Physical book sales slump £12m in October

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Publishers look to digital as physical sales slump £100m in 2011

The Bookseller – 2012-01-05

Strong e-book sales over the festive period compensated for the decline in physical sales,...

Don't write off physical too early, trade warned

The Bookseller – 2011-09-30

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Fri, 30/09/2011 - 08:55 Publishers should not be too quick to write off physical products and should encourage competition between a number of digital...

Physical book sales slump 4% month-on-month

The Bookseller – 2011-09-05

Written By: Philip Stone Publication Date: Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:05 Spending on printed books slumped 4% in August, with sales plummeting to a seven-year low for the month, according to Nielsen...

Publishers "lax" on physical quality of books - Daunt

The Bookseller – 2011-08-15

Written By: Lisa Campbell Publication Date: Mon, 15/08/2011 - 15:49 Waterstone’s m.d. James Daunt has accused publishers of being “lax” in not paying enough attention to the physical quality of...

Physical bookshops frustrated with Pottermore

The Bookseller – 2011-06-23

Written By: Graeme Neill and Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Thu, 23/06/2011 - 16:34 Retailers have criticised J K Rowling's decision to sell the Harry Potter e-books directly through the...

For B&N E-books Outsell Physical Books Three to One

PC World – 2011-06-22

Barnes & Noble on Tuesday said it sold three times as many digital books through its website compared to physical books during the fourth fiscal quarter.

Number of US physical books printed increases despite digital

The Bookseller – 2011-05-18

Written By: Philip Jones Publication Date: Wed, 18/05/2011 - 15:57 Traditional US print book output in 2010 increased 5% in 2010, despite the huge growth in e-books, though there was a continuing...

Kindle sales reaching 80% of physical sales, DBW told

The Bookseller – 2011-01-27

Written By: Gayle Feldman Kindle sales of a book could be as much as 80% of its physical sales, Amazon's head of Kindle content told Digital Book World. Russ Grandinetti's speech, 'To Help...

Over a third of students ‘not interested’ in physical books

The Bookseller – 2012-02-16

Students are split on the necessity of physical textbooks in a digital world, but a majority of...

B&N "won't bring physical stores to UK"

The Bookseller – 2012-03-20

Barnes & Noble has said it will expand its digital business internationally but will not...

Tablet Adoption Lowers Reading of Physical Books, Newspapers, Survey Shows

PC World – 2012-07-04

More than half of tablet adopters are reading books and other media on their tablet screens instead of relying on paper.

Europe sues to continue taxing digital content higher than physical

GigaOM – 2012-07-05

When is a book not a book? When it comes to European tax law. The continent is acting against two countries that reduced e-book tax to physical rates, in a sorry and technocratic action.

Digital takes £50m bite from physical in 2012

The Bookseller – 2012-07-06

E-books, plus the consumer downturn, have taken a £50m bite out of the print book market...

Digital sales up, physical down for B&N  

The Bookseller – 2012-11-29

Barnes & Noble has grown Nook digital content sales by 38% year-on-year in its second quarter...

New (physical) book chronicles the virtual

Stuff – 2012-12-05

We question. We research. We catalogue. We quantify. We aggregate, calculate, communicate, analyse, extrapolate and conclude. And eventually, if we're fortunate and thoughtful, we understand.

Children still prefer reading physical books, finds Scholastic

The Bookseller – 2013-01-16

The number of children who have read an e-book has almost doubled since 2010 but children still...

Is a Digital Book as Devout as a Physical Copy?

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-04-26

The devout of all faiths adore their books. They mark their most cherished passages and pass them on to the next generation. Can the same ever be said for a digital edition?

Amazon offers physical bookstores a cut of Kindle e-book sales, and just enough rope

Engadget – 2013-11-06

Just as Kobo has cozied up to physical booksellers, so too does Amazon have a plan to smother them in e-ink kisses. Under the company's new "Amazon Source" program, any independent bookstore that...

Report to EC calls for full VAT on physical books

The Bookseller – 2014-05-29

Reduced or zero rates of VAT should be removed from physical books to create a single rate across...

Physical Audiobooks Prove a Surprise for Stores

Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-13

Despite the encroachment of digital downloads, sales of physical audiobooks remain resilient, with Nielsen BookScan reporting that units were up 6% through the first five months of 2014 compared to...

Germany sees physical sales boost

The Bookseller – 2014-06-13

Germany’s overall book sales rose slightly (0.2%) in 2013 to €9.54bn (£7.7bn),...

Scott Brown Ad Focuses On Physical Abuse

The Huffington Post – 2014-06-18

Scott Brown's campaign for senator from New Hampshire released a new ad Wednesday focusing on the Republican's family experience with physical abuse. "We moved a lot, our mom was married and...

US book publishers now make more money from online sales than physical stores

Engadget – 2014-06-30

Brick-and-mortar book stores have clearly been on the decline for a while -- just look at Barnes & Noble's rocky finances. However, there's now some tangible evidence that the pendulum has swung...

