How Edward Champion catalogued Jonah Lehrer’s sins

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Edward Cartier: Artist and illustrator who drew for 'The Shadow' and 'Unknown'

Independent – 2009-02-17

Edd Cartier was the last survivor of a remarkable trio of American artists, all three, even more remarkably, born within 31 days of each other in the summer of 1914, and all destined to become...

Edward S. Rogers Jr., Canadian Media Mogul, Dies at 75

New York Times – 2008-12-03

Mr. Rogers transformed Canada?s first FM radio station into one of North America?s most diverse communications and media companies.

“Eisenhower in War and Peace” by Jean Edward Smith

The Washington Post – 2012-02-18

Difficult though it is to believe for one of my generation, it has been more than half a century since Dwight David Eisenhower left the White House after 41 / 2 decades of exemplary public service....

Picador rejackets 'tipping point' Edward St Aubyn

The Bookseller – 2012-02-23

Picador is giving a new look to one of its most acclaimed literary stars, Edward St Aubyn, by...

Book review: 'Eisenhower in War and Peace' by Jean Edward Smith

Los Angeles Times – 2012-03-11

This is a comprehensive biography of the president and an assessment of his leadership qualities on and off the battlefield.Eisenhower in War and Peace

Book review: ‘The Social Conquest of Earth,’ by Edward O. Wilson

The Washington Post – 2012-04-14

What are we, where did we come from, and where are we going? For millennia, humans have been pondering these great questions and articulating responses in works of art, philosophical treatises and...

Edward Humes' work is rubbish

Los Angeles Times – 2012-04-17

The author of 'Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash' discusses how he became fascinated with garbage.Edward Humes is a man of eclectic storytelling tastes. A former journalist awarded a...

'Unintended Consequences' by Edward Conrad: already 'the most hated book of the year'?

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-05-09

'Unintended Consequences' by former Bain Capital managing director Edward Conard argues that economic inequality is a good thing rather than a problem.

Biography of Edward Grey to Biteback

The Bookseller – 2012-05-17

Biteback Publishing has acquired a biography of Edwardian foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey....

Review: Edward O. Wilson tackles 'The Social Conquest of Earth'

Los Angeles Times – 2012-05-27

The scientist dissects the origins of the human condition in his latest work.The Social Conquest of Earth

Edward Elgar launches Elgaronline

The Bookseller – 2013-03-26

Academic indie publisher Edward Elgar has launched its online platform with no digital rights...

Edward Snowden's WikiLeaks escort one of Assange's closest advisors

Guardian – 2013-06-23

Sarah Harrison revealed as the WikiLeaks staffer accompanying NSA whistleblower on journey to 'democratic country'When WikiLeaks claimed in a tweet that it was assisting NSA whistleblower Edward...

Independent on the run after Edward Snowden photo gaffe | Media Monkey

Guardian – 2013-06-24

Amol Rajan's first edition of the Independent as editor had a front-page picture headed "Snowden arrives in Moscow"... which wasn't of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. D'oh! As noted by Monkey's...

Indy's Edward Snowden photo error was digital-only

Guardian – 2013-06-25

Independent's front page featuring picture of a man wrongly identified as NSA whistleblower did not make it into print editionTurns out Monkey's Monday tale about the Independent front page wrongly...

Ecuador cools on Edward Snowden asylum as Assange frustration grows

Guardian – 2013-06-28

President Correa revokes Snowden's temporary travel document amid concerns WikiLeaks founder is 'running the show'The plan to spirit the surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden to sanctuary in...

Assange stands by Edward Snowden as Ecuador's Correa reprimands consul

Guardian – 2013-06-30

WikiLeaks founder says 'there is no stopping the publishing process' as NSA leaker remains stuck in Moscow airportJulian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, has warned the US government that no matter...

Edward Snowden's leaks cause editorial split at the Washington Post

Guardian – 2013-07-05

Edward Snowden's whistle-blowing activities have not only split America's journalistic community, it appears to have split the Washington Post's staff too. In a surprising editorial, "Plugging the...

