Nation Editor Says Women's Magazines Are More Serious Than You Think

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1960: Acquittal of Penguin Books in Lady Chatterley trial helps change nation's cultural landscape

Guardian – 2011-05-29

Here was a barrister asking human beings alive now, not the patriarchs of ancient Israel, whether this was a book they would like "their wives and servants" to readThe jury at the Old Bailey found...

Libraries vital for nation's happiness, says Archbishop

The Bookseller – 2011-04-26

Written By: Benedicte Page Publication Date: Tue, 26/04/2011 - 15:48 The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams criticised library closures during his Easter Sermon, delivered at the weekend. read...

Canada is most Web-addicted nation: study

Reuters – 2010-12-30

TORONTO (Hollywood Reporter) - Maybe it's all those Justin Bieber fans: Canadians log more time on the Web and social media, including Facebook and YouTube, than any other nation.

Nation Media Group of Kenya First-Half Profit Advances 53% as Sales Gain

Yahoo – 2010-08-02

Nation Media Group Ltd., East Africa’s largest media company, said first-half net income rose to 558.1 million shillings compared with 364.5 million shillings a year earlier.

Nation Media to Trade Stock in Tanzania and Uganda, Nation Says

Bloomberg – 2010-03-23

March 23 (Bloomberg) -- Nation Media Group Ltd. will list its shares on stock exchanges in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda in addition to its current listing in Kenya, the Daily Nation newspaper said,...

“The Plots Against the President: FDR, a Nation in Crisis, and the Rise of the American Right,” by Sally Denton

The Washington Post – 2012-02-11

Eighty years after his first inauguration, it is easy to forget that Franklin D. Roosevelt had political problems. His presidency seems so effortless: the 100 days, four electoral landslides, large...

South Africa: Drum Magazine Now Best-Selling Black Magazine in Nation

allAfrica – 2012-03-06

[Biz-Community] The latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) for the last quarter of 2011 have just come in and DRUM is on top! With its...

Poets of every nation head to London Poetry Parnassus

CBC – 2012-04-18

Karen Solie, a Toronto-based poet who won the Griffin Poetry Prize in 2010 for Pigeon, is to represent Canada at a Poetry Parnassus being planned in conjunction with the London 2012 Olympics.

San Antonio Set to Open the Nation’s First Bookless Public Library

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-01-18

BiblioTech, the USA’s first book-less library, is set to open later this fall in San Antonio, Texas. The 4,989 sq-ft. library will offer 50 ereaders for loan, along with tablets and computers.

San Antonio plans one of the nation's first bookless libraries

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-01-21

The $1.5-million San Antonio library – which will have computers, tablets, and e-readers, but no paper books – will be like 'an Apple store.'

‘Saving Italy: The Race to Rescue a Nation’s Treasures from the Nazis’ by Robert M. Edsel

The Washington Post – 2013-07-13

In 1914, shortly after Germany invaded neutral Belgium, the German authorities exacted revenge for the shooting of several of their soldiers on patrol in Louvain. They executed more than 200...

A nation unhinged: Dispatches from “the nightmare war” – 2013-08-13

Nick Turse's "Kill Anything That Moves" exposes the grisly atrocities committed by the US during the Vietnam War

“It is the nation’s time”: How women won the vote – 2013-08-18

The story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's battle for suffrage, and how even then, the GOP tried to divide women, blacks

A nation of truthers – 2013-08-19

A new history of political paranoia argues that it's a fundmental part of our national character

Fed's Beige Book reports moderate growth in most of nation

Los Angeles Times – 2013-09-05

WASHINGTON -- The economy grew at a moderate pace in most of the nation this summer as consumer spending rose and the housing recovery continued, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday in its periodic...

Five-year 'most favoured nation' ban for Apple

The Bookseller – 2013-09-06

A US federal judge has forbidden Apple from enforcing most favoured nation clauses in its...

One Year Reading a Book from Every Nation in the World

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-09-27

The UK's Ann Morgan discusses the challenges and surprises of spending a year reading a book from each of the globe’s 196 independent countries.

