Yes, people still read: e-book sales by UK publishers grew 54 percent in 2011

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Newsstand magazine sales keep tumbling for People, Enquirer, etc.

L.A. Times – 2012-02-08

With the royal wedding, the Japan earthquake, the Occupy movement and the Arab spring, it’s not like there was a shortage of news in 2011. But you wouldn’t know it looking at newsstand sales for...

Walter Dean Myers named National Ambassador for Young People's Literature

Chicago Tribune – 2012-01-05

Prolific author declares "Reading Is Not Optional"Acclaimed young adult and children's book author Walter Dean Myers will be the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, the Library of...

1 in 40 people now have e-readers

The Bookseller – 2012-01-04

Over 90% of the e-readers bought over Christmas were Kindles, according to research released...

Facebook Wants Writers and Famous People to Promote Its New Subscribe Feature

AllThingsD – 2011-12-07

Facebook will "imminently" launch a plugin for publishers and public figures to ask their readers to subscribe on Facebook directly from their own Web sites.

Fisher first Wales' Young People's Poet Laureate

The Bookseller – 2011-10-18

Written By: Lisa Campbell Publication Date: Tue, 18/10/2011 - 08:00 Fantasy children’s author Catherine Fisher will be officially named Wales’ first Young People’s Poet Laureate later today...

People and other magazines added to Nook

San Francisco Chronicle – 2011-08-23

(08-22) 21:04 PDT NEW YORK, (AP) -- People, Fortune and other leading magazines are coming to the Nook. Barnes & Noble, Inc. announced Tuesday that it had agreed with Time to make all 21 of its U.S....

News Leadership 3.0 -- How people use cell phones should shape mobile news strategies

Online Journalism Review – 2011-08-18

If you want to serve a mobile audience, it helps to know how people use their cell phones. A new Pew Internet and American Life report examines mobile phone use, and offers some insights that may be...

If people stop reading books, maybe New York Times staffers could get back to work

Poynter. – 2011-07-14

The New York TimesNew York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller describes his staffers’ unending desire to write books. Noting the decline in print publishing, he writes, “Sure, I would miss books —...

Claudia Mody leaves Waterstone's for The Book People

The Bookseller – 2011-07-06

Written By: Lisa Campbell Publication Date: Wed, 06/07/2011 - 08:01 Waterstone’s children’s range buyer Claudia Mody is to join The Book People as a buyer for Red House it's children's...

Boris to celebrate the people who made London

The Bookseller – 2011-06-22

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Wed, 22/06/2011 - 09:13 HarperPress has bought a book by the mayor of London about the people who made the United Kingdom's capital city what it is today....

Octopus buys book by "People's Supermarket" star

The Bookseller – 2011-06-10

Publication Date: Fri, 10/06/2011 - 10:36 Octopus has acquired a vegetable cookery title by chef, eco-restauranteur and star of "The People's Supermarket" Arthur Potts Dawson. Publishing director...

Facebook: newspaper of the people?

Editors Weblog – 2011-06-08

Last month, Vadim Lavrusik, the coordinator of Facebook's new journalism program, called Facebook a "newspaper of the people". His speech at Columbia's Social Media Weekend came a few weeks after the...

When bad people write great books – 2011-06-07

A reader, prompted by last week's commentary on whether great books can make you a better person, wrote in to ask a related question. Her favorite author is Charles Dickens; his books have been...

People Wins Four min ‘Sales Executive of the Year’ Awards

Folio Magazine – 2011-06-02

People is the most profitable U.S. magazine and had an excellent, +5.6% ad-page advertising 2010, so it was appropriate that the magazine did very well at min's seventh "Sales Executive of the Year"...

People magazine changes production schedule for Royal Wedding

Poynter. – 2011-04-29

New York Times People typically closes the pages of the coming issue on Tuesday afternoon, reports Stuart Elliott, but the close is being moved up to Friday night for the Royal Wedding issue, which...

New library program helps people with print disabilities access books

CNW – 2011-03-02

TORONTO, March 1 /CNW/ - With the launch of a new provincially-funded library program, public libraries across Canada are enabling people with print disabilities to access literature like never...

BBC launches website to help people produce TV programmes

Guardian – 2011-02-23

The BBC college of production website went live yesterday. It provides free practical advice on all aspects of TV, radio and online production. Part of the BBC Academy, it is hoped that the site will...

