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UK's Cable says Labour 'irresponsible' to talk up Royal Mail value

Reuters – 2013-10-08

LONDON (Reuters) - British Business Secretary Vince Cable accused the opposition Labour party of irresponsibly talking up the value of shares in the Royal Mail postal service, a day before order...

David Miliband criticises Daily Mail over attacks on late father

Guardian – 2013-10-11

Former foreign secretary says he trusts the British people will understand the truth regarding 'hateful' attack on father RalphDavid Miliband has criticised the Daily Mail for launching "hateful"...

Why is the left obsessed by the Daily Mail? | Paul Dacre

Guardian – 2013-10-12

The Guardian has published an extensive critique of the Daily Mail and its reporting of Labour, press regulation and the Snowden leaks. We invited Mail readers to join in that debate. Paul Dacre,...

NSA Collects Millions of E-mail Address Books Globally

Editor & Publisher – 2013-10-15

The National Security Agency is harvesting hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts around the world, many of them belonging to Americans, according...

Daily Mail quiz powers UsvsTh3m towards 3m users

Guardian – 2013-10-30

Daily Mirror publisher to follow Buzzfeed-style site offering socially shareable content with new data journalism projectUsvsTh3m, the Daily Mirror publisher's Buzzfeed-style social content offering,...

Mail Online tops 150m monthly users

Guardian – 2013-11-14

Number of browsers in October up 5.25% on the previous month, according to the latest ABC figuresMail Online topped 150 million monthly browsers for the first time in October.The Daily Mail website...

Mail Online is UK's most popular news brand across PC, mobile and tablet

Guardian – 2013-11-14

Britain's total digital population rose to 47.3 million people in September, according to new unduplicated figuresMail Online was the UK's most popular news brand across PC, mobile and tablet in...

Mail Online targets £60m revenues in 2014

The Guardian – 2013-11-21

Publisher aims to continue 2013's 50% growth to hit point at which website's income would exceed newspapers' declineMail Online has set a target of making more than £60m in revenues in 2014, with...

Mail Online to launch in Australia

The Guardian – 2013-11-27

The Daily Mail is to launch an online operation in Australia in January 2014. The newspaper has gone into partnership with Mi9, the digital media company owned by Nine Entertainment. Mail Online will...

Robert Peston attacks Daily Mail for revealing wife's cancer

The Guardian – 2013-11-27

BBC business editor calls for 'common decency on newspapers' amid criticism of Daily Mail for disclosing details of wife's illnessRobert Peston, the BBC's business editor, has criticised the Daily...

Globe and Mail, Washington Post Distribute Alternative Paper Magazine

Editor & Publisher – 2013-11-27

On Monday, November 25, 2013, The Globe and Mail and Washington Post distributed the first North American magazine made with 60% wheat straw paper. My teenage daughter came back from the movies on...

Daily Mail apologises to Robert Peston - with a sting in the tail

The Guardian – 2013-11-28

The Daily Mail carries a piece today in which it apologises to the BBC's business editor, Robert Peston for having revealed that his late wife had cancer.In 2008, the paper reported on the illness of...

Daily Mail overtakes Sun as biggest-selling Saturday paper

The Guardian – 2013-12-06

News UK red-top outsold by rival by more than 20,000 copies in November, but remains the UK's top-selling title across six daysThe Daily Mail overhauled the Sun in November to become the UK's...

So, Lord Rothermere, when will you stop Mail Online from ripping off content?

The Guardian – 2013-12-09

Amended 3.30pm: Is Mail Online ever going to put its house in order? Does it care about plagiarism? Has its editor, Martin Clarke, ever explained the meaning of common journalistic courtesy - let...

Mail Online passes 10m daily browsers

The Guardian – 2013-12-12

Daily Mail website continues spectacular growth, also attracting a record 168 million monthly unique browsers in November Mail Online continues to break traffic records, topping 10 million daily...

Daily Mail Praises Beyonce's 'Trim Waist' In Her 'Pretty Hurts' Video, Which Critiques Beauty Culture

The Huffington Post – 2013-12-14

Most of the reactions to Beyonce's new album have been overwhelmingly positive. The Guardian declared that "Beyonce's new album should silence her feminist critics," and the New Statesman praised the...