DEG ranks among nation's top growing employers

Silicon Valley Business Journal – 2013-10-08

Overland Park-based DEG is part of a small class of companies that have significantly grown in terms of employment during the past five years. The Build 100 is a new index of 100 companies Inc....

Iceland: A Nation of Readers. And Writers

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-10-25

The cold and dark means that Icelander's have plenty of time indoors to read and write, as one in 10 Icelanders will publish a book in their lifetime.

Harry Potter is 'nation's favourite'

BBC – 2013-11-25

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is named the 'nation's favourite' children's book in a vote by reading charity Booktrust.

First Nation Communities Read Celebrates 10th Anniversary with New Book Award Announcement

CNW – 2013-11-28

TORONTO, Nov. 28, 2013 /CNW/ - First Nation Communities Read, in partnership with Periodical Marketers of Canada (PMC), announced the inauguration of a significant new book award, the Aboriginal...

Watch: Gunfighter Nation

The Huffington Post – 2013-12-16

Previously published on Cultural historian and scholar Richard Slotkin has spent his adult life studying the violence that has swirled through American history and taken root deep...

Watch: Incarceration Nation

The Huffington Post – 2013-12-24

Previously published on There are more African Americans under correctional control today -- in prison or jail, on probation or parole -- than were enslaved in 1850, a decade...

Here Are The Most Popular Books Of 2013 From The Nation's Top-Ranked Library

The Huffington Post – 2014-02-01

Gillian Flynn is a hit among readers from the nation's top-ranked library. The Chicago Public Library -- which recently ranked first among all of the urban public library systems in the U.S. ...

Authors Guild Teams With Indies for Booktalk Nation

Publishers Weekly – 2012-11-28

Through a partnership with independent bookstores, the Authors Guild has created a program called Booktalk Nation, which will feature phone talks with various authors.

How The Creator Of NYC's Hated Subway Map Redesigned Our Nation's Parks

Fast Company – 2014-03-17

With a simple black bar and some Helvetica type, Massimo Vignelli showed just how important great design is, even to seemingly boring government agencies.The mission of the National Park Service...

Giovanni's Room, Reportedly Nation's Oldest LGBT Bookstore, To Close In May

The Huffington Post – 2014-04-29

Giovanni's Room, which is believed to be the nation's oldest surviving bookstore catering to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, is set to close next month. The future of...

Pharrell Williams apologizes for wearing First Nation headdress

CBC – 2014-06-04

Musician and style icon Pharrell Williams is known for his outrageous get-ups but fans say he's gone too far after wearing a traditional First Nation headdress on a fashion magazine cover.

Uzodinma Iweala’s novel 'Beasts of No Nation' will reportedly be adapted as a film

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-07-09

'True Detective' helmer Cary Fukunaga is said to be on board to direct with actor Idris Elba expected to star in the film.

Message sent on behalf of Chief Bryce Williams, Tsawwassen First Nation

CNW – 2014-08-02

TSAWWASSEN, BC, Aug. 1, 2014 /CNW/ - Dear Editor, In an article published on August 1st regarding salaries for Chief and Councillors of Indian Act First Nations, the Vancouver Sun stated that "F...

New Editorial Director for Nation Books

Publishers Weekly – 2014-09-02

Starting today, Alessandra Bastagli has joined Nation Books as its new editorial director.

Quinn: A nation of streamers, not owners

San Jose Mercury News – 2014-11-03

Even though we are buying less, music, books and film matter even more.

Book review: ‘The Birth of a Nation,’ the racial debate over the film, by Dick Lehr

The Washington Post – 2014-12-20

No red-blooded American of today would favor censoring works of art. But while reading Dick Lehr’s fascinating new book, “The Birth of a Nation,” you may find yourself rooting for just that, in...

