Time Inc. Finds Future In Digital Ad Executive

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Research for local publishers finds their sites best for advertisers

The Guardian – 2015-10-14

Study discovers online ads on regional paper sites are more effective than those on national paper sites...Now here’s a fillip for the publishers of local and regional newspaper websites (and a...

Court finds Google is not breaking the law by scanning books

Betanews – 2015-10-17

Google's digital copies of millions of books from around the world has long been controversial. Copyright holders argue that in scanning their works, Google is breaking the law. This has been the...

Study finds plastic debris and man-made fibers in fish sold in markets

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-17

Scientists have long suspected that plastic trash eaten by fish, crabs, bivalves and other marine species may be spreading through the food web. Now, researchers from UC Davis and Hasanuddin...

Don't blame your phone for a poor sleep schedule, study finds

Engadget – 2015-10-17

You've probably read an article or two about the negative effects of staring at a screen before going to bed (hell, you've probably read one of them while in bed). But, a study recently...

ExitFares.com finds great deals on flight prices

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-18

Name: ExitFares.com What it does: This website monitors social media, message boards, newsletters and more in the travel industry to find inexpensive routes and flight sales. What's hot: ExitFares...

Disputed NASA Study Finds 99.9 Percent Chance LA Will Soon Face Major Earthquake

The Huffington Post – 2015-10-22

Are you ready for the big one, Southern California? According to a new study from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, there's a 99.9 percent chance the Los Angeles area will experience an...

USC's Adoree' Jackson finds the end zone on interception

Los Angeles Times – 2015-11-01

USC cornerback Adoree' Jackson turned his first career interception into a touchdown Saturday in the Trojans' 27-21 victory over California at Memorial Stadium. Jackson, a sophomore, picked off a...

Harvard Study Finds Oakland's Asian Airbnb Hosts Earn Less Than White Hosts

Fast Company – 2015-11-09

A new study finds that Asian Airbnb hosts in the East Bay area earn, on average, 20% less than their white counterparts.A new study (PDF) conducted by a group of Harvard students suggests that Asian...

Inaugural IPG report finds resilience and optimism

The Bookseller – 2015-11-13

The UK independent publishing industry is strong and flourishing, according to the Independent Publishers Guild’s first Independent Publishing Report.

An Upstate Press Finds a Potential Local Hit in France

Publishers Weekly – 2015-11-13

Open Letter press is well known in the publishing world for its literature in translation program. It's less known in its hometown of Rochester, though the press's new French novel might change that.

In debate after Paris attack, Hillary Clinton finds foreign policy a strength

Los Angeles Times – 2015-11-15

An unsettling yet telling split-screen changed the view of the presidential campaign Saturday night: three Democratic candidates who had come to Iowa to talk about domestic issues found their debate...

Income inequality makes the rich more Scrooge-like, study finds

Los Angeles Times – 2015-11-24

As the annual "season of giving" dawns, a new study finds that stark income inequity -- a dramatically rising trend in the United States -- makes the "haves" less generous toward others....

'Empire' recap: Jamal gets frisky (with a woman) while Cookie finds sister, loses boyfriend

Los Angeles Times – 2015-11-26

As we prepare for next week's season finale, the world of "Empire" is spinning in every direction possible. This week, in the episode "A Man Sinned Against," we begin with Cookie -- or "Loretha," as...

New Study Finds Low Levels of Digital Library Borrowing

Publishers Weekly – 2015-11-27

Only 25% of library patrons borrowed an e-book in the past year, according to the latest BISG survey.

Mashable finds early success as tech vendor

Digiday – 2015-12-04

Publishers enamored by their tech have glommed onto the idea of selling it to other companies, with mixed results. Mashable is no exception. With its real-time virality-prediction technology,...

Airbnb Hosts Discriminate Against Black Renters, Study Finds

Fast Company – 2015-12-11

Airbnb hosts were less inclined to book renters with stereotypically African-American names, Harvard Business School researchers found.A new study from Harvard Business School finds that Airbnb hosts...

