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PSA: Nook Tablet can be repartitioned in-store, Android app adds comic support

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PSA: Nook Tablet can be repartitioned in-store, Android app adds comic support

Engadget – 2012-03-14

Did you take umbrage with Barnes & Noble's efforts to hoard all your Nook Tablet storage for its own content? Well, the book seller has made good on its promise to reassign a portion of your 16GB hard drive, opening up 8GB for personal content and leaving 5.5GB for Nook Shop content. As we said before, you'll need to physically take your Nook Tablet to the bricks and mortar outlets to get the storage tweak. Readers that decided to go for other Android-laced tablets have also been gifted...
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One in four Americans own an e-book reader or tablet

That's a dramatic change from just a few months ago and, perhaps not coincidentally, before new Nooks and Kindles lowered price of entry for both categories. Between December and January, the number... | Betanews – 2012-01-24

Study finds tablet, e-book ownership soared

Tablets and e-readers were a popular gift over the holidays, so much so that the number of people who own them nearly doubled between mid-December and January, a new study finds. | – 2012-01-23

Tablet and E-book reader Ownership Nearly Double Over the Holiday Gift-Giving Period

The share of adults in the United States who own tablet computers nearly doubled from 10% to 19% between mid-December and early January and the same surge in growth also applied to e-book readers,... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-01-23

Tablet and e-book reader ownership takes off

Computer tablets and e-book readers are surging in popularity with nearly a third of Americans owning at least one of the digital devices, according to a new study. | CBC – 2012-01-23

Jaroslovsky's New-Tablet Tips

Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) - It’s a few weeks since Christmas, and the novelty of that new iPad or Android tablet may be wearing off. You’ve already watched a Netflix movie, played “Angry Birds” and... | BusinessWeek – 2012-01-20

Tablet Advertising: Are Ads Run on iPad and Other Tablets More Effective?

Companies advertise for many reasons. To create or reinforce a favorable impression of their brand, for instance. But mainly they advertise to sell products. Associating advertising with sales is... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-01-19

vjoon’s Alliance with Adobe® in Tablet Publishing Pays Off for Customers

vjoon®, a leading provider of cross-media publishing platforms and a global Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) reseller, announces that vjoon customers such as Condé Nast, National... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-01-19

What To Do With “The Tablet Revolution”

In order to see where U.S. adults fell in the conversion spectrum, the Economist Group partnered with the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism to conduct a digital behavioral... | Folio Magazine – 2011-12-23

Ziff Davis Enterprise Debuts Live Digital Event for Tablet, Smartphone and Web Consumption

Ealier this month, Ziff Davis Enterprise [ZDE] completed a significant step in its OmniDigital strategy, rolled out earlier this year. | Folio Magazine – 2011-12-22

Google Currents debuts as mobile and tablet reader app that gives publishers control

Google released its Flipboard-style news reading app Thursday, called Currents, along with an online tool enabling publishers to create and customize their own “editions” for the app. Currents... | Poynter. – 2011-12-09

Retail link is key for Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire

The original Kindle, the first successful e-book reader, altered the literary habits of millions. The new Fire, colorful and powerful as it is, won’t have nearly as much impact. | – 2011-11-17

Nokia to launch Windows tablet mid-2012: report

PARIS (Reuters) - Cellphone maker Nokia plans to launch a tablet that runs on Microsoft's Windows operating system in the summer of 2012, the head of Nokia France told Les Echos newspaper in an... | Reuters – 2011-11-16

Conde Nast To Put All 18 Titles on NOOK Tablet

Conde Nast announced today that all 18 of its magazines will soon be available on the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color. Seventeen of those magazines will be available on NOOK by the end of... | Folio Magazine – 2011-11-14

E-readers Are Big Winners in Tablet Wars

As budget media tablets race to the bottom on price, e-book readers are the real winners receiving deep price cuts and improved features. | PC World – 2011-11-09

Barnes & Noble's unveils $249 Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble Inc. on Monday unveiled its new $249 Nook Tablet, an e-book reader that includes more features of a full-blown tablet than its prior offerings as the tablet wars heat up ahead of the... | – 2011-11-08

