Publishers Commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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Pinterest Drives More Traffic to Publishers Than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit Combined

Editor & Publisher – 2013-10-16

When it comes to referral traffic from social networks, there's Facebook and Pinterest — and then there's everyone else. Facebook accounted for more than 10%...

Pragmatic Publishers Move Beyond the Great Paywall Debate

Digiday – 2013-10-17

The paywall is growing up. When the Times rolled out its "leaky paywall" in 2011 -- the Times prefers to talk of meters rather than paywalls -- many critics lambasted the approach. But now, the...

Publishers need to know their readers to survive in digital era

Reuters – 2013-10-17

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Publishers need to get to know their readers and find out what they want if they are to halt the loss of market share to online powerhouses such as Amazon, industry figures say.

NewsCred Turns Brands And Marketers Into Publishers With NewsRoom

Fast Company – 2013-10-17

Although big media brands like The New York Times and The Economist aren't going away anytime soon, the online publishing industry increasingly includes brands, marketers, and independent...

Iranian Publishers Hope for Change Under New Regime

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-10-17

Under the Iran's new government, the publishing industry promises to be more open and has produced its first ever Persian translation catalog.

Flipboard says that it really wants to help publishers, not take advantage of them

GigaOM – 2013-10-19

Some publishers seem to feel that Flipboard's business model is based on taking advantage of their free content, but the company argues that what it really wants to do is help them stay in business

The New Mobile Reality for Advertisers & Publishers

Editor & Publisher – 2013-10-18

It's a freight train, and it's coming fast. A recent comic strip from Adexchanger sums up quite well the growth in mobile, and how it's affecting publishers and advertisers...

How Publishers Hope to Close the Mobile Revenue Gap

Digiday – 2013-10-22

Mobile is rising fast as a traffic source, with publishers reporting anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent of their overall traffic coming from mobile. The problem is mobile ad rates are still a...

How Publishers Measure Native Ads

Digiday – 2013-10-23

Publishers still aren't sure how to measure the effectiveness of native ads. Some say pageviews are the answer. Others say the proof is in engagement. At the Digiday Publishing Summit this week, we...

Publishers, Agencies Say Native Ads Should Look More Like Editorial, Not Less

Advertising Age – 2013-10-23

The American Magazine Media Conference wasted little time Tuesday delving into one of the ad world's most buzz-worthy and controversial topics: native advertising, the sponsored posts designed to get...

Press regulation: publishers seek judicial review of royal charter decision

Guardian – 2013-10-25

Newspaper Publishers Association wants high court to quash government's decision to proceed with parliament's preferred systemA group of national newspaper publishers have launched a legal challenge...

Publishers Confront Digital at Conference: 'Magazines Are the Original Native Ads'

Advertising Age – 2013-10-24

Joe Ripp, the newly installed CEO at Time Inc., has spent the first eight weeks on the job firing up his troops for the company's spinoff from Time Warner next year. On Wednesday, he seemed intent on...

How Publishers Keep You Lingering Longer

Digiday – 2013-10-25

Publishers are no longer just battling for eyeballs. They’re fighting lower attention spans. Digiday spoke with several top outlets to find out what they're doing to get people to spend more time...

Publishers’ Revenues From Audience Extension Poised to Double in 2014

Digiday – 2013-10-25

Online publishers who use audience extension expect their revenues from this practice to at least double in 2014. And, more than half of digital ad buyers (54 percent) plan to spend more on the...

5 Digital Distribution Tactics for Startups and Publishers

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-10-28

Ann Kubek of INscribe Digital offers five ways independent players, with fewer resources than large conglomerates, can keep up in the race to reach new audiences.

Publishers Weekly: Best New Books for the Week of October 28, 2013

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-28

First published in Publishers Weekly This week, one of the best novels of 2013, the life of Johnny Cash, and the history of America in 101 objects. Copyright (c) 2013 PWxyz, LLC, Publishers...

