How would a split affect Barnes & Noble, Nook business?

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Worried publishers put hopes on Barnes & Noble

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-02-04

In March 2009, an eternity ago in Silicon Valley, a small team of engineers here was in a big hurry to rethink the future of books. Not the paper-and-ink books that have been around since the days of...

Barnes & Noble says it won't stock Amazon titles – 2012-02-02

Barnes & Noble is attempting to irk its publishing rival Inc. by not stocking Amazon published titles in its stores.

B&N 'developing partnership' with Waterstones over Nook

The Bookseller – 2012-01-30

US retailer Barnes & Noble is "developing a partnership with Waterstones to add the Nook...

Barnes & Noble, Taking On Amazon in the Fight of Its Life

The New York Times – 2012-01-29

As Barnes & Noble fights for its future, the publishing industry is holding its breath.

Atlantic Media Taps Editor-in-Chief for New Global Business Brand

Folio Magazine – 2012-01-20

The Atlantic Media Company names Kevin Delaney as editor-in-chief of its still untitled digital global business brand. Delaney brings over a decade of experience at The Wall Street Journal to this...

Atlantic Tries A Business Site Again; WSJ’s Delaney Will Lead Editorial

Editor & Publisher – 2012-01-20

Nearly two years after Atlantic Media Company suspended plans for a business site, the company is back at it with nothing less than what Justin Smith calls “our most important new launch since...

Barnes & Noble captures 25% of e-book market

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-01-20

Number of the day 25% That's Barnes & Noble 's share of the U.S. electronic-book industry. While the company is a distant second to in the market, Barnes & Noble is generating $1.5 billion...

Barnes & Noble without the Nook? Not really

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-01-20

When Barnes & Noble said Jan. 5 that it may spin off its Nook e-book unit into a separate business, investors didn't take the news well: Shares of the largest U.S. bookstore chain tumbled 17 percent,...

Bookseller Awards open for business

The Bookseller – 2012-01-20

The starting gun has been fired in the race to find Britain's best publishers, retailers...

Barnes & Noble offers Nook discounts – 2012-01-10

Barnes & Noble said Monday it will offer its e-reader devices at a discount if buyers purchase a digital subscription to People magazine or The New York Times.

B&N considers separating Nook business as device sales up 70%

The Bookseller – 2012-01-06

Leading US book retailer Barnes & Noble has reported sales of its Nook e-reading devices...

B&N may spin off Nook business, confirms overseas drive

The Bookseller – 2012-01-06

US bookseller Barnes & Noble has said that it is considering separating its Nook business...

Barnes & Noble considers selling its Nook e-reader business

L.A. Times – 2012-01-06

The book retailer's shares plunge 17% after the company says it may spin off its Nook e-reader and tablet business despite record sales over the holiday season.Shares of Barnes & Noble Inc. plunged...

Barnes & Noble falls on guidance cut, Nook review – 2012-01-06

Barnes & Noble is considering options for its quickly growing but expensive Nook e-book reading business, its latest attempt to regain profitability as the publishing industry adapts to the rising...

Barnes & Noble exploring options for Nook business

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-01-05

(01-05) 06:56 PST NEW YORK, (AP) -- Barnes & Noble said Thursday it is reviewing its options for its Nook e-book and e-book catalog business and might separate it from its core bookstore business....

Barnes & Noble shares under pressure as company explores Nook e-book business options – 2012-01-05

Barnes & Noble shares under pressure as company explores Nook e-book business options

Barnes & Noble Shops Publisher

AllThingsD – 2012-01-05

Barnes & Noble Inc. has put its Sterling Publishing business up for sale, say people familiar with the situation, signaling a likely end to its decades-long involvement in the publishing of its own...

Barnes & Noble stock plunges

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-01-05

BOOKS Barnes & Noble's stock plunges Barnes & Noble, the largest U.S. bookstore chain, fell the most in four months after forecasting a wider annual loss than analysts projected and saying it may...

