Top 100 Apps in the iPad's Newsstand Bring in $70,000 a Day Combined

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Apple iPad edition of Wall Street Journal could cost $18 a month

The Christian Science Monitor – 2010-03-25

According to one report, the Wall Street Journal could charge $17.99 a month for access to an Apple iPad-friendly edition of the business broadsheet. Some bloggers say the price tag – no matter how...

The Stupid Reason the World's Biggest Book Publisher Is Avoiding the iPad Like the Plague [Ipad]

Gizmodo – 2010-03-24

# ipad You'll notice a major book publisher is missing from this slide : Random House , the biggest one in the world, actually. More »

Smartphone, iPad Apps from ppi Media

Editor And Publisher – 2010-03-23

Manroland AG subsidiary ppi Media now offers smartphone and iPad applications among its standardized apps developed as modules for ppi solutions and its customized business-to-consumer apps for...

Kindle for iPad Could Heat Up E-Book Business

PC World via Yahoo! News – 2010-03-22

Amazon has posted a preview of the future of e-books, its Kindle e-reader app for Apple's forthcoming iPad. Amazon, the top e-book reseller, is teaming its e-book format with the most anticipated...

Apple inks iPad deal with largest independent publisher via Yahoo! News – 2010-03-22

I hope you’re not hanging on to all that Amazon stock: according to The New York Times, Apple has signed a deal with Perseus Books, a large independent book publisher that also distributes 330...

iPad in schools? Content controls, DRM, and pricing mean no

ZDNet – 2010-03-22

The iPad is coming, the iPad is coming! And while it might be coming to some schools or at least some student backpacks near you, it won't be coming to my schools or my kids' backbacks. Just because...

Apple iPad Adopters: Prepare for Content Punishment

ZDNet – 2010-03-21

Apple's "Regional Content Review" clauses for content suppliers may prevent consumers from reading and viewing a large amount of material they've already paid for on their new iPads.

Apple Having Trouble Getting iPad Content

I4U – 2010-03-19

Apple is definitely ascendant right now, but that doesn't mean they don't have problems. The Wall Street Journal (via TechEye) reports that Apple has not yet finished their price-negotiations with...

Apple seeks iPad content

New York Post – 2010-03-19

Apple is still working to secure content for the iPad with just weeks ahead of the the tablet computer's April 3 release, said people familiar with the matter, as the company tempers some of its...

Thousands Pre-order The iPad, But Where's The Content?

ChannelWeb – 2010-03-19

Customers have placed hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for the Apple iPad, but they may not have access to all the digital content they expect as Apple scrambles to line up publishers.

Trapping content on the iPad won't work, even if it's pretty - Wired's latest iPad demo looks great, but the app doesn ...

O'Reilly Media – 2010-03-19

Wired is leading the magazine-to-iPad charge with a great looking app, but it's also reverting to some back lock-in habits. Instead of trapping content and readers within a space -- a true exercise...

Apple Still Negotiating IPad Media Deals: WSJ

Fox News – 2010-03-18

Apple Still Negotiating IPad Media Deals: WSJ

Flash-free iPad-ready site from Wall Street Journal

Network World – 2010-03-18

The Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio have announced plans to create Flash-free versions of their websites for iPad users.

A Peek at an Interactive Magazine for the Apple iPad

New York Times – 2010-03-18

VIVmag , an all-digital lifestyle magazine which is currently available online , plans to launch an interactive iPad version of its content when the Apple device is released next month.

Magazine circulation may get iPad boost thanks to new rules

Montgomery Advertiser – 2010-03-17

NEW YORK -- Magazine publishers may have a new way to boost flagging circulation: the iPad.

iPad subscriptions may boost magazine circulation

MSNBC – 2010-03-16

Magazine publishers may have a new way to boost flagging circulation: the iPad. The Audit Bureau of Circulations said Tuesday that it has changed its definition of a digital magazine to accommodate...

