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It's Hard Out There for a Freelancer

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It's Hard Out There for a Freelancer

AdWeek – 2012-05-07

For journalists, a freelancing career usually means a life of instability and, in the Internet age, can result in partnerships with less-than-reputable publishers and institutions. Just like the quality of freelance jobs, freelancers also vary in quality—but now content network Studio One is launching a program to certify its freelancers in an effort to assure the production of high-quality content. Shifts in digital publishing have led brands to change the ways in which they interact...
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Hard times for the LA Times as editor stands down

Times are tough for the LA Times as Russ Stanton, who has been editor of the paper for the past four years, is standing down amidst the expectation of more job cuts. Stanton leaves the news... | Editors Weblog – 2011-12-14

Women's brands hard hit by downturn

Written By: Benedicte Page, Felicity Wood and Philip Stone Publication Date: Fri, 23/09/2011 - 10:15 A squeeze on consumer spending in supermarkets and the migration to digital are being blamed for... | The Bookseller – 2011-09-23

Hard line on legal aid for library battles

Written By: Benedicte Page Publication Date: Fri, 27/05/2011 - 12:34 Campaigners seeking legal aid to pursue judicial review claims against local library closures are being asked for "community... | The Bookseller – 2011-05-27

Amazon fighting hard on state sales-tax issue

Shortly after Time magazine named him Person of the Year in late 1999, founder Jeff Bezos sat down for a lengthy interview at The Chronicle. One of the early questions addressed a touchy... | San Francisco Chronicle – 2011-03-12

Respect the Freelancer

In tough times, freelancers often get the sort-end of the stick. | Folio Magazine – 2011-02-03 Acquires Freemarket, Launches Virtual Content Marketplace

Online marketplace for outsourcing , formerly known as GetAFreelancer has acquired virtual content marketplace and is relaunching Freemarket's platform under the... | Yahoo – 2010-07-19

TIME magazine editor becomes freelancer, blogger

While the news industry is frantically searching for solutions and new directions, journalists' lives have been disrupted by cutbacks and job changes. | Poynter Institute – 2010-03-15

Analyst: Credit Crunch Will Hit Newspapers Hard

The credit crunch, which gives struggling newspaper companies more difficulties obtaining any cash they might need, will hit high-debt companies such as Tribune Co. particularly hard, an analyst... | Editor And Publisher – 2008-09-19

Much-praised Leeds Guide folds after 15 years, another victim of hard times

Monthly magazine helped to define one of the UK's most successful cities as well as giving sound and lively advice on what to do, how, why, when and whereIt was once a symbol of a confident and... | Guardian – 2012-02-29

In obits, Andrew Breitbart is a hard guy to label

If you win a Pulitzer, your obituary will start out, “Pulitzer Prize-winner John Doe…” And if you’re Andrew Breitbart? That’s harder. Was he a journalist? A blogger? A... | Poynter. – 2012-03-02

Monster Flip for iPhone and iPad Hard to Put Down

Published by PikPok, Monster Flip features a grid made up of four different species of cube-shaped monsters. | PC World – 2012-03-24

Antitrust Chief Takes Hard Line

The U.S. antitrust chief says she won't stand by quietly if companies make agreements with rivals on price, signaling a tough stance as an e-book probe continues. | The Wall Street Journal – 2012-03-26

Trust Buster Takes Hard Line As E-Book Probe Continues

The Justice Department's top antitrust official says she won't stand by quietly if companies make agreements with rivals on price, signaling a stern stance as the department conducts a high-profile... | AllThingsD – 2012-03-26

Judge comes down hard on publishers, Apple in e-book case

In a strongly worded opinion, US District Judge Denise Cote rejected requests by Apple and book publishers to throw out a class action suit that accuses them of price-fixing. | GigaOM – 2012-05-16

New Stephen King novel for Hard Case Crime

A new novel by Stephen King, Joyland, is to be published by Titan Books imprint Hard Case Crime... | The Bookseller – 2012-05-30

The Kindle's achilles heel is hard to find

Books' migration to digital is utterly dominated by Amazon and its e-reader – but its lack of community may be its undoingSing, O muse, of the wrath of the publishers, as Homer might have said if... | Guardian – 2012-06-03

