Inside the design hothouse, where Jobs kept the future at his fingertips

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Want to go “Inside Apple”? Read this book

GigaOM – 2012-01-23

For the second time in three months a book is set to appear that endeavors to explain the "magic" and mystery of why Apple can do with it does. On Wednesday, "Inside Apple" by Fortune reporter Adam...

Inside Apple: The Company Behind Steve Jobs

BusinessWeek – 2012-01-20

Author Adam Lashinsky says his book is not a biography of Steve Jobs, but of Apple

Meckler's WebMediaBrands Acquires Inside Network

Digital Media Wire – 2011-05-12

New York - WebMediaBrands (NASD: WEBM), the publisher of the Mediabistro blog network and a provider of education and career services to media professionals, announced on Thursday that it has...

Bonnier Looks Inside the Minds of App Consumers

Folio Magazine – 2011-03-30

As the April 4 launch of Moving Media+ draws nearer, Bonnier Publishing is perfecting the tablet experience for industry personnel and audiences through comprehensive research that

Five-figure deal to indie Inside Pocket

The Bookseller – 2011-03-18

Publication Date: Fri, 18/03/2011 - 10:17 Independent children's publisher Inside Pocket has signed a five-figure four-book deal with Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winner Ursula Jones. Director of Inside...

What's Inside of The Daily?

The New York Observer – 2011-02-03

So The Daily happened! We didn't have an iPad, but they were kind enough to loan us, and every other journalist in attendance, one loaded up with a year-long subscription to The Daily. We haven't put...

The story behind Wikileaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy - video

Guardian – 2011-01-31

The Guardian's Alan Rusbridger, David Leigh and Luke Harding on the book that charts Julian Assange and WikiLeaks' transformation from rebel hackers to global celebrities Alan RusbridgerDavid...

Inside the Media Hiring Bubble

The New York Observer – 2011-01-05

I didn't feel like I was being interviewed for a job, said the AP's Ron Fournier, about the lunch that would lead to his becoming the next editor of National Journal.

Books of The Times: The Case of the Dead Doppelgänger Turns a Detective’s Life Inside Out

New York Times – 2008-07-17

In this unusual sequel, the police Detective Cassie Maddox goes undercover as a dead woman after her spitting image is murdered.

Dealbook: From the Inside, Jerry Yang Looks Out for Yahoo

New York Times – 2008-07-15

Yahoo and the fate of its chief executive were Topic A at the annual billionaires’ summer camp as rival moguls gossiped about whether Yahoo would end up in the hands of Microsoft.

Google and Yahoo to Search Inside Flash Files

New York Times – 2007-01-08

Adobe announced Tuesday that Google and Yahoo are adding search capabilities that will enable users to look inside the content of files encoded in Adobe’s Flash file format SWF.

Zimbabwe: Inside 'Waiting for the Rain'

allAfrica – 2012-02-27

[The Herald] One of the worst things that can happen and often happens -- to a writer is to fall into the doldrums, that scary place where nothing happens at all,...

"The Little Red Guard": inside a Chinese family

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-04-26

Wenguang Huang's memoir about his childhood in Mao's China tells a universal story of the bonds of love – and the pangs of regret – which can shape a family.

Warner Bros. intros 'Inside the Script' eBook series, gives film buffs a deeper look

Engadget – 2012-05-02

From time to time, we see movie studio Warner Bros. bring forth ways to give its oldies-but-goodies a longer life span. On this occasion, Warner's launching a novel eBook series titled "Inside the...

Not Just for Kids: Inside every prince, a bumbling idiot

Los Angeles Times – 2012-05-13

'The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom' by Christopher Healy tells the real story of fairy-tale princes. Prince Charming, for example, is a pampered wimp.The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

Inside the HuffPost Book Club

Media Bistro – 2012-06-04

In this encore edition of the Morning Media Menu (MP3 link), Huffington Post Books editor Andrew Losowsky discussed how writers and readers can get involved in the HuffPost Book Club. The club is...