2014′s best of the literary Web: From “Mansplanation Nation” to “The Original ‘Gone Girl’” – 2014-12-26

A roundup of the most stylish writing and freshest ideas I read on the Internet in 2014

The stubborn myth of the Christian country: Why the U.S. has always been “one nation, under gods” – 2015-02-03

A historian challenges conservative claims that the U.S. has a single religious heritage

The Nation Celebrates 150th Anniversary With Oversize Issue Featuring Einstein, Chomsky, Steinbeck

The Huffington Post – 2015-03-23

Drafted on July 8, 1865, and distributed to potential donors and subscribers, The Nation’s founding prospectus reads, “The week has been singularly barren of exciting events.” It’s an...

How The Nation Is Facing The New Era Of Journalism

The Huffington Post – 2015-04-07

Victor Navasky -- The Nation’s editor for 18 years, publisher for 10, and now publisher emeritus -- has a saying about the magazine: “What’s good for the nation is bad for The Nation.”...

“One nation under God”? Not when it comes to distributing Gideon Bibles to public schools – 2015-04-04

Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms? No problem. But public schools were another story, as the Gideon salesmen discovered

CBS, You Already Have a Very Smart, Experienced, Talented Person to Replace Bob Schieffer at Face the Nation

The Huffington Post – 2015-04-12

Besides the fact that it is about time a woman took the helm at one of these Sunday morning shows that are hosted by men (women are more than 50% of the population!!), CBS has the perfect person...

“Pagan statism”: The frightening corporate/Christian alliance that invented “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God” – 2015-04-25

We think of One Nation Under God as a phrase dating back to our founding. The real history is newer -- and scarier

I managed a Washington, D.C., brothel: sex secrets from the nation’s capital – 2015-06-01

I called myself Madam Mike but the escorts rolled their eyes. You'd be surprised by what a usual day was like

Foreclosed nation: Wall Street, the dispossessed & the quality of American democracy – 2015-06-01

If those affected by foreclosure were a voting bloc, we'd treat the crisis as the ongoing emergency that it is

Cokie Roberts highlights the Civil War-era women who held the nation together

The Christian Science Monitor – 2015-06-04

Cokie Robert's new book 'Capital Dames' unearths the important and unique role of women during the US Civil War.

Nation of Islam opposes California vaccine mandate bill

Los Angeles Times – 2015-06-23

With a leader of the Nation of Islam warning African American lawmakers of political repercussions if they support a California bill mandating vaccines, a coalition of other black organizations on...

When Britain Was Amazon…On Most Favored Nation Status

Publishing Perspectives – 2015-06-22

The EC's anti-trust investigation of Amazon has focused on 'most favored nation' (MFN) status, offering a curious echo of history, writes Roger Tagholm. The post When Britain Was Amazon…On Most...

President Obama Leads the Nation in "Amazing Grace"

The Huffington Post – 2015-06-30

President Barack Obama concluded a powerful eulogy for Reverend Clementa Pinckney in Charleston, South Carolina by leading congregants in the song Amazing Grace. Reverend Pinckney was one of nine...

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs new vaccination law, one of nation's toughest

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-01

Adopting one of the most far-reaching vaccination laws in the nation, California on Tuesday barred religious and other personal-belief exemptions for schoolchildren, a move that could affect tens of...

Secrets of “Virgin Nation”: True Love Waits, Silver Ring Thing, and the real story of how evangelicals linked purity to America’s salvation – 2015-06-29

The amazing live performances and films that have talked generations of teens into waiting for marriage

State issues toughest-in-the-nation fracking rules

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-02

State officials on Wednesday formally adopted new rules governing hydraulic fracturing in California, setting in motion some of the toughest guidelines in the nation for the controversial oil...

The Nation Gets A Facelift From Obama's Digital Design Team

Fast Company – 2015-07-06

The 150-year-old magazine finally has a website that looks like it was designed in the 21st century.The Nation, America's oldest continuously published weekly magazine, is 150 years old today and up...

Netflix sets dates for 'Beasts of No Nation,' 'Ridiculous Six,' 'Pee-wee'

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-08

Netflix has announced release dates for its first batch of original feature films, including Cary Fukunaga's "Beasts of No Nation," Adam Sandler's "The Ridiculous Six" and Judd Apatow's "Pee-wee's...