Nook Tablet coming November 16

Barnes & Noble will launch a new member of the Nook family of tablets and e-readers, the Nook Tablet, on November 16 for $249, according to leaked presentation slides published by Engadget. | CNN – 2011-11-04

News outlets look to tablet computer users for revenue

More than half of owners read news on their devices, a survey shows, though there's not much willingness to pay for content. But there may be a way.With roughly 25 million adults in America now... | Baltimore Sun – 2011-10-25

Tablet Users Are Heavy News Readers

A year and a half since the Apple iPad was introduced, a new study shows that reading news has become a big part of what people use tablets for. But publishers still have a way to go to get people to... | AdWeek – 2011-10-25

Kobo launches surprise tablet

Written By: Philip Jones Publication Date: Wed, 19/10/2011 - 14:51 Kobo has launched a tablet rival to the Kindle Fire, which it is launching in the US and Canada priced at $199. The surprise... | The Bookseller – 2011-10-19

Kobo taking aim at tablet segment

The Canadian ebook company Kobo is getting into the crowded tablet market and beating a major competitor to the punch by launching its Vox device on October 28. | CBC – 2011-10-19

Magazine execs say tablet revenue is strong

Women’s Wear Daily Editors and executives who gathered at the American Magazine Conference this week express optimism about their future on tablet devices. Hearst Magazines expects to have $10... | Poynter. – 2011-10-05

State of Maine Sees Highest Tablet Usage for Month of August

Mobile advertising network Jumptap releases a MobileSTAT Report, covering network data for the month of August. | Folio Magazine – 2011-10-05

Kindle Fire's content heats up tablet race

Amazon banking on digital trove of e-books, music, TV shows and movies to crush Apple's iPad | San Jose Mercury News – 2011-09-30

Price of Amazon tablet hailed

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Thu, 29/09/2011 - 09:35 The price of Amazon's new tablet device has been singled out as its most eye-catching feature although analysts feel it may not be... | The Bookseller – 2011-09-29

The Kindle Fire: three reasons why Amazon's new tablet could be a game-changer

The whole world is talking about the new Kindle tablet as if it were the greatest thing since the discovery of... well, fire. The television ad certainly tries to sell the Kindle Fire as if it were... | Editors Weblog – 2011-09-29

5 key questions journalists and publishers should ask about the new Amazon tablet

Amazon shows off a new touchscreen tablet today that is expected to be the first serious competitor to the iPad since Apple created the tablet market in early 2010. At 10 a.m. Wednesday in New York,... | Poynter. – 2011-09-28

Amazon launches tablet and new Kindle Touch

Written By: Philip Jones Publication Date: Wed, 28/09/2011 - 15:20 Amazon has unveiled a Kindle Touch reader, priced $99 for the wi-fi model, alongside a brand new tablet device called Kindle Fire.... | The Bookseller – 2011-09-28

Amazon launches tablet and new UK Kindle priced £89

Written By: Philip Jones Publication Date: Wed, 28/09/2011 - 15:40 Amazon has unveiled a Kindle Touch reader, alongside a brand new tablet device called Kindle Fire. It has also launched an £89... | The Bookseller – 2011-09-28

Amazon Tablet Revealed: Kindle Fire

The long awaited device that has been rumored to shake up Apple's dominance of the tablet market is here., Inc. announced early Wednesday that its 7-inch tablet product, the Kindle Fire... | Folio Magazine – 2011-09-28

Kindle Fire: Amazon's bid to challenge iPad for tablet market

Web retailer to take on Apple with launch of Android-based tablet on WednesdayAmazon is set to join the tablet wars on Wednesday as it launches a rival to Apple's best-selling iPad, a device that has... | Guardian – 2011-09-28

Amazon to release new tablet : The Kindle Fire?

