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Great sales for Dickens after TV boost

The Bookseller – 2012-01-12

Sales of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations have rocketed thanks to the BBC's lavish...

6 books for great bosses to give or get as holiday gifts

Poynter. – 2011-12-20

Leaders are continuous learners, always looking to explore fresh ideas. That’s why I’m often asked to recommend good books for bosses. Sometimes I suggest what I’d call “classics,” which I’ve...

The book is great technology, but it’s not good for everything

GigaOM – 2011-11-11

Printed books may have been groundbreaking technology 500 years ago, and they still have plenty of value as an information-distribution platform — but they are no longer good for every purpose, Matt...

‘The Great Big Book of Horrible Things,’ by Matthew White

The New York Times – 2011-11-08

Matthew White, a self-described “atrocitologist,” at the African Burial Ground National Monument in Lower Manhattan.

QOTD: Likes Are Great. Money Is Better -- Why Kickstarter Works.

AllThingsD – 2011-08-05

Apparently a whole lot of people like something so much they’re not even willing to give it a dollar. Australian designer Lewis Winter, bemoaning the limited effort many social media users expend to...

When bad people write great books – 2011-06-07

A reader, prompted by last week's commentary on whether great books can make you a better person, wrote in to ask a related question. Her favorite author is Charles Dickens; his books have been...

Does reading great books make you a better person? – 2011-06-01

Seeing a favorite critic expound at length on a favorite author is an undersung form of literary pleasure -- as close as you can get to reading two great writers at the same time. William...

Penguin to release £30 Jamie's Great Britain in September

The Bookseller – 2011-05-25

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Wed, 25/05/2011 - 09:55 A new Jamie Oliver title, Jamie's Great Britain, will be coming from Michael Joseph this September, containing more than 100...

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize: This year's shortlist spans a world of great writing

The Independent – 2011-04-15

It took some hard pounding and tough talking, but we got there in the end. The six novels featured on this page make up the shortlist for the 2011 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. They will compete...

Worth A Look: Tyler Cowen's 'The Great Stagnation'

The Washington Post – 2011-02-13

At $4 and the length of two New Yorker articles, Tyler Cowen's 15,000-word ebook " The Great Stagnation " is well worth the time and money.

The Media Equation: The Great Mashup of 2011

The New York Times – 2011-01-03

As the media landscape continues to change, a look at some of the developments that will make news in the coming year.

SPIN Magazine Celebrates 25 Years With 5 Great Concerts, Tonight: The National

Yahoo – 2010-07-29

SPIN Magazine, born in 1985 to Bob Guccione Jr. as an alternative to Rolling Stone, is celebrating their quarter century with five nights of concerts in New York - and they're streaming them live...

The iPad is Great But Remember—It’s Apple’s Way or the Highway

Folio Mag – 2010-07-22

'Rapture Ready!': A Great Pop-Culture Book Comes Out In Paperback

NPR – 2010-03-24

Linda Holmes, NPR culture blogger, says the book "is not only the smartest exploration of Christian pop culture that I've ever come across; it's one of the wisest explorations of American pop...

Cracks in Great Chinese Firewall, even without Google

Reuters – 2010-03-23

BEIJING (Reuters) - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are out, but in China's vast and bewildering online universe you can freely read the New York Times or visit a favorite porn site.

Trapping content on the iPad won't work, even if it's pretty - Wired's latest iPad demo looks great, but the app doesn ...

O'Reilly Media – 2010-03-19

Wired is leading the magazine-to-iPad charge with a great looking app, but it's also reverting to some back lock-in habits. Instead of trapping content and readers within a space -- a true exercise...

Gin Phillips and David Sheff Win B&N Discover Great New Writers Awards

Publishers Wekly – 2009-03-04

Barnes & Noble announced this afternoon the winners of its 16th Discover Great New Writers Awards: The Well and the Mine, a debut novel by Gin Phillips (Hawthorne Books & Literary Arts), and...

Great American Bargain Book Show Travels to Boston

Publishers Wekly – 2009-01-23

GABBS is leaving its traditional home in Atlanta to relocate to Boston where the remainder fair will be held August 21-22.

Terrible Jobs For Ex-Magaziners [The Great Magazine Die-off]

Gawker – 2008-11-17

Ad Age ran the numbers and found magazines eliminated 3,200 jobs between June and the end of September. And that was before the Great Magazine Die-Off! Here's what to do before your severance...

Great Lakes, Great Reads Promo Launched

Publishers Wekly – 2008-10-13

The Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association is launching a regional title promotion program, calling it “Great Lakes, Great Reads.”