Google Hides Search Terms From Publishers, Marketers

Advertising Age – 2013-10-28

When you're Google, subtle shifts have a big impact. That was the case last month, when the search giant announced it would stop telling publishers -- or anyone else -- what search keywords are...

Gawker Media Invites Publishers onto Its Kinja Platform

Folio Magazine – 2013-10-28

Gawker Media is welcoming more than just readers into its Kinja ad-free community; now publishers are signing up and distributing content on the open commenting and blogging platform.

comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE) Has Strong Adoption Among Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers in Canada

CNW – 2013-10-30

Established Campaign Ratings Solution in Canada Currently Measures Approximately 12x as Many Impressions as Nearest Competitor TORONTO, Oct. 30, 2013 /CNW/ - comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a lead...

Google Plus Remains an Afterthought for Publishers

Digiday – 2013-10-31

A recent study by Shareaholic found that Google Plus generated just .04 percent of traffic referrals in September. Facebook, by comparison, drove 10.37 percent. Gigya, an analytics company, found...

Publishers are under no pressure to set up a new press regulator

Guardian – 2013-10-31

What happens now about press regulation? Answer, according to the deputy prime minister: not a lot.Nick Clegg is reported to have said on LBC radio: "It was always up to the press. It is entirely...

IAB: 72% of Publishers Are Now Using Programmatic Ad Technologies

Advertising Age – 2013-11-04

Publishers have long held the line against so-called "programmatic" ad-buying technologies for fear they would drive down the price of ads.But that's changed. Now that 85% of online advertisers are...

Study: Programmatic Strategies Adopted by 85 Percent of Advertisers and 72 Percent of Publishers

Folio Magazine – 2013-11-05

 Programmatic buying is exploding according to a recent IAB and Winterberry Group study. However, the study also shows that some hurdles are slowing adoption rates.

98 British publishers folded last year due to e-books, discounts

Los Angeles Times – 2013-11-05

Closures were up 42% over the previous year, according to the Guardian. The companies that folded included the 26-year-old healthcare publisher Panos London and Evans Brothers.Ninety-eight British...

Foreign Publishers in Brazil Still Optimistic Despite Slowdown

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-11-06

Exchange rate swings and the expectation of lower GDP growth have shaken businesses, including publishing. But foreign investors remain optimistic in Brazil's potential.

Publishers lodge appeal over ruling against judicial review of royal charter

Guardian – 2013-11-06

Industry takes case to court of appeal after high court rejected its application for an emergency injunction over new press regulatorNewspaper and magazine publishers have lodged an appeal against...

What’s Driving UK Publishers Out of Business?

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-11-08

Nearly 100 UK publishers went out of business over the past year — a 42% increase, over the year before — and several factors are to blame.

Music Publishers Take Action Against Lyrics Sites

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-11-12

The National Music Publishers' Association took aim at lyrics websites such as RapGenius this week, serving takedown notices for unlicensed lyrics sites in what they claim is "an...

How Publishers Can Win in the Programmatic Era

Digiday – 2013-11-12

Audience Accelerator and Digiday will present a no holds barred conversation on buyer and seller practices and the perceptions surrounding audience extension. This post presented by Audience...

Publishers Get Traffic Boost From Twitter Photos

Digiday – 2013-11-13

By using images in tweets, publications like The Atlantic, Grantland, Slate and Wired are turning tweets into the kind of story previews readers already see on Facebook, the front page of a newspaper...

Rap Genius Already Hugging It Out With Music Publishers

AllThingsD – 2013-11-14

Turns out Sony and Silicon Valley's favorite lyric site were already working together. Rest of the industry should follow ...

Are Video Publishers Playing Hide-and-Seek With Your Ads?

Advertising Age – 2013-11-14

Matt TimothyThere's an old saying: You get what you pay for. But unfortunately, when it comes to your video ad placements, that old adage may not always hold true. Many video publishers, under...

