Qaeda magazine \'unfortunately well done\': senior US lawmaker

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Al Qaeda targets American recruits with English magazine

Reuters – 2010-07-12

NEW YORK (Reuters) - An Al Qaeda magazine posted online with articles such as "make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom" is a bid to recruit Americans to launch attacks in the United States, a senior...

Qaeda magazine 'unfortunately well done': senior US lawmaker

Yahoo – 2010-07-12

Al-Qaeda's new English-language magazine is an "unfortunately well done" publication aimed at convincing Americans to carry out terrorist attacks at home, a top US lawmaker said Monday.

Al Qaeda media man waged "jihad by pen," U.S. says

Reuters via Yahoo! News – 2008-10-28

An accused al Qaeda media director waged "jihad by word and pen" and made a video aimed at overcoming trainees' resistance to carrying out suicide attacks, a prosecutor in the Guantanamo war crimes...

McClatchy Editor Defends Publishing Al Qaeda Detail CNN, NY Times Held Back

Editor & Publisher – 2013-08-07

On Sunday, McClatchy reported that the decision to close U.S. embassies and issue a travel warning last week was prompted by an intercepted communication between Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri and...

There Are More French Muslims Working for French Security Than for Al Qaeda

The Huffington Post – 2015-01-10

FLORENCE -- The attack against the Paris satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has re-launched an ongoing debate in France about the compatibility between Islam and the West. The issue is more fraught in...

To Stop Al Qaeda We Must Change the Way We React to Its Attacks

The Huffington Post – 2015-01-11

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula announced on Friday evening that it was responsible for the three-day rampage in France that started with the killing of 12 people at the offices of Charlie Hebdo...

FBI director says Islamic State poses greater threat to U.S. than Al Qaeda

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-23

Islamic State militants' attempts to inspire Americans to launch attacks at home pose a bigger threat to the U.S. than Al Qaeda, the head of the FBI said Wednesday.

U.S. launches airstrikes against Al Qaeda affiliate Shabab in Somalia

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-23

The United States carried out as many as six airstrikes using drones in southern Somalia in the past week, shifting to a far more direct role in the decade-old fight against Al Qaeda-affiliated...

Pentagon says airstrike kills Al Qaeda operative in Syria

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-18

An airstrike by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria has killed Sanafi al-Nasr, leader of an Al Qaeda offshoot called the Khorasan Group and primary coordinator for moving money and fighters to...

Death toll at 27 in Al Qaeda-linked attack on Burkina Faso hotel

Los Angeles Times – 2016-01-17

An attack by gunmen on a luxury Burkina Faso hotel and restaurant popular with foreigners left 27 people dead, including four attackers, as an Al Qaeda affiliate staked out turf in the region,...

Bomb suspect praised Al Qaeda leader Anwar Awlaki in handwritten notes

Los Angeles Times – 2016-09-21

Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man suspected of planting a series of bombs in New York and New Jersey over the weekend, praised Anwar Awlaki in handwritten notes found on his person after he was wounded in a...

Al Qaeda leader killed by airstrike in Afghanistan, U.S. says

Los Angeles Times – 2016-11-05

The Defense Department says an airstrike in Afghanistan last month killed Al Qaeda's top leader in the eastern part of the country. Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook issued a written statement...

US targets Al-Qaeda in second day of Yemen strikes

Yahoo! News – 2017-03-04

US warplanes pounded Al-Qaeda targets in Yemen for a second straight day Friday, killing eight militants, security and tribal sources said, as Washington steps up its air war against the jihadists. ...

Ex-Qaeda affiliate in Syria claims Damascus bombings

Yahoo! News – 2017-03-12

Syria's former Al-Qaeda affiliate Fateh al-Sham Front on Sunday said in a statement it was behind twin bombings targeting Shiite pilgrims in the centre of Damascus that killed 74 people. "On...

Pentagon denies striking mosque in Syria, says it killed al Qaeda militants

Yahoo! News – 2017-03-18

By Idrees Ali and Phil Stewart WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon on Friday denied accusations by a Syrian rebel group that the United States had targeted a mosque in Syria and, in a rare move,...

Qaeda claims suicide bombing in south Yemen

Yahoo! News – 2017-04-01

Al-Qaeda on Friday claimed responsibility for a recent deadly attack on a government building in southern Yemen, which involved a suicide bombing. Al-Qaeda's Ansar al-Shariah arm in a statement...

Man who ran Silicon Valley hub for Al Qaeda terror operatives has U.S. citizenship revoked

Los Angeles Times – 2017-04-21

A Silicon Valley man who ran an Al Qaeda communications hub from his Santa Clara apartment has had his U.S. citizenship revoked by a federal judge. Khaled Abu Dahab, 57, an Egyptian-born naturalized...

Drone kills two Qaeda suspects in Yemen

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-02

A drone strike likely to have been carried out by the United States killed two suspected Al-Qaeda members in southern Yemen, a security official said on Sunday. One of the suspects was identified as...

Kashmiri militant named head of new Al-Qaeda-linked group

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-27

A prominent young Kashmiri militant has been named as the head of a new Al-Qaeda-linked group in the disputed Himalayan territory, a move described by Indian police Thursday as an "ideological shift"...

On 9/11 anniversary, Al-Qaeda rebounding as a threat: experts

Yahoo! News – 2017-09-12

Al-Qaeda is on the rise again in the shadow of the Islamic State group in Syria, 16 years after the jihadists shocked the United States in the September 11, 2001 attacks, experts said Monday. "ISIS...

Hamza bin Laden: the heir to Al-Qaeda?

Yahoo! News – 2017-09-19

A photo montage published by Al-Qaeda to mark the 16th anniversary of 9/11 shows the face of Osama bin Laden in the flames of the Twin Towers. At his side is his son Hamza, the "crown prince of...

Russia Accuses U.S. of Working With Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Yahoo! News – 2017-09-21

The U.S. has designated the Al-Qaeda affiliated a "terrorist" group, despite its attempts to rebrand. However Russia has repeatedly accused Washington of sparing its militants.

Head of Syria ex-Qaeda group 'critical' after Russia strike

Yahoo! News – 2017-10-04

Defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said the strike was the result of a special operation to avenge an attack on Russian military police in the so-called Idlib de-escalation zone in Syria on...

Trove of Bin Laden documents reveal Iran's secret dealings with al-Qaeda

Yahoo! News – 2017-11-02

A newly released trove of documents recovered from Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound have revealed “secret dealings” between Iran and al-Qaeda.  Nearly half a million files found on the...

Top al-Qaeda leader killed in eastern Afghanistan

Yahoo! News – 2017-12-05

A top leader of militant group al-Qaeda was killed along with 80 people in a joint military operation by Afghan army, intelligence and NATO-led forces, the South Asian nation's intelligence service...

Pentagon confirms Qaeda higher-up killed in Libya strike

Yahoo! News – 2018-03-29

A senior Al-Qaeda operative and another jihadist were killed in a US air strike in Libya, the Pentagon confirmed Wednesday. The March 24 strike near Ubari in southern Libya killed "two Al-Qaeda...

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