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Google Currents: A Personalized Magazine for Your Phone

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Google Currents: A Personalized Magazine for Your Phone

PC World – 2011-12-13

The free app for Android and iOS creates digital magazines with text and video, but it runs slowly unless the sync settings are correct.
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Blippar's Google Glass App Recognizes Objects, Makes Them Interactive

Blippar wants to bring augmented reality to the masses (well, glasses). Brands must be pleased.Blippar CEO Ambarish Mitra has already created an augmented-reality layer that appears on top of... | Fast Company – 2014-02-26

Google's Eric Schmidt talks about power and limits of Internet

Former Google CEO promotes paperback edition of his book about how online technology is changing societies around the world. | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-03-04

Google Glass App Can Recognize Products and Print Pages

Augmented-reality startup Blippar today showed off an app that enables Google Glass to recognize certain images and products and call up more information about them.It's thought to be the first... | Advertising Age – 2014-02-26

Google adds new monetization options for Chrome apps, extensions, and themes

Google has announced new monetization options for Chrome Web Store apps, extensions, and themes, giving developers a better chance of generating decent revenue from their offerings. The search giant... | Betanews – 2014-03-12

Transformative or just taking? Lawyers struggle to define fair use in wake of Google Books case

The idea of "fair use" provides a critical exception to copyright law for artists, journalists and others. Increasingly, courts are asking if the new use is "transformative" - does this make sense? | GigaOM – 2014-03-12

ASUS could drop dual-OS devices following pressure from Google and Microsoft

One of the more interesting laptops we saw at this year's CES was a split-personality hybrid from ASUS -- the Transformer Book Duet TD300, shown above. According to the Wall Street Journal, however,... | Engadget – 2014-03-14

Microsoft and Google aren't happy with mutant Android-Windows hybrids

Microsoft may be comfortable with Windows Phone and Android splitting time on a single phone, but when it comes to PCs, fuhgeddaboutit. Google also isn't too thrilled with the idea of Frankenstein... | PC World – 2014-03-14

Eleven more countries: Google launches Chromecast in Europe and Canada

Well, hello there: Chromecast is now available in 10 European countries as well as Canada, and the BBC and some other big publishers are ready to cast. | GigaOM – 2014-03-19

Google, Viacom Settle YouTube Copyright Suit

Copyright experts had seen the case as a key test of the DMCA's "safe harbor" provision, which protects Internet service providers from liability for the infringing behavior of its users. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-03-19

Google transparency report: government requests up 120 percent since 2009

Google's been publishing transparency reports since 2009, but its disclosure of government requests has become especially interesting in the aftermath of revelations about PRISM and NSA surveillance.... | Engadget – 2014-03-27

604 Bay Area teachers get classroom wish lists funded by Google

Google grants wish lists of teachers in nine Bay Area counties. They had posted projects on the crowd-funding site DonorsChoose and sought everything from pencils to books to iPads to laser cutters... | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-03-29

604 Bay Area teachers get classroom projects funded by Google

Google grants wish lists of teachers in nine Bay Area counties. They had posted projects on the crowd-funding site DonorsChoose and sought everything from pencils to books to iPads to laser cutters... | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-03-31

DC Periodical Comics Now for Sale on Google Play

DC Entertainment’s list of serialized superhero comics will now be available for sale on Google Play along with digital editions of DC and Vertigo original graphic novels and collected editions. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-04-03

Authors Guild asks U.S. court to rule against Google

Saying Google is stealing business from online book retailers, the Authors Guild asked a federal appeals court Friday to reinstate its lawsuit contending that the Internet giant is violating... | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-04-12

Authors Guild Hits Back at Google Ruling

Late Friday afternoon, the Authors Guild filed its appeal in its copyright infringement lawsuit against Google. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-04-13

German media boss criticises Google

In an open letter to Google's Eric Schmidt the boss of German publishing firm Axel Springer says it is afraid of the search giant. | BBC World – 2014-04-17

Why Google Should Buy Dropbox

Siri and I don’t talk much these days. Which is odd, because she probably knows more about me than anyone else in my life. She knows where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. She knows... | Slate – 2014-04-22

Ad Tech Companies Create Mobile Ad Exchange to Rival Google, Twitter

Two ad-tech companies are creating what they believe will be the third-largest mobile ad exchange behind Google and Twitter.Rubicon Project, a technology company that helps publishers and advertisers... | Advertising Age – 2014-05-29

Google Opens Exclusive Video Ad Market For Only Select Publishers And Brands

Google is launching a programmatic video marketplace that it says will only include premium publishers and select brands. Neal Mohan, vp of display and video advertising, announced the video ad... | AdWeek – 2014-06-04

Google Looks Beyond YouTube For Video Ad Dollars

Google has a new message for premium publishers: "Hey, let us help you sell your video ads."Google has created a new ad-buying program for premium publishers to automate their video ad sales in a bid... | Advertising Age – 2014-06-04