Ad Tech's Master Builder Iponweb Expands to Agencies, Marketers, Publishers

Advertising Age – 2013-11-18

When Boris Mouzykantskii walked into Advertising Age's offices in Midtown Manhattan recently, he was a bit bewildered."I still don't know what I'm supposed and not supposed to say," he said. The...

HarperCollins UK boss tells publishers: take storytelling back from digital rivals

Guardian – 2013-11-20

Charlie Redmayne warns that publishers must take their space back by going beyond ebooks to apps, games and videoIt seems a safe bet that few people in the book world have marched in the scarlet...

Magazine publishers celebrate centenary - with a magazine of course

Guardian – 2013-11-20

The trade body for magazine owners, the Professional Publishers' Association (PPA), has produced a limited edition magazine to mark its centenary year.PPA 100, which will be distributed to guests at...

Advertisers Seem to Care More Than Publishers About Seeing Ads

AdWeek – 2013-11-21

Advertisers have been pushing for the online ad industry to address ad viewability for the past several years. It's a reasonable goal, as brands would like to make sure people can actually see...

Traditional Publishers Are Struggling as Buying Goes Automated

Editor & Publisher – 2013-11-20

No one expected publishing companies’ digital revenue to catch up to print overnight, but what does it say when that revenue stream at The New York Times Co., Tribune Co. and Time Inc. is...

How Have Publishers Responded to the Demise of Google Reader?

Editor & Publisher – 2013-11-20

When Google announced in March that it was “sunsetting” its RSS newsreader service Google Reader, writes Robert Andrews, echoes rang out from hundreds of aghast...

FutureBook: libraries and publishers talk joint ventures

The Bookseller – 2013-11-21

Collaboration between libraries and publishers in the only way forwards, panellists argued at The...

Ebooks need more attention from their publishers

The Guardian – 2013-11-21

The industry is supposedly embracing a digital future, but too scant attention is too often paid to the basics of organising ebooksThe bright hopes of digital publishing are gathered in London for...

Premium Publishers See Hope in 'Native' Sponsorships

Editor & Publisher – 2013-11-21

Ad spending on sponsorships is growing faster than expected, as more premium publishers focus on selling customized, “native” digital executions, according to new figures from...

Facebook Drives Massive New Surge Of Traffic To Publishers

Editor & Publisher – 2013-11-21

Facebook has sent unprecedented levels of traffic to publishers across the internet in recent months, a dramatic and unexpected increase affecting a large range of sites serving a wide variety of...

Will US Publishers Risk Dealing with a Russian Ebook Service?

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-11-22

Bookmate, a Russian ebook subscription service, wants to attract English language publishers to its platform to cater to developing markets.

Freelance writers file proposed U.S. settlement with publishers

Reuters – 2013-11-23

NEW YORK, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Freelance writers seeking compensation from publishers for the reprinting of their work in online databases without permission asked a court on Friday to approve a...

Hacked Off warns local paper publishers not to join new regulator

The Guardian – 2013-11-26

A battle for the hearts, minds and pockets of small and medium-sized newspaper publishers is being fought over the new system of press regulation.The large publishing companies who created the...

Publishers get together for Movember fundraiser

The Bookseller – 2013-11-27

Staff from Simon & Schuster, Pan Macmillan and Red Lemon Press are calling on employees from...

Yelland backs royal charter and attacks 'flawed' publishers' regulator

The Guardian – 2013-11-29

Former Sun editor David Yelland is sure to be unpopular with his old boss, and virtually every serving newspaper editor, by calling for the press to be regulated through the royal charter rather than...

A Facebook Tweak Gives Publishers a Traffic Boost

Digiday – 2013-12-02

Facebook has altered its newsfeed algorithm, which is turning out to be great news for online publishers. Major sites say the social network has driven more referrals in the past month than ever...

Publishers offer online advent calendars

The Bookseller – 2013-12-02

Publishers have launched online advent calendars offering readers prizes in the countdown to...

Shrinking pains: Blip upsets publishers by deleting countless videos

GigaOM – 2013-12-03

Online video service Blip is trying to scale down from 900,000 publishers to just a few thousand serialized shows. That process is anything but painless.

