Paywalls: lessons learned and competitor reaction

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Piano Media, Group Paywalls and Lessons From TV Subscriptions

Editor & Publisher – 2012-02-10

Tomáš Bella likes thinking big. The CEO of Piano Media, the Slovakian company that is building a consortium of 12 publishers and 50 sites in eastern Europe using its paywall technology,...

Paywalls: Maybe Not So Complicated After All

Editor & Publisher – 2012-01-18

Clay Shirky, a leading paywall skeptic, deserves credit for grappling with what is now generally conceded to be the clear success of The New York Times’s digital pay model. Shirky makes the...

Postmedia Network Says the Paywalls It's Introducing Will Become the Norm

Editor & Publisher – 2012-01-12

TORONTO - The head of Postmedia Network believes the newspaper chain's competitors will soon follow it towards an online pay-per-view model as the industry searches for new digital revenues to offset...

How the FT and NYT aim to make paywalls pay

Guardian – 2012-01-09

The two newspapers are working hard at converting readers to the digital paid-for modelEvery newspaper, magazine or website is working on a paywall of sorts and closely monitoring what everyone else...

Trend Report: Are paywalls the only way forward for online publishers?

Media Week – 2011-12-14

It's been 18 months since News Corp erected paywalls around The Sunday Times and The Times. Mike Fletcher assesses whether the paywall model is the future for online publishing and talks exclusively...

Gannett plans to erect paywalls as Chicago title starts charging

Guardian – 2011-12-08

Paywalls are going up at scores of US newspapers. The largest publisher, Gannett, has announced plans to charge online users from early next year.The Chicago Sun-Times and its 39 affiliated suburban...

DoubleRecall turns paywalls into advertising dollars

GigaOM – 2011-08-24

Start-up DoubleRecall is turning paywalls into branding opportunities that give consumers access to premium content on websites and mobile apps if they type out a few words from a sponsor message....

Paywalls Versus Advertising? Why Not Both?

Folio Magazine – 2011-06-10

Publishers debate the viability of paywalls at DPAC.

Paywalls still divide opinions

Editors Weblog – 2011-05-26

2010 was the year of the paywall.Trying to figure out how to transit newspapers' print businesses to the digital world, one of the big questions was: is charging online the way to go?Rupert Murdoch's...

Giller to Murdoch: pull down the paywalls

Guardian – 2011-03-11

Norman Giller, veteran sports writer and raconteur, has written an entertaining and heartfelt open letter to Rupert Murdoch to mark the mogul's 80th birthday. It's the kind of card Rupert won't want...

Paywalls & Pricing on the Menu

Media Bistro – 2011-01-24

In this encore edition of the Morning Media Menu, author and New York Times editorial board member Eduardo Porter discussed the new price of journalism--an important topic as the media world waits...

Web leaders debate the use of paywalls, Twitter and internet TV in 2011

Media Week – 2010-12-16

The success of The Times paywall has shown it is possible to achieve greater revenue with quality content than via advertising, but raises questions about the influence of such titles in the future,...

Gannett to put up paywalls at 80 titles

Guardian – 2012-02-23

Gannett, the giant US newspaper publisher that has always treated news as no more than a commodity, is building paywalls around all its American titles - except for USA Today.It is planning to employ...

Gannett Building Paywalls Around All Its Papers Except USA Today

Editor & Publisher – 2012-02-22

The vogue for digital paywalls sweeping the news business has made it all the way to the top: Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper publisher, is planning to switch over all of its 80...

Papers Put Faith in Paywalls

AllThingsD – 2012-03-05

As more newspapers close the door on free access to their websites, some publishers are still waiting for paying customers to pour in.

Google's Alternative to Paywalls: Customer Surveys

The Atlantic Wire – 2012-03-29

Google is rolling out a new product, “Google Consumer Surveys,” that lets publishers monetize content through “microsurveys” created by companies that want to carry out...

Paywalls? Journalism students say 'we won't pay'

Guardian – 2012-05-28

Former US newspaper editor John Robinson, who now teaches journalists, writes about newspapers charging for online newspaper access:"As more newspapers move to paywalls, it comes clearer to me that...

Gannett says paywalls are generating strong revenue, despite circulation declines

Poynter. – 2012-06-27

News & Tech | PR Newswire | Gannett Blog Gannett, the largest U.S. publisher with papers that have a combined weekday circulation of 4.9 million, says its digital subscription plan,...

Another US chain erects paywalls

Guardian – 2012-07-30

McClatchy, one of the largest US press groups, is to erect paywalls on all its newspaper websites. The publisher of 30 dailies, including the Miami Herald, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Kansas City...

The “hamster wheel” fallacy: Why paywalls don’t mean better journalism

GigaOM – 2012-09-15

Some proponents of newspaper paywalls -- including a columnist in the Columbia Journalism Review -- argue that charging readers for content results in better journalism than the free and...