Emma Brockes talks to Barbara Ehrenreich about her new book, Barack Obama and the great wealth divide

Guardian Unlimited – 2008-07-21

Emma Brockes talks to Barbara Ehrenreich about her new book, Barack Obama and the great wealth divide

Book Review: Beyond the Great Wall

International Herald Tribune – 2008-07-11

The book's voyage through "the Other China" opens up vast worlds of other Chinas scarcely known to cooks and food lovers.

Nigeria: TV Digitalisation - Three Men in Search of Great Content – 2008-07-09

AS the country sets the 2012 target for all TV stations in Nigeria to go digital and conform with the rest of the world, three men reacted separately in Los Angeles penultimate week all looking for...

Nigeria: 'I Love Adventures, Read Great Books By Great Writers'

allAfrica – 2012-02-13

[Leadership] Nurudeen Rafindadi, is the Chief Executive Officer of Afri Project Consortium, a multi disciplinary consulting firm and national President of...

Zimbabwe: Homage to a Great Poet

allAfrica – 2012-02-13

[Financial Gazette] THE Embassy of Spain yesterday hosted an event to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of one of Zimbabwe's great poets, Julius...

“The Winter Palace,” a novel about Catherine the Great, by Eva Stachniak

The Washington Post – 2012-02-18

THE WINTER PALACE By Eva Stachniak Bantam. 444 pp. $26 Catherine the Great, the much-mythologized empress of 18th-century Russia, has long been a popular subject for biographers, starring most...

The private lives of great writers – 2012-03-08

Just how relevant is an author's private life to our appreciation or understanding of his or her work? Many would argue that we should disregard it entirely. Others (myself included) might point out...

“The Complete Poems of Philip Larkin”: The sum of a great poet’s work – 2012-04-07

A new collection of Philip Larkin's poems assembles nearly every verse he ever wrote

“The Last Great Senate: Courage and Statesmanship in Times of Crisis,” by Ira Shapiro

The Washington Post – 2012-04-21

The central working theory of American government today is that the system is dysfunctional, ineffectual and increasingly irrelevant to the lives of ordinary Americans. “Broken” has become both a...

It'd Be Great if the Kindles Sent to Ghana's Kids Didn't Break

The Atlantic Wire – 2012-04-27

When Worldreader, a nonprofit organization, sent 600 Kindles to Ghana, USAID found that the devices gave kids there more access to books, better reading scores, and access to international news. The...

Bad book, great movie – 2012-06-20

Bret Easton Ellis could make the film of "50 Shades" -- and a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Yeah, e-books are great — but libraries are in a tough spot

GigaOM – 2012-06-22

New reports from the American Libraries Association and Pew Internet and American Life Project reveal that despite the increasing number of e-books available to library patrons, libraries themselves...

History of the Great American Novel; David Remnick on Nora Ephron

The Atlantic Wire – 2012-07-02

Today in books and publishing: Questions about the so-called "Great American Novel;" Britain's "Famous Five" infatuation; what books to expect for the rest of the year; advice...

Five great published diaries – 2012-07-16

Satirist and author Craig Brown gives his recommendations from Andy Warhol to Harpo Marx

After Great Year, Scholastic Tries For Encore

Publishers Weekly – 2012-07-20

Fiscal 2012 was a good year made great by The Hunger Games,” Scholastic chairman Dick Robinson told analysts in a conference call last Thursday to discuss results in the year ended May 31, in which...

'Great Gatsby' movie is pushed to summer 2013

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-08-08

'The Great Gatsby' – the latest film version of the novel, directed by Baz Luhrmann – had originally been slated for a Christmas Day 2012 release.

“Harold Fry”: A great actor, a road story – 2012-09-07

Jim Broadbent lends his soulful voice to "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry"

Amazon’s Kindle Serials: Probably not the next ‘Great Expectations’

GigaOM – 2012-09-07

Serialized ebooks aren't a new idea, but Amazon's Kindle Serials combine a pay-once buying process and automatic downloads that could help the initiative succeed where similar efforts haven't.

The best children's apps are about great storytelling and strong characters

Guardian – 2012-09-25

Technology doesn't replace traditional skills, but it can bring kids into the creative processI recently visited a book publisher to speak at an away-day for its children's publishing team. The brief...

Windows 8: great potential for publishers?

Editors Weblog – 2012-11-05

Windows 8, Microsoft’s first operating system to target touchscreen devices, launched last week following months of anticipation. Several news organisations have already developed apps for the...

