Murdoch has ambitions for original Arab content

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Google Calls Murdoch's Piracy Allegations 'Nonsense'

Editor & Publisher – 2012-01-16

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch is talking nonsense, according to Google. Murdoch, a Twitter user for only the past several weeks, used the service to fire a barrage of accusations Saturday night...

Would publishers rethink their use of Twitter if Rupert Murdoch bought it?

Poynter. – 2012-01-04

Is it time to re-examine publishers’ increasing reliance on third-party tools like Facebook and Twitter? “These are not just distribution networks, they record the fragments and fingerprints of...

James Murdoch was sent email about extent of hacking in 2008

Media Week – 2011-12-14

James Murdoch, News Corporation's international chief executive, responded to, but did not fully read an email that suggested phone hacking went beyond a royal reporter in 2008, according to evidence...

Rupert Murdoch met David Cameron at Downing Street twice during BSkyB bid

Guardian – 2011-12-10

No 10 admits PM met executives of News Corp and subsidiaries more than all other media groups combined during periodRupert Murdoch attended No 10 Downing Street for a previously undisclosed second...

James Murdoch Resigns From British Newspaper Boards

The New York Times – 2011-11-24

James Murdoch stepped down as director of two subsidiaries that publish Murdoch-owned newspapers, a move that could possibly presage News Corporation’s eventual exit from British newspapers.

Steve Jobs wanted to help New York Times, bonded with Rupert Murdoch

Poynter. – 2011-10-26

“Steve Jobs“ In his new biography of Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson describes some of the behind-the-scenes dealings between the Apple CEO and publishers after the iPad was launched in 2010. ”I would...

The trials and tribulations of James Murdoch

Editors Weblog – 2011-10-26

The downward slope of James Murdoch's career problems shows no sign of leveling out. Even the promise to publish a full-page apology for the phone hacking scandal in the coming weekend's broadsheets...

James Murdoch's press adviser resigns

Guardian – 2011-09-27

Alice Macandrew understood to have quit amid disagreements over the handling of the phone-hacking scandalOne of James Murdoch's closest advisers has resigned from News Corporation, it emerged on...

Murdoch daily angers Australian government

Guardian – 2011-09-01

The Australian publishes erroneous report about country's PM that could lead to a withdrawal of state adsThe Australian government has reportedly put itself on a war footing with Rupert Murdoch's...

James Murdoch could be recalled to face MPs

Media Week – 2011-08-16

James Murdoch could be recalled to give evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport select committee after new evidence published today repeated claims he knew about the crucial "for Neville" email.

News Corp.-owned comedy podcast mocks Murdoch, phone-hacking scandal

Poynter. – 2011-08-15 The Bugle, a popular British news satire podcast published by The Times of London, spent three weeks hammering its parent company News Corp. and chairman Rupert Murdoch over the...

Rupert Murdoch's Disaster Is Already an E-Book

AllThingsD – 2011-07-30

Vanity Fair gets a compilation into the Kindle and Nook stores: Twenty previously published stories for $4, heavy on the Michael Wolff.

Murdoch scandal: Is his domination of the British political class finally coming to an end?

Slate – 2011-07-22

It was about two decades ago, but I can still remember how long it took and how much atmosphere it sucked out of the room. In a sort of dress rehearsal for more recent events, a pair of Guardian...

News Corp boss 'linked' to leak of Vince Cable's Rupert Murdoch comments

Guardian – 2011-07-22

Detectives hired by Telegraph to discover source of leaks have 'strong suspicion' Will Lewis was involved, according to reportsThe firm of private investigators hired by Telegraph Media Group to...

John Blake signs Murdoch book

The Bookseller – 2011-07-21

Written By: Neill Denny Publication Date: Thu, 21/07/2011 - 08:45 John Blake has signed a book by a journalist-turned-lawyer on the Rupert Murdoch story, for publication next February. Called The...

Murdoch Books signs Olivia Newton-John cookbook

The Bookseller – 2011-07-21

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Thu, 21/07/2011 - 09:00 Murdoch Books has bought a healthy living cookbook from "Grease" star Olivia Newton-John. Managing director Christine Jones bought...