'Full House' actress Candace Cameron Bure finds a spot in Malibu

Los Angeles Times – 2015-12-15

Actress Candace Cameron Bure of “Full House” fame and her husband, retired professional hockey player Valeri Bure, have bought a house in Malibu for $2.355 million. The split-level Midcentury...

Illegal weapons available on Amazon, investigation finds

The Bookseller – 2015-12-17

A Guardian investigation has revealed Amazon is selling illegal weapons on its website, including stun guns, pepper spray pistols and knuckledusters.

Polls may actually underestimate Trump's support, study finds

Los Angeles Times – 2015-12-22

Donald Trump leads the GOP presidential field in polls of Republican voters nationally and in most early-voting states, but some surveys may actually be understating his support, a new study...

On the moon, China's Chang'e 3 Yutu rover finds a new type of basaltic rock

Los Angeles Times – 2015-12-23

Sometimes fresh interplanetary discoveries can be made right next door. China’s Chang’e 3 rover has found evidence of a new type of basaltic rock in one of the dark basins on the moon. The...

A lack of high-speed Internet can slow down a job search, Pew survey finds

Los Angeles Times – 2015-12-29

A lack of high-speed Internet access at home can significantly hinder the search for a job in a labor market in which online resources are becoming more important, according to the Pew Research...

Poll finds support for religious rights for Christians, but what about Muslims?

Los Angeles Times – 2015-12-31

Americans place a higher priority on preserving the religious freedom of Christians than for other faith groups, ranking Muslims as the least deserving of the protections, according to a new survey....

(VIDEO) Conde Nast Finds A Fit For Films Beyond The Page

The Huffington Post – 2016-01-08

LAS VEGAS -- Can a magazine make a movie? That's what is happening at Conde Nast, the periodical publisher more used to turning pages than rolling film. But, in the multi-media digital era, all...

Popular history writing remains a male preserve, publishing study finds

The Guardian – 2016-01-11

Slate survey of US titles published last year shows overwhelming bias towards male historians and subjects – with a similar picture emerging in the UKAmerican popular history is a “male...

TSA finds 20% more guns in carry-on bags in 2015, and most are loaded

Los Angeles Times – 2016-01-21

Airport security screeners in the U.S. found a record high number of firearms in carry-on bags last year, and most of them were loaded, officials said. The Transportation Security Administration...

Napa estate of late comedian Robin Williams finds a buyer

Los Angeles Times – 2016-01-26

The Napa estate of late actor and comedian Robin Williams has sold, the Los Angeles Times has confirmed. The 640-acre property, called Villa Sorriso for “villa of smiles” originally came to...

Winter Institute 11: Report Finds $1 Billion Tax Gap Caused by Amazon

Publishers Weekly – 2016-01-25

The American Booksellers Association and Civic Economics released a report on the devastating impact of online retailing on American communities in terms of lost state and local tax revenues.

Carnivorous dinosaurs evolved for speed, U of A researcher finds

CBC – 2016-01-28

A new study published out of the University of Alberta has found that carnivorous dinosaurs evolved to become faster and faster over time — and the proof is in the leg length.

Fox's 'The Passion' finds its savior in Jencarlos Canela

Los Angeles Times – 2016-01-29

Fox announced Thursday that it has found its own personal Jesus, casting Jencarlos Canela as Jesus Christ in the upcoming two-hour musical event “The Passion.” Written by Peter Barsocchini...

Publishing industry is overwhelmingly white and female, US study finds

The Guardian – 2016-01-27

Survey of workforce at 34 book publishers and eight review journals in US reveals 79% of staff are white and 78% female – with UK numbers still unmonitoredMan Booker winner Marlon James: ‘Writers...

