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Flipboard adds 1M subscribers: Good lesson for iPad apps

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Flipboard adds 1M subscribers: Good lesson for iPad apps

GigaOM – 2011-12-15

For Flipboard, making the move to the smaller screen of the iPhone seems to have been a risk well worth taking; the personalized news delivery service has already added 1 million new users since the iPhone app launched. It's a good lesson for iOS periodical publishers.
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Flipboard Comes to the iPhone

Flipboard, the popular newsreading startup, is taking its first step beyond the iPad—it announced plans to launch its iPhone app today. Normally, there's nothing unusual about a startup launching an... | AdWeek – 2011-12-07

Google Reportedly Working on a Rival to the Flipboard Social Magazine App

The social tablet magazine for iPad and Android may be called Propeller. | PC World – 2011-09-16

Social media magazine Flipboard pursues TV, films

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Internet video is getting even more crowded. Flipboard, the social media magazine whose investors include actor Ashton Kutcher, plans to add television shows and films to... | Reuters – 2011-08-25

Flipboard partners with Condé Nast for its first paid advertising

PaidContent Condé Nast is working with the popular iPad reader app Flipboard to sell advertisements that will appear within New Yorker magazine articles viewed in the app. This marks the first paid... | Poynter. – 2011-07-26

Flipboard Partners with Condé to Launch Ads

Social reading app Flipboard has struck a deal with Condé Nast to display full-page ads in several of the publisher’s titles. Starting today, readers of the New Yorker on Flipboard’s iPad app will... | AdWeek – 2011-07-25

New version of Flipboard highlights newspaper, magazine feeds

ReadWriteWebFlipboard, the most popular iPad app for browsing multiple news sources, was updated Thursday with features that drive more attention to individual newspaper and magazine sections.... | Poynter. – 2011-07-01

Flipboard Adds Industry News Feeds From LinkedIn

Flipboard, the social magazine iPad app, has incorporated content from another social network, LinkedIn -- adding the professional network's industry news to previous integrations with Twitter,... | AllThingsD – 2011-06-30

Flipboard Users Take Their Tablets to Bed

Flipboard fans, if you tend to do most of your reading before bedtime, you’re not alone. According to Mike McCue, the company’s CEO and co-founder, the peak hours for Flipboard browsing are between... | AdWeek – 2011-06-14

National Geographic to join Flipboard Pages trial

Flipboard’s partnerships with news publishers continue to expand, with the addition of National Geographic content as soon as Friday, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said in a phone interview Thursday.... | Poynter. – 2011-05-27

Forbes Officially Signs On to Flipboard

Forbes has signed on to Flipboard, the “social mag app” for the iPad that is beginning to get the stamp of approval from publishers (the Oprah Winfrey Network and just signed on to be... | Folio Magazine – 2011-05-05

Flipboard & Aggregation Apps: the Future of Mobile Media?

Posted in ArticleI was reading a post over on min Online about magazines and media brands who have, perhaps, given up on trying to lock users into branded mobile content thanks to the rise of apps... | EContent Magazine – 2011-04-29

Flipboard posed to become an even stronger news force?

Yesterday Frédéric Filloux said, "Every media company should be afraid of Flipboard." But Flipboard has promised to work with publishers, and in fact, already is. In December, eight publishers... | Editors Weblog – 2011-04-18

Monday Note: ‘Every media company should be afraid of Flipboard’

Monday Note Frédéric Filloux explains why: Flipboard’s beautiful, ad-free reading experience represents the best of the Internet (for the user) and the worst (for publishers). “No media outlet... | Poynter. – 2011-04-18

Flipboard Raises $50 Million, Inks Deal With Oprah's OWN

Palo Alto, Calif. - Flipboard, the developer of a social magazine app for mobile devices, has raised $50 million in its second round of funding at a $200 million valuation, All Things D reported.... | Digital Media Wire – 2011-04-15

Flipboard's Newest Feature: Oprah [MediaMemo]

Buzzy iPad app Flipboard has a new talking point: Professional talker Oprah Winfrey. The social news service has struck a deal with OWN, the new cable network Winfrey is launching with Discovery, to... | AllThingsD – 2011-04-14

Report: Flipboard Raising Funding at $200 Million Valuation

Palo Alto, Calif. - Flipboard, the developer of an application that presents content from Facebook and other social media sites in a magazine format for tablets, is raising a new round of funding at... | Digital Media Wire – 2011-03-23

Harris: Flipboard gives you a magazine just for you

Friends and colleagues who love showing off their new iPads may soon be showing off Flipboard, the free "social magazine" app that debuted Wednesday to boffo reviews, resulting in a digital traffic... | San Jose Mercury News – 2010-07-21