Apple iPad: Open market for content rivals?

ZDNet – 2010-03-10

Apple's new iPad will contain it's own iBooks store for e-book and subscription content. How many hurdles will third parties face to sell their content? by Jason Perlow

iPad to go on sale in UK late April, but price still unknown

The Book Seller – 2010-03-08

The much anticipated Apple iPad will go on...

iPad to Hit Market April 3

Publishers Wekly – 2010-03-05

Apple announced this morning that the iPad will be available April...

My Turn: The iPad, Kindle, and Free Content

Newsweek – 2010-02-27

Fifteen years and two careers ago, I, like a lot of young, aspiring digirati, migrated to New York to be part of what was to become the dotcom revolution. I worked in the new-media division of a...

Is Apple Actually Pushing for the $10 iPad E-Book, After All?

Wired News – 2010-02-18

We've lamented the death of the $10 e-book, the victim of a showdown between Amazon and publishers emboldened by the advent of the iPad. But a New York report says Apple's iBook pricing scheme would...

ABC rushes to create iPad content

Sydney Morning Herald – 2010-02-18

THE ABC is leading the charge in the rush to get content onto new tablet devices and is talking to technology companies to have apps for the Apple iPad ready to go this year.

Apple's iPad could be game-changer in digital-media censorship

Washington Post – 2010-02-14

I live in a country (France) where censorship is a big deal. It comes mostly from greedy celebrities; they use a legal system that largely favors them. Often, they find a compassionate judge to rule...

The Media Equation: To Deliver, iPad Needs Media Deals

New York Times – 2010-02-01

The iPad is a device for consuming media, not creating it. So are the media providers ready to do business?

Atex CMS Supports iPad, Kindle

Editor And Publisher – 2010-01-29

Ates announced that its content management system supports publication to e-readers and tablet devices, including Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle. Media companies can utilize existing Atex system...

Apple Unveils the new iPad – the 21st Century Mac, iBook Reader, and Portable Playground

Publishers Newswire – 2010-01-28

COLUMN: Well, it’s finally here. I can stop holding my breath, crossing my toes, and praying to the mighty Mr. Jobs that we’ve finally have something like an iPod, only, er, bigger. It’s here,...

iPad Blurs Line Between Devices

New York Times – 2010-01-28

Apple is positioning its new tablet computer as something between a laptop and a smartphone.

Books on iPad Offer Publishers a Pricing Edge

New York Times – 2010-01-28

Newspapers had a mixed reaction to the tablet, but most of the largest book publishers have signed on to provide e-book content.

Orange steals march on UK deal for iPad

Times Online – 2010-01-28

Apple confirmed today that its latest device, the iPad, will be available to buy in the UK from March, sparking a race between mobile network operators to be first to provide the machine's mobile...

Apple reveals the iPad tablet after months of hype. Is it worth the wait?

Washington Post – 2010-01-28

SAN FRANCISCO -- For months, the same questions have been bouncing around the computing industry: What will the Apple tablet do ? Will it redefine the laptop? Can it reinvent the publishing...

Three Reasons Why the iPad WON'T Kill Amazon's Kindle

New York Times – 2010-01-28

The Kindle has met its most formidable competition yet in the Apple iPad, but there are reasons to believe Amazon's e-book business will continue to grow.

Apple Debuts $499 iPad; Launches iBooks Store

Publishers Wekly – 2010-01-27

Apple’s Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad, its much-anticipated multimedia mobile computing device, to the world and there’s much to talk about.

Apple Unveils $499 iPad; Random House Out of iBooks Store

Publishers Wekly – 2010-01-27

The iPad, Apple's new device features a 9.7 inch-wide screen; has 10 hours of battery life; and is half an inch thick. The cheapest model is $499, which gets you 16GB of memory with wi-fi, but...

iPad book publisher Inkling does its own free e-book platform

GigaOM – 2012-02-14

Almost a month after Apple introduced its own interactive e-book publishing platform, iBooks Author, iPad publishing startup Inkling is introducing its own version, called Inkling Habitat. It's a...

