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Dick Moll & Sons

Folding machinery.

Publishing service company profile: Dick Moll & Sons

Binding Bazaar

Suppliers of binding machines as well as laminating equipment and supplies, including pouches.

Publishing service company profile: Binding Bazaar

Designer Bookbinders

Non-profit UK promoter of the craft of British bookbinding through exhibitions, lectures and publications.

Publishing service company profile: Designer Bookbinders

CFS Binding Supplies

Order binding supplies on-line - plastic coil, spiral comb, paper drill bits, paper cutter knives, padding compound, lamination, and vinyl covers.

Publishing service company profile: CFS Binding Supplies

The Bindery Parts Store, Inc.

Supplier of replacement parts, new and used machinery, and service. Includes drill and stitcher head repair, and equipment brokering.

Publishing service company profile: The Bindery Parts Store, Inc.

The Shredder Warehouse

UK company offering guillotines, trimmers and shredders.

Publishing service company profile: The Shredder Warehouse

Bookmakers Inc

College Park, United States

Distributor of boards, cloth, adhesives and other materials.

Publishing service company profile: Bookmakers Inc

Oregon Laminations Company

Laminators and laminate, rotary trimmers, pouch and roll laminators and supplies for commercial or personal use.

Publishing service company profile: Oregon Laminations Company

Binding Stuff

Offers binding equipment, laminators, shredders and other paper handling products and supplies.

Publishing service company profile: Binding Stuff

NSC International

Worldwide distributor of desktop binding machines and binding supplies, laminating machines and laminating supplies, custom 3 ring binders and digital inkjet printers and supplies.

Publishing service company profile: NSC International

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