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Slate retracts story it says didn’t meet verification, fairness standards

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Slate retracts story it says didn’t meet verification, fairness standards

Poynter. – 2012-03-02

Hat tip to the folks at the great Retraction Watch blog for spotting this notable Slate retraction from Wednesday night: On Feb. 17, 2012, Slate published an article titled “The Celltex Affair: An Ethics Scandal Strikes the World of Bioethics.” Because… Read more
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News like: 'Slate retracts story it says didn’t meet verification, fairness standards'

The Final Edition: Slate reveals the last-ever issue of the New York Times.

Everyone knows journalism is dying. But they might not have realized just how bad things are. Today, after 160 years of publishing, the New York Times decided to call it quits. Click on the button... | Slate – 2011-05-10

The Slate Group Partners with Leading French Journalists to Launch French Version of Slate Magazine

The Slate Group, publisher of Slate, The Root, The Big Money and Foreign Policy, today announced it has collaborated with leading French journalists to launch, an independent French online... | Centre Daily Times – 2009-02-10

Ex-NY Gov Spitzer to write column for

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned earlier this year over his involvement in a prostitution ring, will write a column for online magazine about the... | Reuters – 2008-12-04

Folks Who Brought You Slate Build a Business Site for the Facebook Set

The Big Money aims to be something in between authoritative print sources of business news and the myriad of newly minted business blogs. | New York Times – 2008-09-15

As markets fall, Slate editors push ahead with business site

The Web site, The Big Money, aims to be something between authoritative print sources of business news and the myriad newly minted business blogs. | International Herald Tribune – 2008-09-15

Slate writer deliberately inserts untruths in review of ‘The Lifespan of a Fact’

The newly-released book “The Lifespan of a Fact” has benefited from some decent publicity. An excerpt of the book appeared in Harper’s, and there have been interesting articles in... | Poynter. – 2012-02-16

Slate to Begin a Monthly Review of Books

The Web magazine will publish an expanded look at books on the first Saturday of each month, as stand-alone book review sections in newspapers have dwindled. | The New York Times – 2012-03-02

Archos unveils 7-inch Child Pad slate: $129, Ice Cream Sandwich on board

We know you've already added the Fisher Price DVR to the list of gadgets that may withstand the physical trauma your kid's about to put it through. But how does an ICS-equipped, 7-inch slate with... | Engadget – 2012-03-02

Slate's New Book Review; Japan's Impossible E-Book Quota

Today in publishing and literature: Slate's new book review section goes live, The Day of the Triffids is getting the Sam Raimi treatment, and Japan's publishers set a lofty and impractical... | The Atlantic Wire – 2012-03-02

Slate launches monthly book review

Slate likes big books and it cannot lie... The all-digital publication will be launching a new monthly book review, which will appear on its homepage on the first weekend of every month. The... | Editors Weblog – 2012-03-05

Penguin Development Group Quietly Pads Slate

Random House has Random House Films. Macmillan has Macmillan Films. And Penguin? Although the house has been low-key about the ways it has begun to dip its corporate toes into film production, and... | Publishers Weekly – 2013-01-11

Conde Nast launches slate of original programming

NEW YORK -- Conde Nast is launching a slate of original Web series, continuing the publisher's push to expand its stable of magazines into multimedia programming. | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-03-13

How Slate doubled Facebook referrals in less than a year

Facebook A case study on Facebook’s new media portal looks at Slate’s rocketing Facebook traffic over the past year. Psychology explains some of the rise: “Slate’s stories... | Poynter. – 2013-05-02, others to ban 'Redskins' name from their pages

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The online magazine and two other publications have said they will no longer refer to the National Football League's Washington, D.C., football team as the... | Reuters – 2013-08-10

Dissecting the Slate Redesign

Q: Hi, David. You were the man running point on this massive redesign for Slate. Editor David Plotz published a general introduction to our new look for readers, but I wanted to grill you a bit... | Slate – 2013-09-23

Slate Rolls Out Responsive Design Website

Slate has rolled out its most expansive redesign in the pure-play publication's 17-year history. The new leverages responsive design and several new content features for its 17-plus million... | Folio Magazine – 2013-09-24

Slate’s Hiring an Executive Producer

Slate is looking for an executive producer to run our small and highly energetic video operation, which produces award-winning original video and aggregates other great digital video. We’re... | Slate – 2013-10-07

The Slate Store Is Open for Business

You read the magazine. You listen to the podcasts. You follow the Twitter feed. Now wear the T-shirt! | Slate – 2013-10-07

Slate Explains Why Telling Women Not to Drink Is the 'Best Rape Prevention'

On Wednesday, Slate published a column by Emily Yoffe entitled "The Best Rape Prevention: Tell College Women to Stop Getting So Wasted." Her words did not go over well. Today, Slate published... | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-10-19

Help Slate Dig Deeper Into Gun Deaths in America

Since we published our interactive on the number of gun deaths in America since Newtown, hundreds of readers have asked how they can help—and hundreds more have asked for a more detailed parsing of... | Slate – 2013-11-21