Daily Mail picks wrong Roux in anti-EU snafu | Media Monkey

The Guardian – 2013-12-18

Diary column applauds Eurosceptic comments made by Michel Roux Sr – but confuses him for his nephew, Michel Roux JrThe Daily Mail's Ephraim Hardcastle diary column can't resist picking up on...

2013 was an excellent year for reading other people’s mail

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-12-31

No one sends you letters any more? Try recent collections of correspondence by Willa Cather, George Orwell, Henry David Thoreau, and others.

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre's pay rises to £1.85m

The Guardian – 2014-01-07

Mail veteran continues to be best-paid UK newspaper editor, taking home £500,000 'supplement' on top of his base salaryPaul Dacre continues to be the best-paid UK newspaper editor, taking home more...

Mail Obsession to Orion

The Bookseller – 2014-01-14

Orion will publish a book on trivia about different areas of the UK, written by Mark Mason. Alan...

Journalist lists 13 reasons for PCC complaint about Daily Mail

The Guardian – 2014-01-23

Investigative journalist Jon Danzig has announced that he is taking the Daily Mail to the Press Complaints Commission about its reporting on Romanian and Bulgarian migration to Britain.In his 13...

Mail Online to switch to .com domain name

The Guardian – 2014-01-27

Publisher thought to have paid potentially as much as £1m-plus in bid to boost international traffic, particularly in the USMail Online is switching from a to .com homepage address, following...

JK Rowling Sues Daily Mail Over 'Misleading And Unfair' Story

The Huffington Post – 2014-01-31

J.K. Rowling is on the opposite end of the court room this time, suing the Daily Mail over a story it published about her struggles as a single mother. The famed Harry Potter author is suing the...

JK Rowling sues Daily Mail for libel over 'single mother' article

The Guardian – 2014-01-31

Harry Potter author seeks 'unspecified damages' for 'causing distress'The Daily Mail has taken down a story from its website about the author JK Rowling after she sued the paper for libel.Rowling...

Mail Online fuels DMGT ad revenue rise

The Guardian – 2014-02-05

Daily Mail publisher reports that website's ad revenues increased by 48% to £14m in the final three months of 2013Mail Online's ad revenues increased by almost 50% to £14m in the final three months...

Shares in Daily Mail owner rise

BBC – 2014-02-05

Shares in the Daily Mail's publisher rise 4.8% to a 13-year high after the group posted strong quarterly results.

Daily Mail tops the league of press regulation code breaches

The Guardian – 2014-02-13

The Press Complaints Commission has published the statistical breakdown that was requested when its chairman, Lord Hunt, appeared before the commons media and culture select committee two weeks...

Hacked Off to Daily Mail: you are the biggest ethical code offender

The Guardian – 2014-02-14

I posted an item yesterday about the Press Complaints Commission publishing on its website a breakdown of the publications responsible for breaches of the editors' code of practice.At the top of the...

Sunday Mail's headline about Alex Salmond letter was a joke

The Guardian – 2014-02-17

I hardly know where to start with this page in yesterday's Sunday Mail, the Glasgow-based paper published by Trinity Mirror.The "reign" in the top headline is, of course, a mistake. Many a reader...

The Check Is in the Mail: Patterson Sends over $267,000 to Booksellers

Publishers Weekly – 2014-02-19

This week James Patterson mailed the first installment of his $1 million pledge to 54 indie booksellers and the NCIBA for California Bookstore Day.

Harriet Harman demands apology for Daily Mail's paedophile 'smears'

The Guardian – 2014-02-26

Labour deputy leader steps up her attack on rightwing paper, calling on it to retract its 'politically motivated' claimsHarriet Harman went to war with the Daily Mail on Tuesday over its claims she...

Harriet Harman: 'The Daily Mail should be apologising, not me'

The Guardian – 2014-02-26

Labour deputy leader claims paper's associate editor has admitted she was never an apologist for paedophiliaHarriet Harman has again called on the Daily Mail to "apologise and put the record...

Daily Mail and Guardian digital 'minnows', says News UK chief

The Guardian – 2014-03-05

Mike Darcey says relying on online ads as main revenue stream is risky in market containing rivals such as Google and FacebookNews UK chief executive Mike Darcey has called the Guardian and Daily...