The rumours have been flying, but now it looks certain that Amazon will release their new tablet, supposedly called the Kindle Fire, on September 28. This is going to be a big deal for those in the... | Editors Weblog – 2011-09-27

Most – But Not All – Big Magazine Publishers Sign On For Amazon's Tablet

Conde Nast, Hearst and Meredith are in for Wednesday's launch. Time Inc. isn't, and may not get there for a while. | AllThingsD – 2011-09-27

Firm Offers Insight into Tablet Mag Sales

Publishers have big hopes that tablet editions will help offset what have been soft sales of their ink on paper magazines. But digital magazine sales have been slow to take off. Some are testing a... | AdWeek – 2011-09-22

Publishers Eager for Amazon Tablet

It’s no secret that publishers have been frustrated with Apple and the high-handed way it’s dealt with them as they negotiate to get their content on the iPad. There’s little they can do,... | AdWeek – 2011-09-20

Amazon to enter the tablet market?

Tablets have long been touted as the saviour of newspaper publishing and an app like Flipboard, which delivers personalised magazine content to your tablet, has demonstrated much of the devices'... | Editors Weblog – 2011-09-13

Publishers Continue to Look for Tablet Relief Outside of iPad

Though magazines releasing digital editions have provided plenty of headline fodder over the past months, sales of those editions have been another story. | Folio Magazine – 2011-09-01

E-Commerce Solutions for The Tablet Transition

E-commerce is the latest trend to give publishers hope for a new way to engage with users (and to develop a new revenue stream). | Folio Magazine – 2011-08-24

Updated Nook Color shows a smart $249 tablet strategy

The Nook Color gains new magazines with enhanced interactivity, along with performance updates, in a software update today. At $249, many iPad competitors could learn from the "tablet that's not a... | GigaOM – 2011-08-24

Report: Tablet Sales to Cut Magazine Paper Use 20 Percent by 2015

Even paper-focused companies are predicting a major fall for the printed page in the coming years. | Folio Magazine – 2011-08-22

Newspaper giant developing tablet device

Hoping to take a small slice from Apple's big pie, newspaper publishers are developing tablet computers of their own. | CNN – 2011-08-09

Time Inc. Launches New Tablet Strategy

Time Inc. is making it easier for readers to access its magazines in digital form—the company announced Wednesday that it will make all 21 of its U.S. titles available on the iPad and other tablets... | AdWeek – 2011-08-03

Time Inc. to have tablet editions for all 21 of its titles by year end

Romenesko Misc. Time Inc. says it will be the first major U.S. magazine publisher to make all of its titles available on all leading tablet platforms. It also announced today an agreement with Barnes... | Poynter. – 2011-08-03

Sports Illustrated is publishing on almost every type of tablet

Mashable While some magazines are publishing on the iPad, or may be still forming tablet strategies, Sports Illustrated has committed to designing separate editions every week for nearly every type... | Poynter. – 2011-07-28

Hearst, Bonnier Agree to MediaVest Demand for Tablet Data

Today brought two steps forward for transparency when it comes to readership of tablet media. With the tablet market still in its infancy, media buyers have been reluctant to put ad dollars towards... | AdWeek – 2011-07-21

Study Says Tablet, E-Reader Users Haven’t Given Up Print

Men more likely to own tablets, women more likely to own e-readers according to GfK MRI. | Folio Magazine – 2011-06-30

Tablet owners read print newspapers, magazines less often

People who use an iPad or other tablet device read printed newspapers, books and magazines less than they used to, according to a recent study by Forrester Research. Almost one-third (32 percent) of... | Poynter. – 2011-06-30

6 reasons to consider Onswipe for tablet-friendly websites

A new product launching today, Onswipe, helps news publishers easily set up a tablet-friendly version of their websites for iPad users and will help sell premium ads on those sites. … Read more | Poynter. – 2011-06-21

Will the iPad tablet really be the cure for newspapers' ills?

