Time breastfeeding cover inspires the %E2%80%98conversation%E2%80%99 newsweeklies want

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Time shocks readers with breastfeeding image

Media Week – 2012-05-11

Time magazine is pulling no punches with its unsettling cover of a 26-year old mother, Jamie Lynne Grumet, breastfeeding her almost four year old son this week.

Time breastfeeding cover inspires the ‘conversation’ newsweeklies want

Poynter. – 2012-05-12

New York Post | “Today” | The Washington Post Time magazine’s cover image this week features a woman named Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her son, who stands on a...

Time magazine breastfeeding cover: A shocking 'stroke of genius'

Los Angeles Times – 2012-05-11

Time magazine's breastfeeding cover story asks: "Are You Mom Enough?" But it might as well ask: "Who Says Print Is Dead?"

‘Saturday Night Live’ features Time magazine’s breastfeeding cover

Poynter. – 2012-05-14

Saturday Night Live “Saturday Night Live”‘s “Weekend Update” with Seth Meyers featured a segment on Time magazine’s controversial breastfeeding...

#FreeTheNipple campaign leads to breastfeeding nipple-shot ban reversal by Facebook

Betanews – 2014-06-15

Facebook comes under fire for all manner of things -- it's just part and parcel of being a social network. When users are not up in arms at the site's privacy policies, they are found voicing their...

'Capturing that multifaceted woman': Olivia Wilde's breastfeeding photo shoot

CBC – 2014-08-06

American actor and model Olivia Wilde shares an intimate moment with her son in a magazine spread during World Breastfeeding Week 2014.

What TIME Magazine's Breastfeeding Mom Really Thought About That Cover

The Huffington Post – 2015-01-17

TIME Magazine's May 2012 cover sparked heated debates for featuring a photo of a mother breastfeeding her 3-year-old son with the headline "Are You Mom Enough?" accompanying it. That mother was...

Breastfeeding Gets A Seussian Twist With 'The Places You'll Feed!'

The Huffington Post – 2015-08-04

Lauren Hirshfield Belden, mom of two, has written a book that combines the two aspects of parenthood that some parents know very well -- breastfeeding and Dr. Seuss. Belden's book The Places...

Mom's Photo Series Showcases The Messy Reality Of Breastfeeding

The Huffington Post – 2015-11-14

Australian artist and photographer Suzie Blake is accustomed to seeing images of women breastfeeding, but she has trouble relating to the glossy photos of models and actresses nursing on...

Too many mothers stop breastfeeding too soon, and task force says doctors should change that

Los Angeles Times – 2016-10-26

Too many mothers stop breastfeeding their babies too soon, and a panel of experts says doctors, nurses and other health professionals should do more to change that. In light of the “convincing...

Australia Cheers Magazine Cover Depicting Breastfeeding Mom Sophie Cachia

AdWeek – 2017-04-22

When the name of the publication is Mother & Baby, this sort of cover should logically be the rule rather than the exception. But it isn't, quite yet. The mom, Sophie Cachia, is well-known Down...

This Woman Had the Best Response to a Man Who Told Her to "Cover Up" While Breastfeeding

Yahoo! News – 2017-04-27

She knew her rights and refused to back down.

Inspiring breastfeeding photoshoot turns the tables on rude comments

Yahoo! News – 2017-08-02

Controversy surrounding breastfeeding is nothing new, but one awesome photographer continues to try and end the stigma.  Tennessee photographer, Nicki Kaylor, came up with a creative way to help...

The Case For Rethinking Breastfeeding Goals

Yahoo! News – 2017-12-18

Before she had her first baby two years ago, Stephanie, 36, was hellbent on following the breastfeeding guidelines prescribed by major public health organizations to the letter: Her son would get...

Kerala magazine challenges India's breastfeeding taboo

The Guardian – 2018-03-01

Hostility towards women nursing babies in public highlighted by publishers in progressive stateA south Indian magazine has drawn both outrage and praise for the cover of its latest edition, which...

Was a breastfeeding infant really taken from an immigrant mother? The answer to this and other questions about families separated at the border

Los Angeles Times – 2018-06-17

The Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy is separating families caught trying to enter the country illegally. Here's what you need to know about the issue.

Separating Breastfeeding Babies From Moms Could Affect ‘Health For A Lifetime': Doctors

Yahoo! News – 2018-06-23

An international group of physicians condemned the Trump administration on

The U.S. bullied the world to stop a pro-breastfeeding resolution? That's the American way

Los Angeles Times – 2018-07-09

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce last week denounced the Trump administration for imposing tariffs that may result in retaliation and an economy-wide trade war. But they haven’t said much about its...

Hundreds of Mothers Attended a Mass Breastfeeding Event in the Philippines

Yahoo! News – 2018-08-06

The annual event is part of a government-backed campaign to combat child deaths

​Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Biggest Struggle With Breastfeeding​

Yahoo! News – 2018-11-21

Khloe Kardashian recently opened up about a problem so many mothers can relate

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