Edward Snowden new revelations to feature in book about US whistleblower

Guardian – 2013-07-18

Journalist Glenn Greenwald will include new insights into NSA surveillance programme in unnamed book due in US in MarchInvestigative journalist Glenn Greenwald is to publish a book about Edward...

My father, Edward Said – 2013-08-05

Remembering the scholar and activist

How Edward Snowden led journalist and film-maker to reveal NSA secrets

Guardian – 2013-08-20

Whistleblower drew Glenn Greenwald and film-maker Laura Poitras together to expose surveillance programmesJournalists would do well to read a 7,700-word article by Peter Maass in the New York Times...

NBC News Tried To Get In On Edward Snowden Story, Was Rejected

HuffingtonPost – 2013-09-14

NBC News tried, and failed, to become one of the outlets reporting on Edward Snowden's leaked documents, the Washington Post's Erik Wemple revealed on Friday. The Guardian has been the main driver...

Distro Issue 107: How Edward Thorp gambled his way into wearable-tech history

Engadget – 2013-09-13

Edward Thorp was banned from casinos in Vegas for counting cards. He even published a book on his system for winning at the blackjack table using the mathematical theory of probability. While working...

Gaming the system: Edward Thorp and the wearable computer that beat Vegas

Engadget – 2013-09-18

"My name is Edward Thorp." "My name is Edward Thorp." "My name is Edward Thorp." It's 1964 and Edward Thorp is on the television game show To Tell The Truth, sitting alongside two other...

Alan Rusbridger Q&A: NSA files and Edward Snowden - video

Guardian – 2013-10-10

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger talks to BBC arts editor Will Gompertz about the implications of publishing the NSA filesGuy GrandjeanPhil Maynard

Edward Snowden leaks: US diplomat chooses not to attack the Guardian | Patrick Wintour

Guardian – 2013-10-20

Ambassador to UK Matthew Barzun refuses to accuse paper of endangering security but focuses on security and privacy debateThe US ambassador to Britain, Matthew Barzun, has rejected an opportunity to...

Edward Snowden NSA files: Guardian should be prosecuted, says Tory MP

Guardian – 2013-10-23

Julian Smith speech to Commons attacked as McCarthyite by Labour MPs, furious at being prevented from speakingA Conservative MP has attacked the Guardian for publishing stories about mass...

Kate DiCamillo's 'Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' will be directed by Robert Zemeckis

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-11-02

Zemeckis has also directed such films aimed at children such as 'The Polar Express' and 'A Christmas Carol.'

US 'may never know extent of Edward Snowden NSA leaks' – report

The Guardian – 2013-12-15

New York Times quotes senior administration official saying: 'They still don't know all of what he took'Government officials have concluded that they may never know the full extent of information...

Edward Snowden Praises Judge's Ruling Against NSA Phone Surveillance Program

The Huffington Post – 2013-12-17

Former government contractor Edward Snowden praised a federal judge's ruling against the National Security Agency's phone surveillance programs on Monday, applauding the judge for bringing the issue...

Edward Snowden: 'Mission's Already Accomplished... I Already Won'

The Huffington Post – 2013-12-24

WASHINGTON (AP) — National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden said his "mission's already accomplished" after leaking NSA secrets that have caused a reassessment of U.S. surveillance policies ...

Edward Snowden Clemency: The New York Times, The Guardian Urge Obama To Help NSA Whistleblower

The Huffington Post – 2014-01-02

The editorial boards of The New York Times and The Guardian published editorials on Wednesday, urging the Obama administration to treat Edward Snowden as a whistleblower and offer him some form of...

Peter King Blasts New York Times' Call For Edward Snowden Clemency

The Huffington Post – 2014-01-03

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) responded harshly on Thursday to a New York Times editorial published January 1 that called on the Obama administration to grant former NSA contractor Edward Snowden clemency...

Edward Snowden will be the subject of multiple upcoming books

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-01-25

Edward Snowden will be the focus of such upcoming titles as 'The Snowden Files' and a work about government surveillance. Will Snowden also be the subject of a movie?