Barnes and Noble: Nook is doing so well that it can be spun off

Betanews – 2012-01-05

National bookstore chain Barnes and Noble announced on Thursday that is considering a spin-off of its digital content business surrounding the Nook e-book software platform and its related hardware....

S&S' Reidy: Digital could 'reshape international business'

The Bookseller – 2011-12-20

E-books are expected to account for 17% of Simon & Schuster's total revenue in 2011,...

Nook coming to the UK in 'not too distant future'

The Bookseller – 2011-12-15

US retailer Barnes & Noble's e-reading device range, the Nook, will be available in the...

Regional Mag Publisher Looks to Resuscitate Local Newspaper Business with Weekly Offering

Folio Magazine – 2011-12-02

Dan Shannon, publisher of North Carolina city titles Chapel Hill and Durham Magazines, has spotted a hole in the current news publishing model.

Barnes & Noble expects to sell millions of Nooks, but quarterly loss sends stock tumbling

San Jose Mercury News – 2011-12-01

Barnes & Noble said Thursday it plans to invest more heavily in its Nook e-book reader and digital media, even as it reported a third-quarter loss as sales of physical books continued to decline.

Mark Cuban crows about $2.99 best-selling business book

Chicago Tribune – 2011-11-30

In one day, the slim under-100-page book, titled "How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It," soared to the top of the bestseller charts.LOS ANGELES ( - With the...

Barnes & Noble to close its Westside Pavilion store

L.A. Times – 2011-11-25

The bookstore cannot afford the new lease payments, the company says. Other shops in the chain remain open.It isn't the cozy Shop Around the Corner — the indie bookstore of "You've Got Mail" movie...

Retail link is key for Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire – 2011-11-17

The original Kindle, the first successful e-book reader, altered the literary habits of millions. The new Fire, colorful and powerful as it is, won’t have nearly as much impact.

Conde Nast To Put All 18 Titles on NOOK Tablet

Folio Magazine – 2011-11-14

Conde Nast announced today that all 18 of its magazines will soon be available on the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color. Seventeen of those magazines will be available on NOOK by the end of...

Barnes & Noble's unveils $249 Nook Tablet – 2011-11-08

Barnes & Noble Inc. on Monday unveiled its new $249 Nook Tablet, an e-book reader that includes more features of a full-blown tablet than its prior offerings as the tablet wars heat up ahead of the...

Netflix will be pre-installed on the new Nook

GigaOM – 2011-11-08

Netflix is going to launch an app on the new Nook, introduced earlier this morning by book retailer, Barnes & Noble. Netflix will come pre-installed on the device that is going to be available in...

Barnes & Noble plans international Nook launch

The Bookseller – 2011-11-07

Written By: Gayle Feldman Publication Date: Mon, 07/11/2011 - 17:18 Barnes & Noble is to expand its e-book service internationally next year, the company's chief executive has revealed. The...

Nook Tablet coming November 16

CNN – 2011-11-04

Barnes & Noble will launch a new member of the Nook family of tablets and e-readers, the Nook Tablet, on November 16 for $249, according to leaked presentation slides published by Engadget.

Can a Nook Color 2 Dampen Kindle’s PR Blaze?

Folio Magazine – 2011-11-03

This story first appears on FOLIO:'s sister site minonline. There is no telling what exactly Barnes & Noble will be announcing at a press conference the company has scheduled for Nov. 7 in New York,...

News Leadership 3.0 -- The business of going digital first at Morris Communications

Online Journalism Review – 2011-11-02

Although the Journal Register Company has claimed the name “Digital First” for their new spinoff, JRC is not the only news organization making big—and long—bets on the ascendancy of digital...

Independent and Standard merge sports and business desks

Guardian – 2011-11-01

The Independent and the London Evening Standard are to effect a partial merger. Sports and business departments at both newspapers are to be integrated.A statement issued at lunchtime said: "The...

Magazine Publishers Look to Where Digital is Booming: The Book Business

Folio Magazine – 2011-10-28

After the initial flurry of excitement surrounding the release of their digital editions, magazine publishers are now beginning to focus on the strategies behind the products. In addition to complete...