Murdoch backed the Daily on iPad with $30m, but no one knows how this page-turner will endOnly a few months ago they seemed to offer salvation. As print newspapers and magazines faded, so tablets... | Guardian – 2011-06-05

Aside Magazine app runs on any tablet, shows what developers can do with HTML5

A pair of Berlin-based designers has released a prototype of what they call the world’s first HTML5 magazine for tablets. The project, called Aside Magazine, is an impressive demonstration of the... | Poynter. – 2011-05-24

Publications Seeing Impressive Tablet Engagement

Average app engagement time is 30 to 34 minutes. | Editor & Publisher – 2011-05-19

Why Nook Color tablet may find its niche

More powerful than a Kindle but less functional than an iPad, the Nook Color occupies an unusual place on the electronic bookshelf. But the middle spot has turned out to be fertile ground for Nook... | San Francisco Chronicle – 2011-05-15

OnSwipe: an appless solution for tablet publishing

When the iPad was released a year ago, it was immediately clear that the device offered enormous possibilities for news organisations and publishers in general. With Apple promoting its App Store... | Editors Weblog – 2011-05-03

WoodWing Enhances Support For Multiple Tablet Platforms

New features enable publishers to refine their tablet publications as well as their business models for tablets. | Editor & Publisher – 2011-04-28

NOOK Color Reader Looks to Become Tablet Competitor

Barnes & Noble Inc. is stepping up their e-reader offering, upping the NOOK Color experience to rival those of tablet computers like the iPad and Motorola Xoom. | Folio Magazine – 2011-04-26

With Update, Barnes & Noble's Nook Color Gets More Tablet-Like [Mobilized]

A free update is bringing the ability to install various paid and free Android apps, though only those that Barnes & Noble approves. The new software also offers improved browsing, the Froyo version... | AllThingsD – 2011-04-25

Tablet Market Expands With New Competitors

RIM and Samsung have announced release dates for their versions of the tablet computer, with the RIM Blackberry Playbook on sale on April 19th and the new Wi-Fi version of the Samsung Galaxy tablet... | Folio Magazine – 2011-03-23

Wall Street Journal claims 200,000 tablet subscribers

The Wall Street Journal has added 200,000 paying subscribers via tablets such as the iPad and Kindle, according to Les Hinton, head of the newspaper's publisher, Dow Jones.He said some 150,000 people... | Guardian – 2011-03-11

Adobe Ships Tablet Publishing Suite

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite supports tablets running Android as well as RIM PlayBook and iOS tablet devices. | PC World – 2011-03-07

Yahoo to launch tablet-based news and magazine service

The service -- dubbed 'Livestand' by Yahoo -- will initially feature popular Yahoo content such as Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports. | San Jose Mercury News – 2011-02-10

The Daily's $30 Million Launch: Archetype for Tablet Success or the Next Portfolio?

Apple kept mum on its highly anticipated digital subscription plan during a press conference today at the Guggenheim in New York City announcing News Corp.'s new tablet publication The Daily (which... | Folio Magazine – 2011-02-02

Tablet sales will hit 1m in France this year - GfK

Written By: Barbara Casassus Market research firm GfK has predicted that 1 million tactile tablets will be sold in France this year. A total of 435,000 worth 220 million euros were sold here in... | The Bookseller – 2011-01-27

Apple reveals the iPad tablet after months of hype. Is it worth the wait?

SAN FRANCISCO -- For months, the same questions have been bouncing around the computing industry: What will the Apple tablet do ? Will it redefine the laptop? Can it reinvent the publishing... | Washington Post – 2010-01-28

With Apple Tablet, Print Media Hope for a Payday

Apple is expected to market its tablet computer not just as a way to read news and books, but also as a way for companies to charge for content. | New York Times – 2010-01-27

Kobo Prepares Tablet Apps

Kobo, the newly independent incarnation of Canadian Indigo Books & Music’s e-bookstore Shortcovers, has announced that it is developing applications for Windows 7, Android and additional operating... | Publishers Wekly – 2010-01-26

The Killer App for Apple's Tablet: Gaming

This guest post is by Jeff Scott, founder and publisher of 148Apps, a blog providing fanatical coverage of everything iPhone and hopefully soon, the Apple tablet.While we still don't know the name... | Washington Post – 2010-01-24

The Media Equation: A Savior in the Form of a Tablet

Is an Apple tablet the second coming of the iPhone: a device that can do anything, including saving embattled print providers from doom? | New York Times – 2010-01-04