Daily Mail Admits It Lied About JK Rowling

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-07

The Daily Mail apologized on Wednesday for publishing a false story about JK Rowling. Rowling sued Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Daily Mail, over a September 2013 article titled "How...

No junk mail: Liverpool tweets support for posties who won't deliver the Sun

The Guardian – 2014-06-11

Postal workers near Liverpool have refused to deliver free promotional copies of the Sun, leading to a show of support across social media The news that postal workers near Liverpool have refused to...

News Corp and Mail Online plagiarism spat goes to Cannes Lions festival | Media Monkey

The Guardian – 2014-06-17

The ongoing Antipodeon spat between News Corp and Mail Online over the latters alleged plagiarism appears to have spilled over onto waterfront at this weeks Cannes Lions advertising festival. The...

Mail Online chief in clash with Australian reporter over copyright

The Guardian – 2014-06-19

Media journalist from Rupert Murdoch paper tried to confront Martin Clarke over alleged lifting of articles from other sitesThe spat between News Corp and Mail Online over copyright in Australia has...

Rolf Harris: Mail and Sun blame Leveson inquiry for his 'secret' arrest

The Guardian – 2014-07-01

The conviction of Rolf Harris on 12 counts of indecent assault dominates today's national newspapers. It gets front page treatment in each of the 10 titles and I counted a total of 43 pages devoted...

“I was just amazed”: Joanna Rakoff on reading Salinger’s fan mail – 2014-07-01

A memoirist discusses her first job at a time-warp literary agency and the reclusive author who restored her faith

Mail Online apologises to George Clooney for publishing false story

The Guardian – 2014-07-09

Newspaper removes article on actor's fiancée Amal Alamuddin from its website after he calls it inaccurate and 'irresponsible'George Clooney attacks Daily Mail over 'irresponsible' story Mail Online...

Mail apologises to George Clooney

BBC – 2014-07-09

The Mail Online apologises to US actor George Clooney after publishing a story claiming his fiancee's mother opposes their marriage.

George Clooney rejects Daily Mail apology, calling it 'worst kind of tabloid'

The Guardian – 2014-07-11

Gravity actor accuses paper of a 'cover-up' and telling a 'premeditated lie' after it published a false story about his fianceeGeorge Clooney has rejected the Daily Mail's apology for a false story...

George Clooney rejects Daily Mail apology, saying it is 'the worst kind of tabloid'

The Guardian – 2014-07-11

George Clooney has rejected the Daily Mail's apology for a false story about his fiancee's mother, describing the paper as "the worst kind of tabloid".Two days ago, the actor said the...

George Clooney on his Daily Mail assault: it's fun to slap those bad guys

The Guardian – 2014-07-22

George Clooney clearly enjoyed his recent assault on the Daily Mail. He told Variety, the US entertainment trade magazine: "It's just fun to slap those bad guys every once in a while, knock 'em...

Irish Daily Mail apologises and pays damages to senator

The Guardian – 2014-07-28

Associated Newspapers has apologised and paid damages to an Irish senator, Fidelma Healy Eames, for two articles published in the Irish Daily Mail two years ago.The articles in August 2012 concerned...

Plot to Hack Newspaper Among More Than 30 BBC, Mail and Telegraph Story Links Removed from Google

Editor & Publisher – 2014-08-27

Google has removed links to more than 30 stories from the BBC, Telegraph and Mail websites, the publishers have revealed. The BBC last week identified 12 stories that Google has notified it over...

Open-Xchange launches open-source OX Guard encryption tool for its mail and storage apps

GigaOM – 2014-09-03

The tool doesn't solve certain fundamental problems around current encryption technology, but it is easy to use and probably a lot better than nothing. Open-Xchange launches open-source OX Guard...

Daily Mail publishes third correction in breaching the editors' code

The Guardian – 2014-09-04

Continue reading...

Hangouts gets free voice calling, SMS and voice mail as Google aims to unify messaging

GigaOM – 2014-09-10

Google wants you to use Hangouts for all your messaging needs, which is why the company is now adding free calls and other Google Voice features to the app. Hangouts gets free voice calling, SMS...

Mail Online’s Edit Staff Moonlights as Ad Creators

Editor & Publisher – 2014-10-16

For many publishers trying to jump on the native advertising gravy train, the biggest challenge is running sponsor content that’s actually high quality. The irony of this is publishers have...