BSkyB directors to weigh up future of James Murdoch

Guardian – 2011-07-17

Board meeting will also consider whether to pay special dividend to investors or buy own shares to boost priceBSkyB directors will consider a payback of up to £2bn for investors and discuss James...

Murdoch Makes Fresh Apology as Brooks Is Arrested By U.K. Police

BusinessWeek – 2011-07-17

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. made a fresh apology for the phone-hacking scandal in U.K. national newspapers as Rebekah Brooks, ousted last week as the publishing unit’s chief executive officer, was...

Murdoch apologizes for hackergate

CBC – 2011-07-16

Media titan Rupert Murdoch, struggling to contain the growing outrage over the hacking scandal that shut down his News of the World tabloid in the U.K., has published a personal apology.

Full text of Rupert Murdoch apology in UK newspapers

Reuters – 2011-07-15

LONDON, July 15 (Reuters) - News Corp Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch will apologise for any wrongdoing committed at his News of the World newspaper in a full page spread to be published in British...

Murdoch on Time magazine cover for third time: ‘Tabloid bites man’

Poynter. – 2011-07-15


Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch calls in PR firm Edelman

Guardian – 2011-07-14

PR company will report directly to general manager of News InternationalRupert Murdoch's News Corporation has called in PR and lobbying specialists Edelman to help the embattled company handle...

Politics Weekly podcast: Politicians turn on Murdoch

Guardian – 2011-07-14

Rupert Murdoch withdrew his bid for the remaining shares in BSkyB moments before MPs from all parties were due to join forces to argue against the deal in the Commons. Now Murdoch, his son James and...

When James Murdoch was a hip-hop mogul

Guardian – 2011-07-12

I knew the troubled News International boss when he ran a cool, urban record label. It never quite felt rightBack in the mid-to-late 90s, hip-hop music was abuzz with spiky independent labels putting...

Murdoch flies to UK as paper dies, scandal lives

San Jose Mercury News – 2011-07-11

Media mogul in London as tabloid publishes final issue

Last phone-hack paper published, Murdoch heads to UK

Reuters – 2011-07-10

LONDON (Reuters) - The final edition of the newspaper engulfed in a phone-hacking scandal was published on Sunday as Rupert Murdoch headed to London to try to save the bigger prize of his takeover of...

In Rupert Murdoch's bunker, there is no room for sentiment

Guardian – 2011-07-08

The decision to stick by Rebekah Brooks while sacrificing a 168-year-old newspaper has stunned media commentatorsIt did not take long for the saga at News Corporation to be given the full Downfall...

Christine Jones new c.e.o of Murdoch Books

The Bookseller – 2011-06-09

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Thu, 09/06/2011 - 08:05 Murdoch Books has further restructured its workforce following owner Matt Handbury's move into the role of c.e.o. last week....

Murdoch’s The Daily loses an art director recruited from NYT

Poynter. – 2011-05-28

The Huffington Post Gabriel Dance is the seventh staffer to leave The Daily since February’s launch. (In 2009, he was one of the “New York Times Renegades” profiled by New York magazine —...

Gore hits out at Murdoch's News Corp

Guardian – 2011-05-19

Former US vice-president says media giant is forcing his liberal Current TV service off air in Italy for hiring Keith OlbermannFormer US vice-president Al Gore has hit out at Rupert Murdoch's News...

James Murdoch's move has to be more than just an old man's shuffle

Guardian – 2011-04-03

The timing of Murdoch junior's return to News Corp HQ might seem odd to someJames Murdoch moves from London to New York as number three in the Rupertian empire. It's a dog-bites-man,...

Murdoch, nepotism and New Corp's shareholders...

Guardian – 2011-03-31

It is often said, without too much evidence incidentally, that Rupert Murdoch is a (small r) republican. This claim is largely based on his statements going back to the 1970s about a dislike for...

James Murdoch's move shows how News Corp will look in the future

Guardian – 2011-03-30

It is only a matter of time before James Murdoch becomes chief executive to Rupert's chairmanFrom the moment James Murdoch arrived in London in 2003, imposed on Sky by an enthusiastic father, the...