The pros and cons of newspaper paywalls: a Twitter debate

GigaOM – 2012-12-24

A comment about a Bloomberg story on the New York Times paywall started a debate about the positive and negative effects of paywalls that included some media industry luminaries such as the former...

Why US newspaper publishers favour paywalls

Guardian – 2013-01-01

Paywalls are becoming increasingly prevalent at newspaper websites across the United States. Eleven of the country's largest-selling 20 newspapers are either charging for access or have announced...

Five ways media companies can build paywalls around people instead of content

GigaOM – 2013-02-09

Hundreds of traditional publishers have erected paywalls around their content, but there is much to be gained by focusing monetization on individuals rather than an entire newspaper. Here are a few...

Publishers Say Paywalls, Price Hikes are Working for Newspapers

Editor & Publisher – 2013-02-20

Four top publishers Tuesday reaffirmed their commitment to print and discussed revenue ideas for bolstering their products. The discussion was part of an executive roundtable at the Key Executives...

Video ad walls should replace paywalls, says Ebuzzing chief

Media Week – 2013-03-25

News International and other publishers using paywalls should replace them with web pages offering a choice of video ads, according to Pierre Chappaz, the co-founder and chief executive of European...

Paywalls help newspapers achieve decade-first rise in circulation revenues

Media Week – 2013-04-09

Circulation revenues for daily newspapers in the US increased last year for the first time in a decade, following the mass adoption of digital pay models by publishers.

Digital First Media’s John Paton on Newspapers and Paywalls

Editor & Publisher – 2013-04-09

A company with the name Digital First Media has a reputation to uphold when it comes to thinking about the future of publishing, and CEO John Paton didn’t disappoint in a recent...

News UK chief backs digital paywalls

Guardian – 2013-07-02

Mike Darcey says some organisations are sacrificing profits by staying free to view as they attempt to attract usersMike Darcey, the chief executive of Rupert Murdoch's UK publishing operation,...

Survey Finds Publishers Have Concerns Over Paywalls Being Bypassed

Editor & Publisher – 2013-10-16

Not being able to control access to content as users bypass the paywall is a major challenge facing publishers. This is according to new research carried out by MPP Global Solutions as part of its...

Paywalls Boost Ad Rates for Some Magazines and Newspapers, OPA Study Finds

Advertising Age – 2013-12-11

Online paywalls are helping some newspaper and magazine websites increase the ad rates they charge, according to a new report from the Online Publishers Association.It's a hopeful sign for publishers...

How Rising Paywalls Are Already Paying Off for Publishers

Business Week – 2013-12-13

An Online Publishers Association study says online subscriptions don't cannibalize print demand and that publishers can charge higher advertising rates when readers pay for content

Moody's: Paywalls can't save newspapers

Crains New York – 2014-09-23

Moody's Investors Service announced Monday that the outlook for the U.S. newspaper and magazine industry remains "negative" through the middle of next year—and most likely beyond. The...

The New Yorker’s Data-Driven Approach to Paywalls

Editor & Publisher – 2014-11-12

“If you publish good stuff and let people read it, they’ll subscribe.”   So says editor Nicholas Thompson, summing up the strategy behind The New...

5 ways Time Inc. is trying to make paywalls work

Digiday – 2015-05-28

Time Inc. is struggling to reverse its ad-revenue declines, so like other publishers, it’s looking to consumers to make up the difference. But hard paywalls risk loss of traffic and associated...

Martin Sorrell on newspaper digital ad slowdown: 'paywalls are the way to go'

The Guardian – 2015-10-19

WPP chief says publishers cannot rely solely on digital advertising, adding that his marketing services group is re-evaluating its spend on Google and FacebookSir Martin Sorrell has said that the...

Harper’s boss Rick MacArthur on blogging, paywalls, his editor shakeup and the future of journalism

Poynter. – 2016-06-10

Rick MacArthur is an acerbic, slightly rumpled born-to-the-manor renegade who remains publisher of Harper's Magazine long after saving it from extinction upon taking it over in 1983 as the storied...

Google drops 'first click free' policy that helped search users skip paywalls

Los Angeles Times – 2017-10-02

Google is ending "first click free," a policy loathed by publishers and media because it required them to provide a limited amount of free content before users of the world's biggest search engine...

Reporters, once set against paywalls, have warmed to them

Digiday – 2018-01-02

As publishers realize reader revenue is crucial to their survival, reporters who once opposed paywalls are starting to embrace them. The post Reporters, once set against paywalls, have warmed to them...

You Say Paywalls Are Back? For The FT, They Never Went Away

Fast Company – 2018-01-12

The pink financial paper has used online subscriptions since 2002. After decades of diminishing ad returns, fellow digital publishers are finally catching on. Late last year, the Financial Times...

More paywalls are ‘highly likely’: A Digiday+ Slack town hall with Conde Nast’s Fred Santarpia

Digiday – 2018-02-02

Fred Santarpia, Conde Nast's chief digital officer, discussed the publishing giant's paywall strategy, e-commerce plans and more. The post More paywalls are ‘highly likely’: A Digiday+ Slack...

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