China Flipboard users to beat US

Flipboard - a popular news magazine for mobile devices - expects the number of downloads of its app in China to soon surpass those in the United States. | BBC World – 2012-05-10

Flipboard integrates audio in app

Flipboard, the popular social news magazine, starts integrating audio into its app for Apple's hand-held devices. | BBC World – 2012-05-16

Flipboard's Quittner Talks About Role, Explains Ad Platform

If you have an iPad or tablet device, chances are you've seen the Web through the glossy world of Flipboard. If you've ever taken the "social magazine" for a spin, you might know... | AdWeek – 2012-05-17

Flipboard Adds Audio to Its Social Magazine

Flipboard wants to be the first magazine with a soundtrack. The company is releasing an update on Tuesday that integrates music-sharing service SoundCloud as well as radio programs from NPR and... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-05-16

Flipboard Named Publishing Innovator of the Year

If innovation can be measured by impact, then Flipboard certainly fits the bill. Since its launch in 2010, the app, which aggregates news and information from social media contacts and selected news... | Publishing Executive – 2012-05-02

Flipboard, the popular iPad and iPhone app, has gone Android

The company released versions of its app for Android smartphones and 7-inch tablets, including Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet, on Thursday. The app presents updates from... | San Jose Mercury News – 2012-06-22

Flipboard launches on Android phones, no plans for a tablet app

Flipboard, Apple's 2010 iPad app of the year, is finally launching on Android phones worldwide and will also be available on the Kindle Fire and on Nook tablets. The personalized news magazine app... | GigaOM – 2012-06-22

Flipboard finally brings its magazine-like news reader to Android

Flipboard, the social newsreader with a stylish magazine-like design, has emerged from beta and is now available free for all Android devices, including the Kindle Fire (although it’s optimized for... | Betanews – 2012-06-22

Flipboard for Android Arrives, Adds YouTube, Google+ Integration

The social magazine app is finally available for Android users, and it's getting more social and global. | AllThingsD – 2012-06-22

The New York Times Gets All The News That's Fit to Print – All of It – Into Flipboard

It's the first time you can read all of the Times on a site or app not owned by the Times. And it's the first time Flipboard has gotten a big publisher to hand over all its content. | AllThingsD – 2012-06-25

New York Times kicks off “NYT Everywhere,” first stop: Flipboard

The New York Times is launching a new initiative, "NYT Everywhere," designed to bring its content to third-party platforms. Its first partnership under the new program is with social magazine... | GigaOM – 2012-06-25

Four things for journalists to consider as full New York Times content comes to Flipboard

As of Thursday, New York Times subscribers can access the news organization’s content from within Flipboard, the aggregated magazine app for iPads and smartphones. That’s news —... | Poynter. – 2012-06-26

Does Flipboard need to rethink its revenue-share formula with publishers?

It's like getting dumped on the day of your big promotion. That's how Flipboard must have felt after two prominent magazines said they were leaving just hours after the popular news aggregator... | GigaOM – 2012-06-27

Flipboard Rival: New York Times Deal is Good News for the Media Industry

Publishing giants The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal firmed up exclusive deals with Flipboard and Pulse earlier in the week for exclusive content to go out to these third-party mobile... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-07-02

Web discovery engine Trapit launches iPad app — but it’s not another Flipboard

Trapit, an AI-based discovery engine for Web content from the group behind Siri, is releasing its iPad app Thursday after launching a Web version last November. Trapit wants to compete against news... | GigaOM – 2012-07-19

Three billion flips later, Flipboard turns to video

The app start-up has made waves by aggregating text web articles as though they were magazine pages. Now it wants to do the same for video. | GigaOM – 2012-08-29

We're the first to hit a million Flipboard subscribers, and now you can win a Nexus 7!

There are a lot of great ways to get your Engadget news, including our fine selection of apps and our tablet magazine Distro -- plus the good 'ol World Wide Web, of course -- but we've been shocked... | Engadget – 2012-08-30

Flipboard Looks to Elevate Tablet Ads

After crossing the 20 million user threshold last week, On Friday, the social magazine Flipboard is looking to capture the imagination of brands by elevating tablet advertising. To that end,... | AdWeek – 2012-09-07

Flipboard adds Books section integrated with Apple’s iBookstore

Social news app Flipboard aims to help readers discover books in a new partnership with Apple's iBookstore. Flipboard takes a cut of each book sale made via its platform. | GigaOM – 2012-11-15