Hunt hints at curbing Murdoch dominance

Guardian – 2011-03-21

Culture secretary to consider extending public interest laws which could mean News Corporation facing further sanctionsJeremy Hunt is to consider extending the public interest rules that govern the...

Murdoch's the Daily to launch in UK soon

Guardian – 2011-03-16

iPad newspaper to be available via iTunes once Apple subscription model is agreed, as Daily begins to charge in USRupert Murdoch's iPad newspaper the Daily will be available in the UK within months,...

Giller to Murdoch: pull down the paywalls

Guardian – 2011-03-11

Norman Giller, veteran sports writer and raconteur, has written an entertaining and heartfelt open letter to Rupert Murdoch to mark the mogul's 80th birthday. It's the kind of card Rupert won't want...

Murdoch is at home in the land of the free

Guardian – 2011-03-07

America has become the centre of his business and New York the heart of his personal lifeIn the early 1990s, I faxed a letter to Rupert Murdoch, informing him I was resigning as editor of the Boston...

Opinions are split on Murdoch, the wizard of Oz

Guardian – 2011-03-07

For some in Australia he is a brilliant businessman, but others see him as a narrow, rightwing advocate for his own interestsMelbourne lawyer Richard Searby, chairman of Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd...

Another Murdoch joins The Times board - with a retired spy

Guardian – 2011-03-02

How independent is independent? With Rupert Murdoch supposedly on the brink of solving his BSkyB dilemma by hiving off Sky News to an independent trust of some sort, we discover that his eldest...

What hope of a peaceful succession in Rupert Murdoch's family?

Guardian – 2011-02-27

Elisabeth Murdoch is joining the family firm after selling her TV company Shine, so who now is the heir apparent?Suppose that, when the sad moment comes, Prince Charles doesn't become king exactly,...

Murdoch's iPad Daily is a voice of America; can it cross the Atlantic?

Guardian – 2011-02-06

A $30m launch and annual costs of $26m add up to a daunting challengeThere's huge excitement on both sides of the Atlantic about Mr Murdoch's Daily, the America-only, iPad-only digital newspaper that...

Murdoch's the Daily and the AOL way: two approaches to the same issue

Guardian – 2011-02-05

News Corp's glossy iPad launch represents the world of 'spectacle' media, while the web giant focuses on the ugly dataThere were two faces of digital media abroad in New York this week. One was its...

The Daily: is Murdoch's iPad newspaper any good?

Guardian – 2011-02-03

Murdoch's new iPad title the Daily looks more like a magazine than a newspaper – does it have a coherent editorial vision?There were five people clustered around an iPad by my desk when Rupert...

Rupert Murdoch unveils next step in media empire – the iPad 'newspaper'

Guardian – 2011-02-03

The Daily, a digital-only venture, 'combines surprise of newspapers with versatility of new technology'Since the day he bought his first newspaper aged 22, Rupert Murdoch has shaken up the world's...

The Daily: a review of Murdoch's iPad newspaper

Guardian – 2011-02-03

Rupert Murdoch's iPad launch the Daily offers glitzy graphics, video and live updates at low cost – but will it find a niche?Blog: the Daily's launch as it happenedThe Daily's launch: in picturesDan...

Murdoch's iPad Daily: an app waiting to happen?

Guardian – 2011-02-02

News Corp is preparing to unveil its latest paid-for product – and its rivals can hardly wait to see how the Daily faresRupert Murdoch is back in New York, away from the rows about phone hacking and...

The Daily: what to expect from Murdoch's iPad newspaper

Guardian – 2011-02-02

It has taken $30m and 100 journalists – but can Rupert Murdoch really make a go of his dedicated Daily iPad news app?Nothing too high profile for the launch of The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's iPad...

Murdoch's iPad-Ready The Daily Debuts: 5 Things to Know

PC World – 2011-02-02

Can The Daily save journalism? The iPad-friendly e-newspaper officially rolls off the press (kinda) Wednesday. Here are five things to know about the News Corp. and Apple endeavor.

Juliet Rogers to leave Murdoch Books

The Bookseller – 2011-02-01

Written By: Graeme Neill Juliet Rogers, chief executive of food and illustrated publisher Murdoch Books, is stepping down from the publisher with immediate effect after 10 years in charge. She will...