We pledge allegiance to the United States of Inc.: Corporations become nation-states in Silicon Valley’s latest utopian management scheme – 2015-07-05

In Holacracy's vision, workers are citizens of the companies that will one day rule the world

Germany: A Nation Of Readers?

Publishing Perspectives – 2015-07-14

Germany is famous for its book culture, but how much do they really read? Allensbach Media Market Analysis offers some statistics on German reading habits. The post Germany: A Nation Of Readers?...

Joseph Ellis talks about 'The Quartet' and the four perceptive men who shaped a reluctant nation

The Christian Science Monitor – 2015-07-17

Historian Joseph Ellis talks about four of America's 'Founding Fathers' – George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison – who 'made something happen that was otherwise never...

Sanders, O'Malley face protesters at Netroots Nation conference

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-19

The annual Netroots Nation political conference, being held here this year, isn't just supposed to be friendly to progressive candidates. It is an applause-filled jaunt that can add luster to...

Once again, Cruise accomplishes the near-impossible in 'Rogue Nation'

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-31

As an actor and producer, the "Mission: Impossible" series has been good to Tom Cruise, and he continues to return the favor.

'Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation' is Cruise-controlled fun, reviews say

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-01

Tom Cruise is the man for the job once again in "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation," the fifth installment of the sporadic but long-running spy franchise.

'Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation': Five points worth knowing

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-01

Some franchises become worn with age. Some get more complicated and suspenseful. The latter case could be made for "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation," which contains the sort of elements that...

'Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation' tops $20 million on its opening day

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-02

Winning the box-office derby on its opening weekend was a foregone conclusion for "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation," leaving only the question of just how formidable a draw the latest installment...

'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' tops weekend with $56 million

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-02

"Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation" headed into the weekend with expectations of a $40-million opening in the U.S. and Canada, but Paramount Pictures on Sunday reported that its Tom Cruise film...

'The Automobile Club of Egypt' depicts an Egyptian family and nation split by ideology

The Christian Science Monitor – 2015-08-21

Alaa Al Aswany, author of 'The Yacoubian Building,' tells a finely textured story of politics, class, romance, and family set post-World War II Cairo.

Live Nation, L.A. County officials announce changes to upcoming dance music concerts

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-29

After the drug-related deaths of two young women at this year's HARD Summer music festival at the Pomona Fairplex, festival organizers Live Nation and L.A. County officials announced one concert...

After deaths of 2 fans at a rave, Live Nation cancels event and creates more safety precautions

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-31

Facing a possible ban on raves at county facilities after the deaths of two young partygoers this month, concert promoter Live Nation has agreed to cancel one upcoming rave at the county-owned...

At military parade, Chinese president says nation will cut 300,000 troops

Los Angeles Times – 2015-09-03

President Xi Jinping announced Thursday that China will cut its military by 300,000 troops, a significant reduction in one of the largest militaries in the world and a move that the Chinese leader...

Soaring student loan debt poses risk to nation's future economic growth

Los Angeles Times – 2015-09-05

Jorge Villalba was a construction worker when the housing market began slowing in 2005, so the Glendale resident changed jobs and decided to invest in his future by going to college.

Rogue Nation's Impossible Missing Kiss

The Huffington Post – 2015-09-11

Originally published on Hippo Reads (7 September 2015) Image via Paramount Your mission, should you choose to accept it: name a Hollywood action movie that doesn't contain a kiss. Tough, right? ...

Nation marks 9/11 anniversary with moments of silence

Los Angeles Times – 2015-09-11

On Friday, the nation tolled bells and held moments of silence to mark the 14th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that claimed thousands of victims, scarred the earth in New York,...

Nation Books signs Bracken Bower winner Zahidi

The Bookseller – 2015-09-17

The first book from the winner of the Bracken Bower Prize, Saadia Zahidi, has been acquired by Nation Books. The book’s North American rights were sold to Katy O’Donnell, editor at Nation Books,...

Joan Walsh Leaves Salon For The Nation Magazine

The Huffington Post – 2015-09-23

The Nation magazine has hired Joan Walsh, a prominent Salon contributor who previously served as Salon's editor-in-chief for six years. Walsh, who started at Salon as the site’s first news...