Rumors about Apple tablet computer ramp up

The company has declined to acknowledge that any such device exists, but that hasn't stopped growing speculation about what it might do and when it might be available. | LA Times – 2009-12-31

A few more details confirmed on Nokia's next-gen Internet Tablet

Filed under: Handhelds Last week we got a few tid-bits of information on where Nokia is heading with its next round of Internet Tablets and now we're learning a little bit more courtesy of a spy... | Engadget – 2008-09-21

Test our rivals' tablet claims, says Future as it publishes T3 data

Future is encouraging media agencies to probe the numbers its magazine publishing rivals are claiming for their tablet editions, as part of an "educational" initiative to grow the tablet advertising... | Media Week – 2012-02-13

Tablet Magazine Experience Falls Short

As magazine newsstand sales continue to plummet, publishers and markets are coming around to digital magazine formats. Consumers, too, are gravitating to these digital versions, with a large... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-02-15

Barnes & Noble will offer new Nook tablet for same price as cheapest Kindle Fire

Barnes & Noble said Tuesday that it is introducing a Nook Tablet device with 8 gigabytes of memory for $199. Its current 16GB device sells for $249. Barnes & Noble's biggest e-book reader... | San Jose Mercury News – 2012-02-22

B&N unveils cheaper Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble Inc. said Tuesday that its fiscal third-quarter net income fell 14%, as rising costs offset higher sales. The company also said it will introduce a cheaper Nook Tablet.In its latest... | Crains New York – 2012-02-21

Kindle Fire review: Changing the landscape of the tablet game

If you’re planning to review something such as Amazon’s new tablet, the Kindle Fire, you need two things: time, and a big list of music, movies and books you want to dive into. Sure, the Fire is... | The Washington Post – 2011-11-14

Barnes & Noble offers to repartition Nook Tablet storage, concedes you may need more than 1GB

Are you one of the many infuriated with Barnes & Noble over how it partitioned the storage on the Nook Tablet -- leaving you just 1GB for you own files? Well, it looks like the company has... | Engadget – 2012-02-22

Zmags Unveils Shopping Tool to Reach Tablet, Smartphone Users

Zmags launched an online shopping environment on Tuesday, aiming to blend the physical store experience with that of flipping through a magazine or catalog. | Yahoo! News – 2012-02-28

Dark Horse Comics graphic novels coming to Nook Tablet and Nook Color

Dark Horse Comics has penciled a contract with Barnes & Noble (it'll be sent off to be inked and colored next week*) to get the former's content onto the latter's Tablet and Color e-readers.... | Engadget – 2012-03-05

Canada's First Tablet-Only Magazine Launches in Toronto

TORONTO, March 7, 2012 /CNW/ - On March 9, The Toronto Tempest, Canada's first independent politics and culture tablet magazine will launch. While major publications like The New... | CNW – 2012-03-07

Trinity Mirror to launch paid-for tablet editions

Newspaper publisher to launch tablet editions of the Daily Mirror, Daily Record and key regional titles this summerTrinity Mirror chief executive Sly Bailey is to launch paid-for tablet editions of... | Guardian – 2012-03-15

How would you change the Nook Tablet?

It's hard not to make a series of reductive comparisons between the Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire. After all, it's the conflict between Barnes & Noble and Amazon that frames these two 7-inch... | Engadget – 2012-03-19

At MPA Digital: Swipe, Publishers See Gains From Tablet Efforts

NEW YORK - Today’s MPA Digital: Swipe event brought the consumer magazine industry together to focus on what’s next in tablet editions. | Folio Magazine – 2012-03-21

Kindle Fire update brings sharing, 'print replica' textbooks, more to tablet

Amazon has started pushing out an over-the-air update that'll bring a slew of new features to its budget Kindle Fire tablet. Topping the list of upgrades is new sharing functionality that makes it... | Engadget – 2012-03-29

MPA Maps Out Voluntary Metric Guidelines for Tablet Editions

MPA, along with a bevy of C-level consumer magazine executives, released a set of voluntary guidelines to help standardize advertising within tablet editions. Publisher reps from Bonnier, Conde Nast,... | Folio Magazine – 2012-04-03

