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Beijing Color Printing CO.,LTD

Beijing, China

We are a commercial printing company.Our main products include magazines,catalogs,books,poster and so on.

Publishing service company profile: Beijing Color Printing CO.,LTD

EcoDisc Marketing Ltd

Reinbek, Germany

EcoDisc Marketing Limited is a single source supplier of EcoDisc and conventional media replication and printed packaging solutions. The EcoDisc is a new environmental media format that changes the face of DVD Production. The EcoDisc halves the use of raw materials and energy in production, there...

Publishing service company profile: EcoDisc Marketing Ltd

Harman Press Industries Company

Harman press has been one of the leading paper products manufacturers in Hong Kong .We are currently making eight categories of paper products, namely,Book ,Giftbox ,Card ,Paperbag ,Hangtag ,Packaging ,Fireworks and Advertising products

Publishing service company profile: Harman Press Industries Company

Ruth Cunney Agency

Dublin, Ireland

Agent for illustrated non-fiction and literary fiction. Also interested in original work of illustrators and photographers.

Publishing service company profile: Ruth Cunney Agency

The Book Studio

London, United Kingdom

The Book Studio is a division of the Penguin Group plc, specialising in publishing and packaging high quality novelty books and kits. The innovative range encompasses pre-school and a growing series of on-fiction titles and craft packs for adults.

Publishing service company profile: The Book Studio

Bookman International B.V.

Bussum, Netherlands

Specialized in international book packaging, publishing consultancy, direct marketing technics.

Publishing service company profile: Bookman International B.V.

golden child foundation

port harcourt, Pakistan

we are into book editing, packaging and promotion.

Publishing service company profile: golden child foundation

Holinail Edition

Montpellier, France

Holinail has a full service for publishers at several levels a) production b) printing c) sourcing d) packaging. Activity book, pre-school books, pre-miums, CDs.

Publishing service company profile: Holinail Edition

Mondadori Printing

New York, United States

Leading European provider of services to the publishing industry. Manufacturer of quality books in colour and black & white, magazines, catalogues, with facilities in Italy and Spain. Complete service available, from original images to bound books. Book and magazine packaging, Contract publishing...

Publishing service company profile: Mondadori Printing

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