Why Facebook Is Wooing Publishers

Digiday – 2013-12-03

Facebook says it wants to continue sending traffic to publishers, citing how news stories perform well in the News Feed. Facebook said it would start showing more links to news stories in particular...

Publishers, Book Fair Help Revive Cambodia’s Love of Reading

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-12-04

Under the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia's reading culture was destroyed, but over the past five years it has returned with the help of a revitalized publishing industry.

Amazon reveals quarter of Kindle ebook sales in US were for indie publishers

The Guardian – 2013-12-05

Figures from world's biggest bookseller trumpeted as sign of how self-publishing and smaller labels are changing the industryAs many as a quarter of the top 100 Kindle books on are from...

Ipso becomes a facto as 90% of publishers leap aboard their own train

The Guardian – 2013-12-05

I can't repeat my Ipso facto joke yet again. But there, I just did. The announcement that almost all of the major publishers have signed up to fund the Independent Press Standards Organisation, and...

Japan's publishers protest over secrecy threat

The Bookseller – 2013-12-05

Japan’s new “authoritarian” Designated Secrets Bill will have dire consequences...

Like This if You Like Pandas! Facebook Says Publishers Shouldn't Fret About News Feed Changes.

AllThingsD – 2013-12-06

The guy who runs Facebook's most valuable real estate explains why the company just changed its rules.

Pocket Reveals Top Stories, Publishers of 2013

Folio Magazine – 2013-12-12

The save-it-for-later software service Pocket has released a list of the "best" content from 2013. Pocket's 10 million users saved more than 450 million items (from articles and videos to...

Game publishers vow to help YouTubers fight rogue copyright assault

The Guardian – 2013-12-12

YouTube gaming videos inundated by copyright claim clampdown after Google enabled new automated copyright infringement video scanner. By Samuel GibbsSamuel Gibbs

How Rising Paywalls Are Already Paying Off for Publishers

Business Week – 2013-12-13

An Online Publishers Association study says online subscriptions don't cannibalize print demand and that publishers can charge higher advertising rates when readers pay for content

When will publishers wake up to the challenge of Amazon?

The Guardian – 2013-12-13

The books industry still underestimates the disruptive power of Jeff Bezos's awesome ambitionSo Amazon are the bad guys, again. At least according to Harper's Magazine they are. For the former Amazon...

Reddit Draws Readers, Authors, Publishers

Publishers Weekly – 2013-12-13

For anyone struggling with choosing the perfect literary present this holiday season, there’s a large, vocal, and opinionated group that just might be able to help: the more than one million...

“The Majority Do Not Know What Publishers Actually Do”

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-12-16

The 2013 PA International Conference in London lamented the general lack of appreciation for the role of publishers and lauded the revival of indie booksellers.

EDICOLA ITALIANA is the Italian Publishers’ Platform of the Sale of Digital Newspapers and Magazines.

Editor & Publisher – 2013-12-16

Consorzio Edicola Italiana has entered into an exclusive agreement with Premium Store, a Digital Magics startup company. The scope of this agreement is the  development...

Publishers’ Big Hits: 2013

Digiday – 2013-12-17

Execs at Huffington Post, Washington Post, BuzzFeed and Dow Jones tell Digiday what was the best mobile, native, branded content, video and social media they saw in 2013.The post Publishers’...

Compliance audits increase as software publishers crack down on licensing

Betanews – 2013-12-17

A report by IT and software asset management specialist Express Metrix shows that over the last two years software publishers are conducting more and more compliance audits, with 53 percent of those...

For Publishers, User-Generated Content is The New Opportunity

Folio Magazine – 2013-12-19

Buzzfeed, Gawker and Forbes are three publishers leading the way with UGC.

Ebyline Launches Pitch Board to Better Connect Seasoned Freelancers and Publishers

Editor & Publisher – 2013-12-19

It can be hard out there for a freelancer. The avalanche of emails, stiff competition, low pay and ignored invoices all make it a real challenge. That’s why Ebyline, a conduit between...