Amazon/TBD merger "could put bookshops out of business"

The Bookseller – 2011-10-26

Written By: Lisa Campbell Publication Date: Wed, 26/10/2011 - 15:55 The Booksellers Association has said the Office of Fair Trading's decision to clear the merger between Amazon and The Book...

Pratchett retains pole as Barnes bags Booker boost

The Bookseller – 2011-10-25

Written By: Philip Stone Publication Date: Tue, 25/10/2011 - 15:51 Terry Pratchett's Snuff (Doubleday) was narrowly the bestselling book in the UK last week, outselling Martina Cole's 18th novel,...

Barnes & Noble expands marketplace beyond books

Reuters – 2011-10-20

(Reuters) - Barnes & Noble Inc is adding new categories including home products and consumer electronics to its online marketplace, the latest move by the retailer to rely less on book sales and...

Julian Barnes wins Man Booker Prize

CBC – 2011-10-19

British author Julian Barnes has won the Man Booker Prize, one of the world's most prestigious prizes for English literature, for his book The Sense of an Ending.

Press lauds Barnes' Booker win

The Bookseller – 2011-10-19

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Wed, 19/10/2011 - 09:34 The thrice-denied Julian Barnes has been lauded in the press for finally winning the Man Booker prize with his The Sense of an...

Random ups Barnes reprint after Booker win

The Bookseller – 2011-10-19

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Wed, 19/10/2011 - 15:02 Random House is now reprinting 125,000 copies of Jonathan Cape's Booker-winning The Sense of An Ending, signing off a...

Julian Barnes wins the Man Booker

The Bookseller – 2011-10-18

Written By: Bookseller Staff Publication Date: Tue, 18/10/2011 - 20:00 Julian Barnes has won the Man Booker Prize for his novel The Sense of an Ending (Cape). The author beat a shortlist comprising...

Barnes bookies' and Kindle favourite for Man Booker

The Bookseller – 2011-10-17

Written By: Lisa Campbell Publication Date: Mon, 17/10/2011 - 14:30 Julian Barnes is the bookies' favourite to win the Man Booker prize tomorrow night (18th October), as Amazon has revealed his...

Time Inc.’s Real Simple App Launches First on NOOK

Folio Magazine – 2011-10-13

The NOOK Newsstand is getting another addition, Time Inc. has announced that Real Simple magazine will be exclusively sold on the digital platform for the month of November and will begin a full...

Global woes unlikely to hit US business at Frankfurt

The Bookseller – 2011-10-10

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Mon, 10/10/2011 - 08:43 Leading US publishers are looking forward to this week's Frankfurt Book Fair, with both Simon & Schuster and Hachette...

Book Business Has Big Hopes for Biography of Steve Jobs

The New York Times – 2011-10-07

Industry experts said the biography of Steve Jobs could easily sell millions of copies in print, audio and e-book editions.

Amazon’s Kindles may open new business opportunities for publishers

Poynter. – 2011-10-03

Monday Note Frédéric Filloux speculates how publishers could take advantage of opportunities presented by Amazon’s new lineup of Kindle products. One idea is for publishers to give readers an...

Cornerstone buys business book from ex-Tesco c.e.o.

The Bookseller – 2011-10-03

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Mon, 03/10/2011 - 08:05 Former Tesco c.e.o. Sir Terry Leahy has written a business book for Cornerstone. Random House Business Books publishing...

Business columnist celebrates 60 years at the Dallas Morning News

Poynter. – 2011-09-29

Dallas Morning News The Dallas Morning News story (subscription required) on 87-year-old Robert (Bob) Miller says “he has lasted longer than any other full-time employee in our 126-year history —...

Summit Business Media Sells Off Highline Data

Folio Magazine – 2011-09-28

Summit Business Media has sold Highline Data--its insurance information services unit--to SNL Financial LC.