Amazon launches physical book sales in Brazil

San Jose Mercury News – 2014-08-21

Online retailer Amazon has started selling physical books in Brazil, two years after it began selling books in digital format in Latin America's biggest country.

Chegg Exiting Physical Textbook Biz

Publishers Weekly – 2015-02-24

Under a new multi-year agreement with Ingram, Chegg, which has developed a number of services for college students, will continue to market textbooks under its brand, but will close its warehouse...

Managing the Decline of Physical Audio

Publishers Weekly – 2015-04-24

The death knell for CDs has not quite sounded yet, but sales from late 2014 and early 2015 indicate that a move away from the format may be quickening.

Future Artefacts fair seeks to show physical media far from dead

The Guardian – 2015-08-02

Ben Freeman, organiser of London event, says: ‘Everyone realises the internet hasn’t killed the record industry or the publishing industry – just changed it’A fair celebrating the future of...

Canadian Publishing 2015: PRH Canada’s Physical Consolidation Makes The Merger Complete

Publishers Weekly – 2015-09-18

This summer, two years after the merger of Penguin Canada and Random House of Canada was finalized in July 2013, more than 200 employees left the publishers’ longtime separate headquarters and...

USC gets physical in 27-21 victory over California

Los Angeles Times – 2015-11-01

USC tailback Tre Madden ran headlong into a pile of California defensive players, and for a moment all of the Trojans' optimism felt like it was sucked out of Strawberry Canyon. It was third down,...

Amazon to open its first-ever physical book store in Seattle

Reuters – 2015-11-03

(Reuters) - Inc is set to open its first physical book store in Seattle on Tuesday, the company said.

Inside Amazon's First Physical Bookstore

Publishers Weekly – 2015-11-04

On Tuesday, Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world, did something it has never done: it sold a book to a customer face-to-face. Despite appearances Amazon Books, the company's first branded...

Amazon opens first physical bookstore

Yahoo! News – 2015-11-03

US online giant Amazon, which has led the bookselling industry's shift to the Internet, opens its first physical bookstore on Tuesday. "These aren't metaphorical doors: these real,...

Lynn Aldrich transforms the physical in 'Velvet Painting: Ascension'

Los Angeles Times – 2015-11-07

Lynn Aldrich's "Velvet Painting: Ascension" is at once a sly joke and a gorgeous reverie. Not a painting at all, the 2015 piece, at Edward Cella, is really an assemblage that mimics the format of a...

In An Ode To Physical Objects, Photographer Captures Everything We Touch In A Day

The Huffington Post – 2015-11-23

Your fluffy duvet, your raucous alarm, your partner’s lovingly worn-in T-shirt. The first thing you touch when you wake up in the morning can indicate more than you might think about your life....

Matt Barnes suspended for physical altercation with Derek Fisher

Los Angeles Times – 2015-12-28

Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes was suspended for two games without pay by the NBA on Monday for his physical altercation with New York Knicks Coach Derek Fisher in October.  Barnes confronted...

Kings hold off Ducks, 3-2, in a physical matchup

Los Angeles Times – 2016-01-18

It was as if the Kings and Ducks were trying to make up for three months of missed time in one game. Bodies bounced off each other. Punches were thrown. A controversial no-goal call was upheld in a...

Barnes & Noble to launch 'digital-physical' store

The Bookseller – 2016-02-26

Barnes and Noble has revealed plans to launch a new "prototype" store later this year, a US conference has heard.

Amazon policy chief says physical bookshops are 'natural growth’

The Bookseller – 2016-03-15

Amazon will see how customers respond to its Seattle bricks and mortar store before considering opening any in the UK, its vice president of global public policy has said.

See how Teatrocinema is animating a graphic novel by fusing virtual and physical worlds at REDCAT

Los Angeles Times – 2016-03-26

Imagine being transported onto the pages of a gritty, noir-esque, black-and-white graphic novel. The Chilean ensemble Teatrocinema closely replicates that experience, bringing its provocative,...

Amazon will 'definitely' open more physical stores

The Bookseller – 2016-05-19

Amazon has said it will "definitely" open more physical stores.

Barnes & Noble Bets On Physical Bookstores To Improve Profits

Publishers Weekly – 2016-06-24

New stores with cafés that serve beer and wine are part of the chain’s plans to boost its bottom line.

Amazon Opening a Physical Bookstore in Chicago

Publishers Weekly – 2016-08-26

The mega-retailer is moving forward with bricks-and-mortar stores and is planning to open a 7,200 sq. ft. store in the Windy City's Southport Corridor.

J.J. Watt passes physical to take another step to playing in Texans' opener

Los Angeles Times – 2016-09-05

J.J. Watt passed his physical on Sunday and will return to practice on Monday, a good sign that he'll be ready for the Houston Texans’ opener against the Chicago Bears on Sept. 11.  Watt missed...

Donald Trump gives Dr. Oz results from a physical, but what do they say?

Los Angeles Times – 2016-09-14

Campaign 2016 updates: Trump keeps the mystery alive on his health records with Dr. Oz appearance Sept. 14, 2016, 10:13 a.m. Donald Trump campaigns Wednesday in Ohio. Hillary Clinton is still...