Apple and Flipboard team up to bring more books to iOS devices

Via Flipboard, the new version of the app also lets users see what titles are popular in other countries. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-11-17

Flipboard rolls out magazine app for Android tablets

Flipboard, the popular social magazine, launched a version of its Android app Thursday that's optimized for large-screen tablets, including the Google Nexus 10. | Los Angeles Times – 2012-12-21

Flipboard goes on a hiring binge: 8 new people, including 3 former Hulu execs

Social magazine Flipboard added eight new employees this week, including three former Hulu executives, bringing the company's total head count to 77. he biggest hire is Eric Feng, who joins Flipboard... | GigaOM – 2013-02-09

Flipboard launches custom curation tools, wants to unleash your inner magazine editor

Flipboard has become a leading player in the digital news-consumption field, and now it wants to hand the same filtering and curation tools employed by its editors over to users of the app, to create... | GigaOM – 2013-03-27

With 50 Million Users, Flipboard Opens Magazine Creation To The Masses To Take On Tumblr, Pinterest

Flipboard latest update democratizes content curation on the service, introduces search, and provides integration with Etsy. With 50 million users, Flipboard, the social news magazine available on... | Fast Company – 2013-03-27

Top 5 ways to use Flipboard's 'create a magazine' feature

Flipboard, the personalized-magazine app, released a new feature Tuesday evening that lets users create and curate their own magazines based on content they find on the app and around the Internet. | Los Angeles Times – 2013-03-27

Flipboard 2.0 Refreshes App's Look, Now Lets Everyone Run Their Own Magazine (Hands-on)

Flipboard announced that it has 50 million users, and also released a new version of its app that lets every one of them become an editor-in-chief. Flipboard 2.0 is "the most epic release... | Editor & Publisher – 2013-03-27

Two ways the new Flipboard could disrupt media: Advertising and revenue sharing

Flipboard's new curation tools for creating custom magazines may appeal to individual users, but they will likely also appeal to advertisers and other brands -- and therein lies the potential for... | GigaOM – 2013-03-27

Flipboard is a giant iceberg lurking in the path of the media

Flipboard's recent update lets users create custom "magazines" and share them. For a large swath of the publishing industry, this provides a glimpse of what (for them) could be a grim... | GigaOM – 2013-04-07

Flipboard Adds 3 Million Users Since Launch Of Personalized Magazines, Over 500,000 Magazines Created To Date

Mobile magazine Flipboard revealed today that over half a million personalized magazines have been created on its platform since the launch of the new feature just two weeks prior. During... | Editor & Publisher – 2013-04-12

How Publishers Can Create Hyperlocal Magazines Using Flipboard’s New Tools

This morning Flipboard launched a new web application called “Flipboard Editor,” the latest in a series of tools that allow users to create magazines for the Flipboard app. The... | Editor & Publisher – 2013-05-09

Financial Times joins Flipboard, says it’s a better deal than Apple

The Financial Times is the latest publisher to strike a partnership with Flipboard. The deal is interesting because the FT recently left another third-party platform, iTunes.      | GigaOM – 2013-05-10

Facebook to clone Flipboard next, report says

Facebook, which has never shied away from copying its rivals' features, is now working on a mobile service that would display news content in a visually appealing, magazine style, similar to what... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-06-24

Flipboard's user-created magazines now viewable via Web browsers

Flipboard, the mobile app that presents news stories in a magazine format, is making a move to expand its reach by letting people see user-curated magazines via their Web... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-07-23

Flipboard magazines flip to web browsers

If you are unfamiliar with Flipboard, it is a service which aggregates your favorite online news sources and social media accounts. It then displays the data in a magazine-like layout, including... | Betanews – 2013-07-24

Flipboard magazines land on PCs via the Web

Flipboard magazines have arrived on the Web. You can now publicly share with the entire online world any content you’ve turned into a digital magazine, even if the reader doesn’t have a... | PC World – 2013-07-23

Not Just for Mobile Anymore: Flipboard Magazines Come to the Web

A desktop experience for the social magazine. | AllThingsD – 2013-07-23

Flipboard brings magazines to the web, launches 'Big Ideas'

By now you're probably familiar with user-created magazines on Flipboard, a feature that was introduced for iOS back in March and added to Android in May. Starting today, you'll be able to enjoy... | Engadget – 2013-07-23

Mobile-Only Flipboard Lands on Desktops for the First Time

Flipboard was the world's first tablet-only personal magazine when it launched on the iPad three years ago. An iPhone app, Android app, and soon, Windows 8 app later, and Flipboard is coming full... | Wired – 2013-07-23