Future claims nearly 15,000 monthly sales for T3 iPad edition

Media Week – 2012-02-16

Future has published independently audited figures claiming 14,223 average monthly sales for the iPad edition of T3, separately to its magazine ABC figures due out today.

Apple asks Amazon not to sell iPad in China

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-02-17

(02-16) 12:38 PST NEW YORK, (AP) -- Apple has asked online retailer to stop selling the iPad in China, according to a published report. The Wall Street Journal said Thursday that Apple...

Vogue iPad app to go monthly in September

Media Week – 2012-02-22

Vogue's iPad app is to go monthly in September as part of a raft of digital developments, including a focus on mobile optimisation, at upscale magazine publisher Condé Nast.

Washington Post launches iPad politics magazine to cover 2012 election

Yahoo! News – 2012-02-28

Republican candidates continue to debate and blast each other as primaries wage all over the country in the run up to the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. And that’s only half the story of what’s...

Will Apple create the all-iPad classroom?

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-03-04

Apple’s foray into digital textbooks for the iPad could dazzle educators and corner a huge, lucrative K-12 book market. But an audacious pricing scheme, California’s budget-crunched...

Read Fast Company Magazine On Your iPad

Fast Company – 2012-03-07

Fast Company is now available to read on your iPad.Starting with the March 2012 issue, Fast Company is offering a digital version of each month's print issue on the iTunes App Store and Newsstand....

Apple's 'Resolutionary' iPad Means Catch-Up for Developers

AdWeek – 2012-03-08

Leave it to Apple to reach beyond the English language to describe its latest gadget. Hoping to play up the higher-resolution screen of its new iPad (which is called simply "the new iPad"...

Apple ups the resolution on iTunes U and iBooks 2 for new iPad

Engadget – 2012-03-08

Apple certainly had a lot of bases to cover at yesterday's new iPad unveiling, so some minor details were bound to slip through the cracks. While app suites like iLife and iWork got to bask in the...

Apple's new iPad shows up in Hong Kong, teases with sample photos and video clip

Engadget – 2012-03-14

Looks like Vietnam ain't the only place that got an early taste of the new iPad, which is due out this Friday around the world (unless you're super tight with your delivery man, of course). Hong Kong...

Future of Branson's iPad mag uncertain

Media Week – 2012-03-15

The future of Project magazine, the lifestyle iPad magazine published by Virgin Interactive Publishing (VIP), is in doubt after a winding-up petition against the company was issued by Seven...

Coming Soon to an iPad Near You: More Sesame Street Books

AllThingsD – 2012-03-15

Callaway Digital inks deal with Callaway Digital for three more titles, including The Great Cookie Thief later this summer.

Kindle 3.0 for iOS supports iPad Retina display

Betanews – 2012-03-16

The iPad has not really taken off as a platform for ebooks yet. Thus far the screen resolution has been high, but still no match for the various e-ink screens available on dedicated ereaders. All...

Kindle, Evernote, Vimeo and more get optimized for the iPad's Retina display

Engadget – 2012-03-16

As we saw the iPhone 4's release, a massive bump in screen resolution means that plenty of apps need to be updated to fully take advantage of all those extra pixels, and today has seen a few big name...

New iPad's Perk for Publishers

AdWeek – 2012-03-20

The new high-res iPad would, like so many things from Apple, seem a mixed bag for publishers. Its richer visuals raise concerns that consumers already frustrated by long download times for digital...

AOL Prepping New Weekly iPad Magazine Called 'Huffington'

Editor & Publisher – 2012-03-20

At a conference in London today, David Shing, AOL’s “digital prophet” (actually his title), expressed a strong view on the superiority of websites over app-based...

New iPad giving users a warm feeling — and not in a good way

Los Angeles Times – 2012-03-21

Consumer Reports finds the device can reach 116 degrees. The magazine's test comes after user complaints. An Apple spokeswoman says the new iPad operates 'well within our thermal...