The Hard Truth: Newspaper Monopolies are Gone Forever

As newspaper companies like Advance Publications attempt to wean themselves away from a reliance on print — a transition that almost every mainstream publisher will likely have to emulate... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-06-15

How hard times seem to have weakened the appeal of trashy magazines

It seems these depressing times may be leading the electorate to be more thoughtful in their choice of periodicalsOn the bright side, in these depressing times, the electorate appears to be becoming... | Guardian – 2012-09-08

Margaret Sullivan reminds rowdy NYT freelancer he’s ‘highly replaceable’

The New York Times In a blog post, New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan takes Times Magazine freelancer Andrew Goldman to the woodshed for a Twitter exchange that showed “hideous... | Poynter. – 2012-10-11

Magazine sales suffer from the hard cell

It is a scene playing out in supermarkets across the world: a consumer waits to pay and, instead of browsing the magazines and chewing gum displayed alongside, she pulls out her mobile phone for a... | CNN – 2013-02-08

Shine: 'hard to be enthusiastic' over Budget

Bridget Shine, executive director of the Independent Publishers Guild, has expressed caution over... | The Bookseller – 2013-03-21

'The Great Gatsby': Why is it so hard to adapt for the big screen?

Noir guru Alan Rode ponders the challenges of filming the masterpiece. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-05-10

Why Interactive Fiction is “Just Really Hard to Do”

Despite celebrity backing, transmedia platform The Numinous Place has struggled to launch. Its story offers a case study in the challenges of developing interactive fiction. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-05-17

Jaron Lanier takes a hard look at the wired world

The Writer's Life: The smart, accessible 'Who Owns the Future?' peers critically at the online state of affairs and finds it out of balance.Jaron Lanier has a research job with Microsoft. He won't go... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-05-17

Freelancer Accuses USA Today of Over-Editing Abortion Story Before Backtracking

A story on the battle to liberalize Ireland’s abortion laws published in USA Today Thursday contained edits that grossly altered the original story, according to freelance journalist... | Editor & Publisher – 2013-05-20

Column: It's Hard Out There For a Publisher

Conventional wisdom says that entrepreneurs who start a Web-based business will do so with VC money. Read enough stories of Internet ventures that enjoy lucrative exits in the millions (in some cases... | AdWeek – 2013-06-21

From hard copy to e-book

Opening up hidden treasures to the modern world | BBC World – 2013-06-26

NSA-leak hard drives ruined as agents watched, Guardian says

British agents oversaw the destruction of an unspecified number of the Guardian newspaper's hard drives after the paper began publishing revelations from Edward Snowden's leaks, the paper's editor... | CBC – 2013-08-20

BuzzFeed's Jon Steinberg Trumpets Shift to Hard News

Adweek: Tell me about BuzzFeed’s Social Storytelling program, which you launched in May. Jon Steinberg: It’s very much evocative of the kind of authorization and training programs that... | AdWeek – 2013-08-30

Amazon launches Kindle Matchbook: discounted e-books for those who own the hard copy

When Amazon launched AutoRip, we looked at our bookshelves and wished that us readers would get something similar. Fortunately, the company had the same idea, and is now announcing Kindle Matchbook.... | Engadget – 2013-09-03

Reporter? Secret agent? It's hard to tell with spies like us

From the cold war to Syria, journalists have to negotiate ethical waters far murkier than anything considered by LevesonThere are many red lines that journalists can cross, and they don't all include... | Guardian – 2013-09-08

Getting women on the board, it’s not as hard as you think

Gail Deegan, a board member at tech companies EMC and iRobot, has an appropriately concise message to the all-male board of Twitter: “Get with it! Where have you been living?” Twitter made... | – 2013-10-11

The Billion–Year Hard Drive

Long–term data storage is never a sure thing––you'd be surprised how quickly many traditional data storage systems degrade. And while consumers are just beginning to experiment with... | Fast Company – 2013-10-14

“Just Babies”: Is morality hard-wired?

A new book seeks the roots of right and wrong in the study of infants as young as 3 months | – 2013-11-18

MailOnline rips off freelancer's Emma Thompson exclusive interview

John Hiscock, the veteran Los Angeles freelancer, was outraged when MailOnline published an interview he had written, on a exclusive basis, for the Daily Mirror.After some 40 years based in Santa... | Guardian – 2013-11-18

What's So Hard About About Building A CMS?