D-notice system to be reviewed in wake of Edward Snowden revelations

The Guardian – 2014-01-27

Inquiry into future of system that warns media not to publish stories leads to fears that compliance may become compulsoryOfficials are planning to review the historic D-notice system, which warns...

Birth of a whistle-blower: How Edward Snowden became Edward Snowden – 2014-02-07

Early chat records reveal that Snowden supported government secrecy — until he saw how it really worked

Edward Brothers Malloy Consolidates Ann Arbor Offset Plants

Publishers Weekly – 2013-07-30

Citing the need to reduce excess offset manufacturing capacity and to free up resources to invest in digital manufacturing, Edwards Brothers Malloy is consolidating its two Ann Arbor, Mich....

Edward Norton will reportedly star, direct in adaptation of 'Motherless Brooklyn'

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-02-27

Ed Norton previously directed the film 'Keeping the Faith.'

Edward White’s ‘The Tastemaker: Carl Van Vechten and the Birth of Modern America’

The Washington Post – 2014-03-06

One afternoon, many years ago, I was on my way to the movies when I passed a guy selling books on the street. As I scanned his wares, which were neatly displayed on a blanket spread out on the...

Will The Pulitzers Reward The Edward Snowden Reporters?

The Huffington Post – 2014-03-18

With the announcements of the 2014 Pulitzer Prizes less than one month away, media watchers are wondering whether reporting based on Edward Snowden's leaks will take home any awards. Politico...

The Book We're Talking About: 'Lost For Words' By Edward St. Aubyn

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-21

Lost for Words: A Novel by Edward St. Aubyn Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $26.00 Publishes May 20, 2014 The Book We're Talking About is a weekly review combining plot description and analysis with...

Review: 'Lost for Words' by Edward St. Aubyn

Chicago Tribune – 2014-05-16

The novels of Edward St. Aubyn would translate well to the stage with the vicious repartee of his characters. "Lost for Words," by comparison, is more like a sitcom.

Edward Snowden Movie To Be Written, Directed By Oliver Stone

The Huffington Post – 2014-06-03

NEW YORK (AP) — Oliver Stone will write and direct a film about Edward Snowden, one of two high-profile films in the works about the National Security Agency leaker. Stone announced...

Obituary: Paul Edward Kozlowski, 60

Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-26

Paul Edward Kozlowski, previously associate publisher of Other Press, passed away at the Hoboken University Medical Center on June 25. He was 60.

Slate Exclusive: Edward Klein Lunches With His Blood Feud Editor!

Slate – 2014-07-08

It was a bright and muggy day in Washington, D.C., with temperatures hovering around 92 degrees and humidity at 73 percent. None of that could dampen the mood of Edward Klein’s editor. His...

Edward Klein: the difference between the truth and a lie

The Guardian – 2014-07-14

He's a veteran journalist whose new book on the Clintons sits atop the bestseller list, but Klein again stands accused of fabrication. Friends and former colleagues describe the man behind the...

‘Nothing Is Impossible: Further Problems of Dr. Sam Hawthorne,’ by Edward D. Hoch

The Washington Post – 2014-07-31

Edward D. Hoch (1930-2008) wrote almost a thousand short stories, virtually all of them cleverly plotted fair-play mysteries. In the introduction to “Nothing Is Impossible,” Janet Hutchings, the...

Edward Snowden: The Untold Story

Wired – 2014-08-13

The message arrives on my “clean machine,” a MacBook Air loaded only with a sophisticated encryption package. “Change in plans,” my contact says. “Be in the lobby of the Hotel ______ by 1...

Recommended Reading:, Edward Snowden and Square's struggles

Engadget – 2014-08-16

Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web. Some weeks, you'll also find short reviews of books that we think are worth your time. We...

Edward Hirsch’s ‘Gabriel’ and the poetry of lamentation

The Washington Post – 2014-08-25

For a couple of years in the early 2000s, Edward Hirsch wrote a popular column for Book World called “Poet’s Choice.” Every week, with great intelligence and wit, he taught us how to...