Will the Kindle Fire Be an iPad Killer?

AdWeek – 2012-03-22

When Amazon released the Kindle Fire last November, it was heralded as the first tablet with a shot at loosening Apple’s stronghold on the market. But with Apple still dominating the tablet...

Monster Flip for iPhone and iPad Hard to Put Down

PC World – 2012-03-24

Published by PikPok, Monster Flip features a grid made up of four different species of cube-shaped monsters.

Why do magazines look so bad on the new iPad?

CNN – 2012-03-26

As with any high-profile product release, Apple's new iPad device has been peppered with complaints since reaching consumers' hands on March 16. Among them: that magazines look terrible on the iPad...

New iPad Is Messing Up Magazines

AdWeek – 2012-03-26

Despite its many bells and whistles, Apple’s new iPad 3 has been the subject of complaints since the device’s March 16th release date. Most recently, Mashable noted that magazines have...

What To Read On Your New iPad: Fast Company's Retina-Optimized Mark Zuckerberg Cover Story!

Fast Company – 2012-03-27

The April 2012 issue of Fast Company is now available on the iTunes Store, and it's optimized for reading on the new iPad. The image below shows how much sharper the type looks when viewed on...

iPad Users Are Spending $70,000 A Day On iPad Newspapers And Magazines

Editor & Publisher – 2012-03-28

Maybe the iPad is going to save the media business after all. According to a new report from analytics company Distimo, iPad users are spending $70,000 a day in the newsstand, which is where Apple...

All-you-can-read tablet mags…unless you have iPad or Kindle Fire

GigaOM – 2012-04-04

Magazine joint venture Next Issue Media goes live with its long-delayed digital newsstand. Users will be able to read popular magazines for a flat fee -- if they have a tablet running Android 3.0 or...

Stuff magazine launches monthly iPad edition

Media Week – 2012-04-11

Stuff, the gadget magazine, has launched a monthly iPad edition, the first fully interactive magazine to come from Haymarket Media Group.

Check out Punch, the Mad mag for the iPad people

GigaOM – 2012-04-12

Punch is an iPad-only satire magazine that combines pop culture references and popular Internet memes with interactive game play. The New York-based start-up launched its app, and well let's just...

The Satiric iPad App Punch Wants You To Laugh, Play, Pay

Fast Company – 2012-04-17

Despite a cheeky promotional claim that profitability is "not something we think about," Punch has a grand vision of becoming a lucrative tablet publishing platform. But first, a quiz: hedge fund or...

Encyclopedia Britannica launches iPhone, iPad app

Hindustan Times – 2012-04-18

Just a month after Encyclopedia Britannica stopped publishing its print edition, Britannica’s publishers have now announced the launch of ...

Will the Nook Become the Windows 8 iPad Killer?

The Atlantic Wire – 2012-04-30

With Microsoft putting $300,000,000 into Barnes and Noble's Nook business, the Windows 8 maker just bought itself something that could come in handy with that whole iPad killer strategy it's...

Inkling launches Frommer’s travel guides for iPhone and iPad

GigaOM – 2012-05-01

Inkling, which started out as an iPad textbook publisher and recently launched an interactive e-book publishing platform called Habitat, is moving further into the consumer realm with a new series of...

Greater Media’s ‘iPad Project’ Improves Ad Sales and Production

Editor & Publisher – 2012-05-07

As publishers search for solutions to save on resources, the Greater Media Newspaper group, based in central New Jersey, has found an answer right in its own office. Known as the “iPad...

Brazil’s 'O Globo' Sees Engagement Skyrocket With a Magazine-like iPad App

Editor & Publisher – 2012-05-09

A surprising thing happened when Brazilian newspaper O Globo launched O Globo a Mais, a new weekday evening edition designed for its iPad app in February. The amount of time that people spent using...