Great Hill Partners Acquire

AdWeek – 2012-12-18, a women's lifestyle site, has been acquired by Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm specializing in high-growth companies.  Formerly under the umbrella of Evolve Media...

Don’t wait to thank someone great

Poynter. – 2013-01-01

At this time in 2011, I was eagerly awaiting the New Year. My dream of publishing a book for managers would be realized in June. In that book, amid the advice and research, would be stories from my...

Why People Are Saying Lawrence Wright's Scientology Book Is So Great

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-01-16

Lawrence Wright's long look at Scientology, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief, is set for release tomorrow, and reviews, for the most part, have been...

5 great books on world travel – 2013-02-04

British author Colin Thubron on travel writing, wanderlust and his favorite literary globe-hoppers

The Great Book Robbery and the Fate of Palestine’s Private Libraries

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-02-06

In 1948 some 70,000 books were looted from Palestinian libraries by the state of Israel. A new documentary considers their fate and the implications of intellectual occupation.

Word-of-Mouth: Good Books or Just Great Books?

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-02-08

One key to selling more books is to produce great books, and people will recommend and buy them. Don't be satisfied with the merely good.

Incoming News Corp. CEO Says The Daily Was 'A Great Success, Revenue Aside'

Editor & Publisher – 2013-02-08

It burned through at least $40 million and never came close to turning a profit, but that doesn’t mean The Daily was a failure, according to Robert Thomson, the soon-to-be CEO of News...

Columbia publishes ’100 Great Stories’ list

Poynter. – 2013-04-01

Columbia Journalism School From 9/11 to Duke Cunningham, from Jim Crow to Watergate, Columbia picks 100 stories by its journalists. 100 Years of Story Telling: Columbia Journalism School...

Hugh Howey: Self-publishing is the future — and great for writers – 2013-04-04

Books have changed forever, and that's good. Writers will find readers and make more money going it alone, like me

Running Out of TIME: The Slow, Sad Demise of a Great American Magazine

The Atlantic – 2013-04-05

The weekly was among the first to invest heavily in the Internet. So how come never figured it out?    

Booksellers judge 'Great Gatsby' by its cover

SacBee – 2013-04-26

"The Great Gatsby" has united generations of American readers with its crash-and-burn tale of empty elegance and impossible love on Long Island in the 1920s.

'The Great Gatsby': Why is it so hard to adapt for the big screen?

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-05-10

Noir guru Alan Rode ponders the challenges of filming the masterpiece.

First edition of 'Great Gatsby' to be sold at auction

Yahoo! News – 2013-05-24

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A first edition copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece, "The Great Gatsby," will be up for sale next month and could fetch up to $150,000, Sotheby's said on Thursday. The...

Tom Fox: Great leadership books for your summer reading list

The Washington Post – 2013-05-24

As summer approaches, there are a number of good books you may want to consider that will not necessarily make the top 10 lists but that will provide food for thought. These books are not mysteries,...

Why Shakespeare Makes for Great Summer Reading

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-06-13

Publishing Perspectives' The Play's The Thing will spend the summer examining Shakespeare's best: Macbeth, King Lear, and Antony and Cleopatra.

Got a great love story? Quirk Books is looking for you

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-06-14

Quirk Books is hosting a contest titled 'Looking for Love.' The winning novel will by published by Quirk, with a $10,000 fee for the author.

A Great Way to Digitize Your Library, Mostly

Wired – 2013-06-17

We review 1dollarscan, a company that specializes in making high-quality electronic versions of the books sent in by its customers.    

Great American Media Services Buys Two B-to-B Sports Mags

Folio Magazine – 2013-06-27


Reader recommendations: One Man Great Enough

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-06-28

Monitor readers share their favorite book picks.

Everything you need to know about the great e-book price war – 2013-07-01

How the DOJ's antitrust lawsuit against Apple and the Big Six book publishers will affect the business of lit

Why Frankfurt’s Invitation Programme is a Great “Way In” for Small Pubs

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-07-03

Colleen Higgs, Publisher of Modjaji Books in South Africa recounts her life-changing experience as part of the publisher invitation program of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

“God is not great”: Christopher Hitchens is not a liar – 2013-07-06

A new book says the famed atheist thinker's writing on religion is intellectually sloppy. It gets Hitch wrong

Holy Sh*t, Melissa Mohr; Yes, I Could Care Less, Bill Walsh; Building Great Sentences, Brooks Landon

The Washington Post – 2013-07-10

Leading off this cheerful troika of books on language is Brooks Landon’s Building Great Sentences (Plume, $16), a print offshoot of the popular Great Courses series. Landon’s earnest primer...

