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New Galaxy Note 8 leak may reveal several exciting new features

Yahoo! News – 2017-06-07

A fresh Galaxy Note 8 leak reveals more details about Samsung’s next-gen phablet, and while the source’s credibility is yet to be established, these tidbits certainly sound...

The Destiny 2 Reveal Campaign on Facebook Resulted in a 35-Point Increase in Ad Recall

AdWeek – 2017-06-13

Facebook released a case study touting the success video-game publisher Activision experienced with a recent advertising campaign for Destiny 2, its upcoming first-person-shooter release. To start,...

Her quilts are made of 16-mm film. Here's what they reveal, frame by frame

Los Angeles Times – 2017-06-30

From afar Sabrina Gschwandtner's captivating work at Shoshona Wayne Gallery is pure pattern, color and light -- until you step closer and see the details of those geometric designs.

YouTube Beauty Gurus Reveal Their Business Secrets

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-01

Forget makeup tips: These big-time YouTube beauty vloggers tell how to grow a channel and make brand deals.

Wife Hides Pregnancy, Gender Reveal Until Her Husband Returns from Deployment: 'Are You Serious?'

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-01

A California mom kept her pregnancy a secret from her husband until he returned home from deployment after six months.

Ancient Roman Skulls Reveal Local Groups' Distinctive Facial Features

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-03

Forensic techniques that are used to solve modern homicide cases helped American anthropologists reveal family resemblances in 2,000-year-old skulls from the Roman Empire. The study used a...

Delta Air Lines: Flight attendant breaks two wine bottles on man's head as he fights to open hatch, court documents reveal

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-08

A flight attendant was forced to break two wine bottles over the head of a passenger who tried to open the plane’s exit door thousands of feet over the ocean, court documents have revealed. The...

Ohio Gender Reveal Party Mass Shooting: 1 Dead And 8 Injured

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-10

Developing Story on Colerain Township, Ohio gender reveal party shooting.

1 killed, 8 wounded at pregnant woman's gender reveal party

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-10

CINCINNATI (AP) — Two gunmen opened fire at a woman's gender reveal party near Cincinnati, wounding the expectant mother, who said she lost the baby.

1 Dead, 8 Wounded When Men Open Fire On Gender Reveal Party: Cops

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-10

Cops in Ohio say a 22-year-old woman, pictured, was also killed in the shooting.

Twin Red Panda Cubs Make Their Debut and Prepare for a Gender Reveal Party

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-10

The first cub was developing normally next to its mother, but the second required additional hand-rearing to improve its health.

Donald Trump Jr. emails reveal knowledge of Russian government offer to aid father's campaign

Los Angeles Times – 2017-07-11

Donald Trump Jr. was offered "high level and sensitive information" in June 2016 as "part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump,” according to emails that he released Tuesday. The...

Penn State Fraternity Death: Prosecutors Reveal Frat Members’ Texts

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-10

Texts that were revealed in court Monday show that fraternity brothers knew almost immediately the gravity of the situation, prosecutors said.

Papers reveal pot dealer's grisly confession to 4 slayings

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-15

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A marijuana dealer gave police a grisly account of killing four men on his family's farm, saying he crushed one of them with a backhoe after shooting him and tried to set...

Woman Who Reportedly Lost Baby During Gender Reveal Party Shooting Wasn't Pregnant: Cops

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-18

Police said they are speculating why she may have lied.

Princes William & Harry reveal their last-ever conversation with Princess Diana

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-23

In a new HBO documentary, Prince William and Prince Harry come together to give their first-ever joint interview about their late mother, Princess Diana, who died 20 years ago on Aug. 31, 1997.

ITV chairman says it will never reveal how much it pays its stars

The Guardian – 2017-07-26

Broadcaster says it will not consider following BBC’s disclosures, but it expects to show improvement on gender pay gapThe chairman of ITV has weighed in on the gender pay row, saying his company...