Haymarket Network relaunches Jaguar Magazine iPad app

Media Week – 2012-05-11

Haymarket Network, the customer division of Haymarket Media Group, has launched a new version of the iPad app for Jaguar Magazine, featuring more exclusive images, information and video about the car...

Media360: The Week's commercial leader talks about adapting to the iPad

Media Week – 2012-05-22

It's been six months since Dennis Publishing launched an iPad version of its newsweekly, The Week, and the publisher's head of advertising, David Weeks, shares the challenges and learnings so far.

Future plans new launch as iPad sales hit £3m

Media Week – 2012-05-22

Future Publishing is planning to launch a print magazine to follow up its craft title Mollie Makes, while its iPad sales have now passed the £3m mark, according to chief executive Mark Wood.

Future plc iPad App Sales Hit $5 Million Since Newsstand Debut

Folio Magazine – 2012-05-24

In its interim statement for its fiscal half-year ending March 2012, enthusiast publisher Future plc is reporting a quickly growing digital operation.

Yahoo Shuttering Livestand iPad App

AdWeek – 2012-05-26

With bikini season approaching, Yahoo’s all about trimming the fat. Last month the company announced that it would lay off 2,000 employees as part of then-CEO Scott Thompson’s plan to...

Empire launches iPad edition in U.S.

Media Week – 2012-05-31

Empire, the Bauer Media-owned film magazine, is entering the US market with the launch of an iPad edition of the title, to tap into the 500,000 monthly unique users that visit the Empire website in...

The iPad of Babel

Slate – 2012-06-01

When is a book no longer a book?  I wasn’t expecting to have my mind blown by the iPad app of the children’s story Another Monster at the End of This Book. The tale, of course, is about...

10 reasons to check out Funny Or Die’s iPad magazine

GigaOM – 2012-06-10

Funny Or Die has never been afraid of diversifying, leading to a history filled with successes and less-than-successes. It's early to say what category The Occasional, the company's new experiment in...

AOL doubles down on Web-to-magazine model with launch of ‘Huffington’ for iPad

Poynter. – 2012-06-14

New York Times | Mashable | Capital New York This free preview issue of Huffington magazine will come out Thursday. The Huffington Post launches an iPad magazine on… Read more

ABC News Applies Two Years of Use to New iPad Strategy

Editor & Publisher – 2012-06-15

The distinctive three-dimensional globe is giving way to a new three-edition iPad app strategy for ABC News. The new version, going live as this is published, relies not on ideas about what iPad...

Would you believe Android tablet adoption is even with iPad?

Betanews – 2012-06-19

I surely don't. Perhaps even I am too influenced by all the pro-Apple propaganda. But the figures come from a reasonably reliable source, Online Publishers Association, which puts US iPad adoption at...

Microsoft Surface: first serious iPad competitor?

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-06-19

The new Microsoft Surface has the capability of a PC and a full multi-touch keyboard.

How The Telegraph Monetized its iPad App

Editor & Publisher – 2012-06-20

With a fractured landscape, from both a content and device perspective, publishers grapple daily with finding the best ways to reach and maintain their readers. In the mobile world, the introduction...

Flipboard, the popular iPad and iPhone app, has gone Android

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-06-22

The company released versions of its app for Android smartphones and 7-inch tablets, including Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet, on Thursday. The app presents updates from...

Reading Rainbow returns in app form on iPad

CBC – 2012-06-23

How do you get kids excited about reading in 2012? It turns out there's an app for that, but you don't have to take our word for it.

Brian Cox iPad book-app sold 20k copies in its first three days

Guardian – 2012-06-27

HarperCollins reveals stats and says £4.99 price point paid off for Wonders of the Universe appPublic sales figures are notoriously hard to come by in the book-apps world, but HarperCollins has...

Australian Daily Herald Sun Launches Hybrid iPad App, Created With WoodWing

Editor & Publisher – 2012-07-06

The Herald Sun, Australia´s favorite daily newspaper – read by 1.3 million Victorians every weekday – has selected WoodWing´s multi-channel...