‘The Obamians : The Struggle Inside the White House to Redefine American Power ,’ by James Mann

The Washington Post – 2012-06-16

The officials who make foreign policy don’t have it easy. Trapped between the domestic political environment on one side and the international system on the other, they have modest freedom to...

Navy SEAL book to give inside look at bin Laden mission

CBC – 2012-08-23

A first-hand account of the Navy SEAL mission that killed Osama bin Laden is coming out Sept. 11.

Biographer D.T. Max: getting inside David Foster Wallace's head

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-09-27

'The mystery about David was about how someone so immensely talented, creative and successful could feel so bad about himself no matter what,' Max says.

Inside Burgundy iPad ebook brings vintage tastes to Apple's iBookstore

Guardian – 2013-01-09

'We will break even on this if we can sell about 2,000," says publisher Christopher Foulkes.When Apple launched its iBooks Author software in January 2012, the emphasis was firmly on digital...

Inside the Internet Archive

The Atlantic – 2013-05-07

What it takes to digitize the world's knowledge -- from books to websites to cable TV    

Inside the Wonderfully Weird Ways of the Book Industry at BEA 2013

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-05-31

Book Expo America brings together a range of industry folks to talk about their beloved products for several days at the Javits Center in New York City. Read on for highlights from this year's...

Financial Times CIO manages media shifts inside and out

PC World – 2013-06-24

From the hot metal press to desktop publishing and broadcasting via radio or television, the media has always been driven by technology. You could argue that technology created the media, enabling...

The Statue of Liberty Reopens on July 4, but Don't Expect to Get Inside the Crown

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-07-03

New York-bound tourists and fourth grade field trips — the "huddled masses" or whatever — can breathe in relief as the Statue of Liberty reopens in time for July 4,...

Book Talk: Danielle Steel heads inside the fashion world

Yahoo! News – 2013-07-18

By Elaine Lies TOKYO (Reuters) - The fashion world is the setting for the latest book by bestselling novelist Danielle Steel, a prolific author who continues to produce several books a year. "First...

‘Robert oppenheimer: A Life Inside the Center’ by Ray Monk

The Washington Post – 2013-07-20

Celebrity fades — a truism that applies to scientists as much as to anyone else. Few are remembered outside their disciplines once the generations pass that knew them as famous. Judging, however,...

Photos Go Inside Germany's Disappearing Nuclear Power Plants

Wired – 2013-07-22

Germany has agreed to close all of their nuclear power plants by 2022, but before that happens, German photographer Michael Danner wanted to get in and photograph them. Between 2007 and 2011 he...

Rewind radio: TS Eliot's India; Twenty Minutes – The Planets; In Search of Nic Jones; Book of the Week – The Sea Inside – review

Guardian – 2013-08-10

The roots of TS Eliot's quintessentially English masterpiece, The Waste Land, lie far from home – in IndiaTS Eliot's India: Many Gods, Many Voices Radio 4 | iPlayerTwenty Minutes: The Planets Radio...

ASUS unveils budget X102BA laptop with 10-point touch and AMD inside

Engadget – 2013-09-05

ASUS' new Zenbook UX301 and second-gen Transformer Book a little too rich for your blood? You'll be glad to hear that the company has announced what appears to be a more down-to-Earth ultraportable,...

Inside the conservative brain: What explains their wiring? – 2013-09-16

Neuroscience can help us understand the strangest of birds: The modern conservative. They really do think different

The inside story of secret White House cliques – 2013-09-16

How personal and spiritual splits divide President Obama's team -- and expose his internal contradictions

Go Inside Robin Williams' Head With This 'Multiple Exposures' Video

The Huffington Post – 2013-09-25

Being Robin Williams seems like it'd be exhausting. With all the characters and voices that must be constantly whirling around in his head, we imagine it's not unlike being in a photo booth with...

Inside the legendary Gay Talese story 'Frank Sinatra Has a Cold'

Los Angeles Times – 2013-10-09

Gay Talese came to be known as one of the most elegant magazine writers of the 20th century. He has written many pieces, the most indelible is his 1966 story headlined "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold."Gay...

