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Publishing services company profile: BFC Publications, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

BFC Publications has managed to bring together a group of young and dynamic professionals, all experts in their respective fields. The sole purpose of doing so is to build a platform that does justice to those who are passionate about telling stories but don't have the means to get them published.

What most budding authors fail to realise is that a book is rated not just on how well it is written, but also on the response it garners. This is why our publishing consultants are groomed not just to resolve the queries of aspiring authors, but also to educate them about the nuances of writing and publishing. Expanding a book's digital footprint is a conundrum that can be too much for first-timers to decipher, an aspect our digital marketing experts have got covered. So trust us when we tell you that we pull out all the stops to push your book's visibility.

Interpreting the author's vision and translating it into what he/she desires is what we fancy. To make sure this happens in a satisfactory capacity, our publishing managers remain in constant touch with the authors and pass on necessary directives to those working on your book. This also ensures that you are aware of what is happening in the backdrop, at all times.

Self Publishing Books
We never want our authors to end up feeling tricked. This was our primary focus while drafting the contract that the authors are supposed to sign before manuscript submission. This ironclad contract makes sure both the parties, you and us, uphold our end of the deal, be it the timely launch of your book, or the terms of payment.

Proofreading and editing of books is another aspect we don't take lightly. The download of your conversations with the publishing team is passed on to the proofreaders and editors. This is done to make sure that the aspects you most love about your story are not edited out during the fine-combing of errors. Instead, the editors concerned are advised to work their way around such mistakes and still make sure that the final text is top-notch.

BFC Publications is listed under the following publishing services categories: Book Design, Content Development, Graphic Design, Illustration, Marketing, Pre-press, Print on Demand, Book Printing, Proofing, and Self Publishing


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Mailing address

BFC Publications Pvt Ltd, Viraj Khand,
Gomti Nagar
Uttar Pradesh

Phone number(s):
+ 91 5223514141

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