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Under the Covers: Harlequin’s Images of Romance

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Under the Covers: Harlequin’s Images of Romance

BusinessWeek – 2012-02-10

From 'The Manatee' in 1949 through images of Fabio and the just-issued 'Once Upon a Valentine,' Harlequin has published memorable covers
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News like: 'Under the Covers: Harlequin’s Images of Romance'

Harlequin's 2012 Romance Report Findings Indicate Romance + Technology = #ITSCOMPLICATED

Famed publisher's annual survey reveals surprising findings about everything from sexting to flirting on Facebook | CNW – 2012-02-09

How Magazine Covers Stacked Up

Kardashians and others who owe their fame to reality TV accounted for about 40% of the covers of six major celebrity weeklies in 2011. | The Wall Street Journal – 2012-02-08

Headline scores "gorgeous contemporary romance"

Headline Review has acquired a new title by the author of The Statistical Probability of Love at... | The Bookseller – 2012-01-10

Between the Lines: You'll love gazing at images in these coffee table tomes

Does anybody place cups of coffee on their coffee tables anymore? We think big books are more likely to end up there, so we want to suggest a few that are suitable for holiday gift-giving. Time... | SacBee – 2011-11-14

Time-travel romance for Piccadilly

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Mon, 14/11/2011 - 15:07 Piccadilly Press has bought a time-travelling young adult romance story, which will be a lead title for autumn 2012. Managing... | The Bookseller – 2011-11-14

ICYMI: iMemorial: Steve Jobs honored on front pages, magazine covers, news & tech websites

See how Boing Boing, Wired and other tech sites covered Steve Jobs death Wednesday, and how California newspapers and others around the world covered it Thursday morning. | Poynter. – 2011-10-07

iMemorial: Steve Jobs honored on front pages, magazine covers, news & tech websites

Twitter streamed with tributes to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as word of his death spread Wednesday night. On Thursday, newspaper front pages honored the 56-year-old technology innovator who changed... | Poynter. – 2011-10-06

Stylist celebrates biggest issue with three London Fashion Week covers

'Freemium' women's weekly magazine Stylist is celebrating its biggest issue to date this week, with a trio of London Fashion Week covers. | Media Week – 2011-09-14

Ebury launches digital first romance list

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Wed, 07/09/2011 - 15:59 Ebury is launching a straight-to-digital romance list, Rouge, acquiring print rights to the titles in order to launch... | The Bookseller – 2011-09-07

‘New Yorker covers as icons are all but doomed’

MediaiteConsidering how important The New Yorker’s cover art is to its brand, Philip Bump asks, why doesn’t the magazine’s iPad app feature it better? Cover images accompany stories on the... | Poynter. – 2011-07-29

Newsweek publishes some of Tim Hetherington’s final images from Libya

NewsweekNewsweek has published some of Tim Hetherington’s final photos taken before he and Chris Hondros were killed in April covering the civil war in Libya. In a short piece accompanying the 12... | Poynter. – 2011-07-27

Tina Brown’s Newsweek covers have featured women 6 of 14 weeks

Of the 14 issues of Newsweek she’s edited since taking over the magazine, Tina Brown has featured women as solo cover images in nearly half of them (see cover images below). In the 14 issues prior... | Poynter. – 2011-07-11

Random House revives romance imprint as digital exclusive

Written By: Bookseller Staff Publication Date: Thu, 23/06/2011 - 07:15 Random House is to revive its 1980 romance imprint Loveswept as a digital-exclusive list. The e-books will be published in a... | The Bookseller – 2011-06-23 launches romance imprint

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Thu, 05/05/2011 - 09:08 has launched its fourth imprint, focusing on romance, as it continues to hire across its publishing business. Montlake... | The Bookseller – 2011-05-05

Puffin acquires dystopian romance series

Written By: Caroline Horn Publication Date: Tue, 22/03/2011 - 08:39 Puffin has acquired world rights, including film and TV, in a dystopian romance series Fever by debut author Dee Shulman. The... | The Bookseller – 2011-03-22