Best Books 2013: Slate Staff Picks

Monday: Slate staffers pick their favorite books of 2013. Tuesday: The overlooked books of 2013. Wednesday: The best lines of 2013, and the best poetry of 2013. Thursday: Dan Kois’ 15 favorite... | Slate – 2013-12-01

The Slate Book Review Top 10 of 2013

Monday: Slate staffers pick their favorite books of 2013. Tuesday: The overlooked books of 2013. Wednesday: The best lines of 2013, and the best poetry of 2013. Thursday: Dan Kois’ 15 favorite... | Slate – 2013-12-06

Our 11 Favorite Slate Stories of 2013

In the last 12 months, Slate has published approximately 18,000 articles, blog posts, photo galleries, videos, cartoons, interactive games, maps, and podcasts. If I had to guess, 6,000 of them were... | Slate – 2013-12-24

Slate’s Most Viral Stories of 2013

Last week I shared the 10 most popular Slate stories from 2013, a list that paints with a broad brush about the stories our readers loved the most. Now it’s time to dig deeper to reveal which... | Slate – 2013-12-28

Microsoft adds critical IE, XP fixes to Tuesday's patch slate

Microsoft on Monday unexpectedly added two more critical security updates to the list it will deliver tomorrow, including one for all versions of its Internet Explorer (IE) and another that will... | PC World – 2014-02-11

Slate to Introduce a Membership Plan

In the hunt for revenue in the digital era, news publications have tried everything from putting up paywalls to soliciting donations. The digital magazine Slate, nearly two decades old, plans to... | Editor & Publisher – 2014-03-24

Bisexuality: What NYT and Slate Got Wrong

The bisexual community has been buzzing since The New York Times Magazine published "The Scientific Quest to Prove That Bisexuality Exists" last week. What many were hoping would be a great leap... | The Huffington Post – 2014-03-29

Announcing Slate Plus

Slate doesn’t exist without its readers. That’s not a metaphor. Traditional magazines and newspapers are printed, bound, and distributed, whether or not anyone ever reads them. But Slate... | Slate – 2014-04-21

Farhad Manjoo’s Favorite Slate Story

Since our founding in 1996 (1996!), Slate has published tens of thousands of articles. We’ve asked a group of former Slatesters to direct you to pieces they remember fondly from their time at the... | Slate – 2014-04-24

Slate Voice: “Why Do Millennials Not Understand Racism?”

“Why Do Millennials Not Understand Racism?” was originally published in Slate on May 16, 2014. It was one of Jamelle Bouie’s most read articles in May. | Slate – 2014-06-03

What Happened at Slate This Week?

Hello Slate Plus members! I’m your Editor of the Week, tasked with curating the best and most interesting Slate output for your delectation, enjoyment, and opprobrium, or perhaps all three. As you... | Slate – 2014-06-13

Slate Voice: “Who Is Middle Class?”

“Who Is Middle Class?” was originally published in Slate on June 12, 2014. It was one of Joshua Keating’s most read articles in June. You can keep up with Joshua’s latest writing on his blog,... | Slate – 2014-06-23

Slate Exclusive: Edward Klein Lunches With His Blood Feud Editor!

It was a bright and muggy day in Washington, D.C., with temperatures hovering around 92 degrees and humidity at 73 percent. None of that could dampen the mood of Edward Klein’s editor. His... | Slate – 2014-07-08

Slate Voice: “Nice Rebound!”

“Nice Rebound!” was published in Slate on July 11, 2014. | Slate – 2014-07-12

Slate Voice: “Watching the Couples Go By”

“Watching the Couples Go By” was originally published in Slate on June 13, 1997. It’s one of David’s favorite Slate pieces. | Slate – 2014-07-18

The State of Slate

In a conversation with Slate staffers and Slate Plus members on Monday, new editor in chief Julia Turner answered questions about her plans for the magazine’s future. | Slate – 2014-07-22

Virgin Mobile intros a blank-slate smartphone plan you can customize any way you like

Virgin Mobile’s new prepaid plan can be anything you want it to be from a bare-bones emergency calling service to a custom unlimited Facebook plan. Virgin Mobile intros a blank-slate smartphone... | GigaOM – 2014-07-30

Slate Voice: “Does This Make Me Sound Insecure?”