Duffy leaving Tesco for Daily Mail

The Bookseller – 2014-11-21

Tesco’s book buying manager Paul Duffy is set to leave the supermarket in a few weeks’ time. The Bookseller can report that Duffy, Tesco’s head of buying for newspapers, magazines and books,...

Daily Mail Profit Rises

The Wall Street Journal – 2014-11-26

U.K. newspaper publisher Daily Mail & General Trust’s full-year profit rose as growing advertising revenue at its popular MailOnline website helped to offset declining print revenue.

Mantel takes on the Mail

The Bookseller – 2014-12-16

Man Booker winning novelist Hilary Mantel has attacked the Mail on Sunday and questioned whether its journalists must “start to feel ashamed of their paper’s attempt to bully and censor” after...

Daily Mail shop calls Hilary Mantel's Thatcher assassination book 'brilliant'

The Guardian – 2014-12-15

The paper may be laying into the BBC for broadcasting ‘sick’ short story about killing former PM, but it seems it has no qualms about profiting from selling it Continue reading...

Programmatic Lessons from Daily Mail’s Ad Giveaway

Editor & Publisher – 2015-01-13

It’s hardly conventional for a Web publisher to promote an ad giveaway with a full-page newspaper ad, but has reason to be especially aggressive.   To make inroads in the...

Mail on Sunday defends ‘bombshell’ memoirs about Ed Miliband

The Guardian – 2015-01-19

Ex-mayor of Doncaster Martin Winter claims ‘bumbling oddball’ Miliband knew about 2008 economic crash before it happenedMail on Sunday executives are standing behind the newspaper’s extensive...

Mail on Sunday's six-page assault on Ed Miliband is a damp squib

The Guardian – 2015-01-19

Rest of the media ignore the newspaper’s attempted smear on Labour’s leaderI often read hugely hyped front page stories and ask myself “why?” But the Mail on Sunday’s great scoop yesterday,...

Mail Online soars past 200m monthly browsers as newspaper sites bounce back

The Guardian – 2015-02-20

All UK national newspaper websites recorded healthy rises in January as they recovered after the December lullMail Online powered past 200 million monthly unique browsers for the first time in...

Daily Mail coverage of Cliff Richard raid report inaccurate - author

The Guardian – 2015-02-24

Former chief constable Andy Trotter says paper’s claims of South Yorkshire police incompetence and BBC dishonesty are wrongThe author of a report on a deal between the BBC and a police force which...

Mail Online censured over Liz Jones article – but print version is cleared

The Guardian – 2015-03-04

Mail on Sunday insists press watchdog Ipso should consider online version of column separately as they are under independent editorial controlPress watchdog Ipso has upheld a complaint about a column...

Why Mail Online remains a responsive design holdout

Digiday – 2015-03-06

Mobile makes up the lion's share of U.K. traffic for Mail Online, but mobile visitors arriving on its homepage are still see the desktop site. That's an increasingly rare sight in news publishing...

Daily Mail in New York disputes journalist's ripping-off-the-web claims

The Guardian – 2015-03-06

Publisher ‘utterly refutes’ allegations by writer about his work requirementsThe Daily Mail’s New York digital operation has hit back at the journalist who wrote about spending a year ripping...

Why Mail Online is wrong to publish a photograph of a dying woman

The Guardian – 2015-03-13

Image intrudes into her privacy and will upset her relatives and friendsCan anyone help me out here? The other day I wrote about the media going overboard in its coverage of the Jeremy Clarkson...

Leslie Jamison And Catherine Lacey's E-mail Conversation About Narcissism, Emotional Writing And Memoir-Novels

The Huffington Post – 2015-03-30

Below, writers Leslie Jamison (The Empathy Exams) and Catherine Lacey (Nobody Is Ever Missing) discuss their respective books, the value in emotional writing, and the emerging trend of memoir-novels....

Daily Mail publisher loses challenge to JK Rowling ruling

The Guardian – 2015-05-15

Associated Newspapers objected to parts of the statement that the author plans to read in open court as part of the settlement of her libel claimThe publisher of the Daily Mail has lost its challenge...

Smiling "Uncle" Arthur Brittenden, Mail editor and Sun deputy editor

The Guardian – 2015-05-18

He loved to tell tales of dealing with eccentric newspaper press baronsI hadn’t realised that Arthur Brittenden, former Daily Mail editor, Sun deputy editor, and Sunday Express deputy editor, had...