Forbes new IPG business development manager

The Bookseller – 2011-09-27

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Tue, 27/09/2011 - 09:00 The Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) has appointed Imogen Forbes, previously communications officer at the Publishers...

Barnes: dismantling libraries is "self-mutilation"

The Bookseller – 2011-09-26

Written By: Benedicte Page Publication Date: Mon, 26/09/2011 - 15:00 Author Julian Barnes, shortlisted for this year's Man Booker prize for his novel The Sense of an Ending, has said it is...

New on the iPad: The Story of Business Intelligence

PC World – 2011-09-22

Mobile business intelligence app developer Roambi wants to marry the excitement of a magazine narrative with the dryness of business intelligence data on the iPad. The goal is to tell the story...

Barnes & Noble Chief Finances Book Tour

The New York Times – 2011-09-17

Leymah Gbowee, author of “Mighty Be Our Powers,” about her work in Liberia.

‘Business as usual’ for Frankfurt Book Fair

The Bookseller – 2011-09-16

Written By: Benedicte Page Publication Date: Fri, 16/09/2011 - 16:21 Publishers are predicting a busy Frankfurt, reporting full meeting schedules. However, given the tough economic climate, there...

Six on "stimulating" business book shortlist

The Bookseller – 2011-09-15

Publication Date: Thu, 15/09/2011 - 08:45 Titles exploring the rise and fall of the American dollar, the boom in cities and the economics of poverty have been shortlisted for the Financial Times and...

Six Ways Amazon Book Streaming Could Help Small Business

PC World – 2011-09-13

Amazon's rumoured streaming-book service would be great for businesses, students, and educators. Here's why.

McGraw-Hill To Split Into Two Companies: McGraw-Hill Markets and McGraw-Hill Education

Folio Magazine – 2011-09-12

Following the call for a break-up and reorganization of McGraw-Hill Cos. by investors last month, McGraw-Hill announced today that it will split into two separate public companies: McGraw-Hill...

McGraw-Hill to split into two listed companies

Reuters – 2011-09-12

NEW YORK (Reuters) - McGraw-Hill Cos Inc plans to split into two public companies, with one holding its Standard & Poor's ratings and index businesses and the other holding its textbook publishing...

Barnes trade favourite for Booker win

The Bookseller – 2011-09-06

Written By: Lisa Campbell Publication Date: Tue, 06/09/2011 - 16:00 Bookmaker William Hill has Julian Barnes as the favourite to win the Man Booker Prize for Fiction after the shortlist was...

Barnes favourite ahead of Booker shortlisting

The Bookseller – 2011-09-05

Written By: Charlotte Williams, Lisa Campbell and Philip Stone Publication Date: Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:00 William Hill has now named Julian Barnes as favourite to win the Man Booker prize, with the...

CNN’s Zite purchase shows how a content creator can break into the content discovery business

Poynter. – 2011-09-01

CNN’s purchase of Zite this week underscores the importance of news publishers investing in the platforms that people use to discover content on tablet devices. Apps like Zite and… Read more

Barnes & Noble Digital Sales Quadruple, Retail Sales Decline

Folio Magazine – 2011-08-31

Bookseller and newsstand provider Barnes and Noble had a strong first quarter with its digital content, sales in that channel quadrupled. Though digital sales have had some tenacious growth, sales at...

Barnes & Noble narrows loss

San Jose Mercury News – 2011-08-31

Nook e-book readersales boost bottomline in 1st quarter,the company says

A closer look at Barnes & Noble 1st-quarter sales

San Francisco Chronicle – 2011-08-30

(08-30) 09:42 PDT , (AP) -- Barnes & Noble Inc. said Tuesday its fiscal first-quarter loss narrowed as sales of its Nook e-book reader and e-books helped offset lower physical book sales. Here's how...

Barnes & Noble predicts £1.1bn Nook sales

The Bookseller – 2011-08-30

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Tue, 30/08/2011 - 15:39 Barnes & Noble has said it expects its Nook e-book business to earn it $1.8bn (£1.1bn) by the end of its latest financial year....