Pizarro: Health Trust gets $500,000 grant from Google Impact Challenge

Both the San Jose-based Health Trust and Mountain View's Bring Me a Book Foundation placed in the top four among 10 finalists in an online vote, bringing each a $500,000 Google Impact Challenge Grant. | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-06-05

In win for libraries, court rules database of Google-scanned books is “fair use”

The Authors Guild has lost yet another legal battle in a long-running dispute over who can access digital copies of library books created under Google's book-scanning program. | GigaOM – 2014-06-11

Google Play to expand e-book offering to 13 new countries

Google Play is soon to make e-books available in 13 more countries around the world. The company... | The Bookseller – 2014-06-12

Norwegian publishers say no to Google

The big Norwegian publishers will not allow Google to sell their e-books. On June 4th, Google... | The Bookseller – 2014-06-13

British spies are allowed to intercept Google and Facebook traffic, official says

British spies are authorized to spy on British citizens’ Internet communications transiting through servers outside the U.K., a civil rights group has discovered.Privacy International uncovered the... | PC World – 2014-06-17

Inside Google's World Cup Newsroom

Google is turning its search trends into Twitter-friendly viral content, just in time for the World Cup.Inside a San Francisco office building, Google is trying its latest experiment: original sports... | Fast Company – 2014-06-17

German publishers start legal action against Google over news snippets

German news publishers are escalating their fight to get a cut of the ad revenue that Google makes when it republishes parts of their news articles.The publishers’ society VG Media has started... | PC World – 2014-06-18

Yahoo Publishes Internal Diversity Numbers, Which Are Just As Grim As Google's

Women account for just 15% of technology roles within the company.Following Google's lead, Yahoo has gone ahead and published internal diversity numbers for the first time in company history.Read... | Fast Company – 2014-06-18

Google's Acquisition Shows It's Hungry for More Digital Video Advertising

Google is buying a mDialog, a small player in the digital video ad space to add to the search giant's DoubleClick collection. Canada-based mDialog provides technology to major media companies... | AdWeek – 2014-06-19

Google acquires video ads company mDialog

Google has acquired video advertising company mDialog in a bid to provide more high quality video options to its advertisers.The Internet giant plans over time to work with the mDialog team to... | PC World – 2014-06-20

Microsoft, Google to include kill switch in Windows Phone, Android

Both Microsoft and Google have agreed to add a kill switch their mobile operating systems. Following an agreement with the New York Attorney General, the next versions of Windows Phone and Android... | Betanews – 2014-06-20

Is Google getting into the native-advertising game?

The search giant is said to be running a small test with publishers of a widget that would include links to content and ads, say numerous industry insiders. The post Is Google getting into the... | Digiday – 2014-06-30

Google launches 'cookie choices' site to let Europeans know how they're being tracked

Google has launched a new site,, to help visitors of European sites learn more about the digital breadcrumbs they leave behind through cookies.The site includes code that publishers... | PC World – 2014-07-01

EU's right to be forgotten: Guardian articles have been hidden by Google | James Ball

Publishers must fight back against this indirect challenge to press freedom, which allows articles to be 'disappeared'. Editorial decisions belong with them, not GoogleWhen you Google someone from... | The Guardian – 2014-07-02

Man who wished to be forgotten is remembered after Google complaint

Given the number of "right to be forgotten" requests to Google there are bound to be plenty of publishers pointing out that they have received "notice of removal" emails from the... | The Guardian – 2014-07-04

Meet Matthias Döpfner, the German publisher taking the fight to Google

The CEO of Germany's largest newspaper group is one of the few powerful figures speaking out about the web giantMatthias Döpfner is a man on a mission. The motives behind the mission need to be... | The Guardian – 2014-07-06

Google and ABC Build a Programmatic Ad Exchange That Only Buys Mastheads

Google's private programmatic exchanges can now book premium ad space like mastheads for brands. It is working with ABC to promote the new show Rising Star using an exchange that only places ads... | AdWeek – 2014-07-07

In Appeal Filing, Google Defends Snippets

In a filing with the Second Circuit last week, Google defended its practice of displaying snippets in Google Book Search. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-07-08

The Ex-Google Hacker Taking on the World’s Spy Agencies

Morgan Marquis-Boire is the director of security for First Look Media, the most prolific publisher of Edward Snowden's remaining secrets. His daunting task is to safeguard those documents, as well as... | Wired – 2014-07-08

Let’s nationalize Amazon and Google: Publicly funded technology built Big Tech

They're huge and ruthless and define our lives. They're close to monopolies. Let's make them public utilities | – 2014-07-08

Recommended Reading: Google Glass in the courtroom and 'Bill Walsh College Football'

Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web. Some weeks, you'll also find short reviews of books that we think are worth your time. We... | Engadget – 2014-07-12

Hidden From Google shows the 'right to be forgotten' is pointless

It's a little while since a European Court of Justice ruling forced Google to start removing search links to certain articles. Dubbed the "right to be forgotten", the ruling led Google to create an... | Betanews – 2014-07-16