‘We Are Better Than This’ Edward Kleinbard, and ‘Seven Bad Ideas,’ Jeff Madrick

The Washington Post – 2014-10-10

It was less than 20 years ago that Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw published “The Commanding Heights,” which chronicled the triumph of free-market economics over socialism, communism and the...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Play NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden In New Oliver Stone Film

The Huffington Post – 2014-11-11

After months of rumors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been confirmed as the actor who will play Edward Snowden in an upcoming movie directed by Oliver Stone. Producers of the as-yet unnamed film about...

“It’s symbolic annihilation of history, and it’s done for a purpose. It really enforces white supremacy”: Edward Baptist on the lies we tell about slavery – 2014-11-10

Edward Baptist on horrifying truth that we memorialize Confederate soldiers and not Americans who died enslaved

Book review: ‘The Meaning of Human Existence’ by Edward O. Wilson

The Washington Post – 2014-11-15

Where did we come from, with our two-legged stance, horizon-scanning eyes and teeming brain? Human cultures have answered this question by telling stories — about gardens and gods, about sacred...

Edward Enninful: one of the most influential voices in fashion

The Guardian – 2014-11-25

The fashion and style director of W magazine, is to be recognised at this year’s British Fashion Awards. Why has he become one of the most influential voices in the industry? Continue reading...

Hours Before He Died, David Carr Hosted Panel With Edward Snowden And Glenn Greenwald

The Huffington Post – 2015-02-13

Late Thursday night, New York Times media columnist David Carr was pronounced dead at the age of 58, having collapsed earlier that evening in the paper's newsroom. Deemed "the finest media reporter...

Bloomsbury, Edward Elgar and Nosy Crow lead IPG Awards shortlists

The Bookseller – 2015-02-19

Bloomsbury, Edward Elgar Publishing and Nosy Crow have three shortlistings each at the ninth annual Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) awards. The IPG Awards today (18th February) revealed its 12...

Edward Snowden In Talks To Return To U.S., Lawyer Says

The Huffington Post – 2015-03-03

MOSCOW, March 3 (Reuters) - A Russian lawyer for Edward Snowden said on Tuesday the fugitive former U.S. spy agency contractor who leaked details of the government's mass surveillance programs was...

Wallace Stegner and Edward Abbey have never been more relevant in the drought-stricken West – 2015-04-19

In this overheated, overcrowded world, the books of these "reluctant environmentalists" can be our guides

Edward Gorey's Forgotten Book Cover Art Will Make You Happy And Afraid

The Huffington Post – 2015-04-24

Edward Gorey’s work dwelt at the intersection of visual art and literature. He published over 100 books before his death in 2000, yet many of them contained no words at all -- only his...

Edward P. Jones on receiving the Harold Washington Literary Award

Chicago Tribune – 2015-05-28

Although Edward P. Jones has produced only three books of fiction in his long career — the short story collections "Lost in the City" (1992) and "All Aunt Hagar's Children" (2006) and the novel...

Edward Greenfield obituary

The Guardian – 2015-07-02

Classical music critic at the Guardian for almost 30 years, who sought to ‘appreciate’ rather than let nitpicking spoil enjoymentThe kindest and most considerate of critics, the conductor Sir...

Edward Gorey: cover star of book design

The Guardian – 2015-07-31

The author and illustrator is much revered for his own weird and wonderful books, yet his 200-plus jacket designs are virtually ignored. Steven Heller celebrates his contribution to a unique era of...

'Citizenfour' on Edward Snowden records a gripping moment in history

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-22


Edward Snowden Is Now on Twitter, and He's Picked the One Perfect Account to Follow

AdWeek – 2015-09-29

He made his name by showing us all that the NSA can and very well might be listening in on our conversations, and now Edward Snowden is having a bit of fun turning the tables. Snowden's...

Edward Snowden joins Twitter, immediately gets more followers than NSA

Los Angeles Times – 2015-09-30

Edward Snowden, the fugitive who exposed the mass-surveillance practices at the National Security Agency, is now on Twitter, and he already has more followers on the social network than the NSA. His...

Let's Solve The Edward Vs. Jacob Debate Once And For All

The Huffington Post – 2015-10-06

Now that Stephenie Meyer's sparkly vampire series -- the one that sold a whopping 100 million copies -- is turning 10 years old, time should have given us the necessary distance we...