'The Walking Dead' Premiere: A New Threat Revealed Inside The Prison (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-14

On the season premiere of “The Walking Dead,” the prison gang and the Woodbury survivors joined together, which meant the introduction of some new people. One of those newbies was Patrick ... a...

There Are Three Americas Hiding Inside Our Country––Which Do You Live In?

Fast Company – 2013-10-18

There are many ways of dividing up America: Red state, Blue state, Rust Belt, Bible Belt, Sun Belt, Stroke Belt...the list could go on. We're defined by our regional economies, voting patterns,...

Inside Julian Assange's Alleged Plot to Steal The Fifth Estate Book

Wired – 2013-10-19

The time: January 2011. The location: Ellingham Hall, an elegant mansion northeast of London. The scene: Julian Assange sits in front of a fire, entertaining a visitor from America. The conversation...

The inside story of the Muppets – 2013-10-25

"Jim Henson: A Biography" wonderfully tells the story of the man, his creations, and his care for others

See Inside Vogue Paris November 2013

HuffingtonPost – 2013-10-25

By Rachel Huber With Gisele lighting up the cover, November's Vogue Paris brims with all the best in seasonal beauty hints and tips, photographed of course by some of the industry's finest....

Book review: ‘Camelot’s Court: Inside the Kennedy White House’ by Robert Dallek

The Washington Post – 2013-10-25

It is tempting to say of Robert Dallek’s latest book that there’s nothing really new here. The basic story line in “Camelot’s Court” will seem familiar to even casual readers of the vast...

A peek inside the Broward County Ultimate CEO Awards celebration – slideshow

Silicon Valley Business Journal – 2013-10-26

The South Florida Business Journal honored its 2013 Broward County Ultimate CEOs during a gala Thursday night at the Broward County Center for the Performing Arts. Business Journal President and...

Between the Lines: ‘White Ginger’ goes inside a Chinatown triad

SacBee – 2013-10-27

Thatcher Robinson of Carmichael has the right background for writing a thriller. The retired chief operating officer of a cyber-warfare and intrusion-detection firm in San Francisco just published...

Inside The Mind Of Tweemo Cinema King Wes Anderson

Fast Company – 2013-10-28

In the past several weeks, two bits of Wes Anderson news have surfaced. One is the trailer for the filmmaker's forthcoming cinematic venture, The Grand Budapest Hotel. The second is the release of a...

Inside the mind of a “Fox & Friends” host: Brian Kilmeade talks to Salon – 2013-11-05

The "Fox & Friends" co-host on spying, the GOP's interest in the founders, and whether liberals will read his book

Look Inside: Luxurious Hawaii Home Where Michener Played Cards

The Huffington Post – 2013-11-06

Walk through the green patina double doors into The Crest, a five-bedroom, four-bathroom oceanfront property on Black Point Place, and you’ll find a vintage home meticulously designed, inside and...

Inside J.J. Abrams's Brain–Bending Book–Within–a–Book

Fast Company – 2013-11-11

Doug Dorst is co–author of S., a book that takes place within the margins of another book (it's complicated). Here, Dorst reveals how he collaborated with J.J. Abrams to create a kind of printed...

Inside Ad Tech Fraud: Confessions of a Fake Web Traffic Buyer

Digiday – 2013-11-12

Online advertising has a fraud problem. Millions of ad impressions are being served to bots and non-human traffic and ad tech companies are doing little to stop it. Digiday spoke with a former...

Virgin buys inside story of Minecraft

The Bookseller – 2013-11-25

Virgin Books has bought a book that goes behind the scenes of the digital gaming phenomenon...

Recommended Reading: inside a sexcam studio, the death of a content farm

Engadget – 2013-12-15

Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology in print and on the web. Some weeks, you'll also find short reviews of books dealing with the subject of technology that we...

'Inside the Dream Palace' opens door on a vivid Chelsea Hotel

Los Angeles Times – 2013-12-14

Sherill Tippins tells the remarkable story of the legendary New York building and its free-spirited residents over the decades.Before Patti Smith, before Allen Ginsberg, before Thomas Wolfe, before...