Former People sports editor jailed for fraud

Guardian – 2011-02-07

Lee Horton defrauded publisher Trinity Mirror by paying himself £370,000 for non-existent storiesA former sports editor of the People was jailed today after defrauding the Sunday tabloid of more...

Bob Stein wants to change how people think about the book

L.A. Times – 2010-12-29

He foresees the evolution of reading from a solitary pursuit into a communal, electronically networked activity — something he calls social reading.Back in 1992, virtual eons before the Kindle...

'More People are Reading Meredith Magazines Than Ever Before'

Folio Mag – 2010-08-03

On the heels of Meredith Corp.

GSC: Barry Diller believes people will pay for online content

Seattle Times – 2010-02-25

SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Diller, IAC chief executive, believes people will pay for online content. Not all of it, but people will pay for premium content, he said Wednesday at the Goldman Sachs...

Fresno Bee to lay off 63 people

AP via Yahoo! Finance – 2009-03-12

The Fresno Bee will lay off 63 workers and cut salaries in order to reduce expenses in a weak advertising market. In a memo to employees Wednesday, publisher Will Fleet said the cuts will occur in...

Time Inc. Mulls Making Time, People Sites Subscription-Based

Folio Mag – 2009-03-10

As the sustainability of free content online continues to be debated, Time Inc.

TED Interview: 'Tribes' Author Says People, Not Ads, Build Social Networks

Wired News – 2009-02-04

Author and entrepreneur Seth Godin gives an interview. We discuss his latest book Tribes , how much ego a successful leader needs and finding what he calls "inner charisma."

Author and Parade magazine columnist James Brady dies at 80 PEOPLE IN THE NEWS

Times Leader – 2009-01-29

NEW YORK — James Brady, the Parade magazine celebrity columnist whose wide-ranging career also included novels, a memoir on his Korean War service and a stint as publisher of the fashion bible...

People Magazine Seeking 18 Editorial Buyouts [Internal Memos]

Gawker – 2008-11-10

People magazine just sent out a staff memo soliciting buyout candidates, as part of the 600-person company-wide layoffs announced at Time Inc. two weeks ago. Although People has a large staff,...

People to Publish Newman Book

Folio Mag – 2008-10-07

People magazine is set to publish a book honoring Paul Newman.The actor and philanthropist died last week at his home in Westport, Connecticut. He was 83.

Puffin Post to fly with The Book People

The Bookseller – 2008-09-19

Puffin Post, the children's book club...

The work of David Foster Wallace's that most people have read is "A Supposedly...

San Francisco Chronicle – 2008-09-16

The work of David Foster Wallace's that most people have read is "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again," a reporting piece about his week aboard a Caribbean cruise ship. (It was originally...

Affluent Prefer People to the Sunday 'Times'

Folio Mag – 2008-09-11

Affluent consumers are heavy readers of magazines and Internet users, compared to the rest of the population.

Dallas Fisher Joins Forces with People Publishing – 2008-09-01

Founders of People Publishing have added extra weight to their business portfolio by welcoming well-known Waikato businessman Dallas Fisher into the business as a shareholder.

More people get news from web than TV or print

Times Online – 2008-08-18

The web is now a more important source of news for most Americans than either newspapers or free-to-air television.

S.F. conferences on tracking people on the Web

San Francisco Chronicle – 2008-08-18

Tracking people on the Web - figuring out what they do, where they go and how businesses can make money off that knowledge - will be the subject of two conferences coming to the Bay Area this week....

Mozilla invites people to design Web's future

Macworld – 2008-08-06

Mozilla is inviting people to take part in a new conceptual series that aims to envision the future design of Web technologies.

Advertising: Whichever Screen, People Are Watching

New York Times – 2007-08-08

The time spent in front of the television screen and in front of the computer screen continues to increase, a report found.

Don’t Forget the Middle People

New York Times – 2008-06-30

The Screen Actors Guild, now embroiled in negotiations with film and television producers over a new contract, has made the plight of the middle-income actor the centerpiece of its campaign for more...

Sun on Sunday: Mirror and People hit most

Guardian – 2012-02-27

Unofficial industry estimates suggest sales of redtop rivals tumbled by 15% to 30% with first Sunday edition of the SunRupert Murdoch's Sun on Sunday is set to report sales of more than 3m copies on...

Bose inspired people’s movements in Singapore, Malaysia

Hindustan Times – 2012-02-29

A new book on Subhas Chandra Bose’s influence on Singapore and Malaysia was launched at the Institute of Southeast ...

