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Publishing services company profile: Pro Global Business Solutions, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

PGBS is an offshore outsourcing service provider that has over a decade of experience in serving global clients to cope with their business process outsourcing needs. We channelize effective measures to cover any type of project, whether it is related to digital publishing, data processing, graphic designing, or photo editing. With dedicated efforts and hardcore professionalism, we aim to achieve 100% client satisfaction while improving their business productivity and efficiency. Being supported by a team of ingenious experts, we offer a wide range of services like

Book design: Our comprehensive book designing solutions involve creating professional book covers, interiors, and layouts to enhance the book’s visibility and attract potential readers.

Data conversion: We provide accurate eBook conversion, XML conversion, PDF conversion, Flash to HTML5 conversion, and more for safe organization and storage of client’s data.

Graphic design: We design professional logos, brochures, banners, flyers, posters, etc. to help companies effectively represent their brand or services for attracting targeted prospects.

Illustration: We craft custom illustrations for sports, fashion, storyboard, e-commerce products, architecture, books, characters, etc. to serve the specific business needs of the client.

Prepress: Our prepress services as a one-stop destination to cover every process starting from composition, print layout creation until the final printing or publishing of the client’s document.

Proofing: We have a team of qualified professionals who carry out precise proofing of the client’s document to check every detail, including color accuracy, URLs, image positioning, and more.

Scanning: We provide document scanning services to ensure ease of data conversion, faster data entry, and consolidation and minimization of errors for enhancing business performance.

Typesetting: We follow the conventional typesetting methods to develop clean and appealing layouts for the client’s document for clearly communicating the desired message to the readers.

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Mailing address

Banashankari 2nd Stage,

Phone number(s):
+ 91 7406666928

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