There are dozens of content management systems for sale, but publishing companies like ours are building their own. What's so complicated about a CMS, anyway?It's impossible to say this... | Fast Company – 2013-12-03

Demi Lovato Admits She Had A Hard Time Writing Her Book

As a successful actress and singer who had a stint in rehab, 21-year-old Demi Lovato has experienced a lot in her young career. But all her experiences served as inspiration for her book, Staying... | The Huffington Post – 2013-12-09

Why Is Hard News a Hard Sell for Advertisers?

Rob NormanNewspapers and news magazines' print editions are fading. Their readers are literally dying. Other industries have new demography and geography to conquer, but no new generation is... | Advertising Age – 2014-01-01

Footage released of Guardian editors destroying Snowden hard drives

GCHQ technicians watched as journalists took angle grinders and drills to computers after weeks of tense negotiations• Watch the footage of the hard drives being destroyedNew video footage has been... | The Guardian – 2014-01-31

Hard Case Releasing New King Editions

Titan Books's pulp imprint Hard Case Crime will be releasing two new editions of Stephen King's "Joyland," which it originally published in June 2013. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-01-27

Modern Times Falls on Hard Times

The San Francisco bookstore needs to raise $100,000 to stay open. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-01-09

January ABCs: home or away, it's hard to find the net

The pressure on newspaper website editors to stay in the top three can be intenseJanuary, the start of a new year in the digital premier league (as recorded by ABC). And it's the big three still on... | The Guardian – 2014-02-23

Ukrainian Book Publishing Fears Hard Times Ahead

Ukraine's new government is considering withdrawing support for the publishing industry and eliminating tax and other benefits for publishers to save cash. | Publishing Perspectives – 2014-03-24

Hillary Clinton's Book Will Be Called 'Hard Choices'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton's upcoming book will be called "Hard Choices," a title that reflects how the potential 2016 presidential candidate may try to define her record as President... | The Huffington Post – 2014-04-19

Hillary Clinton defends Benghazi response in new book, 'Hard Choices'

Hillary Rodham Clinton defended her response to the deadly 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, writing in her new book that she will 'not be part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead... | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-05-30

Hillary Clinton Biographer Says Her Words About Iraq In 'Hard Choices' Are 'Difficult To Swallow'

Hillary Clinton's book "Hard Choices" is being closely examined by pundits eager for a sense of where she stands politically after spending the last several years away from the partisan fray. During... | The Huffington Post – 2014-06-11

Hillary Clinton's book 'Hard Choices' arrives and Clinton hits the road

Clinton's book 'Hard Choices' was released on June 10. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-06-11

Hillary's Bio Is A Hard Slog, But These Political Memoirs Are Well Worth Your Time

NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton launched her book tour here amid the screeching of partisan spin and the collective yawn of would-be literary critics in the national political media. On one level, the... | The Huffington Post – 2014-06-11

Hillary Clinton's 'Hard Choices': Here's what the reviews are saying

Hillary Clinton's memoir 'Hard Choices' was released on June 10. What are critics saying about the book? | The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-06-12

Tracking Amazon: '10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse' Bests 'Hard Choices'

After J.J. Smith's appearance on the "Steve Harvey Show," the author's "10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse," published in February, moved from #42 to #2 on Amazon's bestseller list, pushing Hillary... | Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-12

Clinton’s real “hard choice”: Bypass the media — or learn to master it

From a tense NPR interview to her carefully crafted book, we learned this week about the major task that awaits her | – 2014-06-13

Clinton Looks A Little Rusty On Her 'Hard Choices,' Avoidable Errors Tour

Hillary Clinton has a book out. It's called Hard Choices. It's about hard choices. Lots and lots of hard choices. I did not read this book. Easy choice, really. Hillary Clinton should not take it... | The Huffington Post – 2014-06-14

Time divides, ads subtract and it's hard to sum up newpapers' future

A survey of newspaper trends looks grim for western publishers, but then again the startups' sums don't always add upHere's the big picture, as painted last week by the World Association of... | The Guardian – 2014-06-15