Nigeria: Ta Cannot Be Loyal to Abia People and Orji Kalu - Okereke

allAfrica – 2012-03-06

[Vanguard] Mr Jenson Okereke is the Senior Special Assistant on Public Relations to Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State. He is also the author of a new book,...

Review of ‘The Mormon People ’ by Matthew Bowman and ‘LDS in the USA’ by Lee Trepanier and Lynita K. Newswander

The Washington Post – 2012-03-10

Has “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer accomplished more than just writing one of the new millennium’s blockbusters, a multimedia phenomenon that cast supernatural creatures as teenage...

Disabled people's magazine taps a 'niche for positivity'

Guardian – 2012-03-13

The founders of an online lifestyle magazine for disabled people on why there's a need for a feelgood factorA broad smile spreads across the faces of Martyn Sibley and Srin Madipalli when asked where...

“The Story of Ireland: A History of the Irish People” by Neil Hegarty

The Washington Post – 2012-03-17

The collapse of the Celtic Tiger four years ago, in a spectacular collision of private and public corruption amid a wildly inflated real estate bubble, was a dreadful blow to the people of Ireland,...

David Cay Johnston tells South Carolina students how not to get shot by people they write about

Poynter. – 2012-03-23

David Cay Johnston tells South Carolina students how not to get shot by people they write about Before publishing a story he knows could ruin someone’s life, Johnston said he asks himself,...

Instapaper, Readability and monetizing other people’s content

GigaOM – 2012-04-03

There's been a lot of criticism of Readability for collecting money from readers who use its ad-stripping service. But its approach is actually better than some others -- and that desire on the part...

Shocker: People who read e-books read more

Engadget – 2012-04-06

Are you ready for a bombshell? Turns out people who read e-books read more books than those don't. That tidbit comes from the number crunchers at Pew. According to a new report titled "The Rise of...

Check out Punch, the Mad mag for the iPad people

GigaOM – 2012-04-12

Punch is an iPad-only satire magazine that combines pop culture references and popular Internet memes with interactive game play. The New York-based start-up launched its app, and well let's just...

'Magazines will always have a place on people's shelves'

Guardian – 2012-04-15

Mainstream magazines might be struggling to survive against digital media, but their independent counterparts are thrivingIn the basement of a London bar, gathered like a resistance movement or...

“All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending” by Laura Vanderkam

The Washington Post – 2012-04-28

Forget saving for college, cutting coupons and even bulking up your 401(k). Laura Vanderkam’s newbook, “All the Money in the World,” examines money from a unique perspective: What if it can buy...

“People Who Eat Darkness”: The disappearing blonde – 2012-05-21

A true crime story set in Tokyo illuminates the complicated truths behind media cliches

Why rich people are investing in newspapers, again

Poynter. – 2012-05-22

In March, Chris Hughes paid around $5 million for a majority share of The New Republic. On Sunday The New York Times reported he’d be doubling the magazine’s staff and hiring former...

Book review: 'People Who Eat Darkness' is a masterful true crime tale

Los Angeles Times – 2012-06-03

British journalist Richard Lloyd Parry skillfully goes beyond the headlines in the 2000 disappearance of fellow Brit Lucie Blackman in Tokyo. It is a dark, unforgettable ride.People Who Eat Darkness

Why don't papers clear up their own mess when people complain?

Guardian – 2012-07-04

I believe the Press Complaints Commission is being forced to deal with far too many complaints because newspapers are failing to publish corrections and apologies off their own back.Here's just one...

People Still Want to Ban Books in High Schools; Tig Notaro Has a Book Deal

The Atlantic Wire – 2012-09-25

Today in books and publishing: New Jersey book columnist discovers the Internet; lesbian pulp novelist Tereska Torrès dies; Schwarzenegger, Olympia Snowe, and a Scientology insider tell...

Ferriss: Even if I sell a million Kindle books, some people will call it a failure

GigaOM – 2012-11-06

On November 20, Amazon will publish one of the biggest titles on its inaugural NY list: The 4-Hour Chef by bestselling author Tim Ferriss. Mediocre sales of Penny Marshall's memoir are hanging over...

National Book Award finalists for young people’s literature

The Washington Post – 2012-11-07

Bombs, bonobos and a bird-legged witch figure prominently in this year’s finalists for the National Book Award for young people’s literature, which will be announced on Nov. 14. Absent-minded...