Trump's doctor says he's in 'excellent physical health' but shares few new details

Los Angeles Times – 2016-09-16

Donald Trump released a one-page doctor’s letter Thursday saying he is “in excellent physical health” while pressing his case that he has more strength and stamina than Hillary Clinton. The...

Facebook encourages visits to physical retailers through customizable ads to local inventory

Los Angeles Times – 2016-09-24

The world of digital advertising might be “mobile first,” but it’s increasingly setting its sights on the physical realm.This week, Facebook introduces a new mobile ad capability that aims to...

'Reserve with Google' helps you get into better physical shape with easy fitness class bookings

Betanews – 2016-12-14

If you are anything like me, you want to get into better physical shape. While it is easy to cover up your flabby body during the colder months, before you know it, summer will be here. No one wants...

Study: 'Pokémon Go' boosts physical activity, but not for long

Engadget – 2016-12-15

It was obvious when the need to catch 'em all first hit smartphones all over the world, more people were getting out of the house more to hit Gyms and Pokéstops. According to a recent...

NBA report: Jazz center Rudy Gobert fined $25,000 for physical contact with official

Los Angeles Times – 2017-02-27

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert has been fined $25,000 for making physical contact with an official.  Kiki VanDeWeghe, NBA executive vice president of basketball operations, announced Gobert's...

Paperback fighter: sales of physical books now outperform digital titles

The Guardian – 2017-03-17

It can be cheaper to buy the physical copy of a book than a digital download thanks to changes in Amazon’s deal with publishersAt the start of this decade publishers feared the death of the...

The fall and rise of physical book sales worldwide – in data

The Guardian – 2017-03-18

The effect of ebooks on sales of paper books has not been as drastic as expected – it seems that other, more unpredictable factors have a greater influence on how and what we readNielsen, which...

Amazon's physical retail presence grows in Seattle, New York

Betanews – 2017-05-26

As Amazon runs out of ways to expand its mountain-sized market share in the online retail space, its attempts to grow its presence in the real world are continuing to materialize, with new plans...

Apple executive denies report he wanted iPhone to have physical keyboard

Stuff – 2017-06-19

Apple executive Phil Schiller was not happy when a new book on the origins of the iPhone claimed he pushed for a Blackberry-like physical keyboard on the original device.

Venmo reportedly made physical debit cards for a trial run

Engadget – 2017-06-25

Venmo is reportedly taking a leaf out of other digital payment services' book and making a physical debit card. According to Recode, the PayPal-owned mobile app created to make going Dutch with...

HarperCollins Get Global and Physical

Publishers Weekly – 2017-08-11

In a flat market, the publisher looks beyond e-books toward expanding its role in the global market and in physical distribution.

Amazon planning physical stores in Germany

The Bookseller – 2017-12-22

The announcement that Amazon is getting closer to opening physical stores in Germany has put a dampener on the Christmas spirit among many booksellers and retailers in general.

Stormy Daniels says she was threatened with physical harm if she talked about her affair with Donald Trump

Los Angeles Times – 2018-03-26

Stormy Daniels was threatened with physical harm in 2011 if she went public with her story of an alleged affair with Donald Trump, the porn actress said in an interview broadcast Sunday on “60...

London Book Fair 2018: Why Amazon’s 'Digital Roots' Will Reshape Physical Retail

Publishers Weekly – 2018-04-11

On a Christmas Eve shopping visit to the bustling Amazon Books in New York, journalist Cherie Hu realized that Amazon had flipped the table on the analog environment of traditional bookselling.

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Accused Of Physical Abuse

Yahoo! News – 2018-05-08

Four women who have been romantically involved with New York Attorney General

Startling increase in physical and sexual abuse of child immigrants by US Border Patrol, new report alleges

Yahoo! News – 2018-05-23

A new report suggests that there has been a startling increase in the number of instances where US Border Patrol officers have abused children seeking shelter in the United States from violence and...

Migrant Children Report Physical, Verbal Abuse In At Least 3 Federal Detention Centers

Yahoo! News – 2018-06-22

Migrant children as young as 11 years old have reported suffering physical and

Mike Scioscia says it's not unusual for Angels to deal with physical ailments at this point of the season

Los Angeles Times – 2018-07-25

After Albert Pujols was put on the disabled list July 13, Angels manager Mike Scioscia suggested Pujols had been playing at close to “50%.” After Nick Tropeano came off the disabled list,...

Animal rescue group says dumped pit bull died after suffering physical and sexual abuse

Yahoo! News – 2018-08-11

An animal rescue group is calling for an investigation after a pit bull who was adopted two weeks ago died from what animal advocates believe was physical and sexual abuse after being found injured...

Gwendoline Christie on Her Physical Preparation for 'Game of Thrones'

Yahoo! News – 2018-09-18

While on the Emmy Awards red carpet, Gwendoline Christie explains the physical and mental preparations necessary for "Game of Thrones."

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