Web discovery engine Trapit launches iPad app — but it’s not another Flipboard

GigaOM – 2012-07-19

Trapit, an AI-based discovery engine for Web content from the group behind Siri, is releasing its iPad app Thursday after launching a Web version last November. Trapit wants to compete against news...

Touch Press passes 500k book-app sales milestone on iPhone and iPad

Guardian – 2012-07-20

London-based publisher hopes sharing features will spark more success with new app The Sonnets by William ShakespeareUK-based publisher Touch Press has sold more than half a million copies of its iOS...

Dress Up Your Kindle Fire or iPad as a Vintage Book With These Covers

PC World – 2012-07-20

These cases let you make your Kindle Fire or iPad look like a vintage copy of Moby Dick or The Great Gatsby.

Shakespeare’s sonnets on an iPad – 2012-07-24

Touch Press has released a magnificent new app based on the poems

Apple iPad sales up 84% in third quarter

The Bookseller – 2012-07-25

Unit sales of the iPad rose 84% year-on-year in the third quarter ending 30th June 2012, to a...

HuffPo, The Daily and the flawed iPad content model

GigaOM – 2012-08-03

The Huffington Post has dropped the price of its iPad magazine to zero, and News Corp.'s The Daily has chopped almost a third of its staff -- more evidence that the dream many publishers had about...

Huffington iPad mag stops charging, renewing concern about readers’ willingness to pay

Poynter. – 2012-08-03

Capital New York | GigaOM The Huffington Post’s new weekly iPad magazine — originally priced at 99 cents / $1.99 a month / $19.99 a year — is dropping its price to zero after...

Switched-on iPad infants put to the test

Stuff – 2012-08-10

A toddler sits with a magazine in front of her, sliding her fingers across the pages then waiting expectantly for them to transform at her touch. It is clear from the video that she believes the...

The 3 best iPad comic book readers

GigaOM – 2012-08-11

There are a lot of comic book readers out there. Here are the best tablet apps I've found for reading them, both commercial readers (apps that let you buy comics as well as read them), and an app...

Can Kobo compete with iPad and Kindle?

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-09-07

Kobo is launching a new tablet and e-reader in an attempt to wrest the market away from Amazon and Apple, both of which will probably release new tablets soon.

Bloomberg Aims to Drive Readership with New iPad App

Editor & Publisher – 2012-09-13

Bloomberg has rolled out a new magazine iPad application that offers readers exclusive content, including video and interactive graphics. The Bloomberg Markets+ iPad app brings the...

Magazine Publishers & The iPad: An Unrequited Love

Folio Magazine – 2012-09-19

Apple hasn’t promoted the tablet computer in MPA member magazines since summer 2011.

Fortune Relaunches iPad App With Free, Paid Content Mix

Folio Magazine – 2012-09-27

In an effort to gain subscribers, Fortune has relaunched its iPad app with a mix of free and paid content.

Tough luck, iPad, Android owners read tablet publications more often

Betanews – 2012-10-18

More Americans are discovering what I did, after buying the original iPad more than two years ago: Reading ebooks, magazines and newspapers on a tablet is an immersive experience and often much more...

Apple announces iPad Mini

The Bookseller – 2012-10-24

Apple has lived up to expectations by announcing a new iPad Mini this evening (23rd October), to...

Apple Unveils 4th Generation iPad and iPad Mini

Publishing Perspectives – 2012-10-24

Apple unveiled today the 7" iPad Mini and a new, 4th generation iPad. The Mini will start at $329 and is aimed at book readers. iBooks has also been updated.

Path targets its family audience with new iPad app and landscape mode

GigaOM – 2012-11-01

Path is finally expanding to the iPad, America's most popular tablet and a natural place for Path's family-oriented users to head next. In landscape mode, the iPad app allows users to see popular...

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