The publishers' year: hits and misses of 2013

The Guardian – 2013-12-20

Publishers choose their books of the year, and the ones that got awayRobin Robertson Deputy publishing director, Jonathan CapeThe book that made my year: Many years ago, I was sitting in Blake's bar...

'Shelf-help' books set to fill publishers' coffers in 2014

The Guardian – 2013-12-29

New 'intellectually credible' self-improvement books set to outsell celebrity biographies in 2014Sir Alex Ferguson may have the coveted Christmas number one spot with the record-breaking sales of his...

Publishers, libraries poke fun at the cold

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-01-08

The publisher Consortium Books posts its own video of hot water being tossed in the air in frigid weather, while a library recommends keeping a book at hand when it's cold outside.

Media Advisory - Turning Digital Into Dollars: CJF J-Talk features Canada's top publishers on what's working for their news outlets

CNW – 2014-01-08

TORONTO, Jan. 8, 2014 /CNW/ - Traditional newspaper outlets are throwing up paywalls, pouring resources into digital, and increasing the amount of sponsored content—all in an effort to find a...

Should Major Publishers Change Their Core Mission?

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-01-13

Self-publishing sees traditional publishing as in denial about what readers want. But the problem isn't self-abnegation, it's capacity and mission.

Why Publishers Are Enlisting Programmatic Ad Chiefs

Digiday – 2014-01-14

A new senior role is rapidly emerging at the top of digital publishers’ sales organizations: the programmatic czar. Publishers initially approached programmatic advertising warily, concerned it...

Skimping on Fees and Avoiding Journalists: Are Publishers Doing Native on the Cheap?

Editor & Publisher – 2014-01-15

From publishers to creative agencies to writer networks, many seem to be making money from native advertising. But one group that doesn’t always share equally in the booty is journalists....

Southern Newspaper Publishers Association Launches Mentorship Program

Editor & Publisher – 2014-01-17

The SNPA Foundation is launching a new "two-way" mentorship program called Nex Gen this month that will pair young newspaper professionals with experienced industry experts in a structured...

Publishers to Ezra Klein: Good Luck! You’ll Need it!

Digiday – 2014-01-22

In another era, it would have been unfathomable for a journalist as young as Klein, 29, to leave a venerated publication like the Post in order to strike out on his own. But Klein is just the latest...

Google Launches AdSense Direct with Small Publishers in Mind

Folio Magazine – 2014-01-22

On Tuesday, Jan. 21 Google introduced AdSense Direct, an ad solution for publishers looking to initiate their own direct ad sales. Publishers will need to establish their own deals with advertisers,...

Why Related Links Are Getting So Racy and What Publishers Can Do About It

Advertising Age – 2014-01-22

The related links section of a news website can often be its most confounding. It's not unusual, for instance, to read through a well thought out, deeply reported article only to find a "Hot Hockey...

New Boutique Publishers Return to the “Essence” of Publishing

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-01-28

France's Allary Éditions and Sweden's Haute Culture Books promise a return to the 'essence' of publishing, producing books with greater care and exuberance.

Exprima Talks: Finitiv Offers Revenue Channel for Professional Publishers

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-01-30

Finitiv president Andrew Brenneman describes why his subscription platform for professional publishers might solve the question we're all asking: how do we generate more revenue?

Why Publishers Need to Embrace Automated Ad Selling

Digiday – 2014-01-30

The president of The Media Kitchen sees private marketplaces gaining traction with top publishers, and that's a good thing.The post Why Publishers Need to Embrace Automated Ad Selling appeared first...

Publishers enjoy surging e-book export sales

The Bookseller – 2014-01-31

UK publishers are reporting strengthening international e-book sales across 2013, with good...

Publishers advertise for chair of new press regulator

The Guardian – 2014-02-03

Wanted: someone unconnected with the newspaper and magazine publishing industry willing to take on the burden of chairing a new press regulator for £150,000 a year.Applicants are being invited for...