Google Street View cars have mapped methane gas leaks in big US cities

Google's Street View cars aren't just useful for scouting out a locale in advance -- they might be saving the planet, too. The vehicles have just helped the Environmental Defense Fund publish methane... | Engadget – 2014-07-16

It’s not time yet for custom Android Wear watch faces (but Google has an API on the way)

While there are a few third-party Android Wear watch faces in the Google Play Store, they're not using the official API. That's because Google is still working on it and suggests developers hold off... | GigaOM – 2014-07-18

Google’s $1M contest to shrink the power inverter is now ready for you

Google's "Little Box Challenge" is now open for business and is looking to hand out $1 million prize. Google’s $1M contest to shrink the power inverter is now ready for you originally... | GigaOM – 2014-07-22

Google pinned in Texas patent swamp by Rockstar, the Apple-backed troll

Patent trolling is alive and well deep in Texas where a judge just rejected Google's request to invalidate old messaging patents under the Supreme Court's new standards. Google pinned in Texas... | GigaOM – 2014-07-22

Google could face criminal proceedings in Italy if it doesn’t clean up its act on privacy

The Italian data protection regulator is the latest to crack down on Google's unified privacy policy, giving the company 18 months to institute serious changes to its data-handling methods. Google... | GigaOM – 2014-07-22

Google, Cisco, Samsung circle NYC’s plan to turn payphones into Wi-Fi hotspots

Some 60 companies and organizations took part in planning meeting for the city's payphone Wi-Fi project in May. We won't know if Google is really serious about running the 10,000-hotspot network... | GigaOM – 2014-07-22

Sprint will start reselling Google apps to businesses

Sprint and Google already have a history of close cooperation on consumer apps — Sprint was the only major U.S. carrier to support Google Wallet — but now it looks like they’re... | GigaOM – 2014-07-24

Macmillan invests in “Google Docs for researchers” firm WriteLaTeX

The London startup's product, Overleaf, lets researchers collaborate on scientific papers that use the LaTeX markup language. Macmillan invests in “Google Docs for researchers” firm... | GigaOM – 2014-07-23

Looks like Google’s EU antitrust case will roll on for some time yet

When Yelp and the European Consumer Organisation joined the 4-year-old EU antitrust case against Google, it became pretty clear that competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia would not get his wish of... | GigaOM – 2014-07-23

Come back with us to a time when Google ran less than a thousand servers

Remember when the number of servers running Google could fit into a human-sized room? Neither do I. But Google SVP Urs Hölzle does and shares his memory of the company's first 4-digit server... | GigaOM – 2014-07-24

ZTE’s newest mid-range phone is running the stock Google Now interface

A sub-$200 device from ZTE comes with the Google Now Launcher pre-installed, although ZTE says it's not abandoning its homegrown Android skin. ZTE’s newest mid-range phone is running the... | GigaOM – 2014-07-24

Canadian court forces Google to remove search results worldwide, as fears of “memory hole” grow

A Canadian court is forcing Google to remove search listings not just for, but beyond the country's borders too. The case could lead to more regional censorship practices becoming... | GigaOM – 2014-07-26

AWS in fight of its life as customers like Dropbox ponder hybrid clouds and Google pricing

AWS doesn't have the public cloud to itself anymore. It faces two gigantic competitors trying to poach reference customers and growing adoption of hybrid cloud. AWS in fight of its life as... | GigaOM – 2014-07-25

Google X project aims to describe a healthy human, to make disease prevention easier

The Baseline Study is a collaboration between the Google X "moonshot" organization and various clinical and academic partners. The work should fit in well with the health-monitoring aspects of... | GigaOM – 2014-07-25

Feature or product, Dropbox just needs to survive Amazon, Google and Microsoft

Both Dropbox and Box have been in the news recently with the two companies releasing a ton of new features as they continue to try and distinguish themselves in the cloud-storage space. The problem,... | GigaOM – 2014-07-29

Max Mosley sues Google over photos

Ex-motorsport boss Max Mosley issues High Court proceedings against Google for publishing photos of him taken at a sex party. | BBC World – 2014-07-29

Spain's newspaper publishers put their faith in 'Google tax' law

Traditional mainstream publishers in Spain believe they have found a way to extract payment for the appropriation of their online content.It follows the Spanish congress's passing of a law last week... | The Guardian – 2014-07-29

64-bit Google Chrome browser moves into beta

Google’s 64-bit Chrome browser took the last step before being formally released, as Google published a 64-bit beta of the browser on Wednesday morning.If you’d like, you can visit Google’s... | PC World – 2014-07-31

Hangouts now work without Google+ account, Apps users get 15-person video chat

You won't need a Google+ profile anymore to use Google's Hangouts video chat, thanks to new updates that aim to make the video conferencing platform more appealing to businesses. Hangouts now work... | GigaOM – 2014-07-30

The chip firm behind Google’s Project Tango unveils its next-gen silicon

The company whose chip is bringing 3-D computer sight to a Google handset project has released a second generation SoC that would offer better vision with less of a battery drain. The chip firm... | GigaOM – 2014-07-30

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