VHS and Vinyl: Why People Love Retro Media

The Atlantic – 2012-11-07

The PBS Off Book series interviews creators and collectors about their favorite analog formats. 

Why People magazine got it wrong

Stuff – 2012-11-16

Did Joseph Gordon-Levitt die? Has Matt Bomer spontaneously combusted under the pressure of his own sex appeal?

In China, 25 Million People Use Only Their Cell Phones to Read Books

The Atlantic – 2012-11-28

Mobile reading may revive entire genres of literature, such as mid-length novels and poems, which have fallen out of favor.

The little Kiwi people behind The Hobbit

Stuff – 2012-11-28

Born out of a British book and funded by Hollywood, The Hobbit is also a movie that has its heart in New Zealand.

People Adds CelebWatch News App to Subscription Plan

AdWeek – 2012-12-14

People magazine is trying to capitalize on readers' obsession with celebrity news and keep its title as Time Inc.'s cash cow with a new app that makes it easy to follow the every move of...

Study: People can remember more about Facebook than real books – 2013-01-15

But this might not be a bad thing! What the new research reveals about education, communication and memory

Why People Are Saying Lawrence Wright's Scientology Book Is So Great

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-01-16

Lawrence Wright's long look at Scientology, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief, is set for release tomorrow, and reviews, for the most part, have been...

Flipboard goes on a hiring binge: 8 new people, including 3 former Hulu execs

GigaOM – 2013-02-09

Social magazine Flipboard added eight new employees this week, including three former Hulu executives, bringing the company's total head count to 77. he biggest hire is Eric Feng, who joins Flipboard...

Five ways media companies can build paywalls around people instead of content

GigaOM – 2013-02-09

Hundreds of traditional publishers have erected paywalls around their content, but there is much to be gained by focusing monetization on individuals rather than an entire newspaper. Here are a few...

Hearst's David Carey on How People Are Still Reading Magazines. Really!

AllThingsD – 2013-02-12

Despite what you have read, probably online, print isn't dead insists the magazine exec, speaking at D: Dive Into Media. Hearst's digital subscriptions are also up to 900,000.

Hearst president David Carey: Apple taught people 'how to buy digital content'

Engadget – 2013-02-12

David Carey, president of Hearst Magazines, sat down with AllThingsD's Peter Kafka to kick off Day 2 of D:Dive Into Media here in Dana Point, California, with the interview centering on Carey's take...

Book A Night At This Homeless Hotel To Live Like People On The Street

Fast Company – 2013-02-22

In Sweden, you can go online and pay to book a nice spot on a bench or in a park, and find out how the other half lives. (But mostly to raise money for the homeless. You don’t have to sleep...

How many people are actually “reading it later”? Pocket launches tool for publishers

GigaOM – 2013-03-26

Pocket, a service that lets users save content for later, is launching a new publisher program. Publishers can add a Pocket button to their websites and can then track how and when their content is...

Hilary Mantel joins 'Time 100' ranking of world's most influential people

Guardian – 2013-04-19

Wolf Hall author one of only two fiction writers on celebrated list, alongside world leaders and megastarsHilary Mantel sits alongside the likes of Barack Obama, Aung San Suu Kyi and Kim Jong Un as...

World Book Night Is Tonight, Free Books for 500,000 People

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-04-23

The United States celebrated World Book Night on April 23, which meant that over 25,000 volunteers throughout the country handed out half a million free books to promote reading.

Can books make us better people?

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-06-05

A New York Times piece ignited a debate over the claim that literature makes us morally and socially better.

People On The Move | 6.20.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-06-20

Sean McManus has been named as the managing director at QuartzLive. McManus was previously director of programmes at The Economist.

People On The Move | 6.13.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-06-13


People On The Move | 6.6.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-06-06


People On The Move | 6.27.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-06-28

Scott Mozarsky has joined UBM Tech as president, media and partner solutions. Mozarsky was formerly executive vice president and global chief commercial officer for PR Newswire.Meredith Corporation...

People On The Move | 7.2.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-07-03


The Books People Leave Unfinished

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-07-10

Any reader worth her weight in complimentary bookmarks knows that, as we chase after each new, highly anticipated release, there will be disappointments. Some books will go unread. And while there...