Walter Zacharius, 87, Romance Publisher, Dies

Walter Zacharius emerged from the world of true-confession magazines and paperback genre fiction to found Kensington. | The New York Times – 2011-03-08

Salt launches digital romance imprint

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Tue, 15/02/2011 - 09:39 Indie publisher Salt has launched a digital imprint, Embrace Books, comprising four series of erotica and romance titles.... | The Bookseller – 2011-02-15

Xcite to launch "one-stop shop" for romance

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Mon, 14/02/2011 - 15:25 Accent Press imprint Xcite Books is launching a "one-stop shop" for romantic and erotic e-books and audio formats. The site,... | The Bookseller – 2011-02-14

Dorchester Media Puts Entertainment, Select Romance Mag Assets on the Block

New York City-based Dorchester Media LLC is fielding offers for the assets of its Lifestyle Entertainment Teen Magazine and Romance Groups. | Folio Magazine – 2011-02-09

Selfridges the scene for new M&B romance

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Mon, 07/02/2011 - 12:29 Mills & Boon is publishing a book in association with department store Selfridges. The as-yet-untitled book will be... | The Bookseller – 2011-02-07

Hodder acquires teen paranormal romance trilogy

Written By: Charlotte Williams Hodder Children's Books has acquired a teen paranormal romance trilogy, written by debut author and Random House adult fiction publicist Ruth Warburton. Senior... | The Bookseller – 2011-02-03

Romance novels dominate e-reader market

If the e-reader is the digital equivalent of the brown-paper wrapper, the romance reader is a little like the Asian carp: insatiable and unstoppable. Together, it turns out, they are a perfect... | San Jose Mercury News – 2010-12-13

Sports Illustrated Publishes Book of Magazine Covers

Fans of Sports Illustrated’s top-notch photography now have the opportunity to hold every cover ever published by the magazine in one new book. The magazine is releasing Sports Illustrated: The... | Folio Mag – 2010-08-03

Red Wheel Strikes Deal with Ravenous Romance to Do P-books of E-books

Red Wheel/Weiser has licensed 12 paranormal Ravenous Romance e-books to publish the titles as... | Publishers Wekly – 2010-03-10

Harlequin Posts Solid Year

Gains in Harlequin's North American retail and Overseas markets led by a 2% revenue increase in 2008 and a 11% gain in profits. The romance publisher also reported a strong fourth quarter and solid... | Publishers Wekly – 2009-02-26

Book covers: the pictures that sell thousands of words

If they mean "buying" not "reading", they're onto something universal. Years ago, some research was done into book buyers' purchasing habits. | Guardian Unlimited – 2009-02-23

Braziller to Publish Previously Unseen Cage Images

This fall, New York independent George Braziller Publishers will release John Cage: The Zen Ox-Herding Pictures. It features 54 previously unseen works by artist and composer Cage (1912–1992) that... | Publishers Wekly – 2009-02-17

Fusion Systems Offers iTrap for OS X-based Harlequin RIPs

Fusion Systems International has released its iTrap In-RIP interactive trapping solution for use with all OS X-based Harlequin RIPs. Also available on Windows, the plug-in was developed for OS X by... | Editor And Publisher – 2009-01-12

I-Tool Tips: Google brings Life Magazine images to the Internet

A photograph -- especially an historic one -- is "information" as much as any statistic. So it's worth mentioning the recent debut of Google's database of Life Magazine images. | The Sacramento Bee – 2008-11-27

Judging book covers

One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover — or should they? The current exhibit at the Whitney Humanities Center, “Book Jacket Design from the Yale University Press,” is a part of the Press’s... | Yale Daily News – 2008-11-07

Haunting images from 'What Matters'

Tiburon's David Elliot Cohen, the mastermind behind the popular "Day in the Life" photography books, is back on the shelves with "What Matters," in which major photographers and writers ponder... | San Francisco Chronicle – 2008-09-17

Microsoft web browser that covers its tracks could hit Google’s advertising

Mousetrap weblog: Will Internet Explorer 8 cost Google dear? | Times Online – 2008-08-28

Romance-writing hopefuls discuss craft in S.F.