13 Million-Year-Old Skull May Reveal What Our Ancestors Looked Like

Yahoo! News – 2017-08-10

It's been nicknamed Alesi

Herzog & de Meuron reveal plans for Berggruen Institute site north of the Getty Center

Los Angeles Times – 2017-08-23

It has the feel of a last-of-its-kind design, suggesting a Los Angeles that has just about disappeared, a city of grand projects built on huge swaths of open land. At the same time it reflects the...

Barack Obama's speeches watched by millions more than Donald Trump's, viewing figures reveal

Yahoo! News – 2017-08-24

Former US President Barack Obama's speeches were watched by millions more than Donald Trump's, viewing figures have revealed. Roughly 30.6 million people tuned in to watch the former real estate...

Government to decide if firms must reveal pay ratios

BBC – 2017-08-25

The government will reveal whether firms should publish the pay gap between executive and workers.

Buckingham Palace knifeman had 4ft sword and shouted 'Allahu Akbar', police reveal

Yahoo! News – 2017-08-26

The man arrested outside Buckingham Palace drove at police before lunging for a 4ft sword and repeatedly shouting “Allahu Akbar”. The 26-year-old man from Luton was wrestled to the ground by...

Receding waters reveal Harvey's devastation as death toll reaches 44

Yahoo! News – 2017-09-01

Rescuers continued plucking people from floodwaters across Texas on Thursday even as waters receded from Houston, revealing swathes of devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Donald Trump pledged...

Receding Floodwaters Reveal Extent Of Houston Area's Post-Harvey Destruction

Yahoo! News – 2017-09-04

HOUSTON ― Recovery and repair are going to take a long time.

9/11: Recordings of dramatic phone calls reveal horror of World Trade Center terror attacks

Yahoo! News – 2017-09-11

Among the most poignant aspects of the 11 September attacks were the telephone recordings of some of the victims. Emergency calls were made to 911 dispatchers and family members, as people caught up...

Aerial Before And After Photos Reveal Sobering Extent Of Irma's Devastation In The Caribbean

Yahoo! News – 2017-09-12

By the time Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida’s southwest coast on Sunday, triggering one of the largest evacuation orders in American history, several Caribbean islands had already borne the...

Spoiler alert: Google's Pixel event will still be more exciting than Apple's iPhone X reveal

PC World – 2017-09-20

So much for the element of surprise. With two weeks to go until Google’s big end-of-year event on October 4, we already know everything that’s going to be announced. After months of rumors and...

Deliveroo accounts reveal huge losses

BBC World – 2017-09-21

"Gig economy" firm Deliveroo publishes accounts revealing huge losses.

New Pictures Reveal Bone Fragments Found In Natalee Holloway Investigation

Yahoo! News – 2017-09-21

The bone fragments were undergoing DNA testing to determine whether they belonged to Natalee.

Rumors of Secret Warplanes Preceded Mach 6 SR-72 Spyplane Reveal

Yahoo! News – 2017-10-01

Has the SR-72—or something like it—been flying all along? Lockheed Martin’s 2013 announcement of a proposed SR-72 reconnaissance and strike drone comes against a backdrop of decades of rumor...

Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend returns to US as police reveal details of his planning

Yahoo! News – 2017-10-04

Authorities investigating the Las Vegas mass shooting, the deadliest in modern US history, are preparing to question the girlfriend of gunman Stephen Paddock, who has flown back to America after...

Newly Published Emails Reveal Journalists Encouraged Alt-Right To Bully Women

The Huffington Post – 2017-10-06

This includes a former managing editor at Broadly, Vice's women's channel.

Wife of Fallen Soldier Asks His Comrades in Afghanistan to Help With Gender Reveal

Yahoo! News – 2017-10-13

"I wanted them to be the first to know to let them know they're family," Britt Harris said.

Striking images reveal wineries devastated by wildfires

Yahoo! News – 2017-10-14

Remarkable photos reveal how badly California's wineries have been damaged in wildfires that have burned tens of thousands of acres of wine country since Sunday. SEE ALSO: How California's...

Photos reveal new US-Mexico border wall prototypes

Yahoo! News – 2017-10-24

As President Trump continues to press the need for his promised border wall, new prototypes are offering a look at what a final product, if built, could look like.