Can Textbook Nationalization Curb “Profiteering Publishers”?

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-02-04

Hungary nationalized primary school textbook production to thwart what are viewed as 'profiteering publishers'; Poland and South Africa are considering similar changes.

Should The Washington Post, The New York Times, and other Top Publishers Pool Their Video in a Consortium?

Editor & Publisher – 2014-02-06

Interested in the business of high-quality web video? There’s a lot of good stuff from Washington Post video GM Steven Schiffman in this Beet.TV interview about the Post’s...

Canadian agency expects lower e-book prices after publishers deal

Reuters – 2014-02-07

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's business competition watchdog said on Friday it has reached an agreement with four major e-book publishers that it expects will lower e-book prices in the country.

When Publishers Pay for Video Ad Views

Digiday – 2014-02-10

Quality video ad inventory is still scarce. That's why companies such as Conde Nast, Meredith, AOL, and are eager to generate as many video views as they possible can, and why they...

Publishers Want to Bring Binge Consumption to Books

The Atlantic Wire – 2014-02-11

Binge-watching came, saw, and conquered television. Now, the binge is coming to a library near you, as book publishers are looking to make "binge-reading" a thing.    

Publishers Support, Engage, And Immerse Themselves into The Communities They Serve.

Publishing Executive – 2014-02-02

By Ellen Harvey The word "community" is used a lot in the magazine business these days. Publishers strive to generate...

What is Google Newsstand and How Can Publishers Make the Most of It?

Editor & Publisher – 2014-02-12

Google’s Android is now the most popular smartphone operating system in the UK – so publishers can no longer just talk about iPhone and iPad apps. But despite its increasing...

Premium Publishers Are Getting Victimized By Traffic Fraud, Too

Advertising Age – 2014-02-12

In a past life, Michael Tiffany fought cyber crime for financial institutions. Then he notice the same techniques were being used to defraud the advertising industry.The problem was big enough to...

Independent publishers evolve to survive - and thrive

The Bookseller – 2014-02-14

Following a month of upheaval in the independent sector, publishers have told The Bookseller that...

Will the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger Hurt Publishers?

Digiday – 2014-02-14

Critics of the merger worry Comcast will have unmatched bargaining power in dealing with media companies, essentially turning Comcast into a gatekeeper able to toll digital media companies for faster...

Facebook Withdrawal: Viral Publishers See Traffic Plunge

Digiday – 2014-02-14

Publishers that rely on Facebook to drive large portions of their traffic are at constant risk of having the rug pulled out from under their feet. A recent algorithm tweak may have done just that....

Canadian Publishers Adapting to Lower Loon

Publishers Weekly – 2014-02-14

Publishers and consumers in Canada who had become accustomed to a Canadian dollar at par with the American dollar are adjusting to what appears to be the new reality: a Canadian dollar hovering...

These top publishers are still mobile Web holdouts

Digiday – 2014-02-18

The mobile Web experience has improved significantly over the past few years as publishers have come to the realization that this smartphone and tablet thing isn't going away. But there are still...

German publishers join collecting society to collect money from Google

PC World – 2014-02-18

Twelve German online news publishers have taken a 50 percent stake in collecting society VG Media, with the aim of receiving compensation from search engines that republish parts of news...

Steam's Linux game count explodes in one year, big publishers still absent

PC World – 2014-02-20

Since Valve released the first stable version of Steam for Linux a year ago, the number of Linux-supported games has grown more than fivefold.Valve's digital game distribution service now hosts 333...

Wake-Up Publishers, and Look Beyond Circulations

Editor & Publisher – 2014-02-20

In a world where consumers are increasingly consuming content on mobile devices, and print readerships continue to decline, it's clear the whole concept of media ABCs is antiquated. Although...

Do publishers need a WhatsApp strategy?

Digiday – 2014-02-21

WhatsApp, Facebook's bold $19 billion acquisition, may be best known as a cross-platform instant messaging service for smartphones. But it could become an invaluable distribution tool for...

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