Inside the Paranoid World of Fox News's Roger Ailes

The Atlantic Wire – 2014-01-09

Picking the most bonkers part of New York magazine's excerpt from Gabriel Sherman's The Loudest Voice in the Room, a book about Fox News chief Roger Ailes, is like picking...

“What do you think of burglarizing an FBI office?”: The inside story of a daring break-in – 2014-01-12

Decades before Edward Snowden, average, angry Americans stole secrets and leaked them. Here's the amazing story

Inside The Creative Mind Of Hans Ulrich Obrist

Fast Company – 2014-01-13

And it's a mess in there! Here's proof that you don't have to be a neat freak to be wildly successful.Swiss-born curator and art historian Hans Ulrich Obrist is arguably one of the most active minds...

Inside Hearst’s Native Ad Strategy

Digiday – 2014-01-15

In a signal of its deepening commitment to native advertising, Hearst Magazines launched a new native ad campaign yesterday for Lancôme on post Inside Hearst’s Native Ad...

Elite Daily: Inside One Publisher’s Viral Boom

Digiday – 2014-01-28

The site's recent traffic surge has many in the digital media world wondering how it's become one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet. The post Elite Daily: Inside One Publisher’s...

Inside Nubico, Spain’s Latest Ebook Subscription Service

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-02-19

We talk to David Fernández Payatos, CEO of Nubico, the Spanish ebook subscription service that is looking to acquire 30% of Spain's e-reading market.

Old Money, Wretched Excess: A Journey Inside Wall Street's Most Secret Society

The Huffington Post – 2014-02-20

When Kevin Roose of New York magazine snuck into the 80th annual dinner of Wall Street secret society Kappa Beta Phi, he wasn't simply trying to see if he could become the first reporter ever to...

VIDEO: Inside an illustrator's imagination

BBC News – 2014-03-07

Children's book illustrator Emma Levey talks BBC News through the process of bringing imagination to the printed page.

Inside the Texas Tribune Model of Sustainable Journalism

Editor & Publisher – 2014-03-12

One of the best little newspapers in Texas made a big announcement this week. Austin-based Texas Tribune tapped former New York Times exec Tim Griggs to be its new publisher and chief operating...

Inside Junot Díaz’s class at MIT: What the writer wants his students to read – 2014-05-02

After Díaz wrote an essay criticizing MFA programs in the New Yorker, Salon got a look at his class syllabus

New York's Most Famous Library Will No Longer Be Gutted From The Inside

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-08

The New York Public Library has officially withdrawn from plans to renovate its flagship building on Fifth Avenue. The New York Times reports the decision follows a wave of public opposition against...

Inside the diaries of polygamous wives: Life as an early Mormon woman – 2014-06-01

Research has uncovered a stunning collection of writings that reveal the complexities of a polygamous life

A Sneak Peek Of "Inside Out," Pixar's Next Great Film

Fast Company – 2014-06-11

After a brief first look, Pixar's next animated film is being compared to Dante's Divine Comedy. No pressure or anything.Pixar President Ed Catmull thinks the studio's next film, Inside Out, has the...

Inside Amazon's Music Streaming Service For Prime Members

Fast Company – 2014-06-12

For $99, Prime members get a streaming video service, e-book lending library, free two-day shipping--and starting today, a music service.Amazon is rounding out its Prime membership with the addition...

Inside Google's World Cup Newsroom

Fast Company – 2014-06-17

Google is turning its search trends into Twitter-friendly viral content, just in time for the World Cup.Inside a San Francisco office building, Google is trying its latest experiment: original sports...

With New Startup, Ex-YouTube Execs Bring Online Celebs And Fans Together Inside Apps

Fast Company – 2014-06-25

Victorious aims to build hubs for YouTube mega-stars like Michelle Phan, Boyce Avenue, and Shay Carl. Can everyone win?In the beginning, says Bing Chen, YouTube's former creator development lead,...