Forget scones and Devonshire cream. Red meat is on the menu in the new generation of romance novels. According to fall book promotions, "the alpha male is back," paired up this time with a... | San Francisco Chronicle – 2008-08-18

Should Newspapers Air Images of Deaths in Iraq?

In his column today, The New York Times' public editor, Clark Hoyt, probes the continuing debate and reviews some of the controversies in this area the paper has navigated. He concludes that the... | Editor And Publisher – 2003-08-08

Retail Segment Boosts Harlequin

With sales in its North America retail group up, second quarter revenue and profits had good gains at Harlequin. | Publishers Wekly – 2008-07-31

NASA and Internet Archive Launch Centralized Resource for Images

NASA and Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library based in San Francisco, made available the most comprehensive compilation ever of NASA's vast collection of photographs, historic film and... | NASA – 2008-07-24

Chicago Lit: Horror writer and romance writer team up on vampire novel

At first glance, romance novelist Patricia Rosemoor and horror writer Marc Paoletti seem like unlikely writing partners. | Chicago Sun-Times – 2008-07-13

With Connect, Getty Images Leaps Into The 21st Century

Getty Images is getting with the 21st century today.With its new Connect system, Getty is making it easier for web publishers and certain platforms like blogging tools to embed Getty's image products... | Fast Company – 2012-02-21

Famed romance began with exchange of letters

The 573 love letters exchanged between Elizabeth Barrett and her future husband, fellow poet Robert Browning, are now viewable online. | CBC – 2012-02-14

Licking Valley Courier covers tornado that destroyed its newsroom This week’s Licking Valley Courier came out a day later than usual, but the West Liberty, Ky., paper had a pretty good reason: Its offices, and the house of publisher Earl Kinner,... | Poynter. – 2012-03-10

These magazine covers are graphic examples that sex can sell feminism | Jonathan Jones

Does Newsweek and Foreign Policy's double act of covers objectify women or simply draw attention to good journalism?Can you judge a magazine by its cover? Or to put it another way, should you judge a... | Guardian – 2012-04-27

New Yorker covers we were never meant to see

New Yorker magazine art editor shares covers “you were never meant to see” and the stories behind them, including a drawing of presidential hopeful Rick Santorum overtaking Mitt Romney in... | Poynter. – 2012-04-28

The covers the New Yorker rejected

Françoise Mouly, art editor of the magazine, picks her favourite cover sketches that are as acute as they are provocativeKillian Fox | Guardian – 2012-04-29

Thousands join girl in urging Seventeen magazine to publish unedited images

Julia Bluhm, 14, a ballet dancer and aspiring activist, says she'd like one spread a month that shows bodies that aren't 'fake'A teenage reader of Seventeen magazine is hoping to change the title's... | Guardian – 2012-05-03

Erotic romance author E.L. James on Fifty Shades of Grey

E.L. James, the fledgling British writer behind the surprise publishing phenomenon and erotic romance Fifty Shades of Grey, talks to Q about her 'love story with a kink.' | CBC – 2012-05-10

PBS documentary explores the world of romance novels

PBS documentary 'Guilty Pleasures' looks at the romance novel – one of the most popular literary genres on the planet. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-05-18

Time and Newsweek Magazine Covers Catch Eyes and Clicks

Tina Brown, the editor of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, says the magazine cover is a "unique seduction point for readers." | The New York Times – 2012-05-21

How provocative covers sell magazines (even when they don’t sell magazines)

The New York Times | Adweek Time’s “breastfeeding” and Newsweek’s “first gay president” covers goosed newsstand sales, but that’s not really the point,... | Poynter. – 2012-05-21