'The Great Gypsy' and Other Awful Mistakes on a Summer Reading List

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-07-11

Summer reading stinks, we know. But a slew of embarrassing mistakes in a letter listing summer book assignments — which includes such books as F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great...

What great writing can teach us about Trayvon Martin – 2013-07-16

The best authors do what racists can't -- cut through stereotypes to each person's particular humanity

There Will Always Be a Place for Great Bookstores

The Atlantic – 2013-07-24

The business of publishing and selling books will continue its radical change. But some things are eternal.    

Why Some Great Ideas Catch On And Others Don’t

Fast Company – 2013-07-31

Anesthesia caught on overnight, while antiseptic took decades. Why? In 1846, a Boston dentist named William Morton demonstrated anesthesia for the first time. Within the year, it had been tested...

Amazon jobs are 'a great example of what's possible,' says Obama as more indie booksellers object

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-08-01

President Obama appeared as scheduled at a Chattanooga, Tenn., Amazon warehouse and praised the business, causing even more independent booksellers to express their displeasure with his endorsement.

‘JFK’s Last Hundred Days: The Transformation of a Man and the Emergence of a Great President’ by Thurston Clarke

The Washington Post – 2013-08-03

The wordy subtitle of Thurston Clarke’s latest book on the Kennedys tells it all: Like his two previous ones — “The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America” (2008)...

The Great Leveling

Slate – 2013-08-12

This piece was adapted from Chris Anderson and David Sally’s book The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Soccer Is Wrong.

The great illusion: local newspapers can be a massively profitable business

Guardian – 2013-08-14

Today's extract from the second, updated edition of the book about local journalism What do we mean by local?* is by former Guardian editor Peter Preston. He cut his journalistic teeth on the...

Herman Melville, great American reader – 2013-08-25

A vigorous rereading of epics vivified his creation of the most compelling quest in the American canon

Expand and World Maker Faire: Two great events at one smart price!

Engadget – 2013-09-04

What's better than getting to attend a hands-on technology event with thousands of like-minded enthusiasts? How about attending two such shows for one low price?! We've teamed up with our good...

Firefly to offer great deals at KL MATTA, MIGF

New Straits Times – 2013-09-04

Community airline, Firefly Sdn Bhd, is geared up to offer great holiday and flight ticket deals this year at the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Matta Fair and the Malaysia International Gourmet...

The Evolutionary Case For Great Fiction

The Huffington Post – 2013-09-06

Picture this: it’s 45,000 years ago and a small Pleistocene clan is gathered by a campfire. The night is bone cold and black and someone—let’s call him Ernest—begins telling a story.

Why We Lie About Reading Great Books

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-09-07

More than 60 percent of people pretend to have read books they haven't, according to a recent survey. And based on what we've learned in the past, we all lie about reading the same books...

Margaret Atwood on books: “Push comes to shove, they’re great insulating material” – 2013-09-09

The author talks about "MaddAddam," how technology affects our lives, and being dubbed "Queen of the Nerds"

12 Genuinely Great Books About May-December Romances – Flavorwire

The Huffington Post – 2013-09-09

Today, a reportedly terrible movie called Adore premieres. It stars Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as moms who end up sleeping with each other’s sons. Everyone’s super-hot and the climate is...

'Great Expectations' Trailer Features A Predictably Kooky Helena Bonham Carter In Dickens Update

The Huffington Post – 2013-09-18

It's interesting that "Great Expectations" has been far removed from virtually all early Oscar buzz. The classic Charles Dickens tale, remade by Mike Newell ("Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Harry...

The Great British Bake Off star Mary Berry launches Christmas recipes app

Guardian – 2013-09-18

TV judge teams up with Hachette's Headline Publishing Group for iPhone and iPad cookery appIf you've ever rolled your eyes at the sight of supermarkets stacking the mince pies high in September, look...

A new 'Great Expectations' trailer delves more deeply into the story

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-09-19

In the upcoming adaptation, 'War Horse' actor Jeremy Irvine plays protagonist Pip, while Helena Bonham-Carter of 'The King's Speech' plays Miss Havisham.

A great moment at the National Book Festival

The Washington Post – 2013-09-21

The 13th annual National Book Festival got off to a great start this morning with presentations from two giants of North American fiction: Don DeLillo and Margaret Atwood. Remarkably, the novelists...

7 Life Lessons From 'The Great Gatsby'

The Huffington Post – 2013-09-24

Happy birthday, F. Scott Fitzgerald! The famed author of such Jazz Age stories as "Tender Is the Night" and "The Beautiful and the Damned" was born on this day in 1896 and would be celebrating his...