Hearst, Estée Lauder Launch Flipboard Brand Magazine

  | Folio Magazine – 2013-08-06

Flipboard iOS app update introduces animated GIF support

Flipboard users with Android devices have been able to enjoy the mindless fun of animated GIFs for some time now, but their iOS counterparts have only been able to look on in envy. Casual hyperbole... | Engadget – 2013-08-15

Material aims to outdo Flipboard by adapting to your changing interests

With the likes of Flipboard, Google Currents, Pulse and other magazine-style newsreaders competing for your attention, the folks at Inq Mobile are aiming to delight audiences by delivering... | Engadget – 2013-08-28

Samsung flaunts its My Magazine Flipboard-style homescreen for the Galaxy Note 3

In the midst of its numerous Unpacked Episode 2 unveilings, Samsung's just given us a peek at a new piece of the Galaxy Note 3 puzzle: My Magazine. At a glance, it looks like a mashup between... | Engadget – 2013-09-04

Flipboard reaches $800m valuation after new investment

Digital magazine app with 85 million users plans greater international growth, a Windows 8 app and more sales staff. By Samuel GibbsSamuel Gibbs | Guardian – 2013-09-24

Random House Launches Curated Magazines on Flipboard

Random House has launched new magazines aimed at exploring worlds created by their authors. First up: Margaret Atwood and George R.R. Martin. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-09-25

Flipboard Hits 90 Million Users, Nearly Doubles Since April

Just two weeks after announcing a $50 million dollar round of funding, mobile news reader Flipboard revealed growth numbers that may explain investors' eagerness to get behind it.The company now... | Advertising Age – 2013-10-08

Are Flipboard and Currents marketing partners or scams that take advantage of publishers?

Josh Marshall of the political blog network Talking Points Memo says that he has pulled his site's feeds from both Google Currents and Flipboard because he says he sees these services as "scams... | GigaOM – 2013-10-09

Flipboard says that it really wants to help publishers, not take advantage of them

Some publishers seem to feel that Flipboard's business model is based on taking advantage of their free content, but the company argues that what it really wants to do is help them stay in business | GigaOM – 2013-10-19

More magazines coming to Flipboard: Time, Fortune, InStyle and People

If you work in new media, there's a sure-fire way to know if you've made it: traditional media starts paying attention. Time Inc. is following in some, ahem, illustrious footsteps after announcing... | Engadget – 2013-10-31

Flipboard challenges Pinterest, expands into personal shopping catalogs

Personal magazine creator Flipboard is expanding into shopping catalogs just in time for the holiday shopping season. | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-11-12

Flipboard expands into personal shopping catalogs

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Personal magazine creator Flipboard is expanding into shopping catalogs just in time for the holiday shopping season.     | – 2013-11-12

With 90M Users, Flipboard Launches Shopping Magazine Experience

Flipboard, the personalized magazine app, is known for its high–quality news and social content. With its elegant format and simple curation tools, the service has grown to 90 million users. Now,... | Fast Company – 2013-11-11

Flipboard finally comes to Windows 8.1

There is a ton of valuable news and information on the internet. Unfortunately, this information is scattered across the web, which makes for a frustrating experience. Sure, you can utilize an RSS... | Betanews – 2013-11-15

Hands-on: Flipboard (finally) lands on Windows 8.1

Microsoft is continuing to fill in the gaps in its Windows Store catalog with the arrival of Flipboard for Windows 8.1. Just like its iOS and Android counterparts, Flipboard's Windows 8.1 app offers... | PC World – 2013-11-15

How Flipboard Keeps You Glued To The Page

The new Flipboard app, released this week, looks similar to previous iterations. And for good reason.Several years ago, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue was searching for the company's soul. He and cofounder... | Fast Company – 2013-11-15

Google Tries Rebooting Its Flipboard Clone, and Starts Selling the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal

A couple of years ago it seemed very important for every big consumer Web company to have its own version of Flipboard, the mobile app that lets you assemble your own digital magazine. AOL launched... | Editor & Publisher – 2013-11-21

Flipboard launches direct sharing on iOS, makes magazines from your friends' suggestions

If you've ever stumbled across a Flipboard article that you just had to share with the world, you'll want to grab the iOS app's latest update. The new version lets you share articles directly from... | Engadget – 2013-12-18

Personalised digital magazine app Flipboard aims for 150 million users

Company plans enhanced discovery and search tools to explore the 5m magazines already createdPersonalised digital magazine app Flipboard is aiming to pass 150 million users in 2014, thanks to... | The Guardian – 2014-01-13

Flipboard wants to tame the unruly stream by becoming more like a traditional magazine