L.A. approves nation's toughest earthquake safety rules

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-09

The Los Angeles City Council on Friday adopted the nation's strongest earthquake safety laws, requiring that the owners of an estimated 15,000 buildings most at risk of collapse during a major...

'Goosebumps' debuts at No. 1; Netflix's 'Beasts of No Nation' opens in limited

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-18

Sony's "Goosebumps" adaptation dominated the box office this weekend, while Netflix's "Beasts of No Nation" saw lower turnouts after debuting simultaneously online and in limited release....

USC has second most foreign students in nation, again

Los Angeles Times – 2015-11-17

For the second time in as many years, USC ranked second nationwide in recruiting foreign students, according to a new report. Previously, USC had been the most popular destination for non-U.S....

USC Now morning report: JuJu Smith-Schuster among the top receivers in nation

Los Angeles Times – 2015-11-27

Fact of the day: USC's JuJu Smith-Schuster ranks sixth nationally among receivers, averaging 110 receiving yards per game. He has caught 68 passes, 10 for touchdowns. In The Times: Clay Helton's...

'The Nation' In Deal with I.B. Tauris

Publishers Weekly – 2015-12-02

U.K.-based independent publisher I.B. Tauris has struck a deal with 'The Nation' magazine to publish two books next year that examine hot topics tied to the presidential election.

8 books about Muslim life for a nation that knows little about Islam

The Washington Post – 2015-12-13

As Donald Trump calls for barring Muslims, Laila Lalami recommends titles to counter ignorance.

The Nation Is Giving Workers 4 Months Of Paid Parental Leave

The Huffington Post – 2015-12-17

Here's a persuasive argument to join a union at work: You might wind up getting a decent amount of paid parental leave. Oh, and a raise. The progressive magazine The Nation announced Wednesday that...

Concert ticket startup Songkick slaps Live Nation with antitrust lawsuit

Los Angeles Times – 2015-12-23

Online concert-ticket seller Songkick has helped major artists such as Adele sell passes directly to fans and thwart scalpers in an effort to take on market leader Ticketmaster. Now it's accusing...

'The Birth of a Nation' takes top prizes at Sundance Film Festival

Los Angeles Times – 2016-01-31

Capping a historic week at the Sundance Film Festival, Nate Parker's slave-rebellion drama ‎"The Birth of a Nation" took both the grand jury and audience prizes in the U.S. Dramatic competition at...

Technology Has Turned Us Into a Nation of Writers

The Huffington Post – 2016-02-04

Personal technology has come a long way over the past 25 years. Computers aren't just for nerds and gamers anymore. Put-near everyone has a smartphone of some kind, which means they also have access...

State-of-the-nation novel to Gallic Books

The Bookseller – 2016-02-13

Gallic Books is to publish a "skilfully woven state-of-the-nation novel" by Antoine Laurain called French Rhapsody.

SB Nation Yanks 'Wrongheaded' Daniel Holtzclaw Article After Fierce Criticism

The Huffington Post – 2016-02-18

Sports website SB Nation on Wednesday took down a long, sympathetic article about Daniel Holtzclaw, the college football player-turned cop who was convicted in December of serial rape, after...

Apple vs. FBI: Protests planned across the nation over phone privacy

Los Angeles Times – 2016-02-23

Amid the tense standoff between the FBI and Apple, protests are planned across the nation Tuesday supporting the tech giant's refusal to unlock the San Bernardino gunman’s iPhone. The protest is...

Finland ranked most literate nation

The Bookseller – 2016-03-15

Finland has been named the world’s most literate nation - 16 places ahead of the UK - according to new research.

Comcast compensation: Michael Cavanagh is highest paid CFO in the nation

Los Angeles Times – 2016-04-09

At Comcast Corp., there's old money — and new money. The company's longtime chairman and chief executive, Brian Roberts, 56, collected $36.2 million in compensation in 2015, a nearly 10% increase...