People On The Move | 7.11.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-07-11


To Predict The Future Of Technology, Figure Out How People Will Use It Illegally

Fast Company – 2013-07-16

What a company wants you to use their product for is all well and good, but it’s when people go off book and use things for sex or for nefarious purposes that you can really see its path...

The NSA Can Analyze Data From Way More People Than We Thought

Fast Company – 2013-07-18

The NSA now says it can monitor data from anyone up to three hops away from terror suspects. Even if you aren't a direct target of the National Security Agency's PRISM program, the agency can...

People On the Move | 7.18.2013

Folio Magazine – 2013-07-19


National Review Is Back to Warning White People About Black People

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-07-24

Fifteen months after The National Review ended its relationship with longtime writer John Derbyshire for an essay he wrote for in which he instructs his children to be...

People on the Move | 7.25.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-07-25

Clinton Smith has been named editor-in-chief of VERANDA. Smith has been editorial director of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles since April 2008. Patrick Frater has been named Asia bureau chief at...

'Parapalooza' YouTube channel features people reading from their favorite titles

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-07-27

The new YouTube channel encourages readers to upload a video of themselves sharing a paragraph from a favorite book.

Bad things should happen to bad people! – 2013-07-28

We feel better when politicians, athletes and others we despise fail — and celebrating that helps makes us human

10,000 Publishing People at Work: South Korea’s Paju Bookcity

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-07-30

South Korea's Paju Bookcity is unique in the world: home to some 200 publishing companies and 10,000 publishing professionals, mere miles from the North Korea border.

People on the Move | 8.1.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-08-02

Hearst Magazines announced that Kristine Welker has been named vice president, publisher and chief revenue officer of the company’s new pilot magazine collaboration with Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Sunday People spoof takes shine off Sun's big moment | Media Monkey

Guardian – 2013-08-01

The Sun's 'This is Our Britain' Wednesday wraparound announcing the advent of the digital age has received a mixed response. Twitter, inevitably, was the least kind. The official Sun account merited...

Dispersing Poor People in Cities Doesn't Disperse Crime

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-08-05

A growing stack of research now supports the hypothesis that housing vouchers do not in fact lead to crime. Michael Lens has just added another study to that literature, published in the journal...

Air Canada enRoute magazine launches People's Choice Award for 2013 Canada's Best New Restaurants awards

CNW – 2013-08-07

--Canadians now make their culinary vote count on new site-- TORONTO, Aug. 6, 2013 /CNW/ - Canada's award-winning inflight magazine, Air Canada's enRoute www.enroute.aircanada....

People on the Move | 8.8.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-08-08

Malcolm Campbell has been hired as vice president of business development at The FADER. Previously he had worked for more than five years as publisher at Spin Media.

Is Publishing Getting Rid of the Wrong People?

Editor & Publisher – 2013-08-13

As this chart shows, the number of jobs in advertising and market research has nearly tripled since the late 1970s. The number of people employed in broadcasting, film and music production has risen,...

VIDEO: Notes from famous people hark back to era of letters

BBC World – 2013-08-14

The website Letters of Note is to publish its first book, filled with the personal scribblings of the rich and famous from yesteryear. BBC Newsnight's Stephen Smith has been given access to some of...

AUDIO: The tricks to stop people skim-reading

BBC World – 2013-08-14

A new book about Gandhi says that he was worried about people skim-reading his work in the early 20th century.

Microsoft's SkyDrive, are down for some people

PC World – 2013-08-14

Microsoft’s web mail application and SkyDrive cloud storage service are suffering a partial outage on Wednesday. The problems began at around 10 a.m. EDT and hadn’t been resolved by...

People on the Move | 8.15.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-08-16

David Marks has joined Publishers Press as northeast regional sales manager. Marks has 23 years experience in print sales, including working for QuadGraphics and Fry Communications. Sarah Hanson has...

Not Very Many People Bought Eliot Spitzer's New Book

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-08-16

It turns out that people are far less interested in financial regulation than prostitution. Eliot Spitzer has only managed to sell about 70 print copies of his latest book, according to Bookscan...

People Are Changing Their Internet Habits Now That They Know The NSA Is Watching

Fast Company – 2013-08-16

In the days after one of the most damning intelligence leaks since the birth of the Internet, polls were showing that average Americans felt sort of "meh" about the whole...

People on the Move | 8.22.13

Folio Magazine – 2013-08-22

Andrea Bennett has been appointed as the new editor-in-chief of Niche Media's VEGAS magazine.

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