Flipboard is rolling out new features that group content into sections for easy browsing, in much the same way that traditional print magazines do -- in part to help keep readers from feeling... | GigaOM – 2014-01-30

Twitter Turns to Flipboard to Acquire Users for Vine

Got growth problems? Here's one way to solve it: advertising.Growth is a top-of-mind concern for Twitter and it appears app install ads are part of the strategy. In this case, a beautiful,... | Advertising Age – 2014-02-12

Flipboard Buys Mobile Newsreading App Zite From CNN

Flipboard announced today it is buying Zite, one of its smaller rivals in an increasingly crowded space of mobile newsreading apps. In addition to the acquisition, the deal includes a content and ad... | AdWeek – 2014-03-05

Flipboard Acquires CNN's Zite for $60 Million in Bid to Consolidate Reader Market

Flipboard, an app that displays digital media in magazine-like form on tablets, is acquiring one of its smaller competitors, Zite, for a reported $60 million.As part of the deal, Flipboard will get... | Advertising Age – 2014-03-05

Can A Startup Help Publishers Cut Out Twitter, Facebook, And Flipboard?

Connecting content creators and consumers would be an enormous coup for news sites, magazines, TV networks, and other media. We look at three startups that could help.At magazines like Fast Company,... | Fast Company – 2014-03-07

Flipboard is about to get some competition on its home turf from Japan-based SmartNews

A Japanese news-recommendation app called SmartNews that mines Twitter for topical content has raised $36 million and says it plans to use those funds to expand into North America and take on... | GigaOM – 2014-08-08

Big Brands Jump on Flipboard's New Video Ads

Personal magazine company Flipboard is rolling out a trial program incorporating video ads into its users’ news streams beginning today. The program launches with eight notable brands: Jack... | AdWeek – 2014-09-15

Flipboard is ready to annoy you with video ads

You may see Flipboard's reading app as an oasis from an internet full of video services like YouTube, but it appears that you can't quite escape those moving pictures. The magazine-like service is... | Engadget – 2014-09-15

Flipboard Presses Play on Full-Page Video Ads

Flipboard's brand advertising playbook has culled not only from print magazines but now TV as well.The news-reading service will start testing full-screen videos ads in its magazine-like mobile apps... | Advertising Age – 2014-09-15

Flipboard is finally available on Windows Phone

Flipboard: it’s been one of the great white whales of the Windows Phone platform, but Microsoft has finally landed it.Flipboard’s newsreader app can now be downloaded from the Windows Phone... | PC World – 2014-10-02

Flipboard Finally Ditches Its iPad Roots With a Smarter Phone App

Flipboard may have been the original iPad magazine, but now it's making its app smarter for its growing smartphone audience. The post Flipboard Finally Ditches Its iPad Roots With a Smarter Phone App... | Wired – 2014-10-29

Flipboard 3.0 is both more and less personal than before

A new update for Flipboard aims to make the popular reading app more personal—but not all the time. Flipboard 3.0 lets users add new magazines on more than 30,000 topics, from broad ones like... | PC World – 2014-10-30

Finding Stuff To Read In Flipboard Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

The social reader app adds new algorithmic smarts, with help from a former competitor.Once upon a time, there were two clever personalized magazine apps for tablets and phones. Flipboard found most... | Fast Company – 2014-10-30

Flipboard Introduces New Ad Unit: Promoted Items

First Flipboard used ad templates taken from print and TV. But now the mobile news reader is adding what it's calling Promoted Items, a service that lets brands distribute content inside users'... | Advertising Age – 2015-01-21

Flipboard moves to the web with plans to host some news publishers' content

After attracting more than 50m monthly readers on tablets and smartphones, US startup smashes down its walled garden and hopes partners will see the potentialFlipboard came to prominence as a... | The Guardian – 2015-02-10

How Flipboard Found Itself On The Web By Letting Go Of Its Past

Until now, the app has been defined by its slick, magazine-like presentation. But the web wants to be like the web.When Flipboard, the pioneering social-magazine app, first brought a subset of its... | Fast Company – 2015-02-10

Flipboard, the Original iPad Magazine, Lands on the Web

Flipboard, the mobile-only personal magazine, is finally launching on the web. The post Flipboard, the Original iPad Magazine, Lands on the Web appeared first on WIRED. | Wired – 2015-02-10

Flipboard Is Your Personal Magazine

[Sponsored Content] Flipboard calls itself a personalized social magazine, but some might pause at the term. After all, Flipboard doesn’t offer a cover to cover reading experience. The post... | Folio Magazine – 2015-02-20

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