Finally, a Reason to Read Magazines on a Tablet

Call it "Netflix for Magazines" -- unlimited digital subscriptions for $10 or $15 a month. | AllThingsD – 2012-04-04

All-you-can-read tablet mags…unless you have iPad or Kindle Fire

Magazine joint venture Next Issue Media goes live with its long-delayed digital newsstand. Users will be able to read popular magazines for a flat fee -- if they have a tablet running Android 3.0 or... | GigaOM – 2012-04-04

Tablet Reading Apps Zite, Pulse Strike Publisher Deals

More tablet experimentation from publishers, this time via reading apps Pulse and Zite. Zite, which already offered readers excerpts from Bonnier's Popular Science magazine, will now be doing that... | AllThingsD – 2012-04-04

Punch Media Wants to Redefine Tablet Advertising

There have been a few stabs at iPad-native newspapers and magazines, with limited success, but the just-released Punch is taking a different tack with its new app. It's more of a collection... | AdWeek – 2012-04-26

First results of Poynter tablet use study

The great majority of tablet users instinctively swipe horizontally though full screen photo galleries, according to the first findings of Poynter’s research into tablet reading... | Editors Weblog – 2012-05-04

Hearst Hails the Age of the Tablet, Says Readers are Willing to Pay More for Tablet Editions

London, England – The World e-Reading Congress drew a number of influential speakers in London today, including Duncan Edwards, CEO of Hearst Magazines International, who highlighted the... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-05-16

Yahoo kills its new tablet magazine Livestand

TABLETS Yahoo dumps its Livestand Yahoo is killing a tablet magazine called Livestand just six months after its debut on the iPad. The decision announced Friday is part of the struggling Internet... | San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-05-25

Future predicts 'tablet Christmas' sales boost

Magazine publisher hopes for seasonal surge as digital sales of titles such as T3 break the £6m mark this yearMagazine publisher Future is banking on a huge sales surge of e-editions of its titles... | Guardian – 2012-11-23

Would you believe Android tablet adoption is even with iPad?

I surely don't. Perhaps even I am too influenced by all the pro-Apple propaganda. But the figures come from a reasonably reliable source, Online Publishers Association, which puts US iPad adoption at... | Betanews – 2012-06-19

Study: Tablet users more likely to buy magazines, e-books than news, newspapers

Online Publishers Association New research published today answers some key questions about what kinds of content tablet users consume, and what they’re willing to buy. The survey, funded by... | Poynter. – 2012-06-19

Fotopedia Tries To Crack Tablet Ad Model Code

The jury is still out on how advertisers should approach tablets like the iPad. But the app maker and photo encyclopedia company Fotopedia thinks they have a solution in the form of a new... | AdWeek – 2012-06-19

More Tablet Owners Want Free Apps, With Ads, Instead of Paid

Both the number of people who use tablets and usage per tablet user are exploding. But tablet users' appetite for paid apps isn't following the trend.   A new study commissioned by the... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-06-19

OPA Study Reveals Attitudes of Today’s Tablet User

New York, NY − June 18, 2012 − The Online Publishers Association (OPA) has released “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II,” a study... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-06-19

Flipboard launches on Android phones, no plans for a tablet app

Flipboard, Apple's 2010 iPad app of the year, is finally launching on Android phones worldwide and will also be available on the Kindle Fire and on Nook tablets. The personalized news magazine app... | GigaOM – 2012-06-22

Google Launches Nexus 7 Tablet Starting at $200

Google took a cue from Amazon's Kindle Fire announcing the Nexus 7 tablet optimized for content from Google Play including books, games, TV shows, movies, apps, and magazines. | PC World – 2012-06-28

Google sells small tablet, challenges Kindle Fire

Google sells small tablet, challenges Kindle Fire Associated Press Copyright 2012 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or... | San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-06-28

Google makes the Nexus 7 tablet official: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a $199 price (video)

Some of the mystery has been taken out of it, but Google has officially taken the wraps off of the Nexus 7, its first reference-grade tablet. The 7-inch slate is the first and currently only device... | Engadget – 2012-06-27

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