City of Industry paid millions to contractors but didn't track how it was spent, audit finds

Los Angeles Times – 2016-01-29

The City of Industry paid tens of millions of dollars to city contractors without keeping track of how the money was spent and what services were provided, according to a state review released...

Minnesota Twins infielder Trevor Plouffe finds a home in Hidden Hills

Los Angeles Times – 2016-01-30

Local baseball product and Minnesota Twins infielder Trevor Plouffe has bought a house in the Hidden Hills area for $2.45 million. Trimmed in white and brick siding, the updated ranch-style house...

Ebook sales falling for the first time, finds new report

The Guardian – 2016-02-03

Research by the Bookseller shows that sales for the ‘big five’ UK publishers dropped in 2015Ebook sales for the UK’s five biggest publishers fell in 2015, according to a new report in the...

Quick Reads report finds 27% fear reading will become 'forgotten pleasure'

The Bookseller – 2016-02-05

Around 27% of people fear reading could become a “forgotten pleasure” according to new research commissioned to mark the 10th anniversary of Galaxy Quick Reads.

Julian Assange is in arbitrary detention, UN panel finds

The Guardian – 2016-02-04

WikiLeaks chief, who is avoiding extradition by living in Ecuadorian embassy, has won UN backingA United Nations panel has decided that Julian Assange’s three-and-a-half years in the Ecuadorian...

Julian Assange is being 'arbitrarily detained' UN panel finds – live updates

The Guardian – 2016-02-05

WikiLeaks founder’s plight amounts to ‘deprivation of liberty’Assange demands UK and Sweden lift arrest threat UN panel insists its findings are ‘legally binding’ 8.54am GMT Free speech...

Jeb Bush finally finds his message: He's the anti-Trump

Los Angeles Times – 2016-02-10

A funny thing happened on the way to Jeb Bush's long-expected disappearance from the Republican presidential contest: He became a better — and more interesting — candidate. Improbably, he has...

Survey finds 76% of children prefer print books

The Bookseller – 2016-02-12

Children prefer print books to e-books for both reading for pleasure and reading for education, a study by reading charity BookTrust has found.

Study finds 'inclusion crisis' at Hollywood studios

Los Angeles Times – 2016-02-23

A sweeping new report on the lack of diversity in Hollywood has turned up the heat on the major film and TV studios, providing further ammunition for critics who say the industry does not reflect...

Rob Bell Finds New Ministry in Self-Help

Publishers Weekly – 2016-02-24

Bell, the once-embattled lead pastor of Mars Hill Church, is drawing on his own experiences with risk, failure, and integrity in a guide to ‘How to Be Here Now.’

More than a third of people shot by L.A. police last year were mentally ill, LAPD report finds

Los Angeles Times – 2016-03-02

More than a third of the people shot by Los Angeles police last year had documented signs of mental illness, nearly triple the number from the year before, according to a lengthy review by LAPD...

Admiral is removed after investigation finds he watched hours of porn on work computer

Los Angeles Times – 2016-03-12

A Navy admiral aboard a San Diego ship to oversee major training exercises last year spent hours watching online pornography on his government computer, an investigation released this week found....

Marketers Still Eager to Increase Spending on Facebook and Google, Study Finds

Advertising Age – 2016-03-17

A record 57% of marketers and agencies are allocating 20% or more of budgets to digital advertising, including 23% who earmark more than half of their spending for digital, according to the most...

Serena Williams finds her way back to final at Indian Wells

Los Angeles Times – 2016-03-19

Fifteen years after she left Indian Wells with boos ringing in her ears and the belief she was unwelcome, Serena Williams is back in the final of the BNP Paribas Open. Williams shunned the event...

State has funds to build first segment of bullet train, legislative analyst finds

Los Angeles Times – 2016-03-19

The state has enough money to build an initial operating segment of the bullet train from San Jose to the Central Valley but faces major uncertainties about funding for the entire 500-mile system and...