Florida Barbershop Owner Finds Awesome Way To Shape Up Customers Inside And Out

The Huffington Post – 2014-07-18

Most men go to the barbershop and expect to come out with a fresh cut. But one Florida barbershop is making sure each of its customer are leaving with way more than a new head of hair. An array of...

Inside The Atlantic’s events juggernaut

Digiday – 2014-07-22

It's easy for publishers to get into events, but not necessarily to do it well. Here's how The Atlantic turned its events into a multi-million dollar business. The post Inside The Atlantic’s...

This is your brain on racism: Inside the mind of modern bigotry – 2014-07-27

From Mel Gibson to Donald Sterling: What are the ingredients that fuel bigotry in contemporary America?

What a plane crash feels like: The inside story of an American aviation disaster — and miracle – 2014-07-27

In 1989, United 232 crash-landed, splintered apart and burst into flames: 184 of 296 people lived. Here's the story

New Book Goes Deep Inside The Rise Of Reagan

The Huffington Post – 2014-07-31

Rick Perlstein is one of America’s greatest chroniclers of the origins of the modern American right wing. In “Before the Storm,” about the rise of Barry Goldwater, and “Nixonland,” about...

An Inside Look at a Bold Rebranding of the USPS

Wired – 2014-08-05

Most of the work was implemented last August, but it wasn’t until last week that the designers published the full breadth of their work online.

Reported Moto X+1 benchmarks suggest speedy Snapdragon 801 chip inside

GigaOM – 2014-08-09

Unlike last year's Moto X flagship which opted for an older processor, this year's handset is expected to have a chip that let it compete favorably with other top-performing phones. Reported Moto...

Inside the Bowe Bergdahl book proposal: Soldier's platoon mates speak out

Yahoo! News – 2014-08-13

While the U.S. Army weighs whether to bring charges against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was freed earlier this year after spending nearly five years as a Taliban captive in Afghanistan, six of his former...

National Book Festival moves inside

The Washington Post – 2014-08-22

Yes, it’s true: This year, for the first time, the National Book Festival will be held indoors — in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The Park Service decided that the festival, which...

Inside Dr. Seuss Inc.

The Wall Street Journal – 2014-08-29

Most children's book franchises fade over time, but Dr. Seuss's fantastical empire is hatching more sales than ever; Horton trumpets 'Anti-Bullying Day'

Reviews: 'Cold Sweat' and 'Inside the Godfather'

Chicago Tribune – 2014-08-29

James Brown reveled in tall tales, even though his incredible life story never needed any embellishment. For those who don't already know about how he rose up from rural poverty to wild acclaim...

Hadoop jobs should soon be able to run easily, and securely, inside Docker containers

GigaOM – 2014-08-30

Hadoop startup Altiscale is close to completing its mission to make Docker a suitable environment for running Hadoop jobs. One of the big remaining issues has to do with network security and ensuring...

The Killers Inside Us: The Return of Jim Thompson

Publishers Weekly – 2014-09-05

Little, Brown’s crime imprint, Mulholland Books, is reissuing 25 books by Jim Thompson, 37 years after the author's death.

Inside the Toronto Star’s $10 Million Niche Print Business

Editor & Publisher – 2014-09-05

John Cruickshank, publisher of the Toronto Star, is the first to acknowledge that his strategy for the paper seems anachronistic. Cruickshank talked the New York Times Syndicate into providing him...

Watch: Inside Google's Culture and Leadership New Book Tells 'How Google Works'

ABC News – 2014-09-23

Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt sits down with Rebecca Jarvis on Real Biz 9.23.2014

Inside the Guinness Book of Records

Stuff – 2014-09-27

Chris Sheedy's eight-year-old son thinks his father has the world's best job. He'd like to inherit the gig, even.

In pictures: Inside Cyan's 'Myst Vault,' the living history of Myst and Riven

PC World – 2014-10-04

I recently drove out to the Spokane, Washington headquarters of Myst creator Cyan Worlds to talk about their upcoming game Obduction. You can read my preview here, and a deep-dive Q&A about the...