Hillary Rodham Clinton does a meet and greet with fans, while signing her new book "Hard Choices" at Indigo

TORONTO, June 16, 2014 /CNW/ - Hillary Rodham Clinton does a meet and greet with fans, while signing her new book "Hard Choices", Monday, June16, 2014 at the Bay and Bloor location of Indigo in ... | CNW – 2014-06-17

iBooks Bestsellers: 'Hard Choices' Hits #6

Hillary Clinton's "Hard Choices" failed to crack the top five on Apple's iBooks bestseller list for the week ended June 16. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-18

'Hard Choices' Print Sales Top 85,000 in First Week

Hillary Clinton’s "Hard Choices" sold 85,721 copies in its first week on sale at outlets that report to Nielsen BookScan. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-18

S&S Touts 'Hard Choices' Sales Performance

According to S&S, the memoir has been an "instant international bestseller" in all of the territories in which it has been published. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-25

Hillary Clinton's 'Hard Choices' is 'effectively banned' in China

Chinese publishers have declined to purchase translation rights for Clinton's bestseller, said publisher Simon & Schuster, and China's major import agency will not import the book in English. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-06-28

Angry Nerd: Why Guardians of the Galaxy Works Where Spider-Man Fails Hard

Is it too much to ask for a comic book flick that doesn't rely on three crappy prequels for the plot to make sense? Let's lose the complicated, interwoven storylines and focus on quality standalone... | Wired – 2014-07-10

Researchers hard at work to make the workhorse lithium ion battery better

Researchers at universities are delivering innovations for the good ol' lithium ion battery. Researchers hard at work to make the workhorse lithium ion battery better originally published by... | GigaOM – 2014-07-29

The long, hard slog to unlock the potential of geothermal energy

Remember when Google was making a big deal about the next generation of enhanced geothermal tech? What happened? The long, hard slog to unlock the potential of geothermal energy originally published... | GigaOM – 2014-08-07

Is Jive Software caught between a rock and a hard place?

It's hard to beat free and Jive Software must contend with bigger rivals that bundle social networking with their software suites as well as a flock of mobile-first competitors. Is Jive Software... | GigaOM – 2014-08-09

Copyright Changes Hit Canadian Publishers Hard

When the Canadian Copyright Modernization Act was passed in 2012, publishing associations were happy with certain aspects of the legislation, including its antipiracy measures. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-08-08

Hard books for hard times: literary experimentation gains popularity

For some authors, a demanding era for publishing calls for complicated stories not cautious and conservative ones and they're finding readersBetween the decline of the traditional bookshop and the... | The Guardian – 2014-08-20

Why Zapier thinks there’s a big (but hard) business in stitching together cloud services

A St. Louis-based startup called Zapier is trying to make those dozens of cloud services your company uses more intelligent by automating the interactions between them. On our latest podcast, CEO... | GigaOM – 2014-09-06

First Look Finds The Hard Part Isn’t The Journalism, It’s Reinventing How a Newsroom Works

Ever since former Rolling Stone investigative reporter Matt Taibbi suddenly left First Look Media — which had wooed and finally won him over by promising him his own magazine-style site... | Editor & Publisher – 2014-10-31

Sherri Shepherd On The Hard-Won Lessons She's Learned From Two Divorces

Sherri Shepherd is trying to see the silver lining in two very public divorces. The former co-host of "The View" has been locked in a messy custody battle with estranged husband Lamar Sally over... | The Huffington Post – 2014-11-18

Economics Is Really Hard, Even for Harvard Ph.D.s

Most new grads don't manage to publish a single paper in a top journal, a new study finds | Business Week – 2014-11-22

It’s hard out there for a millennial smut mag

Inside the glossy, buzzy (and essentially ad-free) world of Adult magazine -- high-minded smut for literary types, with a wary attitude toward monetization. The post It’s hard out there for a... | Digiday – 2014-12-11

Divine genius does not exist: Hard work, not magical inspiration, is essence of creativity

Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours rule has a lot going for it: Creativity is not magic -- it's work | – 2015-02-02

Why Writing is So Hard

Matt Sumell, author of the exceptional "Making Nice," on writing as an "emotionally expensive" undertaking. | Publishers Weekly – 2015-03-13

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