“Does This Make Me Sound Insecure” was originally published in Slate on July 23, 2014. It was Katy’s most read article from July. | Slate – 2014-07-31

Slate Voice: “The Bloodshed State”

“The Bloodshed State” was originally published in Slate on July 28, 2014. It was Mark’s most read article of July. | Slate – 2014-08-04

Slate Voice: “Where I’m From”

“Where I’m From” was originally published in Slate on July 29, 2014. It was one of Aisha’s most read articles from July. | Slate – 2014-08-05

(VIDEO) Slate Sees Videos on All Its Pages

Web magazine Slate says it can make up for a lack of opportunities for its video advertisers by turning every text article in to a video ad opportunity. Sales VP Anthony DeMaio tells Beet.TV in this... | The Huffington Post – 2014-08-21

Long-Serving Deputy Julia Turner Takes the Reins at Slate

“Continuity is the theme of editorial at Slate,” Gawker founder Nick Denton told Capital at a party feting the online magazine’s new editor in chief, Julia Turner, on... | Editor & Publisher – 2014-09-30

Slate Voice: “Discovering My Inner Sam Malone”

Jordan Weissmann is the author of “Discovering My Inner Sam Malone,” which was published in Slate on Oct. 6, 2014. In the piece, Weissmann asks, “Do I have what it takes to buy and run my own... | Slate – 2014-10-16

Marvel unveils huge new slate of superhero films

 Marvel has unveiled plans for a slate of new superhero films, expanding its already wildly successful comic book universe — and breaking ground with its first solo black and female hero movies. | Stuff – 2014-10-29

Slate Voice: “Stop Dressing Like a Slob When You’re Traveling”

J. Bryan Lowder is the author of “Stop Dressing Like a Slob When You’re Traveling” which was published in Slate on Sept. 8, 2014. In the widely shared piece, Lowder explains why one should... | Slate – 2014-11-11

Slate Voice: “If It Happened There,” Thanksgiving Edition

Joshua Keating is the author of “If it Happened There … America’s Festival Pilgrimage Begins” which was published in Slate on Nov. 27, 2013. In this piece, Keating describes how media outlets... | Slate – 2014-11-26

Best Books 2014: Slate Staff Picks

Eat More Better: How to Make Every Bite More Delicious, by Dan Pashman Recommended by L.V. Anderson, assistant editor | Slate – 2014-12-01

Introducing Slate Picks

We talk often at Slate about things we love: books and songs and shower heads and light bulbs and baby toys and, of course, television shows. We know from your comments and emails that you like many... | Slate – 2014-12-03

Watch Jenny Slate And Rosario Dawson Share The Perfect New Year's Kiss

New York Times Magazine recruited 18 of the year's most notable starts to participate in its annual special, "Great Performers." This year's interactive features nine short films, directed by Elaine... | The Huffington Post – 2014-12-11

Slate, Whiting Team Up to Celebrate Sophomore Novels

The Whiting Foundation and the Slate Book Review have joined forces on a new campaign that, according to the two partners, aims to "breathe new life into second novels." This year, the initiative, We... | Publishers Weekly – 2014-12-12

Slate Voice: “No Reason for the Season”

Torie Bosch is the editor of Future Tense and the author of “No Reason for the Season,” which originally published in Slate in 2008. In this Slate classic, Bosch explains why you shouldn’t need... | Slate – 2014-12-16

Slate Voice: “I Love Being a Christmas Baby”

L.V. Anderson is a Slate assistant editor and the author of “I Love Being a Christmas Baby,” which was originally published in 2012. In this Slate classic, Anderson explains the advantages of... | Slate – 2014-12-24

(VIDEO) Slate Publisher Sees 'Huge Business' Potential In Podcasts

CHICAGO -- For many, it is a forgotten medium that never quite fulfilled its promise. But podcast publishers who have done well tend to have done really well. Webzine Slate, a veteran talk podcast... | The Huffington Post – 2014-12-31

Did You Overlook These Slate Stories in 2014?

Slate published more than 14,000 articles in 2014, and we’ve already shown you our most popular pieces and our most social pieces. But many staffers fondly remember pieces that express some great... | Slate – 2014-12-31

Slate Is Hiring a Slate Plus Editor

Slate is hiring for the full-time position of Slate Plus editor. Ideal candidates will be entrepreneurial, smart, funny, and energetic; write sparkling copy; and be deft, sensitive editors. The... | Slate – 2015-01-16

Slate Voice: “American Liar”

“American Liar” was originally published in Slate on Jan. 20, 2015. It’s Mark’s most-read article of January (at least so far). | Slate – 2015-01-27

Slate Voice: “Why Do Brits Say Maths and Americans Say Math?”

“Why Do Brits Say Maths and Americans Say Math?” was originally published in Slate on Dec. 8, 2014. It was Katy’s most popular article in December. | Slate – 2015-02-10

Slate Voice: “Leave Cupid Alone, You Snobs”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s Torie Bosch reading her piece “Leave Cupid Alone, You Snobs,” which was originally published in Slate in 2011. | Slate – 2015-02-12

Slate Voice: “I Am Ready to Declare a Truce in the Gay Cake Wars”

“I Am Ready to Declare a Truce in the Gay Cake Wars” was originally published in Slate on Jan. 23, 2015. | Slate – 2015-02-18

Slate Voice: “Against YA”

Ruth Graham’s essay, “Against YA,” was originally published in Slate on June 5, 2014. The piece is read by its editor, Dan Kois. | Slate – 2015-02-25

Slate Doubles Down on Podcasts

There's always been a loyal base of listeners who download podcasts weekly, but thanks to the popularity of shows like Serial, more people are paying attention to the digital format. And the... | AdWeek – 2015-03-10

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