Barnes & Noble predicts £1.1bn sales from Nook businesses

The Bookseller – 2011-08-30

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Tue, 30/08/2011 - 15:39 Barnes & Noble has said it expects its Nook e-book business to earn it $1.8bn (£1.1bn) by the end of its latest financial year....

Barnes & Noble sees strong Nook growth

Reuters – 2011-08-30

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Barnes & Noble Inc forecast sales of its Nook e-reader and e-books would more than double this fiscal year to $1.8 billion and said book sales would get a lift from the demise of...

Barnes biggest Booker book

The Bookseller – 2011-08-25

Written By: Philip Stone Publication Date: Thu, 25/08/2011 - 07:56 Julian Barnes' The Sense of an Ending (Cape) is comfortably the bestselling longlistee of one of the most popular Man Booker...

Marinker to retire from W H Smith's travel business

The Bookseller – 2011-08-24

Written By: Bookseller Staff Publication Date: Wed, 24/08/2011 - 08:25 Simon Marinker, managing director of W H Smith's travel shops, is to retire from the business at the end of this year. He will...

Updated Nook Color shows a smart $249 tablet strategy

GigaOM – 2011-08-24

The Nook Color gains new magazines with enhanced interactivity, along with performance updates, in a software update today. At $249, many iPad competitors could learn from the "tablet that's not a...

NOOK Newsstand Adds More Titles From Meredith and Time Inc.

Folio Magazine – 2011-08-23

The NOOK Newsstand for Barnes & Noble’s e-reader offering NOOK has added more titles from Meredith and Time Inc. to its periodical roster.

People and other magazines added to Nook

San Francisco Chronicle – 2011-08-23

(08-22) 21:04 PDT NEW YORK, (AP) -- People, Fortune and other leading magazines are coming to the Nook. Barnes & Noble, Inc. announced Tuesday that it had agreed with Time to make all 21 of its U.S....

Smiths News boosts business with airline and e-book business

Media Week – 2011-08-23

Smiths News, the newspaper and magazine wholesaler, has completed the purchase of the remaining assets of Dawson Holdings, which include its e-book unit and its newspaper and magazine airline...

For-Profit Business Acquires Nonprofit Charity Site

The New York Times – 2011-08-17

GOOD, a fast-growing publishing and marketing business dedicated to promoting social causes, is acquiring Jumo, a social networking site devoted to raising money and support for nonprofit groups.

Silicon Valley business owners call on Amazon to drop fight against sales-tax law

San Jose Mercury News – 2011-08-17

Kepler's Books owner, others to gather in Palo Alto today in solidarity against Amazon's tax fight.

Wallpaper magazine celebrates 15 years in the business

Media Week – 2011-08-11

IPC Media's Wallpaper magazine is publishing its 15th birthday edition, which has attracted 60% higher advertising revenues year on year.

Indigo Digital Business Grows 170%.....Core Business in Transition

CNW – 2011-08-10

TORONTO, Aug. 9, 2011 /CNW/ - Indigo Books & Music Inc. (TSX: IDG), Canada's largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer reported a 1.1% decrease in net revenue for its first quarter ending July 2,...

Garfield Creator Says Comic Boom Software Could Put Him Out of Business

CNW – 2011-08-09

MONTREAL, Aug. 8, 2011 /CNW Telbec/ - Software that turns mere mortals into superstar cartoonists has Garfield creator Jim Davis worried. Comic strips and even comic books can be created easily with...

'Transparency' the new watchword for business

The Bookseller – 2011-08-04

Written By: Benedicte Page Publication Date: Fri, 05/08/2011 - 08:50 Publishers must tighten up their business practices across the developing world or risk falling foul of new anti-bribery...

NOOK App Offers Magazines But No In-App Purchases

Folio Magazine – 2011-07-29

Book retailer and magazine newsstand provider

Amazon and Barnes & Noble Pull 'Buy' Links from Apps

AdWeek – 2011-07-26

In the latest development in Apple’s contentious relationship with booksellers, the country’s two biggest e-book retailers—Amazon and Barnes & Noble—have stopped selling their wares directly to...

