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Lads' mag Loaded on the block as Vitality falls into administration

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Lads' mag Loaded on the block as Vitality falls into administration

Media Week – 2012-04-24

Lads' mag Loaded is up for sale for the second time in two years after its owner, Vitality Publishing, fell into administration last week.
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Bottom falls out of lads' mag sector, ABCs expected to show

LONDON - FHM and Loaded, the magazines that defined the lads¹ generation in the mid-1990s, are set to reveal further steep falls in news-stand circulations in the upcoming ABCs. | Media Week – 2009-02-03

Lifestyle magazines thrive as lads' mags are hit by credit crunch

Vogue, GQ, Country Living and a host of high-quality magazines experienced a surprise increase in the latest half-yearly circulation figures, showing the strength of upmarket titles in the face of... | Times Online – 2008-08-15

Shops given 'lads' mags' warning

Retailers are being warned they could face legal action if they continue to sell magazines showing naked and semi-naked images of women. | BBC – 2013-05-27

UK Feminista founder Kat Banyard: 'It's staggering retailers sell lads' mags'

The campaigner on her battle to stop Tesco and other stores from stocking publications such as Zoo and LoadedFlicking through the pages of the men's weekly Zoo, past countless breasts, a car feature,... | Guardian – 2013-06-23

Lads' mags given 'modesty bag' deadline by The Co-op

Nuts, Zoo, Loaded and Front magazines have until 9 September to introduce "modesty bags" or The Co-operative will withdraw them from sale, the supermarket chain has announced. | Media Week – 2013-07-29

VIDEO: 'Lads' mags' told to cover up

Magazines told to cover-up their front pages with sealed "modesty bags" or be taken off sale in its stores | BBC News – 2013-07-29

'Modesty bags' on lads' mags would be a fig leaf | Sarah Woolley

The Co-op's instruction to cover up certain men's magazines deals with aesthetics not ethics, where the real problem liesHow short can a model's skirt be before a modesty sleeve is pulled down? It's... | Guardian – 2013-07-30

Loaded owner criticises Co-operative Group over 'lads' mags' ban threat

Paul Baxendale-Walker reacts to demand for modesty bags by saying retailer should put them on foods that harm childrenSupermarkets should concentrate on concealing harmful foods from the view of... | Guardian – 2013-07-29

Why Romola Garai wants Tesco to lose the lads' mags

The actor is backing the campaign by feminist activism groups UK Feminista and Object to get magazines such as Nuts and Zoo removed from supermarket shelves"If I went in to this shop with my daughter... | Guardian – 2013-07-29

Tesco considers action over lads' mags

Supermarket chain holds talks with feminist group following Co-op move, as Nuts magazine insists it 'celebrates women'Tesco is considering tougher restrictions on how it sells lads' magazines, but... | Guardian – 2013-07-30

Tesco forces lads' mags to make covers 'more modest'

Zoo, Nuts and Front agree to ditch highly explicit front covers as retailer responds to energetic social media campaignHighly explicit front covers of "lads' mags" may be a thing of the past, Tesco... | Guardian – 2013-08-02

Tesco restricts lads' mags to over-18s and wins 'modesty' agreement

Tesco is restricting the sale of lads' magazines to people aged over 18 and has got the publishers of magazines such as Zoo and Nuts to agree to making the magazines' front covers more modest. | Media Week – 2013-08-05

Lads' mags shun Co-op over cover-up demand

Zoo and Nuts will boycott the major retailer over its demands to put the magazines in modesty bags before shipping to the storeZoo and Nuts magazines are to boycott one of Britain's biggest... | Guardian – 2013-08-08

Co-op 'listening to customers' on lads' mag concern - video

Co-op confirms it will remove male magazines Zoo and Nuts if they do not agree to the use of modesty bags in stores | Guardian – 2013-08-08

Morrisons urges retailer unity on display of lads' mags

Zoo and Nuts boycott of Co-op stores after demand for 'modesty bags' leads to call for industry to have collective stanceThe supermarket chain Morrisons has called on rivals to adopt a collective... | Guardian – 2013-08-09

Nuts feels the pinch as lads' mags face sales drop

IPC title's circulation falls by more than 25% and Zoo is down almost 20% as row over magazines' covers continuesSales of Nuts magazine were squeezed by more than a quarter in the first half of the... | Guardian – 2013-08-15

Never mind lads' mags, here are some other things I'd stick in a modesty bag | Hadley Freeman

I don't want to see any celebrity sex tapes, adverts involving women having orgasms about food or grim music videos that claim to 'empower' womenI have been thinking a lot about the term... | Guardian – 2013-08-20

Lads' mags: I've been part of the problem – let me be part of the solution

Romola Garai is backing a campaign this week for Tesco to clear its shelves of 'sexist' magazines. She tells Daniel Boffey that, while her acting career has been helped by glamorous roles and photos,... | Guardian – 2013-10-13

So Romola Garai once appeared in lads' mags. Shock! Horror! Hypocrite! | Naomi McAuliffe

The actor has now lent her support to the Lose the Lads' Mags campaign. For some, it seems, changing one's mind is the worst sin of allPretty much the first thing that happens when someone in the... | Guardian – 2013-10-14

Loaded turns its back on lads' mag era | Media Monkey

Scantily-clad cover models were 'lowering the tone', say latest publishers of pioneering men's magazineIt was the original "lads' mag" but now Loaded magazine has followed Stuff in dropping... | The Guardian – 2014-07-03

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