'The Family's' Joan Allen finds freedom in simplicity

Los Angeles Times – 2016-03-20

Joan Allen still lives in the same one-bedroom Upper West Side apartment she moved into in 1983, shortly after arriving in New York from Chicago, but her career has been anything but static. She's a...

Bloomberg finds a new outlet for video-licensing deal: airlines

Digiday – 2016-03-21

Bloomberg is arriving on Delta Studio, the airline’s in-flight streaming platform. Up to 10 episodes of three series, including one, Delta-only version of “With All Due Respect,” will be...

Former Los Angeles Kings enforcer Kevin Westgarth finds his way into executive suite

Los Angeles Times – 2016-03-22

Former Kings enforcer Kevin Westgarth — who hung up his skates after playing last season in Belfast, Northern Ireland — is still adjusting to his new role as the NHL's vice president of business...

Bookstore Finds Novel Use For All Its ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ Copies

The Huffington Post – 2016-03-25

One series has dominated a secondhand bookstore’s inventory. Goldstone Books, an online charity bookstore in Wales, has received so many copies of E.L James's Fifty Shades of Grey that the...

BBC investigation finds 8,000 library jobs lost in six years

The Bookseller – 2016-03-30

Widespread library closures across the UK have resulted in the loss of almost 8,000 jobs in the last six years, according to a report by the BBC.

Jury finds ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner guilty of harassment, but awards no damages

Los Angeles Times – 2016-03-31

After deliberating for a little more than two hours, a San Diego jury said Wednesday that former Mayor Bob Filner had harassed a longtime city parks employee because of her gender, but found the...

Center Chris Wagner finds his way back to the Ducks after two side trips to the waiver wire

Los Angeles Times – 2016-04-03

From two stints in limbo to stability. From the Colorado winter back to Southern California in the spring. Chris Wagner has come full circle in time to help the Ducks. Five weeks ago, Wagner was at...

A disproportionate share of blacks and Latinos lose their driver's licenses because of unpaid tickets, study finds

Los Angeles Times – 2016-04-11

African Americans and Latinos in California are more likely than others to lose their driver's licenses because of unpaid tickets and then to be arrested for driving with suspended licenses,...

Baker & Taylor Finds A Home at Follett

Publishers Weekly – 2016-04-22

Follett Corp.’s acquisition of Baker & Taylor marks the end of B&T’s 188-year run as a standalone company.

Barnes and Noble Founder Len Riggio Finds the Time to Retire

Publishers Weekly – 2016-04-29

The retiring B&N chairman reflects on his years in the bookselling business, and the big changes that have reshaped the chain in the past decade.

Atria Finds a Scandinavian Star

Publishers Weekly – 2016-05-06

After the success of Fredrik Backman’s 'A Man Called Ove,' which was released in English in July 2014 and hit bestseller lists earlier this year, Atria has two follow-ups from the Swedish author.

The biblical 'Last Days in the Desert' finds Ewan McGregor playing both sinner and saint

Los Angeles Times – 2016-05-13

In the human space between a meditation completed and a ministry begun lies writer/director Rodrigo Garcia’s hushed, speculative parable “Last Days in the Desert,” in which Jesus (Ewan...

Uber and Lyft have built loyal following, survey finds

Los Angeles Times – 2016-05-19

Americans who use ride-hailing apps believe the services are a positive force in the economy, and they should not be regulated like traditional taxis, according to a survey conducted by an...

Press privacy finds its last redoubt on their lordships’ island of injunctions

The Guardian – 2016-05-22

The ruling in the supreme court makes a mockery of the law. But it’s also odd to see pro-Brexit papers asking for another country’s privacy law to prevailThere’s a huge irony to all the press...

Low-sodium diets not always worth their salt, Canadian study finds

CBC – 2016-05-23

Contrary to popular thought, maintaining a low-sodium diet may not be beneficial to one's health. According to a recently published study, cutting down your daily salt intake could actually be...

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