NOOK for iPad To Offer More Than 175 Digital Magazines

Folio Magazine – 2011-07-26

In an attempt to be everywhere readers are, Barnes & Noble is updating its NOOK for iPad app to offer digital periodicals to consumers.

Barnes & Noble Focuses on E-Books

The Wall Street Journal – 2011-07-20

As reading moves ever faster from hardcovers and paperbacks to electronic gadgets, Barnes & Noble is attempting to reinvent itself as a seller of book downloads, reading devices and apps.

Borders demise seen a small help to Barnes & Noble

Reuters – 2011-07-19

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bookstore chain Barnes & Noble Inc will eventually feel a modest boost from the liquidation of its largest rival, Borders Group Inc, but still faces stiff competition and an...

E-textbooks are destroying the old publishing business model

Betanews – 2011-07-15

By Tim Conneally, Betanews The business model behind textbooks is completely out of step with what the market today wants, according to the head of Nature Publishing's digital textbook initiatives.

Future restructures business as revenue falls

Media Week – 2011-07-15

Magazine publisher Future is restructuring its business in the UK and US following a 5% fall in group revenues over the past nine months.

Uh-oh, Kindle, Nook, the first Google e-reader is here

Betanews – 2011-07-11

By Tim Conneally, Betanews The first e-reader to be integrated with Google eBooks is from iriver and will be exclusive to Target in the US.

Business writer Jim Collins agrees to e-books – 2011-07-07

Another e-book skeptic has converted: business writer Jim Collins. Harper Business announced Wednesday that Collins has a new book coming out in October, "Great by Choice," and will make it available...

Little hits back at Rowling and Blair over 'disappointing' split

The Bookseller – 2011-07-04

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Mon, 04/07/2011 - 09:59 J K Rowling's former agent Christopher Little has broken his silence about the author's surprise defection from his agency,...

London business news site planned

Guardian – 2011-06-27

Two publishing entrepreneurs are planning to launch a online news business outlet, LondonLovesBusiness, in September.It is being pioneered by Graham Sherren and Mike Bokaie, founders of Centaur Media...

David Roche launches new business

The Bookseller – 2011-06-24

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Fri, 24/06/2011 - 11:14 Former Borders c.e.o. David Roche is working on a project to enhance reading as he launches his own business. Roche said David...

Magazines Expand Business Models With Marketing Services, E-Commerce…and Matchmaking

Folio Magazine – 2011-06-22 partners with dating site

Nook: The Little E-Reader that Could

EContent Magazine – 2011-06-22

Posted in ArticleBarnes & Noble has seen its fair share of financial turmoil over the past few years. This morning, though, it announced strong earning reports -- largely thanks to the popularity of...

Barnes & Noble Posts Wider Loss

The Wall Street Journal – 2011-06-21

Barnes & Noble's loss widened on higher expenses, though the bookseller posted higher revenue thanks to surging online sales.

Barnes & Noble reports loss as it invests in Nook e-reader

San Jose Mercury News – 2011-06-21

NEW YORK -- Barnes & Noble reported a larger fourth-quarter loss than analysts expected Tuesday as the bookseller continues to invest in its e-book reader Nook and as liquidation sales by rival...

Barnes & Noble results hurt by Borders bankruptcy

Reuters – 2011-06-21

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Barnes & Noble Inc reported a deeper-than-expected quarterly loss on Tuesday as the largest U.S. bookstore chain came under pressure from the going-out-of-business sales of...

Digital surge fails to affect B&N bottom line

The Bookseller – 2011-06-21

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Tue, 21/06/2011 - 15:49 Barnes & Noble has announced a full year loss of $74m (£45.6m), despite a surge in digital sales lead by its Nook e-book reader...

How Kindle Can Still Beat Nook

PC World – 2011-06-19

Advice for Amazon on its e-book strategy -- and these changes will please customers.

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