SB Nation Says Lack Of Diversity Led To Daniel Holtzclaw Story Fiasco

The Huffington Post – 2016-05-27

Sports website SB Nation published its disastrous and "wrongheaded" February story about Daniel Holtzclaw -- the college football player turned cop who was convicted in December of...

Vaizey: 'Arts can bring the nation together'

The Bookseller – 2016-06-30

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has said “the arts can bring us together” as a nation following the “uncertainty and division” caused by the EU Referendum.

Pokemon Go: Craze sweeps nation, poised to surpass Twitter

Los Angeles Times – 2016-07-12

Days after its release, Pokemon Go has become a fast-moving phenomenon, drawing flash mob-like crowds searching neighborhoods, parks and urban streets for imaginary characters on their smartphones....

'Birth of a Nation' star Gabrielle Union: 'Sexual violence happens more often than anyone can imagine'

Los Angeles Times – 2016-09-02

In an op-ed written for The Times, actress Gabrielle Union addressed the controversy surrounding “The Birth of a Nation” director and Oscar-hopeful Nate Parker. Union, who portrays an unnamed...

Rebuck: 'libraries and literacy crucial for health of the nation'

The Bookseller – 2016-09-13

Penguin Random House chair​ Gail Rebuck has spoken up for libraries in the House of Lords, citing research that found they save the NHS £27.5m a year in reduced GP visits.

Harry Potter tops nation's favourite book-into-film adaptations

The Bookseller – 2016-09-28

The Harry Potter series is the nation's most-loved book-into-film adaptation, according to a survey, with classics also ranking high in list.

'If we lose our celebrated bookshops and our libraries we will never improve our nation's literacy'

The Bookseller – 2016-10-18

The full text of a speech given by Baroness Gail Rebuck, chair of Penguin Random House UK, during a debate at the House of Lords on libraries and bookshops.

George R.R. Martin slams Donald Trump as 'unfit to lead this nation'

Los Angeles Times – 2016-11-08

Today in Entertainment: Mel Gibson's time in movie jail could be over, George R.R. Martin slams Donald Trump Nov. 7, 2016, 11:32 a.m. Here's what's new and interesting in the world of entertainment...

Anti-Trump protests continue in large cities across the nation

Los Angeles Times – 2016-11-12

They carried signs that read “Love Trumps Hate” and chanted, “He’s not my president!” In several major U.S. cities, protesters took to the streets again Friday, as they have done each day...

What do Vin Scully and Tom Hanks have in common? Only the nation's highest civilian honor

Los Angeles Times – 2016-11-17

President Obama is honoring actors Robert DeNiro, Cicely Tyson, Tom Hanks and Robert Redford with the nation's highest civilian honor. They are among 21 people Obama plans to recognize with the...

Beyoncé, 'black-ish' and 'Birth of a Nation' all score big with NAACP Image Award noms

Los Angeles Times – 2016-12-14

Today in Entertainment: Kanye West visits Trump, Golden Globes' nominations send a message to Oscar voters Dec. 13, 2016, 11:38 a.m. Here's what's new and interesting in the world of entertainment...

Pantsuit Nation Is Becoming A Book, And Not Everyone Is Pleased

The Huffington Post – 2016-12-21

Just over a month after the private Facebook group for Hillary Clinton supporters exploded into a massive national support group, Pantsuit Nation has a book deal. The group’s...

Pantsuit Nation Book Deal Raises Questions

Publishers Weekly – 2016-12-22

Did Libby Chamberlain betray the ethics of the group she founded by securing a book deal?

Can Pantsuit Nation Survive Its Book Deal?

Slate – 2016-12-23

In her Nov. 9 concession speech, Hillary Clinton threw a little lighthearted shade at Pantsuit Nation, the secret pro-Clinton Facebook group that had attracted more than 2.5 million members in the...

Keeping coal benefits no one — not even an Indian nation that depends on a power plant

Los Angeles Times – 2017-02-25

To the editor: In the 1970s, I made several trips to northern Arizona near the Navajo Nation and the coal-burning Navajo Generating Station, then under construction. I was struck by the obvious lack...

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