Aerial Images Reveal North Korea's Secret Network Of Prisons And 'Re-Education' Camps

Yahoo! News – 2017-10-27

Newly released satellite images offer a never-before-seen glimpse of North Korea’s “brutal and inhumane” network of political prisons, including secret labor camps.

Corey Feldman Defends Needing $10 Million to Reveal Names of Alleged Hollywood Pedophiles in Feature Film

Yahoo! News – 2017-10-30

Corey Feldman believes the sexual harassment allegations rippling through Hollywood are “just the tip of the iceberg

Trove of Bin Laden documents reveal Iran's secret dealings with al-Qaeda

Yahoo! News – 2017-11-02

A newly released trove of documents recovered from Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound have revealed “secret dealings” between Iran and al-Qaeda.  Nearly half a million files found on the...

Remains of 'Man's Earliest Ancestors' Reveal Tiny, Furry Precursors to Humans

Yahoo! News – 2017-11-08

The fossils are 145 million years old.

In New Testimony, Carter Page Forced To Reveal Meetings With Russian Officials

Yahoo! News – 2017-11-07

The House Intelligence Committee on Monday released more than 200 pages of testimony given last week by Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Navy Widow Learns She's Pregnant After Husband's Death and Honors Him with Special Gender Reveal

Yahoo! News – 2017-11-15

Cassie and Hospital Corpsman 1st class Ryan Lohrey had just celebrated their first month of marriage when tragedy struck. On July 10, Ryan, 30, died in a military plane crash during training in...

Black Friday Shopping Experts Reveal Their Winning Strategies

Yahoo! News – 2017-11-18

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner is a challenge, but gearing up for Black Friday is arguably worse.

Hundreds of pterosaur eggs reveal early life insights

Yahoo! News – 2017-12-01

Scientists have peered inside the largest collection of fossilized pterosaur eggs ever found, using 3D scans to reveal new insights into these flying cousins of dinosaurs, researchers said Thursday. ...

Latest CIPFA figures reveal scale of library closures

The Bookseller – 2017-12-11

Fresh figures have shown the scale of library closures in Great Britain continues unabated, with 105 closed in the UK last year.

Los Angeles fire that tore through Bel Air started at homeless camp, officials reveal

Yahoo! News – 2017-12-13

A cooking fire at a homeless camp ignited the wildfire that threatened the affluent Los Angeles neighbourhood of Bel Air, officials have said. “Investigators have determined the fire was caused by...

Volkswagen releases 2019 Jetta sketches ahead of Detroit reveal

Yahoo! News – 2017-12-13

It might be hard to believe for anyone outside the United States, but the Jetta is still Volkswagen's biggest-selling model in America. Despite the continuing decline of sedan sales, the seemingly...

For a prominent California consumer group and savvy political consultants, documents reveal a close financial relationship

Los Angeles Times – 2017-12-15

If there’s a clear mantra for Consumer Watchdog, one of California’s most visible and vocal advocacy groups, it’s that hidden financial relationships shouldn’t shape politics and public...

Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Reveal Whose 'Freak Number' Is Higher

Yahoo! News – 2017-12-19

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have enjoyed a close-knit, intimate friendship for years, but as it turns out, they still have a lot to learn about each other. 

MIT Researchers Reveal Solution to the Biggest Problem of Self-Driving Cars

Yahoo! News – 2017-12-27

Overcoming the “curse of light speed."

Donald Trump 'starts his official work day at 11am', leaked schedules reveal

Yahoo! News – 2018-01-08

Donald Trump begins his official work day as late as 11am and is known to clock off at 6pm, leaked copies of his private schedule reportedly reveal.  The US president often has ill-defined...

Edward Stanford award shortlists reveal 'broad scope' of travel writing

The Bookseller – 2018-01-11

Forty-three titles have been shortlisted for the 2018 Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards, which celebrate the "broad scope" of travel writing.

Videos Of Mudslide-Ravaged Montecito Reveal Staggering Devastation

Yahoo! News – 2018-01-10

Rescue workers desperately scouring wreckage for survivors: The photos and videos out of Montecito, California, on Tuesday showed a town devastated by mudslides and debris flows mere weeks after it...