Responsive Websites Are Great for Users, but How Are the Ad Dollars Being Affected?

AdWeek – 2013-09-25

Since so many consumers hop from smartphone to desktop to tablet and back again multiple times a day, Web publishers have rushed to embrace responsive design: a technology that automatically resizes...

20 Great American Cities For Writers — That Aren’t New York – Flavorwire

The Huffington Post – 2013-09-26

New York — specifically Brooklyn, in the past decade or so — is lousy with writers. It feels like a hundred people get off the bus at Port Authority every day, pen and Moleskine in hand, look up...

Broadway becomes The Great Write Way

Crains New York – 2013-09-29

Roberta Pereira and Brisa Trinchero love working as Broadway producers and relaxing with a good book. But one night over drinks at Sardi's, the duo wondered why there weren't any good Broadway reads....

New York Public Library Releases List Of 100 Great Children's Books From The Past Century

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-03

NEW YORK -- Beloved authors Judy Blume and Eric Carle helped the New York Public Library celebrate children's literature Monday as the library released a list of 100 great books from the last 100...

Great Britain's Great War: A Sympathetic History of Our Gravest Folly by Jeremy Paxman – review

Guardian – 2013-10-03

Is a TV presenter's history of the war bound to be too conventional?Until the early 1960s the events of the first world war were barely known to those of us born long after it ended. Most homes must...

Trinity Mirror's schools database is a great service to parents

Guardian – 2013-10-02

Congratulations to Trinity Mirror for an enterprising piece of data journalism - a searchable database enabling parents to compare state schools around the UK.The Real Schools Guide, which ran as a...

San Diego Reader Launches eBook Publishing Program to Re-Introduce Great Writing to New Readers

Editor & Publisher – 2013-10-03

The San Diego Reader is mining gold from its rich archives and releasing the treasures as a collection of six eBooks, the first installment of a series that will showcase the literary quality and...

10 Famous Authors Who Remind Us That Great Writers Can Also Be Decent Human Beings

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-09

Authors, and artists in general, are notoriously difficult to deal with. The list of writers who created masterworks that illuminated truths about the human condition – all while behaving badly...

Greed destroyed us all: George W. Bush and the real story of the Great Recession – 2013-10-14

Faulty monetary policy and insufficient regulation helped — but old-fashioned avarice really tanked the economy

Like its subject’s tomes, ‘Norman Mailer: A Double Life’ is a great wallop of a book

The Washington Post – 2013-10-15

Forget pepper spray and police dogs: If you’re in the market for a home defense system, you could do worse than pick up a copy of J. Michael Lennon’s king-sized biography of Norman Mailer. One...

Pragmatic Publishers Move Beyond the Great Paywall Debate

Digiday – 2013-10-17

The paywall is growing up. When the Times rolled out its "leaky paywall" in 2011 -- the Times prefers to talk of meters rather than paywalls -- many critics lambasted the approach. But now, the...

Infecting An Audience: Why Great Stories Spread

Fast Company – 2013-10-21

In his 1897 book What is Art? the great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy defined art as "an infection." Good art, Tolstoy wrote, infects the audience with the storyteller's emotion and ideas. The better...

'The Simpsons' 'Hobbit' Couch Gag Is Great

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-31

"The Simpsons" is known for lampooning popular culture, but the latest couch gag takes the cake. The epic "Hobbit" inspired opening is complete with a sweeping score, maps and the yellow-skinned...

Sorry, would-be Walt Mossbergs, but the day of the great mass-media technology critic is over

GigaOM – 2013-11-01

New Yorker magazine wonders who the "next great technology critic" might be now that Walt Mossberg and David Pogue have moved on -- but the truth is there isn't going to be one or two, there will be...

In 'The Great War,' Joe Sacco unfolds the art of war

Los Angeles Times – 2013-11-01

Joe Sacco says of 'The Great War,' which depicts a World War I scene in a 24-foot drawing, 'What I wanted to portray was a very large army with one objective: moving forward and dying together.'For...

'The Great Gatsby' Deleted Scene Features An Honest Confession From The Titular Character

The Huffington Post – 2013-11-02

Warner Bros. has unveiled a deleted scene from "The Great Gatsby" in advance of the movie's DVD and Blu-Ray release later this month. The short clip from the Baz Luhrmann-directed film finds Nick...

Books That Tweak (Not Twerk!) Great Classics

The Huffington Post – 2013-11-05

Originally posted on Kirkus Writers are always borrowing from one another, across centuries and continents. It’s the writers who aren’t just borrowing but building on what previous writers have...

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