New 'Twilight' Book Swaps Genders Of Bella And Edward, According To Author

The Huffington Post – 2015-10-06

Stephenie Meyer announced Oct. 6 that she's shaking things up for the 10th anniversary of Twilight, and fans are in for a treat.  The author told "Good Morning America" on Tuesday that she...

'StarTalk's' Neil deGrasse Tyson on 'patriotic' Edward Snowden, finding the geek within

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-22

Maybe it's because he knows a thing or two about the space-time continuum that the rest of us civilians don't, but it sometimes seems as if Neil deGrasse Tyson is everywhere at once. A trained...

Edward S. Curtis captures spirit of Native America in 'One Hundred Masterworks'

Los Angeles Times – 2016-02-27

Art and ethnography merge beautifully in a new exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum, "Edward S. Curtis: One Hundred Masterworks," on view through May 29. Like Alan Lomax, who made field recordings...

Freddie Gray case: Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero found not guilty of all charges

Los Angeles Times – 2016-05-23

Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams on Monday rejected the state's case against Officer Edward Nero, acquitting him on all counts for his role in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray.The judgment,...

'Bush' is Jean Edward Smith’s portrait of the presidency of George W. Bush

The Christian Science Monitor – 2016-06-16

'Bush' is Jean Edward Smith’s portrait of the presidency of George W. Bush

Survey of Edward Ardizzone to Lund Humphries

The Bookseller – 2016-08-06

Lund Humphries is to publish the first fully illustrated survey of the work of artist Edward Ardizzone in September to coincide with a "major" accompanying exhibition at House of Illustration.

Sara Wheeler to help judge Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards

The Bookseller – 2016-12-13

Travel writers, adventurers, novelists and broadcasters join retailers and editors in the judging panels for the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards.

'How America Lost Its Secrets' depicts a darker, complicated Edward Snowden

The Christian Science Monitor – 2017-01-17

'How America Lost Its Secrets' depicts a darker, complicated Edward Snowden

Novelist Douglas Edward Reeman dies

The Bookseller – 2017-01-31

British novelist Douglas Edward Reeman, creator of the Richard Bolitho series, has died.

Edward Elgar crowned Publisher of the Year at IPG Awards

The Bookseller – 2017-02-10

Academic publisher Edward Elgar Publishing has been awarded the top honour of Fox Williams Independent Publisher of the Year Award at this year’s Independent Publishing Guild awards.

British Vogue: what we can expect from Edward Enninful as editor

The Guardian – 2017-04-10

From an ‘all-black’ issue for Italian Vogue to his experience as a stylist – the appointment of Vogue’s first male editor marks a huge shift in the fashion industryEdward Enninful’s...

Ezra Miller went to all his 'Justice League' Comic-Con obligations dressed as anime character Edward Elric

Los Angeles Times – 2017-07-23

Ezra Miller is the Flash for Warner Bros.' next big superhero production, "Justice League." So naturally, he was on hand at Comic-Con to rally the geek troops for their premiere in...

Vogue: What next for the magazine as new editor Edward Enninful begins?

BBC – 2017-08-01

Edward Enninful officially takes over as editor of British Vogue on Tuesday.

All eyes are on Edward Enninful, the first man to helm British Vogue

Los Angeles Times – 2017-08-26

What sort of shape will the December issue of British Vogue, which hits newsstands on Nov. 10, take? Will the new contributors Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Adwoa Aboah pose for the debut cover? And...

Edward St. Aubyn sets aside autobiographical fiction in 'Dunbar' and updates Shakespeare's 'King Lear'

Los Angeles Times – 2017-09-29

Years ago in an undergraduate Shakespeare paper I posited that the lustful sisters of “King Lear,” Goneril and Regan, might have been affected by stages of the moon often mentioned in that play....

Edward Enninful's new Vogue – a bit more cool, a bit less posh

The Guardian – 2017-11-08

With Skepta, Sadiq Khan and Zadie Smith, Topshop alongside Céline, and John Galliano on the No 12 bus, the stylist’s first magazine as editor is about 50% more real. But it’s still very much...

