazines and multimedia products.

Centro Scientifico Editore

Torino, Italy

Scientific publisher. Main fields: medicine (all subspecialities), psychology and social sciences, also electronical and multimedia publishing. Involved in the Italian CME programs, for distance and e-learning.

Edizioni Clandestine srl

Marina di Massa, Italy

After seven years from its constitution, Edizioni Clandestine will introduce a change. From 2007 even preserving the series of novels, essays and highlander, it will become a landmark for real stories: Political and social battles, important life witnesses.

Casa Editrice G. Principato Spa

Milano, Italy

Publisher of textbooks on literature, arts, classics, history, philosophy, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, science, earth science, economics, foreign languages.


Milano, Italy

LEdizioni - Ledipublishing is a scholarly publisher, offering worldwide distribution services (Italy and abroad). Offers POD and online publishing services both to authors and other publishers.

Athesia Buchverlag

Bozen, Italy

Südtirols größtes Verlagshaus präsentiert: Südtirol-Literatur, Kunst-und Bildbände, Alpines, Natur-und Wan-derführer, Kulinarik, Militaria 1915-1918, Kalender, Gesetzestexte. Über 600 lieferbare Bücher-vielfach zwei-sprachig deutsch-italienisch.

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