India’s unlikely romance with Ayn Rand

Literary tastes in India, as anywhere, change with the times, but one writer has never gone out of vogue: Ayn Rand -- the high priestess of free-market capitalism and unfettered individualism. | Hindustan Times – 2012-05-30

Media Decoder Blog: Amazon Buys Avalon Books, Publisher in Romance and Mysteries

The purchase of the 62-year-old publisher includes more than 3,000 back-list titles, Amazon said. | The New York Times – 2012-06-05 buys Avalon Books, romance publisher said Monday that it bought Avalon Books, giving the internet retailer publication rights to more than 3,000 romance, mystery and Western titles. | – 2012-06-05

Amazon and Avalon in a tree, publishing romance books di-gi-tal-ly

Amazon Publishing and long-running book-maker Avalon now has more in common than rhyme schemes. The pair have struck up a deal to publish over 3,00 titles from the publisher's back-catalogue,... | Engadget – 2012-06-06

E-books sizzle with steamy stories of romance

You won’t just find romance between the sheets . . . of a book. The country’s most popular genre in print was also one of the first to take e-reading by storm. Thousands are already enjoying... | The Washington Post – 2012-06-06

Harlequin And Mills & Boon Launch Global Writing Contest With Publishing Contract Prize

So You Think You Can Write online conference allows aspiring writers to spend a week with over 50 Harlequin and Mills & Boon editors from around the world | CNW – 2012-06-22

Sexy Covers Lure 'Twilight' Teens to Classic Literature

Romeo? Oh, Romeo! Yes, that is the Bard’s bad boy on the cover of the new Penguin edition of the classic Shakespeare tragedy. No frills or lace. Instead, Romeo sports a white tank top and a... | ABC News – 2012-06-29

Dress Up Your Kindle Fire or iPad as a Vintage Book With These Covers

These cases let you make your Kindle Fire or iPad look like a vintage copy of Moby Dick or The Great Gatsby. | PC World – 2012-07-20

Harlequin: 20p e-book price 'out of our hands'

Tim Cooper, commercial director of Harlequin, has spoken out over the inclusion of one of the... | The Bookseller – 2012-07-31

Headline launches Eternal Romance imprint

Headline is launching a new digital imprint Eternal Romance, with three paranormal romance novels... | The Bookseller – 2012-09-12

Condon moves to Harlequin

Piatkus senior commissioning editor Donna Condon is moving to Harlequin UK as its new editorial... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-08

Harlequin offers in-house blogger contract

Harlequin is launching a competition to give a paid contract to an in-house blogger who is... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-09

More Da Costa erotic romance for Ebury

Ebury has bought a new erotic romance trilogy by Portia Da Costa, author of In Too Deep.... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-20

25 of the Most Wonderful Book Covers of the Year

In this week's Y.A. for Grownups column I'm paying special homage to the oft under-applauded but always important art of the books; specifically, the cover art that's appeared... | The Atlantic Wire – 2012-11-30

Cosmopolitan and Harlequin Announce eBook Partnership

Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin to Debut in May 2013 NEW YORK and TORONTO, Dec. 5, 2012 /CNW/ - Harlequin, one of the world's leading publishers of books for women, and Cosmopolitan, the wor... | CNW – 2012-12-05

Twelve books of Christmas: From romance to zombies

Aside from the gold rings and maybe the geese and French hens (great for urban farmers), the traditional 12 days of gifts just don’t cut it for the modern Christmas list. Swans bite; 12 drummers... | The Washington Post – 2012-12-19

Harlequin Featured In Upcoming Episode Of ABC's Hit Reality Series The Bachelor

LOS ANGELES and TORONTO, Jan. 8, 2013 /CNW/ - Harlequin, one of the world's leading publishers of books for women, will play a central role in an upcoming episode of The Bachelor, ABC's tremendous... | CNW – 2013-01-09