Murdoch iPad newspaper to launch in next two weeks

Reuters – 2011-01-25

MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - News Corp's new digital newspaper The Daily, designed for Apple's iPad, should launch in the next two weeks after some delays and will cost $0.99 per week, executive James...

Rupert Murdoch's iPad digital newspaper raises many questions – but who has the answers?

Guardian – 2011-01-23

iPad and iPhone apps create mini-paywalls around mobile news – so is there a strategy involved?Welcome to the land of media mystification where no tablet is set in stone. On the one hand, Rupert...

Rupert Murdoch set to arrive in UK with News Corp mired in crisis

Guardian – 2011-01-22

News Corp chief's London visit next week is timely because no significant decision can be taken at company without himRupert Murdoch is due in London next week, just as his company's attempts to...

Julian Assange Insurance Files Involve Rupert Murdoch

The New York Observer – 2011-01-13

Julian Assange has a cache of super sensitive documents that he has threatened to release if any harm should come to him. 

Murdoch matches Desmond with tabloid cover price rise

Media Week – 2011-01-12

The Sun, News International's flagship tabloid, has upped its cover price across the country to counter price hikes by the Richard Desmond rival, the Daily Star.

Murdoch's digital newspaper The Daily put back until next year

Media Week – 2010-12-10

The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's new US digital newspaper, will not be launched this month as expected, but will be available via tablet computers in the first quarter of 2011.

Murdoch offers freebies to get readers beyond paywall

San Jose Mercury News – 2010-06-20

The Times of London last week began closing down its free website and will charge for access.

Murdoch to Start Charging for Online Content

redOrbit – 2010-03-28

Rupert Murdoch's News International said Friday that the Times and The Sunday Times will become the first British newspapers to charge readers to access all online content in June.

Murdoch Launching Pay Wall Campaign With 'Times' of London

Editor And Publisher – 2010-03-26

The Times of London will be the first general-interest newspaper to launch Rupert Murdoch's (left) avowed campaign to erect pay walls at all his newspapers.

Dow Jones Union Reaches First (Tentative) Contract Agreement Under Murdoch Ownership

Editor And Publisher – 2010-03-22

The union representing Wall Street Journal employees has reached a tentative agreement with Dow Jones & Co. on a new four-year contract. The Independent Association of Publishers' Employees Local...

Murdoch has ambitions for original Arab content

Reuters via Yahoo! News – 2010-03-09

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp has ambitions to produce original Arab content to serve the Arab world's 335 million people in the region and abroad, helped by its partnership with Saudi-based media...

Murdoch Confirms 'Wall Street Journal' Getting NYC Edition

Editor And Publisher – 2010-03-02

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch (left) confirmed the worst-kept secret in the newspaper industry Tuesday afternoon: The Wall Street Journal is launching a New York Edition next month. The section...

Media Cache: Free vs. Paid, Murdoch vs. Rusbridger

New York Times – 2010-02-08

The head of News Corporation and the editor of The Guardian are facing off over whether newspapers should charge for content on the Web.

Next threat to Amazon's $9.99 books? Rupert Murdoch

Reuters – 2010-02-02

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Enjoy $9.99 electronic books while you can -- for they soon may be a thing of the past.

Murdoch Says Online Pay Model Coming in Next Two Months

Editor And Publisher – 2010-02-02

News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch tells analysts the pay model for the 'New York Post' and the rest of his papers will be announced within the next two months. News Corp. also announced...

Learning from Murdoch’s Internet Missteps

Folio Mag – 2009-12-23

The history of the Internet is peppered with important dates: there’s the invention of IP (Vint Cerf, 1973), the creation of the World Wide Web (Tim Berners Lee, 1989), the first cat video on...

Murdoch: Newspapers Need to Start Charging for Online Content

Editor & Publisher – 2009-04-03

NEW YORK Rupert Murdoch, owner of The Wall Street Journal, told executives at an industry conference this week that newspapers will have to start charging for content online -- and specifically...

Rupert Murdoch's Premium Content Flip Flop [Advertising]

Gawker – 2009-04-03

It was barely 18 months ago that Rupert Murdoch told the world he would soon stop charging for access to the Wall Street Journal's website. Now he says free content should be abolished. Murdoch,...