Secrets of the “Star Wars” drafts: Inside George Lucas’ amazing — and very different — early scripts – 2014-10-04

Luke might have been a woman. Drawings that made Lucas' vision real. Hidden stories from "Star Wars" history

Inside the cage: This book blows the lid off the world of mixed martial arts – 2014-10-16

Kerry Howley's gripping, poetic account of the lives of MMA fighters is like nothing you've ever read

Inside Bloomberg Media’s digital video business

Digiday – 2014-10-22

Bloomberg has placed video at the center of its digital efforts, a strategy that is beginning to pay off for the business publisher. The post Inside Bloomberg Media’s digital video business...

Inside The New York Times’ video strategy

Digiday – 2014-10-30

Like many other publishers, the Times is aggressively investing in its video operations even as it shrinks other parts of the newsroom. Here's why. The post Inside The New York Times’ video...

The Inside Story Of Matt Taibbi's Departure From First Look Media

The Huffington Post – 2014-10-31

Matt Taibbi, who joined First Look Media just seven months ago, left the company on Tuesday. His departure—which he describes as a refusal to accept a work reassignment, and the company describes...

Kim Kardashian Is Completely Naked And Very NSFW Inside Paper Magazine

The Huffington Post – 2014-11-13

If Kim Kardashian still intends to break the Internet, it's going to be with these photos. Kardashian's Paper magazine cover of her famous assets covered in baby oil was a hard act to follow, but a...

Inside 'The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace' – 2014-11-14

'The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace' chronicles the life and death of a talented Yale student. Author Jeff Hobbs discusses his book and personal connection with Tanya Rivero.

Posh People: Inside Tatler – review: like a sealed terrarium with filtered air, fresh flowers and definitely no lower-classes

The Guardian – 2014-11-25

The three-part series on Britain’s oldest magazine took the form of a genteel safari where viewers could peer through the Land Rover window at the toffs – and draw our own conclusionsThere was a...

Skint and Posh People: Inside Tatler on a level pegging in the ratings

The Guardian – 2014-11-25

Channel 4 and BBC2 fly-on-wall documentaries both draw 1.5 million viewers for opening episodes on Monday nightIt was a score draw in the posh v poverty porn documentary ratings battle on Monday...

“Our universe would be destroyed”: Inside the science of “Interstellar” – 2014-11-29

The physicist who advised "Interstellar" explains the wild science behind the film's otherworldly ideas

Secrets of Obama’s evolution: The inside story of how the president backed gay marriage – 2014-11-28

The behind-the-scenes story of how same-sex couples took on the politicians and pundits — and won

Inside T Brand Studio, The New York Times’ Native Ad Unit

Editor & Publisher – 2014-12-02

Many publishers may see native advertising as their savior, but The New York Times has approached it with great ambivalence. In introducing the Times’ first native ad product, the...

Inside The 3-D-Printed Limb Factory

Fast Company – 2014-12-05

Making the fake parts is easy but getting these limbs in the right hands takes a cultural, not just logistical, shift.Inside the University of Toronto's brutalist concrete library, there is a room...

Inside The Top-Secret Selection Process For Oprah's Favorite Things (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post – 2014-12-10

For 14 years, it was the hottest ticket in television. After it debuted on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Oprah's Favorite Things became the talk of the holiday season, sending unsuspecting audience...

Inside the Collapse of The New Republic

The Huffington Post – 2014-12-13

Last Friday morning, Chris Hughes, the owner of The New Republic, and Guy Vidra, the magazine’s C.E.O., presided over a meeting at the publication’s Penn Quarter offices in Washington, D.C.

Inside Medium’s newest native ad gambit

Digiday – 2014-12-16

With its second ad-backed vertical, the platform publisher is finding its footing with advertisers. The post Inside Medium’s newest native ad gambit appeared first on Digiday.

“We’re Baghdad-ready”: Inside the street gangs of Long Island – 2014-12-15

The uncomfortable similarities between America's elite and the Crips and Bloods who terrorized a village

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