When Creativity Takes A Wrong Turn: Lousy Book Covers

Aptly titled new Tumblr "Lousy Book Covers" collects the delightfully dubious achievements in jacket design. The book Spending Christmas With a Yeti is already at a marketplace disadvantage, what... | Fast Company – 2013-01-10

Harlequin to launch digital-only Carina list

Harlequin UK is launching a new digital-only imprint called Carina UK, which will encompass all... | The Bookseller – 2013-01-17

Harry Potter gets all-new covers for paperback anniversary editions

Kazu Kibuishi, writer and illustrator of the 'Amulet' graphic novel series, created seven new covers for paperback editions of the 'Harry Potter' novels, to be released on the 15th anniversary of the... | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-02-13

Dan Brown's Inferno covers revealed

The cover jackets for Dan Brown's forthcoming book, Inferno, are revealed by publishers. | BBC – 2013-02-21

Top 10 magazine covers of the century

See the front pages shortlisted by industry body the PPA as it celebrates its centenary with a search for the best cover of the past 100 years | Guardian – 2013-02-26

Is the Romance of Publishing Dead?

Has the romance of publishing the way of liquor-fueled lunches, first-class book tours and boozy book parties? Or is there still enough hope and passion in publishing to sustain it? | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-03-07

Stephenie Meyer says “traditional romance” books are “too smutty”

The "Twilight" author doesn't read erotica, either | – 2013-03-12

Cosmo, Harlequin will kick off ebook line with two books by Sylvia Day

Cosmopolitan and Harlequin are launching a line of ebooks called Cosmo Red Hot Reads this summer. Sylvia Day, who originally self-published the bestselling Bared to You, has signed a seven-figure... | GigaOM – 2013-03-13

Welcome to the Age of Crowd-Sourced Book Covers

Elizabeth Gilbert, best-selling author of Eat Pray Love, is taking to Facebook to let readers choose the cover of her upcoming novel. Oh, modern life! It is full of high-tech, new-fangled twists... | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-03-21

Roll in the hay: The rise of the Amish romance novel

While not as steamy as "50 Shades of Grey," so-called "bonnet rippers" are selling like shoofly pies | – 2013-03-24

Hot new romance novels for spring

If you’re a romance fan, spring is your season. There are so many great books to choose from that you might want to put your wallet inside a block of ice in the freezer while perusing this hot... | The Washington Post – 2013-03-27

Time magazine’s Stengel: This week’s covers ‘symbolized the love’ in marriage

Time Time magazine’s new covers address the same-sex marriage debate that dominated this week’s news. Russell Hart and Eric LaBonté, who have been engaged since 2010, kiss on one cover;... | Poynter. – 2013-03-28

Heartbreak for Harlequin authors as judge tosses e-book case

A new court decision reflects the ongoing difficulties in deciding how old book contracts should address the issue of ebook royalties. In the ruling, a federal judge dismissed a class action brought... | GigaOM – 2013-04-04

TV Guide Magazine’s anniversary covers are made from old TV Guide covers

TV Guide Magazine Robert Silver created six mosaics from old TV Guide covers for TV Guide Magazine’s 60th anniversary issue, due Thursday. Each cover represents a different decade of TV... | Poynter. – 2013-04-04

Occupy’s legacy: The media finally covers social protest fairly

Occupy's message about income inequality took hold because the media, for once, took a grassroots protest seriously | – 2013-04-14

The Most Evocative Magazine Covers of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Weekly magazines may fewer and fewer, but after the week of the Boston Marathon bombing, they mean more and more right now.     | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-04-20

Harlequin to appear on The Intern

Mills & Boon and MIRA publisher Harlequin is set to appear on Channel 4 show "The Intern... | The Bookseller – 2013-05-01

Jobs to go as Harlequin sees sales drop

Harlequin parent company Torstar has announced restructuring in its book publishing and general... | The Bookseller – 2013-05-09