Murdoch says papers should charge on Web

Reuters – 2009-04-02

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Rupert Murdoch, whose media company News Corp owns one of the few U.S. newspapers that makes people pay to read its news on the Web, said more papers will have to start doing...

Murdoch shuffles the deck at Fox in L.A.

International Herald Tribune – 2009-03-12

Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire chief executive of News Corp., shuffled leadership of the company's Fox operations in Los Angeles on Thursday, as the media company prepares for the departure of...

Rupert Murdoch's Magazine Disaster [Newspapers]

Gawker – 2009-03-04

The Wall Street Journal's magazine WSJ. was the glossy linchpin of Rupert Murdoch's plan to grow his beloved newspaper's revenue. But instead of minting money like the New York Times' T, it's... News Corp. Board Should Scrutinize Murdoch Scion

New York Times – 2009-02-25

As the News Corporation examines who should become its next president, it should not make the accession of James Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s son, as fait accompli.

Murdoch Apologizes for 'Racist' Dead-Chimp Cartoon

Editor And Publisher – 2009-02-24

The chairman of News Corp. finally weighed in on the controversial New York Post cartoon by offering an apology on the paper's Web site early this morning. "As the chairman of the New York Post, I...

Murdoch’s Soft Spot for Print Slows News Corp.

New York Times – 2009-02-23

Rupert Murdoch’s love of newspapers is weighing on the fortunes of his company, the News Corporation.

Dow Jones: Murdoch Ownership Has Been Very, Very Good to Us

Editor And Publisher – 2009-02-06

By taking a $2.8 billion goodwill impairment charge on Dow Jones & Co., News Corp. on Thursday effectively admitted it paid nearly twice as much as the parent of The Wall Street Journal is worth....

Murdoch Notes 20% Ad Revenue Cut, Could Go to 30% -- Says Not Interested in Buying 'NYT'

Editor And Publisher – 2009-02-06

Speaking on a conference call after the company reported dismal second-quarter results, and possibly worst to come, Murdoch said buying the Times might not be good for his image: "I've got no desire...

Rupert Murdoch warns of rigorous cost-cutting after $6.4bn News Corp loss

Media Week – 2009-02-06

LONDON - News Corp is embarking on what chairman Rupert Murdoch deemed "rigorous cost-cutting" as it looks to address a loss of $6.42bn in Q4 2008.

Murdoch to help Germany's Premiere to raise cash

International Herald Tribune – 2008-12-23

Germany's biggest pay television operator, Premiere AG, said Tuesday it will raise cash and refinance its debt with the help of its largest shareholder, the global media company run by Rupert...

Murdoch Investors Are Groaning

New York Times – 2008-12-16

A year ago, Dow Jones shareholders voted to sell their company, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation . At the time, there was much teeth-gnashing among...

Critics warm to Murdoch's bigger, flashier Journal

The Standard-Times – 2008-12-15

NEW YORK — When Rupert Murdoch took control of The Wall Street Journal a year ago Saturday, the austere, 119-year-old newspaper joined a media empire that includes Fox News Channel and a British...

Jon Friedman's Media Web: Rupert Murdoch, explained by Newser's Michael Wolff

Market Watch – 2008-12-01

Rupert Murdoch, chief executive officer of News Corp., is one of the most successful and complex leaders in the media universe. But his biographer Michael Wolff has a simple explanation for what...

Murdoch upbeat about the future of newspapers

International Herald Tribune – 2008-11-17

Global media magnate Rupert Murdoch says doomsayers who are predicting the Internet will kill off newspapers are "misguided cynics" who fail to grasp that the online world is potentially a huge new...

Rupert Murdoch says newspapers will survive — and can even thrive — in Internet Age

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune – 2008-11-17

SYDNEY, Australia - Global media magnate Rupert Murdoch says doomsayers who are predicting the Internet will kill off newspapers are "misguided cynics" who fail to grasp that the online world is...

Book on Murdoch Making its own Controversy

Newsweek – 2008-10-26

Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff's new book, "The Man Who Owns the News: Inside the Secret World of Rupert Murdoch," won't hit bookstores for another month. But in a time-honored...

