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Qualcomm Wins Kyobo Electronic-Display Deal

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Qualcomm Wins Kyobo Electronic-Display Deal

BusinessWeek – 2011-11-22

In signing South Korea's biggest book seller to use its Mirasol battery-extending display technology in an e-reader, Qualcomm gains a toehold in a new market
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Like other major brands, Qualcomm has set out in the last 18 months to reach consumers through so-called content marketing (or "brand journalism," if you will). The semiconductors/telecom... | AdWeek – 2013-10-02

Qualcomm top exec Peggy Johnson said to be on her way to Microsoft

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Qualcomm boosts its investment in OpenSignal’s phone sensor crowdsourcing tech

OpenSignal uses crowdsourcing to measure 4G network quality today, but its plan is tap all of the sensors in the smartphone to collect data from our surroundings. It's already started tracking... | GigaOM – 2014-08-05

Timex and Qualcomm are releasing a smartwatch that comes with an AT&T data plan

Tech companies aren't the only giants who see potential in networked computers on the wrist. American watchmaker Timex will announce a cellular-connected smartwatch this week in conjunction with... | GigaOM – 2014-08-06

Security flaw affects nearly every Android phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, researcher warns

A newly discovered flaw in ARM's TrustZone could lead to unlocked bootloaders for more Android phones, but it's also a worrying exploit. Security flaw affects nearly every Android phone with a... | GigaOM – 2014-08-08

LG turns on Qualcomm’s iZat indoor location tech, but it only works in Korea for now

Qualcomm's iZat indoor geo-location technology may be buried inside millions of newer smartphones, but there are only 21 malls where you can use it today, and they're all in South Korea. LG turns on... | GigaOM – 2014-08-15

Nvidia launches patent war against Samsung and Qualcomm over graphic chips

Patent lawsuits are common in Silicon Valley, but the one that NVIDIA filed over graphics technology will make many in the smartphone and gaming industry take notice. Nvidia launches patent war... | GigaOM – 2014-09-05

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