25 years of Hello! magazine covers – in pictures

The first issue of Hello! magazine was published 25 years ago. Here, we take a look of some of their best covers     | Guardian – 2013-05-11

Amazon Publishing launches Kindle Love Stories podcast, focused on romance books

Amazon Publishing is launching a weekly romance podcast, "Kindle Love Stories." The podcast will include a discussion group at Goodreads, the reading-focused social network that Amazon recently... | GigaOM – 2013-05-13

Harlequin to disrobe new Cosmo Red-Hot Reads

At next week's Book Expo in New York -- the publishing industry's annual orgy of optimism -- Harlequin is set to celebrate its newest imprint: Cosmo Red-Hot Reads. The series promises "love scenes... | The Washington Post – 2013-05-23

Patty Marks: Sex, Romance, and Erotic Bestsellers

The beginnings of Ellora’s Cave, the Akron, Ohio–based publisher of erotic romance fiction, have become something of a publishing business legend. Tina M. Engler, a single mom at the time, began... | Publishers Weekly – 2013-05-25

Vice Magazine's controversial images of female authors committing suicide are taken down

Vice Magazine's newest fashion spread depicted models dressed like Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, and others in the act of committing suicide. The photos were taken down after a public outcry. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-06-19

Blippar app animates Pan Mac covers

Two new novels from Pan Macmillan, including Peter James' new thriller Dead Man's Time,... | The Bookseller – 2013-06-25

Laura Vandervoort Covers Real Style Magazine's Summer 2013 Issue

TORONTO, June 25, 2013 /CNW/ - Real Style Magazine's summer issue features an exclusive interview and photoshoot with actress Laura Vandervoort star of Smallville and the upcoming tv show Bitten... | CNW – 2013-06-26

Rolling Stone joins list of controversial magazine covers

Rolling Stone makes headlines with its Aug. 1 issue featuring Boston Marathon bombing suspect | CBC – 2013-07-18

Radio Times: 90 years of covers - in pictures

See nine decades of front pages from the TV and radio magazine, covering events including world war two, the moon landings and Doctor Who | Guardian – 2013-07-30

Instagram reportedly blocking images uploaded through some third-party apps

Hipstamatic Oggl app users might want to rethink those subscriptions. Select Windows Phone 8 imaging apps, such as Instance, may no longer be able to upload images to Instagram's photo sharing... | Engadget – 2013-07-30

In pictures: Radio Times covers from the past 90 years

Radio Times, the oldest TV and radio magazine in the world, is celebrating its 90th birthday with an exhibition at the Museum of London. Take a look at some of the magazine's best front covers from... | Media Week – 2013-08-02

Tesco forces lads' mags to make covers 'more modest'

Zoo, Nuts and Front agree to ditch highly explicit front covers as retailer responds to energetic social media campaignHighly explicit front covers of "lads' mags" may be a thing of the past, Tesco... | Guardian – 2013-08-02

25 Crowdsourced Covers For Literary Classics

Frankenstein’s monster never looked so good. A few months back, we wrote about a project called Recovering the Classics, which planned to crowdsource enticing new covers for 50 literary... | Fast Company – 2013-08-06

Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield Chronicles Romance Through Karaoke

Rock critic Rob Sheffield has profiled dozens—probably hundreds—of bands for Rolling Stone. He's followed around Aerosmith and gone out for Thai food with the Yeah Yeah... | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-08-09

Getty Museum makes 4,600 high-res images free to download with Open Content Program

Journalists and news consumers alike may be familiar with the Getty name -- Mark Getty founded his namesake stock photography company in the 1990s, and Getty Images is responsible for distributing... | Engadget – 2013-08-14

'Harry Potter' new covers will grace trade paperback versions as of Aug. 27

The new 'Harry Potter' covers, by artist and writer Kazu Kibuishi, were created to honor the 15th anniversary of the US publication of 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.' | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-08-15

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