Murdoch takes issue with new biography

International Herald Tribune – 2008-10-26

Rupert Murdoch has raised objections with Michael Wolff and his publisher about portions of a forthcoming biography, "The Man Who Owns the News."

A ‘Tabloid Guy’ Calls It a Night After 41 Years With Murdoch

New York Times – 2008-10-02

Longtime New York Post columnist Steve Dunleavy is seeing the curtain come down on his career.

Murdoch optimistic about online WSJ and Dow Jones subscriptions

Guardian – 2008-09-18

Rupert Murdoch has claimed online subscription revenues at the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones could rise by $300m every year for up to three years. By Jemima Kiss

News Corp. Reports Murdoch’s Income

New York Times – 2008-08-20

The News Corporation reported compensation of $27.5 million for its chairman, Rupert Murdoch, for its 2008 fiscal year.

Media: Murdoch delighted but wary after News Corp's profits surge

Guardian – 2008-08-05

A surge of 59% in News Corporation's bottom line is not likely to hold and 'less robust growth' is imminent, Rupert Murdoch has warned. By Andrew Clark

Does Murdoch's 'Journal' Have a Woman Problem? via Yahoo! Finance – 2008-08-05

There's hardly a newsroom in America whose female denizens haven't at at some point described it -- usually with some fairness -- as a boys' club. But has The Wall Street Journal become more of one...

Murdoch Increases Presence in India

New York Times – 2008-08-05

Rupert Murdoch announced the News Corporation would invest $100 million in six regional television channels in India, and he unveiled a new Dow Jones index to track Indian stock markets.

Rupert Murdoch to launch Indian TV stations

Guardian – 2008-08-05

Rupert Murdoch has unveiled plans to invest $100m in six new Indian television stations. By Oliver Luft

Media: Murdoch still has time for Fleet Street, says Sunday Times editor

Guardian – 2008-07-27

Despite Rupert Murdoch's recent focus on the US, Sunday Times editor John Witherow says he still calls weekly but never dictates paper's agenda. By Jane Martinson

Rupert Murdoch overtaken by son in British media power ranking

AFP via Yahoo! News – 2008-07-14

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp., was overtaken by his son James for the first time in a ranking of the most powerful figures in British media published Monday.

Murdoch takes News Corp. out of scuffle over Yahoo, says he expects Microsoft will walk away

International Herald Tribune – 2008-07-11

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch said his media conglomerate is "very unlikely" to be a part of any deal for Yahoo Inc., scuttling talk that Microsoft Corp. was making headway in enlisting the...

Murdoch sees no deals for News Corp., talk centers on Yahoo-Microsoft dustup

International Herald Tribune – 2008-07-09

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch plans to forgo making deals at this year's Allen & Co. media retreat, dampening the five-day event renowned as an incubator for big-time media and Web...

Murdoch: Facebook Is 'Flavor of the Month'

Adweek – 2008-06-20

CANNES, FRANCE News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch isn't shy about speaking his mind on almost any subject. That includes Facebook, the chief rival of News Corp.'s MySpace, the leading social networking...

Sun Staff Turn on Murdoch: Senior Journalists Criticize News Corp.

Editor & Publisher – 2012-02-14

LONDON -- Fresh evidence of a "civil war" at News Corp. has emerged following what commentators have interpreted as an extraordinary attack by the Murdoch-owned U.K. tabloid The Sun on its...

Rupert Murdoch to launch Sun on Sunday next weekend

Guardian – 2012-02-20

News International says media mogul will stay in London to oversee birth of News of the World replacementThe Sun on Sunday will publish for the first time next weekend, News International has...

Murdoch's Sun on Sunday: less of a newspaper, more of a magazine

Guardian – 2012-02-27

In trying to draw a line under the past, the seventh-day Sun seemed bland and soft focus, but sales will no doubt shineThe Sun on Sunday was the Sun – but not the Sun as we know it. In order to...

Murdoch settles with singer over hacking

CNN – 2012-02-27

The publisher of Rupert Murdoch's News of the World settled a lawsuit over phone hacking with singer Charlotte Church, she and her lawyer said outside the court Monday.

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