JK Rowling vindicated over Daily Mail's false claims, high court told

The Guardian – 2015-05-21

Harry Potter author’s lawyer says allegations left her ‘distressed’, but she is ending her libel case after receiving an apology and substantial damagesAuthor JK Rowling has been “fully...

Daily Mail Invests $3 Million in Native Partner Taboola

AdWeek – 2015-06-04

The Daily Mail is announcing today that it has invested $3 million in publishing-tech company Taboola, and there are two big reasons why—native ad dollars and speed. "At the end of the...

Yahoo takes the ax to Mail, Maps and Pipes features

Engadget – 2015-06-05

Yahoo has published its second quarter progress report for 2015, and its theme's pretty clear: killing features and antiquated products. Starting on June 15th, Yahoo Mail will no longer be able to...

Media Monkey’s diary: Clara Amfo’s brand aid, Mail girls, and The Archers

The Guardian – 2015-06-07

Roger Alton reveals (almost) all, Ambridge goes football crazy and the BBC press office gets its Twitter in a flap• Clara Amfo served her DJ-ing apprenticeship at Kiss FM, and it’s possible the...

Daily Mail study: News is a safe place for advertisers after all

Digiday – 2015-06-09

Advertisers have always been careful to make sure they avoid being near hard news, lest it not be “brand safe.” As the Daily Mail pushes deeper into hard news, it’s trying to combat this...

Apple Mail flaw could pose risk to iCloud passwords

PC World – 2015-06-11

A security researcher says a vulnerability in Apple’s mobile email application could be used to trick someone into divulging their iCloud password. Prague-based Jan Soucek published...

The Times and Mail Online were wrong to publish Isis execution images

The Guardian – 2015-06-24

Showing photographs of murder plays into the hands of the barbaric propagandistsThe Times (in print and on its website) and Mail Online have published photographs taken by Isis which show the group...

Daily Mail Heads to TV With the Help of Dr. Phil

Advertising Age – 2015-06-25

Two days after announcing its partnership to launch the content agency Truffle Pig with Snapchat and WPP, the Daily Mail unveiled its next venture -- TV. On Thursday during the Cannes Lions...

(VIDEO) Daily Mail Leans on Video for Views, Engagement, Steinberg explains

The Huffington Post – 2015-07-10

CANNES -- Video has become a core focus of Daily Mail's news service, says Jon Steinberg, CEO of Daily Mail North America, in this segment recorded the Cannes Lions Festival. Daily Mail generates...

Endell Laird, former Daily Record and Sunday Mail editor, dies aged 81

The Guardian – 2015-07-10

He made his name in journalism by stopping the presses at the Scottish Daily Express to produce a special edition on the Ibrox disasterEndell Laird, a former editor of the Daily Record and Sunday...

Daily Mail hit by lower ad revenues

BBC – 2015-07-23

The publisher of the Daily Mail has lowered its profits guidance after continued falls in print advertising revenues.

Daily Mail publisher hit by fall in print advertising

The Guardian – 2015-07-23

DGMT share price drops 9% after ‘marked deterioration’ in advertising revenue for flagship print titlesShares in the Daily Mail’s parent company have slumped 9% after it reported a fall in...

Boy Who Couldn’t Afford Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read; Mailman Responds Spectacularly

The Huffington Post – 2015-07-28

Twelve-year-old Mathew Flores is a bit different from the rest of us. He loves junk mail.  Until recently, advertisements were the only reading materials available to the boy. Flores loves...

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis sue the Daily Mail

The Guardian – 2015-07-28

Hollywood couple are angry over articles on Mail Online featuring paparazzi shots of the pair with their baby daughter and promoting fashion purchasesActors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have sued...

David Beckham Puts The Daily Mail In Its Place Over Parenting Article

The Huffington Post – 2015-08-11

On Monday, David Beckham pushed back against a flimsy story recently published in The Daily Mail that criticized his parenting techniques -- particularly his daughter Harper's continued use of a...

Sylvia Jeffreys slams Daily Mail story

The Sydney Morning Herald – 2015-08-26

Today host Sylvia Jeffreys has smacked down the Daily Mail live on air after a report the site published about an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction she suffered earlier this week.

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