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Big Apple Tuttle Mori Agency

Shanghai, China

Since 1987, Big Apple Agency has represented proprietors worldwide for their Chinese translation rights in China and Taiwan including many award-winning and bestselling authors.

Detailed profile of: Big Apple Tuttle Mori Agency, Shanghai, China

Haikou Yongfa Printing Co., Ltd.

Haikou City, China

The main business scope of Haikou Yongfa printing includes book printing, commercial printing, security printing, digital printing, etc. The company constantly updates its technology and renews its equipment to improve productivity and quality.

Detailed profile of: Haikou Yongfa Printing Co., Ltd., Haikou City, China

CNKI, Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing)

Beijing, China

The biggest database construction and services group in China, a state-owned enterprise holding by Tsinghua University. Dedicated to integration and dissemination of knowledge, online publishing and related technical services.

Detailed profile of: CNKI, Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing), Beijing, China

Hengyuan Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou Hengyuan Printing Co., Ltd. was founded and began operations in Guangzhou in 1993. With over 20 years' experience, the Company has grown to be a well integrated printing and packaging company offering a wide variety of products such as book and packaging products to publishers...

Detailed profile of: Hengyuan Printing Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China

Beijing Chinese-Foreign Translation & Information Service Co., Ltd. (CTIS)

Beijing, China

Our company works on multilingual bi-directional translation and interpretation services all the year round, covering more than 30 languages including the majority languages of English, Japanese, Russian, French, Germany and Spanish, as well as the minority language like Swedish and Arabic.

Detailed profile of: Beijing Chinese-Foreign Translation & Information Service Co., Ltd. (CTIS) , Beijing, China

Shanghai Qinqin Printing Company Ltd.

Shanghai, China

We are a custom printing company. We provide more paper printing products including books, catalogs, booklets, calendars, magazines, paper boxes, etc.

Detailed profile of: Shanghai Qinqin Printing Company Ltd., Shanghai, China

Shenzhen CM Printing Company

Shenzhen, China

CM (Shenzhen) Printing is professional printing company in China, we can print all kinds of books, packaging boxes, magazines, catalogs, and CD's in high quality at low rate.

Detailed profile of: Shenzhen CM Printing Company, Shenzhen, China

LongPack Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, China

We are specialized in making paper box paper bags, and all kinds of printing jobs.

Detailed profile of: LongPack Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China

Gold Printing Group

shenzhen, China

Book printing china, Gold Printing Group specializing in publish Children's Books, old cookbook printing, music books printing, Traditional chinese painting, Medical books printing, Flexi books printing, Wire-O books printing, hardcover fiction publish, classic hardcover books, new hardcover book...

Detailed profile of: Gold Printing Group, shenzhen, China

Rokotech (Shenzhen) Limited


Rokotech (Shenzhen) Limited was founded in 2005, specializes in pre-school child I/T products, with more than 14 year experience, we can provide good quality and high-efficient service in product design, hardware & software development and production.

Detailed profile of: Rokotech (Shenzhen) Limited, China

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