L.A. Unified approves a plan to reveal more information about its schools

Los Angeles Times – 2018-01-17

If you are a parent considering one of two special academic programs at Hamilton High School in Palms, you face something of a challenge: The Los Angeles school district provides no data to the...

FBI Texts Reveal Major Flaw In GOP Theory Of 'Deep State' Plot To Defeat Trump

Yahoo! News – 2018-01-23

WASHINGTON ― For weeks, President Donald Trump and his supporters on Capitol Hill have attempted to undermine Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation by claiming that the FBI was...

New texts reveal FBI officials skeptical about Russia probe

Yahoo! News – 2018-01-24

Newly released messages between Strzok and Page suggest they discussed the merits of joining Mueller's team; Catherine Herridge goes in-depth for 'Special Report.'

Online map of fitness device wearers appears to reveal locations of U.S. military personnel, report says

Los Angeles Times – 2018-01-29

An interactive map found online can show the locations and activities of people who use fitness devices such as Fitbit, raising security concerns about soldiers and other people who are at U.S....

Jaguar to reveal production I-Pace at event ahead of Geneva launch

Yahoo! News – 2018-01-31

The Jaguar I-Pace was first revealed to the world in concept form at the Los Angeles Auto Show as long ago now as 2016. Since then, Jaguar has periodically come forward with news and images of the...

Prostate cancer kills more people than breast cancer for first time, new figures reveal 

Yahoo! News – 2018-02-02

Prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer to become the third deadliest type of the disease in Britain, new research has found. For the first time, figures show that more men are dying from...

Lasers on planes used to reveal massive massive complex of Mayan ruins

Yahoo! News – 2018-02-03

With the high-tech help scientists have found that Maya civilization was more advanced and populous than previously imagined.

SoA challenges publishers to reveal how much they pay authors

The Bookseller – 2018-03-03

The chief executive of the Society of Authors has challenged publishers to reveal how much they pay writers in their annual financial accounts.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS set for April reveal in Beijing: report

Yahoo! News – 2018-03-15

Mercedes-Benz is finally about to extend its Maybach super-luxury sub-brand beyond the S-Class. According to media reports, this new addition to the Maybach family will be an incredibly upmarket...

Gender pay gap figures reveal big publishing's great divide

The Guardian – 2018-03-23

The UK’s biggest publishers release figures showing average differences in pay between men and women ranging from 11.3% to 29.69%The books industry may be dominated by women, but men are reaping...

Exclusive: Satellite images reveal show of force by Chinese navy in South China Sea

Yahoo! News – 2018-03-27

Dozens of Chinese naval vessels are exercising this week with an aircraft carrier in a large show of force off Hainan island in the South China Sea, satellite images obtained by Reuters show.

Man Uses Live Alligator For His Baby’s Gender Reveal Party

Yahoo! News – 2018-03-28

A Louisiana couple decided to announce the sex of their unborn baby in a

W H Smith and Blackwell's reveal gender pay gap

The Bookseller – 2018-03-29

Booksellers Blackwell’s and W H Smith have revealed their gender pay gap data, both beating the national median average.

Fox News: Sean Hannity Has 'Our Full Support' Following Michael Cohen Reveal

Yahoo! News – 2018-04-18

Fox News is standing by Sean Hannity after it was revealed Monday that he was

'Golden State Killer' was caught using a genealogy website, police reveal

Yahoo! News – 2018-04-27

The suspect in the notorious "Golden State Killer" case was found with the help of genealogy websites, police have revealed. For decades the man behind a spate of murders and rapes in...

What Mueller's questions for Trump reveal about the investigation

Yahoo! News – 2018-05-02

The list of questions special counsel Robert Mueller has for President Trump show that his investigation is much broader than previously realized, and touches on his business dealings in Russia and...

Fresh Mid-Engine Corvette Spy Shots Reveal New Details

Yahoo! News – 2018-05-17

The hotly anticipated C8 shows off more of its secrets.

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