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Shepherds Bookbinders

Sells bookbinding materials, leathergoods and picture framing, and offers bookbinding courses. UK.

Publishing service company profile: Shepherds Bookbinders

C.P. Bourg

Known worldwide for book binders, finishing equipment, electronics and other related paper handling products.

Publishing service company profile: C.P. Bourg

Coverbind Corporation

Thermal binding presentation systems for in-house perfect binding of documents and proposals for book-like appearance. Hard cover option.

Publishing service company profile: Coverbind Corporation

Ars Obscura Bookbinding

Custom bookbinding and restoration, specializing in antique books.

Publishing service company profile: Ars Obscura Bookbinding

Powis Parker

Manufacturer of The Fastback, desktop binder that professionally binds documents from 3 to 350 sheets thick. The system uses binding strips that are coated with a thermoplastic adhesive.

Publishing service company profile: Powis Parker

Alps Laminating, Inc.

Laminators, pouch laminators, roll laminators, roll film, pouches, K-Sun and Kroy labelers and index tabs.

Publishing service company profile: Alps Laminating, Inc.

Bindery Equipment by Paul M. Brubaker

Replacement parts, repairs or complete re-manufactured machinery, covering all aspects of 19th century book bindery tools and equipment.

Publishing service company profile: Bindery Equipment by Paul M. Brubaker

McSpadden Book Bindery

Specializing in Bible and old book restoration.

Publishing service company profile: McSpadden Book Bindery

Polar - Mohr

Paper cutters and systems.

Publishing service company profile: Polar - Mohr

Grimm Book Bindery, Inc.

Offers restorative and repair services, legal document, blank book, and rebinding.

Publishing service company profile: Grimm Book Bindery, Inc.

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