Praise for Edward Enninful's first Vogue cover

BBC – 2017-11-08

The fashion magazine's cover marks a new era of diversity with Adwoa Aboah as cover star.

The Uncommon Reader: A Life of Edward Garnett by Helen Smith review – a cultural battleground

The Guardian – 2017-11-17

The writer and editor promoted Joseph Conrad and DH Lawrence and deserves recognition as a great literary tastemakerThe first question worth asking of Helen Smith’s A-grade biography of Edward...

Edward St Aubyn's King Lear and the future of literary fiction - books podcast

The Guardian – 2017-12-19

As a new report reveals the dire financial straits being faced by literary novelists, we investigate how these bleak conditions arose and what can be done to help the writers, regarded by some as...

'The Road Not Taken,' a biography of Edward Lansdale, makes no secret of its belief in its hero

The Christian Science Monitor – 2018-01-10

'The Road Not Taken,' a biography of Edward Lansdale, makes no secret of its belief in its hero

Edward Stanford award shortlists reveal 'broad scope' of travel writing

The Bookseller – 2018-01-11

Forty-three titles have been shortlisted for the 2018 Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards, which celebrate the "broad scope" of travel writing.

Edward Pearce obituary

The Guardian – 2018-02-25

Political journalist, columnist and biographer who worked for the Daily Express, Daily Telegraph and the GuardianThe political writer Edward Pearce, who has died aged 78, was an industrious and...

Edward Snowden Takes On Liz Cheney Over Torture Links To Trump's Pick For CIA

Yahoo! News – 2018-03-16

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden has jumped into the fray

Historic King Edward Hotel to get a makeover as single-room occupancy for homeless people

Los Angeles Times – 2018-05-01

The Aids Healthcare Foundation announced Monday that it has purchased a historic — and nearly unoccupied — downtown hotel as the next step in its initiative to provide affordable housing for...

George Clooney evokes Edward R. Murrow while receiving AFI's Life Achievement Award

Los Angeles Times – 2018-06-09

The Dolby Theatre, home of the Oscars, was completely transformed into a gala dinner space Thursday night for the American Film Institute's 46th Life Achievement Award ceremony held in honor of...

'The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez' (1982) is a landmark of Chicano cinema, and a passion project for star Edward James Olmos

Los Angeles Times – 2018-08-21

Having starred in films like “American Me,” “Selena,” “Stand and Deliver” and “Coco,” the Los Angeles-born Edward James Olmos is perhaps the most prominent Mexican American actor of...

Remembering Paul Taylor: Dancer Edward Villella on what made the choreographer such a 'revelation'

Los Angeles Times – 2018-08-31

In 1959 a young Edward Villella looked into a dance studio and observed Paul Taylor working with choreographer George Balanchine on a solo described as a bug trapped in a glass of milk — part of a...

The slightly twisted vision of Edward Carey and his imagined Madame Tussaud

Los Angeles Times – 2018-11-30

Is it possible to write a fantasy novel that has no elements of fantasy? Or a graphic novel that has only occasional graphics? Author Edward Carey, an Englishman who lives in Austin, Texas, certainly...

Edward Stanford award shortlist reveals 'formidable line up'

The Bookseller – 2019-01-11

Authors including Sharlene Teo (Ponti, Picador) Sayaka Murata (Convenience Store Woman, Granta) and Levison Wood (Arabia, Hodder) have been shortlisted for the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards,...

Edward Lifesciences pays Boston Scientific $180 million to end patent row

Yahoo! News – 2019-01-15

Boston Scientific and Edwards Lifesciences have been embroiled in a number of legal cases for several years involving heart valve replacement systems, including transcatheter aortic valves, in the...

Edward Nixon, youngest brother of former President Nixon, dies at 88

Los Angeles Times – 2019-02-28

Edward Nixon, the youngest and last surviving brother of former President Richard Nixon, died Wednesday. He was 88. The Richard Nixon Foundation announced that Edward Nixon, a Seattle geologist and...

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